"What the heck am I doing in this crate? Are we in the jungle?"

"Listen to me, we have a very important situation. We are in the rainforest jungle. You have been sedated, eating liquid beans. You have two choices. You can either stay and die in this box or you can do work for me."

"What type of work?"

"You are smarter than expected. You have asked the right question. I'm going to tell you a story. Do not interrupt."

"Yeah, what is it? Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm cold."

" A KD5 agent bought the land that we are on. It is approximately 1,000 acres of dense jungle. The land was the most dangerous land in the entire world. Thousands, if not millions, of travelers and locals have fallen to their deaths in this place. It is riddled with poisonous insects, poisonous reptiles, poisonous amphibians, poisonous plants and even poisonous mammals. The ground is always dark. The canopy tree leaves shadow every speck of acre in this place, preventing sunlight. There are thick waterways and rainfall that keep everything moldy. The KD5 agent was investigating why this area was so extremely dangerous and he concluded in theory that extra terrestrials that were using sonar were protected in this land. He began by purchasing the land and building successive perimeter fence walls, in a perfect circle, into the center of the land. Too many deaths of his workers happened. They fell to the ground and were covered with insects nearly instantly. A squad of KD5 soldiers were routed to the location. They were equipped with fully-enclosed-breathable-armor-suits and tazer rifles. They encounted vicious wildlife, including tigers, gorillas and anacondas. The terrain was often marshy water pits that were covered in leaves and sticks, fallen from the 700 ft. tall gigantic trees. Finally, closing in on the sonar scan after months of ridding the ground of wildlife into specimen chambers, an extra terrestrial that was in the form of a rainbow snake, starving from lack of ground animal food, attempted an escape. It floated into the sky for about 2 minutes, causing readable sonar until it tangled into the rope-like tape checkered tent roofing that was built within the trees and fell back to the ground. It is in isolation. It is believed that it was alien king to this land, but some of the KD5 scientists suggest that the true extra terrestrial layer is much deeper, underground. The squads of KD5 agents left back to the KT6 base, back to the dry-lands.  It was understood that a small KD5 base was left here in the jungle, with an armory and communications gear. I need to find it."

"What the heck?"