104. Mechanical axe
In the middle, an arm hits the tree before the 2 blades do, which causes rope slack of middle object to blades to become tight, causing the blades to have extra force.

105. Float Deck
It is a boat/deck that is weighted with a large stabilizer so that standing on the edge maintains balance.

106. MagnoGravispindle
It works if magnets work in outer space. Do they??

The MG is an outer space device. It's purpose of design and utilization is to support the force generation of gravity in outer space. The MG is comprised of an outer tube ring and an inner ring (giant ring in ring that is spaceship size circle) . The inner ring is where the human and spaceship interior are. The outer ring/tube is shaped in a circular design. Very few magnets are needed to propel the inner ring and outer tube (circle shaped) in opposite direction. A special system allows the outer ring to spin slower than the inner ring so that the inner ring does not stay in place as the outer ring does all of the spinning. The outer ring's special system is as follows:
 Along the edge circumference of the spinning circle'tube are multiple enclosed capsules called Momentum Containers. Each capsule contains a weighted cylinder. The cylinder has a magnet on the tip. One end of the wall of the capsule has a magnet. As the outer tube/ring spins the enclosed capsule's weighted cylinders are pushed away from the spinning wall with it by the magnet until the  wall magnet is released, causing the heavy cylinder to smash into the spinning wall, force maximized by the reappearance of the wall magnet to push again.  There are multiple enclosed capsules that are chronologically activated by gears so that the resistance from cylinder to wall (outer ring) to inner ring provides the spinning of the interior ring. The interior ring's floor is planar to the radius of the center of MG. It is as if the floor is constantly floating towards the astronauts.

107. Robonics Ultra Store
That is what I might name it.  I would open up a store that sells robots. What is original about this new type of business is.... the process is:
  • I would buy robot kits. Some robot kits cost $1,000 each, then the buyer must put it together and even program it. Bioloid Humanoid Robot is an example of one of those.
  • I would put the robots together. I might make them slightly different. A $1,000 put-together-robot kit is worth $1,500
  • I would program the robots. They have sensors and can be programmed to react.    Now it's worth $2,000.
  • I would put a case around it. A teddy bear type case or a type of extra casing to make the robots new products and extra durable. I could put a new logo on it. Now worth $2,500.
  • An rc motor costs $1.    A computer costs $50 - $300. I might have the ability to make the robots with cheaper parts, to make the robot toys more affordable. 

108.  TOYD

Toyds are waterproof robot toys. Some have surveillance mechanisms.  They are programmed and/or radio controlled. The motor system(s) is a magno spindle. All Toyds have at least one solar power cell to illuminate light at night(variety color led/bulb).

  • Toyd 'Spy D. Speeder' Multi Leg Walker. It is a better design than other multi leg walkers because each leg does not require an individual motor. It works using an internal track system, similar to a tank track, that runs in an oval pattern, motorized, where on the track is a series of blocks/blockers that hit each leg on revolution. The leg is attached to swivel in the direction of the spin and is spring loaded to return to it's position after the track revolution has passed to release it.
  • Toyd Magnet Walker. It can climb up metal surfaces. The way that it works is it has  magnet wheel feet where the magnet wheel only spins in the forward direction. The wheel has magnets cling to metal as the wheel rolls.
  • Toyd 'Spy D. Copter'. It is a multi leg walker that has an additional propeller/grappling-hook system that allows it to release a small helicopter-type-device that is connected on a string to attach to a tree limb. Once the grappling propeller has flown into the tree and attached, a motor in the multi leg walker reels the string, to provide levitation into the tree.
  • Toyd Brick Walker/ Toyd Brick Roller. It is disguised as a brick. It extends legs or wheels to allow walking/rolling and camera vision.
  • Toyd Rock Walker. It is disguised as a rock. It extends legs to allow walking and camera vision.
  • Toyd Rollie Walker. It is a walker/roller hybrid that uses a multi-spinning wheel system to spin a stick that acts as 2 legs. 4 wheels act as 8 legs. It has 2 stationary base legs at the rear that are spread out downward diagonal to allow balance which double as antenna or power storage. The Toyd Rollie Walker is designed to walk through tall grass. The larger the model is, the higher the grass it can walk through. 
  • Toyd Worm.1 . It is a system of 2 vertical magno spindle wheel treads and 1 horizontal magno spindle wheel tread.
  • Toyd Worm.2  3vertical/2horizontal.
  • Toyd Tie Down Animation. It is a Toyd that can be tied onto a tree limb or fence, that displays movement without traveling.
  • Toyd Stationary Animation. It is a Toyd that has no travel movement, but it has stationary movement. (Wiggles, spins, levitates, etc., but does not change it's location)
  • Toyd 2 Leg Walker. Note*earlier internet-publish-patent on immortaljewishcarmachine.yolasite.com 
  • Double 2 Leg Walker. Mimics 4 legged animals/creatures.
  • Toyd Gentle Sweep.  A magno spindle is used to cause a suck fan system that allows the rolling machine to suck dust and dirt to be stored into a wet bin.
  • Toyd Cube. 2 magno spindles comprise the cube. 1 magno spindle is 4 sides of the cube as the outer spindle. The inner spindle is perpendicular to the outer spindle, inside it, to allow 6 surfaces of motion tread.
  • Toyd Garden Cube. It is similar to Cube, however it has a cutting edge system to collect grass and leaves to mulch!
  • Toyd Stationary Kite. Propeller on a string with a weighted base that spins into air. End of slack mechanism causes base to recoil propeller until it releases again.
  • Toyd Walker Kite. Propeller recoil/release system on a walker. Magno spindle in walker is used to recoil propeller. Walker does not walk during recoil. Walker walks in release.
  • Toyd Roller Kite. Propeller recoil/release system on a roller. Magno Spindle in roller is used to recoil propeller. Roller does not roll during recoil. Roller rolls in release.
  • Toyd Amphibious Ripple.
  • Toyd Fish. Swims in water. Side fin mechanism allows hitting fin on wall to cause head to turn away from wall to allow the Toyd Fish to swim in random angles of the pool, instead of swimming along the edge of the pool.
  • Toyd Amphibious Snake. Head is magno spindle with pegs on opposite side flat surface, opposite ends of magno spindle so that strings tied to the pegs are pulled at opposite intervals. The other side of the strings is tied to the left/right body interior tail. Body is vertical hemisphere collapsible flex. Pry open mouth to activate magno spindle. Shut mouth to deactivate magno spindle.
  • Toyd Water Propeller.

