I am a small business, who offers construction services in Overton, TN ,and 

Solar Panel Services


Electronics Services

,and I have intellectual property for sale to investors.

Solar Panels - I can't install them onto your roof as a grid-tie because I am not a licensed electrician, however I can offer assembled appliances that are portable and require an extension cord to be trailed to the kitchen or living room. I am a solar panel and electronics expert. Say, if you want your house lights to run on solar, then they could easily be. Larger appliances can run on solar too, however they require extra panels and extra car-batteries. One car-battery can be charged in a typical day by about a 100-watt-solar-panel, as 1000-watt-hours, meaning two 10-watt lightbulbs could be turned on for 50 hours! Portable solar appliances are a loophole to electrician costs.


Simcrime.com Construction Work
(Only in Overton County)

Maxwell Kremer is a contractor who you can trust!

$15,000 NEW HOUSES FOR SALE to be constructed.

Do you want to buy a brand new built $15,000 house from me that will be worth $50,000?

I am willing to place an honest bid that is... FOR EVERY $1 MATERIAL COST, I WILL CHARGE $1 LABOR COST.

That means if we go shopping at the hardware store and spend $7,500 on bricks, concrete, steel, aluminum, screws, lumber, etc. then the house will be built by me for $7,500, totalling $15,000. I get paid the same amount as the material cost.

I can do everything except electrical, plumbing and hvac. 

Hvac- not mandatory because windows.

Electrical - see solar panel loophole

Plumbing - I could install fixtures, however you will need to pay a plumber to lay pipe/septic which might cost $500 to $2,000.

Land in Overton is affordable and there are no building codes rural. Some parcels might cost $3,000.

So if you spend $20,000 to buy a brand new house your benefits will be:

-customized to your liking

-worth approx $50,000 ($30,000 profit)

-no booby traps, no used homebuyer revenge

-you can camp on your land until completion in unrestricted zoning

Here's the kicker, Let me convince you...

...if you pay $500 rent, apartment rent or house rent, per month, then over 4 years you would have spent $24,000....gone...poof! INSTEAD, you could pay $20,000 to own, move out sell, and profit approx $30,000. Renting vs. Owning is a difference of $54,000 as renting cost is $24,000 and renting profit is $0, and owning cost is $20,000 and owning profit is $30,000.

Did you ever want to get paid to live in your home? Now you have that option. Email text me.

Free house design included with contract purchase Click for more info!!

Other pricing options:

Cut Out Wall Install Door $500

Cut Out Wall Install Window $250

Concrete $10 per Square Foot

Vertical Concrete $20 per Square Foot

Roofing ($5 per) Square Foot

Deck $10 per Square Foot

Paint $2 per Square Foot

Metal Exterior Siding $5 per Square Foot
(Guaranteed not to Rust. Zero percent rust if choosing aluminum, not galvanized steel. Includes removal of old material.)

Bathtub Surround $300

Each Construction project may not total $25,000 or more.
Neighborhood prices for Roofing, Driveways, Patios, Interior, Exterior, Walls, Floors, Walkways, Remodel

* $1material for $1labor offer includes taxes and delivery fees as parts of material costs. Discounted-material costs must be reconsidered as industry standard costs. For example, if a brick costs 60 cents industry standard and the customer finds 3 cent bricks, then the labor price for the 3 cent bricks would be charged as 60 cents per brick.

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*All prices and services are negotiable.

"Lightning Don't  Strike Twas!..."