'Alien D's Automotive Lighting By Simcrime.com'                                   $300 minimum transaction
Upgrading Vehicles with Led, accessory, component battery system installations!!! Car, Truck, RV or Trailer.
$300 minimum transaction
Lighting Package

2 Lights
2 on/off switches
1 special switch
1 control panel
1 fuze box
Special switches are :
  • Remote Control Keychain
  • Daylight Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Key Ignition Override

Led Lights are:

  • Interior Under Dash/Seat
  • Interior Dome
  • Under Body Glow
  • Interior Trim
  • Foglight
  • Headlight
  • Spotlight
  • Floodlight
  • Flasher
  • Lightbar
  • Exterior Trim
  • Door Light
  • Sign
Extra Light and Switch is $100. Must add to package.
Extra Special Switch is $50.

TV Package
Any tv installed with mounting bracket. You can use any of your own tv's to watch in your car, truck, rv or trailer.

TV Antenna Package

150 mile antenna with telescopic vehicle mount. Includes everything but the tv. Wherever you go, you can extend and set the antenna to watch hundreds of tv channels free in-air.

Electronic Gas Mask System Package
$300 Small
$400 Large

Electronic Gas Mask System with Oxygen Machine Package

Air purifier systems will filter fumes, smoke, voc's, dust particles and kill floating germs inside your vehicle.

Your interior vehicle will be filtering fumes, germs, dust and generating oxygen.

Camera Package

Extra Battery Package

Replacement Battery Package

Depends on camera. Can install any type including cctv, wifi, hidden. Can negotiate customization.

Extra high storage battery installed. It charges up from vehicle's other battery.

Larger capacity battery installed that has sub-zero capabilities to function in winter. Included recycle haul away old battery optional.

Fingerprint Driver Door Lock

Solar Package

Heavy Solar Package

Wind Turbine Package

Heavy Appliance Package

No keys needed to get into your vehicle. Programs approx. 100 fingerprints. House doorknob style or aerodynamic deadbolt style.

Roof mounted high power  solar panels. Includes everything you need to charge up battery parked in the day.

Roof mounted high power solar panels. Includes Extra Battery Package and Heavy Appliance Package.

Transformable roof attachment. Generate at night. Includes extra battery package.

Wall outlet installed capable of powering  microwave, toaster and refrigerator. Appliance ready system package includes mounting chosen appliances at installation.

Near 99% Non-Toxic Steam Vacuum Interior Detail Package

Thermoelectric Cooling Roof Vent Package

Fan Roof Vent Package

Body Remodel Sun Roof Hatch Package

Adds no harmful residue. Sterilizes clean.

It is an electric air conditioning system that requires no chemical gas and no maintenance to cool your vehicle's cabin. Air condition can be on all day without engine running. Recommend Solar Package combo.

Your vehicle interior will be cooler during day. A fan automatically raises hot air out of roof chimney. Includes a daylight sensor and an on/off switch.

12"to 16" square cut into roof/ceiling for waterproof breeze hatch.
All upgrades are only available if any package of $300 or more is purchased together ($300 minimum).

All Bulb Replacement Led Upgrade Package

Extra Light and Switch

Extra Special Switch

Battery Gage Meter

Flashing Ability


Rechargeable Emertricity

Headlights, taillight, brake light, all your lights on your car that have stock housings will be upgraded to Leds.





$50 Jumpstarter Battery in Glovebox.
$100 rechargeable with unit battery gauge meter.

Vehicle Accessory Install:
Spare Tire Mount

Luggage Roof Rack

Parachute Boot Car  Cover

Extra Hasp Lock set

House Style Doorknob lock





$100 or $75 each more than one.
All Contracts are  Serviced within 10 business days. (STANDARD)
$25 off Contracts  Serviced within up to 20 business days. (-$25)
$75 off Contracts  Serviced within up to 40 business days. (-$75)
Have you been thinking about buying a trailer rv? Do you need a camper for the backyard or road trips? Alien D's Automotive Lighting by Simcrime.com has a great deal for you. The New Trailer Package includes a transformable living area on top of a brand new trailer with brand new tires. The mini-trailer, approx 4x4ft. will extend to 8x8 to provide a small camping cabin atmosphere for 2 or 3 people. It's so small that motorcycles or even small 4 cylinder cars can tow it and extends comfortably.  Brand New at $1,500 it can be upgraded with any of Alien D's Automotive Lighting by Simcrime.com's packages that you want. It includes interior lights, marker lights, brake lights and an exterior porchlight. There are currently none in inventory, so no you may not get a sneak peak at one. If interested, comment in message box of contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any of my lights illegal?
Although Alien D's Automotive Lighting by Simcrime.com can wire any lights you want, TN law pertains to placement, color, quantity and flashing. Your vehicle can be outfitted with lights designed for private property like off-road trails or street-legal capabilities.

Are the lights going to drain my battery?
Your vehicle contains a power generator that creates electricity when running idle or moving to recharge the battery. Leds are about 10 times more efficient. They use less electricity to have the same brightness as outdated bulbs. Leaving your lights on will not waste battery while driving. If vehicle is off and lights are on, the lights will emit for several hours or days until the battery needs a jumpstart. Alien-D's Automotive Lighting by Simcrime.com recommends either an Emertricity Jumpstarter, stored in the glove box and plugs into dash to jumpstart the battery or an upgraded higher capacity Battery Package.

Are exterior lights waterproof?

Can I fit a refrigerator and microwave in my vehicle?
Yes, with the Heavy Appliance Package.

Can you come to my house to upgrade my vehicle?
Yes. Alien-D's Automotive Lighting by Simcrime.com can come to your house day or night, even when you are sleeping if you left your keys on the hood. Or you can park at Alien D's house.

What is the payment transaction method?

You must pay full before work starts. Cash is accepted. Checks are accepted however the check must clear before work starts. You get your package order and a receipt that specifies contract of money paid, check amount to be cleared and exactly what you purchased to be installed. Alien D's Automotive Lighting by Simcrime.com can pick up your check or you can mail it or drop if off at Alien D's house.

Who is Alien D?
Alien D's Automotive Lighting is the name of Maxwell Kremer's vehicle lighting services, that is part of his business Simcrime.com. 

*Wave promotion is for Alien D's Automotive Lighting only.

Simcrime.com Construction Work
(Only in Overton County)

Cut Out Wall Install Door $500

Cut Out Wall Install Window $250

Concrete $10 per Square Foot

Vertical Concrete $20 per Square Foot

Roofing ($5 per) Square Foot

Deck $10 per Square Foot

Paint $2 per Square Foot

Metal Exterior Siding $5 per Square Foot
(Guaranteed not to Rust. Zero percent rust if choosing aluminum, not galvanized steel. Includes removal of old material.)

Construction projects may not total $25,000 or more.
Neighborhood prices for Roofing, Driveways, Patios, Interior, Exterior, Walls, Floors, Walkways, Remodel

Construction, Lawn, Carpet Services Request Form

All Electric Mow and Trim

(In City-Limits Only. No Outside Rural.) 
$100 minimum, plus negotiable landscape.
Carpet Cleaning
(Cookeville Area only)
64 cents per Square Foot. Steam Vac Vacuuming.
Nearly total non-toxic and no poisonous residue.

Alien D's Contact Order Form

Location of Installation

Payment Method

No Hurry Incentive


*All prices and services are negotiable.

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