109. Advanced Electric Waterfall Generator

The downward traveling water-weight-bin must be on the side closest to the cliff.
Force Converter Box is Transfer Gear. Transfer Gear may be axle'd perpendicular or chained parallel, depending on cliff. Transfer Gear connects to copper'wire+magnet box, (Charger Box) that is located at base or on cliff.  Transfer Gear placement does not block rope dangle revolution. Transfer Gear is rotary mounted to frame and bites into revolving track teeth.
The 2 loop tracks that allow bin movement (up and down) are left and right. They are connected onto a frame that allows them to move in one direction together, simultaneously. Planks connect the 2 loop tracks together, to spin around the frame. The Force Converter Box is gear-connected to the 2 loop tracks by axle, to transfer track movement to the electricity generator. A gear in the Force Converter Box rolls with the tracks'-movement. A Force Converter BOX/Transfer Gear is used if the cliff location demands the electricity-generator/Charger-Box to be on the cliff or at the base, (not on the AWEG frame).

If the waterfall was channeled on the cliff to the AWEG, less water would fill the bins per time.  If multiple Charger Boxes were connected to the AWEG or to the AWEG's Transfer Gear axle, then the speed of the AWEG's bin movement would be slower. The perfect electricity production speed is a formula derived of :  Bin size to Bin quantity and Waterfall amount.

109.1 Cliff Climber AWEG

It is an AWEG that is diagonal, instead of vertical, that allows pedestrians to ride the top track to the top of the cliff, at the waterfall. The falling bins travel diagonal away from the cliff to the base and empty bins rise up in the middle of the frame.Mounted Axle A is attached to the weighted-water-bin by 2 ropes at each side. The AWEG has 2 loop tracks, left and right. The left diagram picture above is of one "loop track", (left).  The darker-bottom of the loop track  (gear track) is designed to use Gear B to tip the bin, to spill water. The path of 'Mounted Axle A' does not follow the bottom gear track. The 'Mounted Axle A' follows track (Direction 'A') above the gear track. In the left diagram above, "A" represents the side view of the bin's overhead axle-track mount. There are 2 'Gear B's per water bin. The gears are mounted to the bin(s).
If there are 100 water-weight-bins on the tracks, if some of them had holes in them, then water would spill under the AWEG Cliff Climber to water plants or cool the climate. 1 of every 10 bins could be holed (10 of 100) to spill and not disallow continual track movement. The AWEG is much better than Hydroelectric Water MillsThat is true because:
  • Hydroelectric Water Mills use much more water to generate less energy
  • Hydroelectric Water Mills often are designed to have weak water-catching-cups or no cups. The water force hits panels of the mill and then the water falls off. The Hydroelectric Water Mill looses potential/kinetic energy by allowing water drops to escape before the panel has revolved to the bottom.

Other Designs:

  • Charger Box (copper wire+ magnets) may be placed at instead of transfer gear if output wire is hoisted to cliff, to station. or if output wire is ran down frame to base station.
  • Charger Box or Transfer Gear can be designed to be placed at the outer side of either track, near the base.
  • Charger Box or Transfer Gear can be designed to be placed to bite into top-outer-mid-track  or top-outer-side-track, mounted around track section to frame.

