This invention was published on december 22, 2016.

Type: Invention-Product
Name: K.R.E. Charge
Explanation: The K.R.E. Charge is a rechargeable battery system that can be worn as a satchel backpack. Instead of wearing it, it can be adorned onto appliance tools. Corded-Vacuums, Corded-Tools, and other electronics can all be plugged into the K.R.E. Charge. The K.R.E. Charge allows all corded electronics to become cordless. Simply connect the K.R.E. Charge into the wall socket until charged, unplug from the wall and connect to electronic device. The invention-product is comprised of a rechargeable battery, a cord for the wall socket, a socket on the body to allow devices to be plugged in and a transformer mechanism, or electronic power converter, that allows users to plug in any type of wattage device. 
K.R.E. Charge Smart- Has an automatic transformer system.
K.R.E. Charge 1.0- Has a button control system that users manually input wattage/voltage setting.
According to US patent law, there are 365 days remaining from 12/22/16 to 12/22/17 to file for a US patent because this intellectual property has gone public. If you are an investor who want to patent rights exchange for money, please make an offer to Maxwell Kremer, male age 33. If your emails can't get through, then try to contact the police.
I am willing to accept $1,000,000. Please finish negotiations before the year end time so that a US patent may be awarded. 

Note* I am aware that Italy invented the battery as an outdated patent, and some technology is borrowed. We will have to research who owns transformer patents.