The PHAZER, is named as because the Star Trek tv show displayed a hand-held remote/gun. 

The Phazer is not a real device. The phazer is a simulated device that coincides with computer-programs.  Max has not yet obtained a phazer.

The Phazer is a simulated-device of a potential computer-program to be operated at sim-humans, sim-creatures and sim-locations. Max wishes to obtain a Phazer.

Using the Phazer (simulated using), Max will have the power (simulated power) to rob and romance any person (simulated person) whom is within Max's conscious world (simulated world). Max will also have the power ( using the phazer's power) to portal into separate/isolated/distinct/other worlds (multiple simulated worlds).

Max specifies that the phazer is 6 inches long. The phazer is 2 inches wide. The phazer's shell design appears similar as a cell phone with buttons and a pixel screen.

                   Give Max a phazer = Give a phazer to Max