The POWER of the AWEG per water gallon, depends on how tall it is. I estimate that the standard manufactured AWEG will produce 400 to 4,000 times more electricity than Hydroelectric Water Mills, per water gallon. 


  • The frame design allows pass of the water bins to revolve.
  • The bottom "splash zone"  ground is designed to disallow flooding by means of piping, channeling, streaming the water away from the base of the AWEG.

110. Magno Charger
(Magneto Bike Product)
There are products available that are copper'wire+magnet systems that generate electricity when spun. The method of spinning those devices is hand crank and also, a mounted charger system onto a stationary bike. Instead of mounting onto a stationary bike, the Magno Charger mounts onto a riding bike, as it has a constant neutral gear placement of the charger device that allows no additional stress to rider's peddling until the charger device is activated by a pull wire, similar to "bike brakes" that connects the charger device gear teeth into the bike wheel gear teeth.  The electricity created by the riding-bicycle can be used for:
  • brake light
  • lamp light
  • radio/music
  • emergency electricity

The pull wire mechanism can be a foot pedal type mechanism or hand squeeze/clamp mechanism(s). The Magno Charger model that clamps against tire tread might be better than an "additional gear magno charger kit" because it is easier to add as an accessory to the bike. The "Magno Charger Clamp Tire", uses a similar mechanism of spring that pulls the charger device gear away from the tire and a pull wire mechanism that pushes the charger device against the tire. Rider pulls wire and then charger device gear pushes onto tire. The head/gear'wheel'tread of the "magno charger clamp tire" is a hard material that has has ridges that act similar to "gear teeth".

111.  Multi-Piece Jacket

111.2  Snowstorm Jacket
It wears as a waterproof jacket. A pair of clothed waterproof pants are attached to the jacket and folded into the under-back.

111.3 Rainstorm Jacket
It wears as a waterproof jacket. A pair of waterproof pants are attached to the jacket and folded into the under-back.

My clothing gear company is called "Far Orbit". Winter is the season that the Earth is furthest from sun and the gear has a spacesuit type genre. The wilderness armor equipments are part of Far Orbit.
Bearbug suit is hard shell screws/unscrews at waist. No neck weakness, rounded vision window. Armored gloves flexible attached allow hands retract into interior called "walkpit".

112. Mindestructable Computer

It is a 3 inch x 4.5 inch x 1.5 inch (approximate size) box case that opens to allow a small projector and 4-fold keyboard to unfold. The tablet computer is in the keyboard. Smallest and toughest computer. The case has a carrying handle and is made of metal. A user needs a white wall to project the computer screen onto.

113. Horti-Wall
It is a wall segment, perhaps purchased at a store similar to "Home Depot", that is an overhead, tall, wall segment that is mounted onto a planter's box. The Horti Wall allows temporary/permanent fence/wall use, easy placement, doubles as a planter's box and provides shade. The wall has holes for hooks to allow plants to grow in attached planter's-tubs.  Great for trailer parks, yards, indoor/outdoor and restaurant patios. An approximate size of a specific model of Horti Wall might be 7 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide x 2 ft. wide, made of materials of wood or plastic or metal. The Horti Wall will not blow over during wind because the planter's box is intended to be weighted.

114. Intereel. Offline internet

The future of the internet may be...offline. A computer program downloads all available internet information onto an application. The app is updated daily, weekly or simply by walking past a Wi-Fi signal with the mobile computer instantly. So instead of always connected to internet, the system connects briefly to download new data and then the intereel acts as an offline program app.

115. Magno throwing hammer/axe/knife

115.1 MTH drone kite

The hammer is thrown. In mid air, as it spins, the tether streamer and body unscrew apart from each other. A spring explodes the folded hammer body open to unfold a kite or drone in air.

116. Swiswovel


117. Candycane base

Underwater bases are now easier than ever! No air pressure machine needed!

118. STAY'ril

Stay-ril     gotels and hotels that have 0% cloth in room. Bed is hard. "Bring your own blankets, towels and pillows to have the cheapest, cleanest rooms." Room is $10 to $25. Upgrades include:

-mountable flat screen TV $5 day

-laptop $5 day

-fridge $5 day

-microwave $5 day

Option to purchase linens in lobby. $3 to $25

Less likely that bed bugs are around...even without any maintenance staff.

119. Realistic doll

120. Electro spindle

Electro spindle is similar to permanent magnet motor. It might use less electricity than common electric motor. Regardless, e.s. is valuable to an investor because of its originality design and patent loophole.

