ATTENTION" It is illegal to video tape Maxwell Kremer. It is illegal to photograph Maxwell Kremer.

Max is no longer a homeless man
. He is very friendly and wishes that he has a girlfriend. Max is not racist but sometimes uses racist slurs to hurt strangers' feelings. Max hopes to become a millionaire with supernatural powers. Max's dad bought a mobile home for Max to live at.

The Max Files:
Max was born in the United States. Max's grandpa fought in WW2 with Airborne 101 and Max's uncle was a jet pilot in the Air Force. Max was homeless in the snow and joined the Army. Max's recruiter told Max to lie about having screws in Max's jaw. Max jumped out of 6 planes and threw 2 grenades. Max was Honorably Discharged. Max bought a boat in California and his plan was to refurbish the boat while he lived on it and then re-sell it. Max couldn't sell it, lost all his money on it and has been homeless ever since (about 5 years).

                        Why is Max's face........Max's face?  :

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Please remember that being Arabic is not Jewish Heredity. In the Torah, Red Hair is mentioned as a Jewish trait, not facial design. Only in terms of Naziism is Arabic considered Jewish. Jewish is not a heredity. Judaism is a religion. If an Arabic person claims that they have Jewish heredity then I claim that they have Muslim heredity. Additionally, misinformed Arabic people are likely to be Al Qaeda suspects.
                                   Video is free video on               That is not Max's      band.                                                                                      That is a band called "Finch".

Don't forget:

  • Max is a male heterosexual adult human
  • Max has plastic surgery and appears slightly androgynous
  • Max is a U.S. Army Airborne Vet 
  • Max is Jewish
  • The President's middle name is Hussein
  • Sasha "Borat" Cohen did 9-11 because he is an Iraqi
  • In the various bibles it says "Leviticus 18:22, Do not be gay fore you are an abomination and should be put to death." The United States is Obama's Nation until 2016 
  • The Government Shutdown happened recently in the United States
  • Max is competing with multimillionaires
  • Max doesn't have any personal friends
  • Max is not an undercover informant. Max is a merited citizen who sometimes must call 9-11.
  • Visitors may only email max. They may not travel to Max's location. Stalking is a felony and Max wishes to press charges against all stalkers.max is technically an American refugee. Max smells foul of sweat, mold, urine and feces. Max's hygiene is dependent upon access to shower/laundry machines. Max does not own a home.p

Dear Mr. Kremer,

I, the author of this email am:

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