Napaj Gogo of World War 2

Before the out blasts of World War 2 began in the Asian islands, there was a strange occurrence.  A gigantic crab, resembling a red mushroom, with spider-like limbs, was captured by Japanese fisherman and brought to an isolated lagoon. It was 20 ft. tall and each leg had multiple elbows in opposite directions, similar to an accordion.  Soon, the villagers were building bamboo walls around the giant crab, where it perched in 2 ft. deep ocean lagoon water.  The locals decided that any criminals of the land must be fed to the crab. The crab's teeth were sharp and rock like. It tore through fish brought to it by the villagers. Soon much of the village lands were nearly desolate of population, as most of the inhabitants had been fed to the crab. Until U.S. Soldiers breached the island and murdered the giant crab, no one understood that the strange sea monster was using mind powers. Some of the U.S. soldiers were chattering and whispering Japanese words that they had never heard before. A grenadier lobbed a grenade at the crab in it's nest on first sight. An explosion dropped the mushroom roof to the lagoon floor as legs spewed out, hurled in instant fiery fury. Four machine gunners followed up on the blast with machine gun fire onto the gigantic shellfish. Synchronized with the giant crab's death, island inhabitants fell to the ground unconscious and some claimed that they were dizzy.  Later, scientists believed that the monster's mind powers were overwhelmed by weapon science before it could begin to communicate and understand the new inhabitant's language.

"Gojpi, do you want to go rob people at the mall?"
"Oh, the beach mall? Hey, isn't there a giant whale on the beach that the news was talking about?"