Note* 2 different designs are : internal arm spins with teeth code against  4 prong connection ring.  And.     internal arm spins with 4 prong connection ring against teeth code. Multiple magnets 3 ,4, 5 etc. on internal arm could be considered as electro spindle design.
The placement of the magnet arm rotor, inside the magnet component tube, matches up circuit wires at every position so within a revolution there is multiple circuits that are activated landed on and deactivate passed. The key code is static with the tube and the arm spins to match the next and next circuit that pulls it to the next circuit. Electro spindle is impressive because it is speculated to not generate unwanted heat because it doesn't waste electricity, it maximizes electricity.

121.  Speed control

"Cruise control, your mother and father are home from the hospital. You have a new baby brother. His name is speed control."

Speed control is an electronic system in an automobile that regulates top speed by communication with government street zone transmitters.

A mechanism ignores extra gas peddle pushed to maintain an automobile speed of the posted speed limit zone.

1. Peddle sense disruptor

2. Wireless/WiFi automobile receiver

3. Street/highway/road zone wireless/WiFi transmitter

22. Snake Trap karma cage

This snake trap design is the best. Snakes can't crawl backwards. The angle to turn, of a snake vertebrate, is more than room in tube. Snake is lured by live mouse. Once snake is captured, user picks up tube and dumps it to new location or bin. Also, there is an overlap tarp, at tube/mouse-house connection that is tightened to allow mouse scent to only radiate from tube entrance.

122.1. Bunny breaker trap

Bolted bottom clamp attached to floor clamps to carrot lure. Top carrot attaches to string clamp. String clamp attaches to carrot through ceiling hole.String is attached to rear weight, string clamp and bottom hinged door. Once carrot is bitten through, top string clamp releases, dropping weight, closing door. Add piece of beef jerky to catch other critters!

122.2 Mouse Trap Flag

123. The Ten Dollar Urinal

The plastic molded urinal, connected to a plastic tube, drains into the toilet, weighs less than a pound, is on a stand or can be screwed to the wall. The toilet drain tube end is formed so that it grasps the edge of the toilet, under the toilet seat.

124.  Meerdow Box

Natural lighting in homes. The window box uses a mirror to bounce sunlight inside. The box consists of  4 non-opaque sides and 2 opaque glass/plastic sides. Glass or plastic is exterior and top. A mirror inside is angled at 45 degree. Some models have  a rounded mirror.

Mirror window box!

124.1 Meerdow Transformer

Skylight changes into window. Mirror slides down flat as back non-opaque panel slides down to expose 3rd glass panel.

124.2 Meerdow photo slide accessory

It is an opaque photo slide picture that is size of mirror. It is laid on top glass. Outside viewers will see photograph as window image and indoor viewers will see photograph as ceiling illumination. Dark opaque accessories can cover meerdow glass for summer.

125. Xxx adult toy  non-manual/non-motor massage device

The device allows users to use legs as in/out thrust simulator with a simulated vagina tube.  Male user product is "leg  strap stroker".

125.1 Leg Strap Dildo

For female users, the product's design has a rod dildo that moves up and down.

126. Malvica

Malvica is the name of the exciting new beverage product! It is Vodka mixed with malt powder. It is a thick liquid syrup in a bottle that is intended to be poured into a glass of seltzer water to provide the consumer with a new twist on beer drinking. Malvica+carbonated water tastes like beer!... and it's cheaper. Malvica...Instant beer! Just add carbonated water.

34 ounces are in 1 liter of vodka. Wholesale price of vodka might be $5 per liter. $3 malt powder, + 75 cents per seltzer water bottle 64oz...

Each Malvica beer cost with seltzer cost is about 35 cents before profit.

For Malvica beers to cost 50 cents each to consumers, after water carbonation added, the Malvica can be $12 sale price, makes 34 beers.

Note* an amount of water might be needed to be added to malt and vodka, as the final recipe, so that the liquid to solid ratio can maintain as liquid, without alcohol percentage being more than standard beer. Malt is solid powder mixed with vodka, to be sure enough liquid mixed , perhaps manufacturer must add approx. 1 oz. water to vodka/malt mix. Otherwise 5% alcohol(5% alcohol at addition scale, technically 1.5oz. vodka is approx 40% alcohol, but when mixed with soda water, entire drink is approx. 5% alcohol), 1.5 liquid oz., mixed with malt, might cause vodka vapors and dried malt cookie, inside bottle because almost enough liquid but not enough, to maintain syrup.

Note* recently, the U.S. Government announced Palcohol, a patented formula that is powdered alcohol.

126.09 Maltrocol

Malt mixed with Palcohol. Maltrocol can be used in dry bottles and space bottles, instead of Malvica syrup, but the bottles are still called Malvica Space Bottles and Malvica Dry Bottles.

