Readers of can make, however they may not sell and they may not make deal about without Maxwell Kremer's consent.

Every now and then, I am reminded by hints that I will live forever. I walked past the grocery store and the song singing on the radio said "Maxwell, you will live forever." I find that hard to believe but I know it's possible. But isn't forever more than 65 million years times 65 million years? What a miracle. Let's hope no pesky critters come down to our planet, in the physical world. We can practice fighting and sim-killing them in CAB in the mean time. With wisdom, one might say that to live forever, one must not be violent, however simulated violence is just like pretend, and no one gets hurt. Although, there is a difference between protecting with violence and malicious violence.

Freedom of Speech. Freedom of the Press.

I claim that the verbal audio interuptions from a psychic read-back program are not an element of my creative intelligence. They do not inspire me. They bother and interupt my thoughts. They did not facilitate my inventing. They have retarded my inventing as I surpassed suppression to hypothetically create and design the Magno Spindle, RPVG/MPVG/NCPVG and other brilliantly fascinating to-be-products. I am the genius whom should not be a target. They are the enemy criminals. The question I can not answer is: are they human or not. I must devise and search a way to turn them off. If they are human, I must contact superior physical world authorities and report of illogical crime and victimization. How? Must keep searching. Waiting. Virtual searching. What to do?



A Government Note*

If an American Government agent finds the prerogative to subdue Max’s Rights of Max’s technology inventions for purpose of future war strategy, Max suggests that subduing Max’s invention Rights is futile because:

-         Although the Magno Spindle may be stealthy and requires no fuel, the value of the recreational use of it outweighs any minor war advantages, as if the Magno Spindle was to be used as a secret weapon. War machines require great armor. Armor is too heavy for the magno spindle. Besides, the advantage of trustworthy domestic government agents is more powerful than any machine.

-         If other inventions that belong to Max, and are Max’s ideas, are regarded as having a top secret strategic war value by Government agents, Max suggest that humanoid androids utilizing gyroscopes should be the only concern of any war strategy.


Because Max has not received any payment or contracts regarding Max’s intellectual property, published onto yolasite, and that the reason to violate Max’s Intellectual property Rights  for war strategy is inadequate, provides the logic that any government agents who have manipulated, subdued, stolen, discredited, prevented and/or committed identity theft, committed crimes on Max regarding intellectual property Rights, is a blatant enemy of the United States. Max is an American citizen.  If any groups/individuals have violated Max’s Rights for “war advantage” or profit, Max suggests that they be put to death (assassinated, executed) for espionage, professional misconduct, profit agenda during war time. Besides, if any government agency decided that Max’s inventions should not be realized into domestic markets for their personal reasons, they could have paid Max adequate money while hiding his inventions.

I retain the right to sue for slander, or any civil injustice upon me, through good merited individuals, whom are aware of my personal, private identity. If people have spoken badly of me, spilled my name to strangers of the public (foreign, domestic, or private), they have endangered and hindered my life and I will expect reimbursement in the form of monetary payment.  If entertainment industry officials or professionals have used any filming or taping of me for entertainment, profit, or any reason, then I do not approve of it, or any distributions, or versions, of it or anything about it. I appoint unknown, estranged legal professionals, nation wide, to protect my personal integrity and to assume civil authority, from the realms of the public in regards of justice. I condone 3rd party individuals to gain to me repayments, reimbursements, or cash paid for damage, to me directly. The legalist may receive a returned reimbursement of a finder's fee of  %13.

 Some pictures are seen as free art work to the public, found on

"Just because I have a website, it doesn't mean that anyone has the right to stalk, spy on, bother and/or instigate me."


As a stance to fight immortal insanity. in an effort to hold and restore text history as truth, an international political response is;

  1. Being that I am an American human in a CAR machine matrix, it should be that the U.S.'s history of allies is a true grand global orchestra of organized human beings (foreign players).
  2. Any such network of both foreign and domestic players should be clarified accordingly, to the players.

                       To the players. For the players. 


Max has rated with a PG-13!


If I do not speak perfectly, don't go insane. Like for example if one says "Can I have that?" when they were correctly supposed to say "May I have that?".  Bla, bla, bla ,bla!

All Rights Reserved, if any.

Also, If any corporate spies are stalking me to ruin my mind and my inventions, they should know that I contacted the U.S. Air Force: Cyber near the time when I first invented IJCM. That means they should not hack my website or try to patent my inventions against me. (My Ideas are not military intelligence. Therefore, they are my inventions and I have plenty of rights.) I understand that there are rules about "patenting"......I will have the power to sue any manufacturer/distributor/profiter of my intellectual property, as I have been a homeless man (impoverished circumstances due to others) and thus, I will have to prove that the individuals made an effort to persuade others to revoke financial investment.  That might have been like "Well, there's a time limit...if we (conspiracy) can persuade others to not help Max get his "projects running" within the time limit, it will be easier for us to profit, without paying Max." -LAWSUIT

  • That means that anyone from a "competitor-design company" that spoke  about me,  to anyone around me, is a suspect.
  • It's as if "True or False Mr. Sony? Did you, or did you not, send "people/agents" to monitor Max. Why did you make those actions?" 


If a sim is selected for sim-death, perhaps that ultimately means instead, do not shoot them, but they must fear prison time. (although, bi-sexuals subconsciously want to go to prison. In order to bathe, eat and sleep with another homo-bisexual.)

Send the sims to sim-prison, but don't take up needed memory.) Unless, a sim-bloody Rambo combat scene has commenced. ?

             I'm not a sim!


                        May the Force be with you!.