"Later, years later, after I bought the farm that I wanted that had the lake on it, a strange thing happened.
I decided to siphon sand out of the pond to expand it. Maybe I wanted to build a dock. One of my buddies had an old ocean-diver-kit, air-hoses and a horse blanket I called it. The water was murky and deep. About 2 jugs of bleach cleared it up might fine. I knew that the little parasites and buggies might die from the bleach water but I didn't know there were any fish. Once down there, about 10 ft., I found a cave. The sucker must have been about 19 feet long. I think it was a mutant bass. It was sick from the water, swimming in circles in it's cave. Some of the townspeople came to the cookout. They all agreed that it was the biggest fish they ever saw. I realized later that I was wearing my commando boots from the old war, inside the pond. There might have been old dried up shellfish from the Asian ocean on it still. I walked out to the pond. I hadn't built the dock yet. And there it was, a thriving little sea urchin at the shore. I thought those types only grew in the ocean. I stood there, at the shore, staring at the little creature, watching it's tentacles billow in the vague water movement of the shoreline. If an hour past, or a minute, that thing was still there."