126.1 Malvica dry bottles

It needs to be tested, I'm unsure if vodka would dry up and malt would mold because only 1.5 ounces of vodka is with perhaps 3 ounces malt per 12oz. size bottle. , maybe it wouldnt dry/mold...

A Malvica dry bottle is a beer bottle that contains the vodka malt solution recipe, per bottle, that is "just add soda water". The consumer opens the 12 oz. 16oz., 32oz., or 64 oz. size bottle and pours soda water inside as "instant beer". A 12 pack would be drastically less weight than beer 12 packs. A plastic funnel is included in 12 pack of Malvica dry bottles. 

The dry bottles design has a great advantage over other beer products for national and international shipping because the water weight is missing. Good online business.

Note* Malvica Dry Bottles are differenent than existing dehydrated beer products because the alcohol/malt recipe is in the dry bottle, before consumer opens it. The product is designed so that consumers  need not to add any substance to the dry bottle, except carbonated water.

127. Emergency Space Travel/ Survival Screwdriver

The quarter coin size and 1/2 dollar coin size model emergency travel screw drivers are compact cylinder disks that open, containing several small nails and one multi head screwdriver head bit.

The user chops a wood stick found, places the screwdriver head cylinder on the tip of the stick, drives nails through fastening holes and then screwdriver with wood stick handle is ready to operate. Contents of compact cylinder are sealed with plastic cap.

128. House-to-Car Jumper Cables

Soon buyers can jump their automobile with jumper cables connected to electricity outlet. Plug to converter/transformer to automobile battery! Box of wire!
I realized that those are called 12v chargers.

129.Zip Line Maximo

The world's first droopless zip line.

I realized that zip lines roll over top better. Resembles an italian symbol and the strange google products fidgets. If they are selling odd things such as that, strange. If that is a conspiracy manufacture threat to me... I say.. "Do not hang my enemies, for the blood from their bodies must be drained by bullets of firepower. So, I can tell them, "I'm not going to hang you. I am going to shoot you."  haha so fun-ny

130. Cyborg Nitro Lungs

In theory, the simple mechanical surgery will allow street fighter martial artists and athletes a super human ability. I noticed that holding my breath filled with air is more rejuvenating than holding my breath after exhaled. The cyborg surgery allows the user to constantly be breathing in.
Electric fans cycle air through holes in the chest called lungports. A hole in the trachea or throat allows complete air cycle. The holes can be in the user's back instead for more aerodynamic sprint running.

Note* i do not want to be guinnea pig/test dummy. I imagine serious complications might happen. Terrible passing out of over dried lungs or over oxygenation. I'm not a scientist. I'm not a test dummy. I AM AN INVENTOR!

131. Expandi sensors

A system of electronic buttons in flooring of transformable double decker vehicles installed to avoid crushing passengers. If any passengers are inside, the weight of their presence triggers buttons under foot. The buttons prevent transformation movement of vehicle structure.

132. Ripple Screw submarine

It is a submarine that has a spinning track around it to supply motion. It is capable of rolling sideways up beach.

It needs a stabilizer fin, like a whale tail.

132.1 Ripple Slicer Submarine

The motion track is sectioned, allowing sub-tracks to spin opposite directions. In sand, it can dig itself down, but would need to be towed out. Sea monsters would not be able to bite or grab it in motion.

133. Chess Lightboard

It is a chess boardgame that illuminates led lights on the board and pieces, that display potential piece move directions, check, piece threat direction, last move where and start/finish light theatrics. It is a good game to help beginners play better and can be played in the dark. Piece movement causes audio and light. In between wire/battery/board/piece/led/speaker connection is a sound-effect-chip for speaker. Each square is a button pushed down by chess piece to activate timer button and illuminate square as most recent move. No computer is in board however the system of wires and connections are reminiscent of first computers of 1950s.  2 person game.

133.1 Chess Computerboard

It is a chess game board  similar to Lightboard, however it includes a timer and has less wires because it has a computer in board. 2 person game.

133.2 Hyperstrike Electronic Chessboard

Similar to the outdated electronic chess boards, a player can play chess against a computer. Hyperstrike is superior to electronic chess boards because Hyperstrike Board does not require the player to move the opposite side's pieces for it. The computer in the board is in charge of  reading which of 6 types of pieces are in which squares. The l.e.d. panels that rise up from the inner board through slots represent opponent pieces and opponent piece movements. If the player captures an opponent piece, the l.e.d. panel releases back under board. 1 person game.

133.3 hyperstrike board 1.1

 similar board but l.e.d. panels lay tiled, pop up angled and landed pieces flatten them.

134. Nearly Never Ending Mug

Instant drink mix, sugar and small ratio of water mix in mug. The mixture is a hard block in the bottom of the container product. User pours water into container and sips juice. User can pour more water inside to drink juice again. Mug stores in freezer for no germs. It turns water into juice, 1000 times!

Note* It needs to be tested because it might only provide 100 glasses of juice.

135.  Eco bed warm box

A box, placed under matress is  full of  rodents. Air vent goes to outside of house. They make heat and eat trash food.

136. Bumble Bee Washer Dryer

A set of appliances that have a perfect fit with Bumble Basket.

136.1 Bumble Basket

Bumble basket is a laundry basket that fits inside washer and dryer. Bumble Basket prevents dropping clothes on ground, fresh out of dryer. Bumble Basket allows user to throw clothes in laundry basket without needing to take clothes out of basket until clothes are dry and clean. Bumble Basket fits most washer and dryer appliance models.

137. Anti Thermal Radiance Technology

It allows a glove to be 98 degress inside and freezing degrees outside. And vice versa. Clothing equipment, structures and vehicles would be better designed.

In between 2 air tight solid panels is a vacuum seal of no air. No air molecules stops relay of  heated or cooled solid atoms. The vacuum sealed space contains no molecules, only space.

A molecule is 2 or more atoms. Air is a combination so air atom would be an incorrect term. Correction* image legend should say "warmest atom" and "coldest atom".

Depending on specific structure designs, a design could be atleast 2 solid shells, one floating inside the other, balanced with magnets,  or frame connections hold solid walls together. Frame connections would transfer temp.

Note* Magnets stabilize for cold temp, maybe warm temp, not very hot temp because heat sensitive.

138. AutoRaLaz

Automobile Rain Laser

Auto drivers can be safe with autoralaz. It is at the rear bumper and shines straight up in rain.

138.1   AutoRaLaz model 2

An extended arm, under bumper, holds laser, allowing water tire spray to impact laser beam line.

139. Oildescent Heater

An incandescent bulb heats a container of oil.  Less watts and more heat than electric heaters. A 250 watt heat lamp makes approx  100+ or 200+ degrees heat. A 600 watt electric fan heater makes approx 100 degrees. Heatlamp is more heat and less than half electricity cost than heater fan.

140. Mugomiggitty Mouse House Set

For rodent pets, the hamster wheel is connected to magnet copper wire charger, to rechargeable battery, connected to a system of buttons in the floorboards laid in cage. Accessory products include additions of miniature street light that is cage light, treat motor feeder, music speaker boombox featuring rodent sounds, elevator, and owners can even connect many charger hamster rodent wheels to charge up 12volt batteries.

140.1 Mugomiggitty Bottle Buddy

It is a rodent pet water feeder canister that has a floating object inside it that helps owners see water level.

141. Tension Coil Bat

Also called Ten C Bat, it has a heavy cylinder inside the baseball bat's hollow body. The cylinder is attached to both ends of interior bat by elastic spring mechanisms. The swinger's power is increased by the 10c bat because the interior cylinder guides momentum in the swing.

142. Jackolantern Rail Saw Kit

It is a lumberjack tool as a special saw. The saw kit allows fallen trees to be cut into planks where it lays by means of a rolling wheel dolly that sets a chainsaw. The wheel dolly is adjustable to fit  various widths of trees and the chainsaw mount can be adjusted to set at different locations and different angles. Heavy trees can now be turned into symetrical boards that are much easier to lift and carry than the entire fallen tree.. The rails are affixed to lumber during use via mounting screws that hold both rails perfectly in place.

142.1 Jackolantern Float Saw

Similar to rail saw however no rails are needed. Float saw has less accurate cuts that create imperfect planks more speedily. A plate with chainsaw mount and wheels rolls along the fallen tree to cut it less effortlessly and with more straight accuracy than a chainsaw alone.

143. Disposable Shower Head

Made of aluminum or plastic, the DSH contains varieties of salt crystals, fragrances and/or soaps. Screw off shower head, screw on DSH, use and dispose of when filter fragrance crystals have depleted.

144.   360 Degree Spinning Mechanism Circuit for Video

I searched for existing products. I think no camera products can spin and spin and spin again, continuously. Here's how:

  + and - wires that touch battery/power, touch computer, touch camera, 2 wires, are segmented into 4 wires. One + and - pair are connected to camera lens on one tip  and 2 bare wire rings on other tip. Power, computer connect to camera lens via bare wire rings. Bare wire rings allow camera lens to spin 360 degrees without tanglement of cord. Outdated video cameras have not had continuous spinning capabilities. 

145. Electromatic air gun

It is a paintball gun or bb gun that uses an electronic motor to shoot projectiles. Paintball guns no longer need co2 cans. The piston feature allows no motor stress on pull out of far revolution. Only one shot is loaded into chamber. Automatic air supply reload happens after trigger release and stops automatic when filled because pressure sensor raises past circuit to break circuit when pressurized. Release of pressure activates spring to pull sensor stick down to reconnect circuit. Magnet can replace spring in cool climate for design, magnet or spring. Portion of piston is hollow.

