"Yeah, I love that band"

One of the 3 Bikers says. "Well, that's us. Aren't you excited? By the way, your trespassing. Get her Murph!"

Jelinsey is bound by the chuckling beer drinkers and brought to a horse stable. One of the bikers rev-starts a chainsaw and jokingly holds it like a guitar and plays air-guitar with it, as another presses play on the outside stereo. Jelinsey gasps as one of the bikers appears with a slow trotting cow and ties it to the wooden fence. The chainsaw wielder saws and chops off the bleeding cow's head. As the head falls off, the music stops and the chainsaw sound putters to a moaning halt. Silence until one of the bikers says to Jelinsey " We will let you go if you slurp from the cows neck." Jelinsey says "Okay." They untie her and she sucks and slurps from the top of the dead cow's neck. The severed vertebrae stabs Jelinsey's lip. One of the bikers gives her a towel to wipe the blood from her mouth. She says "Oh no, the bone was sharp and cut my lip." She pulls a mirror out of her purse and examines her cut, to find out that the cut on her lip is in the shape of a pentagram.  She loses consciousness and wakes up......somewhere else.