Summertime Werewolves
(renamed from mpvg-short page, "Werewolf Summer camp")

The beginning...   a college classroom,  The front of the classroom has a professor speaking.

 "In the 60's, there were 5 adults staying at Hashkworthy's, one of the owner's of the cabin, in Brukscale Mountains. They were having a cock-tale party. Experts believed that the suspect, Clover Milinstech, a mountain inhabitant, deployed approximately 10 Grizzly bears onto the Hashkworthy's estate. The bears were believed to be malnourished, starving and indigenous to the area. The bear group found the 2 horses at their stable. After a few paw swipes of their hind legs, the horses were laying down, being devoured. None of the cock-tale party goers noticed. An ancient security camera, cutting edge of the time, captured the animal carnage. I think the Hashkworthy's were worried about horse-thieves, when they mounted the camera at the stable. The pack of starving bears nipped scissor-like tears of bites at the dead and dying animals' bodies at their legs, arms and chest. Since there was no blood found at the attack scene, experts believe that the bears, tongued and sucked all the blood from the horse's carcass, as they revealed and ignored the intestines and guts of the horse. Scientist believe that the predator animals ate all of the skin, muscle, tendons, blood and left the intact guts to jiggle from the limb chomping because one of their instincts is to not create smells, in case extra predators are in the vicinity. They wanted to save some for later. The bear-pack made it's way into the cabin from the weak screen door. 2 of the cock-tale goers were mauled and died immediately. The other 3 helpless humans scampered into the upstairs bedroom to lock the door.Their conversations were probably exasperate as they cringed to the sound of bears moaning as they sloshed and devoured first victims. Asedale Wyatdale, a women party goer, wrote later on a telephone receipt that she had in her purse, that the Hashkworthy's cabin had no firearms and no telephone, as it was such a rural cabin. 2 hours passed after the first attack. The surviving group was hiding upstairs, behind a solid wood door until Asedale shrieked and pointed at the patio and said "It climbed up to the patio!" The 3 survivors migrated to the bathroom, where they spent 50 hours hiding, until they drew straws. Both of the men, found crouching bears running up the stairs. Asedale starved to death in the bathroom and a few notes that she wrote, led Sheriffs to conclude their verdict; Bear Attack.

"Okay, times up. Happy summer everybody. Have a great vacation!"