145.1 Manualomatic air gun

Similar to 145, however a hand crank cycles the pistons.

145.2 Electromatic Valve Cylinder Unit

It screws to the back of a paintball gun, instead of co2.

145.3 electronic monomonic hopper

A standard electronic hopper, however, the design includes the use of the motor to RAISE THE PAINTBALLS UP INTO THE HOLE. Other electronic hopper designs are retardation.

145.4 Scope Gap Hopper

The paintballs fall in a tube connector that has a circular attitude.

145.5 Pack Arm Loader

An extendable tube that has a bottom load panel and teeth that do not allow backwards panel movement, unless release mechanism is activated. The tube is guided to hopper by user and guided back to retracted position.

145.6 Circle Hopper

It is a hopper that has a wide gap in the middle of a bent tibe that is a circular tube.

145.7 Slope Hopper

It is a hopper that is sloped from barrel tip to hopper-port.

145.71 Stopper Hopper

It is a hopper that retains paintballs when it is disconnected from gun. It has a hole slot in neck where a spring arm recesses or retains. Connecting the stopper-hopper to gun causes spring arm to move from partially blocking neck tube to un-blocked neck way. The spring arm is pushed against wall of neck tube to allow paintballs to exit the hopper container. See pic

145.72  Stopper Hopper Extreme

Similar to stopper hopper, S.H.E. retains paintballs when disconnected from gun. S.H.E. design requires several springs and small parts. The triangular panels are spring hinges. The push of the feeder tube of the gun causes the panels to move from perpendicular to vertical, allowing paintball exit.

145.8 Attach Hopper

It is a flexible tube hopper that the user attaches, one end into paintball gun hole and other end clips, snaps or velcros to user's helmet or to user's shoulder. Thus, gravity rolls all paintballs to the hole. Attach hoppers can vary in design  with the largest designs being helmet-bags/wigs filled with paintballs that connects to the paintball gun by tube.

145.9 PB Barrel Bango

3 different models include arrow/bolt/dart shooter transformer barrel, bb shooter barrel transformer and single shot bb/arrow/dart shooter barrel transformer.

Now any paintball gun can shoot darts, arrows and bb's by simply screwing on the PB Barrel Bango onto the Paintball gun's threaded barrel adapter part.

145.91 PB Barrel Bango- GB

The GB model is designed to shoot golf balls.

146. Door Paddle

It is a water paddle that has a spring /hinge mechanism  that causes oar head to  remain sturdy on pull and collapse on push.

146.1 Door Paddle Steppers

They are ski-like float shoes that allow user to run on water.

146.19 Contraction Door Paddle Boat

Two door paddles under hull motion away from each other and toward each other in mechanical motion. See pics below.


It is a paddle/boat system similar to door paddle, however, the paddle head remains rigid on push and bends/folds at pull, which advances the boat motion forward. The oar paddles are panels with hinges.

146.2 Door Paddle Boat

It pushes a door paddle behind it with gear and motor.

147. Kremer Wind Turbine

It is faster and more efficient than outdated wind turbines. It is gear connected to a motion device or electric charger. A motion device is a boat propeller or a wind powered automobile rotor. Yellow is central spinning panels that connects to drive gear. Orange is hemi-tube that has a wind tail. Orange spins freely of yellow. The wind causes orange to line up in wind so that it blocks half of yellow's panels in revolution. see picture to fully understand what it is and how to make it**.

147.1  River Kremer VAWT 

The RK-VAWT is similar to the K-VAWT however it has no wind-tail and the hemi-tube "water shield" component is affixed to solid ground, placed in a river to produce electricity by the river's current.

147.2 Double Kremer VAWT

147.3 Kremer HAWT

148. Paintball Animatronics

I am unsure if scenario anamtronics can be patented. For example, a switch pressed is long too old for patents. Perhaps specific mechanism scenarios can be patented. See images.

Written Text Exposure Mechanism- player shoots paintball at electronic switch button. Switch button activates motor that transforms setting decorations to reveal written words that are related to game play. Revealed text variations are Hints, Instructions, Rules, Location directions, Emotional story poems and Special messages that include Reservations, Birthday person's name and Advertisements.

Vending Machine Exposure Mechanism- player shoots paintball at electric switch button to activate motorized transformation of setting decorations that reveals vending machines.

Anamatronic Exposure Mechanisms- Button is pushed in by paintball projectile that activates motorization of anamatronic to appear at setting via rail, crane rope, track or raised from slot.

Light Activation Mechanisms- player shoots paintball at electric button mechanism to activate lamp light. A posed direction of a lamp light could be used as a "clue" to where successive activation/exposure mechanisms are located, in the setting. Vice versa, button switch turns off light to reveal glow in the dark writing or only specific lights remain illuminated.

Shooter Activation Mechanism- player loads paintball in extra mounted paintball gun. When player shoots switch button, extra paintball gun fires, as if player is shooting paintball at an other paintball gun's trigger to cause it to shoot. Or player loads paint-grenade and shoots to release paint-grenade.

Barrier Activation Mechanism- player shoots button switch to cause barrier panels to appear. Some settings allow opponent extra button switch to retract barrier panel.

149. Floating BBQ Pool Heater

150. Magnoscopic Newspaper

It is a postcard that has full newspaper and magazine data on it. It is sent in the mail. Customers use a clip board/magnifying glass to read the data. Ads in the Magnoscopic Newspaper will include upgrades of magnifying glass devices that are: scale/grid  movement of magnifying glass and electronic projector magnifying machines among articles and other ads. The 2-sided postcard newspaper/magazine will save paper production costs, eliminate excess trash and will make using and storing newspaper/magazines more portable in the future. When readers are worried that hackers are filtering their news communications, the Magnoscopic Newspaper will be physical proof of printed text and images.

151. Exscelsicator.  Gravitational Perpetual Motion Device

152. Giant Spread Flask Kit

153. Combo Tubular Chimney

It is simply a tube in tube, 2 tubes, where the interior tube leads from outside a home into the fireplace to fuel the fire with oxygen. The outer tube is simply a chimney. Because the inner tube goes through the chimney, the cold winter air is heated by the chimney, instead of cooling the room, to maximize heat and air draw.

154.  Push Nose Mirror Glasses

Similar to eye glasses that allow wearers to see behind themselves with side mirrors, the PNMG has a spring mirror button at the crest of the nose, that when pushed, extends a double angle mirror to see drastic left and right angles. 

155. The Dish Stick Hose

The DSH is an adapter that screws onto a kitchen sink faucet. It is in part two tubes. One tube allows water to pass through. The other tube stores soap and can squirt concentrate soap out. THe head of the DSH is a coarse cloth that allows users to scrub dishes. The DSH is flexible at attachment and rigid at head shaft. Users do not need to turn the sink water on and off with the turn-handles because the DSH operates as the water is turned on permanently and the user bends the DSH to release water .  When the DSH is still, untouched,  it does not release water.  It resembles an ink pen tube connected to a sink faucet.

156. Plench

It is a wrench that has an extra arm that doubles as pliers.

Is that one old?

157. Strafe Tire

 It allows vehicles to spin in a 360 or strafe left and right. Motorcycle strafe tires are wider with perpendicular tank track wheels in the tire. Strafe tires in automobile and 4 wheel robotics are used for tight parking and accurate maneuverability. A motor in each strafe tire gears to a perpendicular wheel that causes the smaller wheel to go left or right. A locking hub cap causes the perpendicular wheels to not spin, unless released, as each perpendicular wheel acts as tread of the tire.

157.1 Strafe Axle

It is an axle and wheels component to vehicles that allows a vehicle to 360 and strafe left and right by transforming the ends of the axle to place tires in a perpendicular placement, parallel to the axle.

158. Compact Emergency Boat

The Compact Emergency Boat is a light weight boat that can fit in the  back seat of an automobile, in a truck bed, in a large trunk and is easily folded compacted and stored. NO hectic boat TRAILERS needed. The CEB is comprised of 2 boxes attached together at 2 hinges, that open up together to form the rear and middle boat. Nuts and Bolts with rubber washers hold the boxes together. A box that is slightly smaller than both hinged boxes fits inside the hinged boxes. Inside of the slightly-smaller-box is the triangle-box that is the nose. Seats fit inside the slightly-smaller-box with the nose, inside the box that is the hinged boxes. 2 float-gap-wings fit inside with the nose and seats. the float-gap-wings bolt to the sides of the slightly-smaller-box so that hydrodynamics and buoyancy are excelled. 

Extra slightly-smaller-boxes can be added to make a longer boat, as an extra accessory. A troll motor could fit inside. A handle and locking mechanism allow users to carry the compacted boat similar as a suitcase. 

The smallest model can be: 

Compact 2ft.x4ft.x2ft. box   Boat 1 ft. high, 4ft. wide, 8ft. long

159. Shark Tooth Submarine (Transformer)

The STS or STST, has a vacuum bilge system that sucks in air or sucks in water or sucks air out or sucks water out.

The draft is approx 30 ft. at one transformer  position and only 3 ft. at another position. 

160. Butter Block

It is a rectangle that opens to allow a stick of butter or margarine to be put inside. A simple click button of singular direction mechanism allows users to extend the butter inside the square tube until the butter is gone. It is a good product for toast because no butter-knife is needed, meaning less dishes and less waste.