A CYBERSPACE to CAR machine Connection should be adult player controlled.

"I like to choose my own options."

Note* I wrote much of this page when I was homeless. I think I was stained with noxious fumes and sometimes I didn't have enough to eat when I was eating out of trashcans after walking 20 miles or so's. 


A NETWORK world is what a cyberspace-connection would be.

A NETWORK world would be with at least any one of the following:

  • a computer (Droid CPU)
  • a human (Player)
  • an animal (Player)
  • an e.t. (Player)




Since all of the players should have their own computer inside their CAR machine, the CYBERSPACE-Connection of a computer should  be regarded as Computer/Computer.


Players inside their own CAR machine are one of these three listed:


Note* I need my computer to program for me:

                      1 Million Dollars.

In X20, before I have a phazer, when I finally get thousands or millions of dollars to spend, if I buy one acre of private property or 1,000 acres, I plan to arrive with bare necessities of food supply, camping gear, whatever building supplies, whatever luxury supplies and many solar power panels. I have decided that a truck and trailer would be better than an RV, if I have a modest budget because:

  • Trailers can detach and allow me to haul other things
  • Rvs are enclosed with their engines. Engines leak pollution. Trailers have no pollution cracks.

The land must be "Unrestricted". Unrestricted is a real estate term that means it is not illegal to build many things without a contractor license, maintain animals, etc. and basically means "far away from the mayor's house, so there are not as many rules."

            What I accurately intend to do, successively:

1. Buy $30,000 truck, live at hotels.

1.5 build bear/cat/snake/bug proof body armor suit.

2. Buy $20,000 travel trailer. Buy 100+ acres. maybe 64,000 acres (100 sq miles)

3. Park trailer at preliminary camp, that will become the delivery depot. Go to town. Buy chain link fence to wrap around trailer and around 1500 sq ft. Trailer is now much safer because bears, lions.  and Mesh Screen for venomous bugs. Go back buy cement mix trailer 500 bags cement

3.5 plant some seed crops. In the middle of the entire property, I will build a 3 story condominium on a hill. If it's 100 sq miles then to get to the middle is a 5 mile road, where at that point, at least 5 miles in every direction is my private property.

4.Called local fence co to put up expensive perimeter surveyed chain link fence around entire property. Called water utility put near road or piped to mansion foundation site. I might need to hire businesses to help put segments of the perimeter fence wall up because that needs to be up asap.

5. I need to build 4 warehouses. (1) Vehicle storage. (2) Tool Shop (3) Material Storage (4) Giant Indoor Farm


7. Trap and control wildlife.

8. Build private city. Some of the buildings will be movie set like structures that are cheap and unlivable. Some of the houses will be liveable structures. 

Venomous animals need shade in summer or they will die. In cold climate season, they like rocks that are warmed by the sun. They tend to come up out of the ground and hide under plants. A large concrete area will prevent venomous animals from feeling invited with little shade. Far from the house, if I built a lure area that had rotting fruit, flies, shade, maybe bottled rain water, then the animals would be more likely to choose their home at the lure station, instead of directly outside the human house. A tree is expected to be home to many animals. I think all trees should be cut down about 200 ft. away from the human house. A solid wall would keep snakes out but spiders climb and sometimes they use their web as a kite. No shade area drains moisture out of the disgusting creatures effecting their brains, speed, and health.

The food supplies will be 100 lb. rice, metal 5 gal soy sauce jug, 100 lb. potatoes, 100 lb. frozen beef ribs, 50 lb. frozen chicken, 5 gal bbq sauce, 10 gal cooking oil, 200 gal water, 50 lb. gourmet beef steaks, 100 lb. flour, spices, variety fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables (seeds to be planted), 50 cans vegetable juice, 50 lb. mozzarella, 50 lb. cheddar, 100 lb. beans, 100 lb. sugar, caffeine, vitamins, tobacco. I would build a tarp shade initially and  the solar panels would be used for a freezer, music and laptop. I think I won't need to come into town until months later. If I live near a river, I'll have a dehydrator machine to make fish jerky. I could also build a water purification facility. Digging with a shop vac or shovel, making big bricks, I will be  busy most the week while the plants grow. A very rural location is optimal unless native Indian types are acting as territorial Al Qaeda . The rural starving poor are the suspects of attacks and racism. I think I will be safe once the walls are up, from the bears and mountain lions too. If I could somehow get a girlfriend to live out there with me, I hope she's pretty without make up. No make up wearing allowed. Property rules. I will eventually build a private mock jail. If it's not illegal to camp on my property, I won't need an Rv. 

Idiot Guy says: " Max, are you sure that you don't want to buy a used structure (house) which might have hidden surveillance already in it, that is priced 75 times the cost of building it?"

Wondering about simcrime.com fans/viewers:  I wonder if any readers have decided to take advantage of my real estate deal idea, bought a power shop vac and hit the sand properties...? What beautiful chasms did they already find?

  • Burried vehicles with dead bodies in them?
  • Ladders?
  • Tools?
  • Antique trash?
  • Chasms that were hidden by the sand, for some reason? World war 1? The ancient rivers carves of perhaps 20 or 30 feet below?
  • Animal dens?
  • Water wells?

After I was no longer homeless, I found fossils, quartz, clay and some rusty metal. see youtu video below page.

Buy truck/trailer. Load it up with luxury. (Maybe not too heavy until I get there and I can unload)   TV (large wall mounted plasma screen), computers (3 laptops), many video and pc games, music stuff, food, beer, prescription cannabis, camping equipment. Travel to different state park campsites while looking for land property to purchase www.landwatch.com . Buy small puppy. bird pets in cage (few initial pets). