A detective-agent, named "Agent R. Griver" must track and kill a homicidal maniac named "Graun Kestachi".

Graun was called "A laughing shadow of the night" by a newspaper. His victims were many. There were always clues that Graun was insane. The newspapers neglected to entail the information of Graun's killer signature. Graun's signature: Breaking the bones of his victims or tying them up and sewing the mouths of 2 victims together so that they starve to death together, vomiting in each other's mouths till death.

Griver is aware that Graun uses psychedelic hallucinogens, mixed with brain surgeries, on some of his victims. The mystery which Griver reveals later, through the game, is that Graun has used microscopic-robots and brain chemicals on his victims. His living victims become his slaves of insanity as they are his minions of enchanted homicide, of towns, cities, rural and inside homes and apartments.

Griver uses a device called a "nano-blintercorp", which is a metal stake, appearing similar to an oven thermometer, which he uses to reverse the control of brain-chipped-victims. Griver can create mind-slaves as well, using the device.

Picture/Animation of: The hero at his desk, the termites chew through the last thread of support. It falls but he catches it.  The boss comes in and says" I think those are robot termites. We have a separate situation."