The Book of Asogrion  
'page  first of four'

Reading: "There is a majestic range of mountains that is home to the magical beast called "werewolf". If trespassers find such a range, they must understand elementary logic of werewolves, as the law is that they must be warned."

"I don't know how the heck I got here. What the heck are they talking about!"

"The werewolf has three stages of strength.
  • Starving. When it is starved, out hunted by it's mothers, it is elusive, delicate and graceful. It can not change it's form of human-ness or wolf-ness. It is one or the other.
  • Fed. It is fast and vicious. Faster than wolf and bear combined. It is smart.
  • Fully Fed. It has the supernatural strength of 1,000 horses and 500 bears. It can nearly fly with speed and it can claw and bite through stone."

"Who put this book here. Where am I? Are they trying to scare me? Where are the other pages?"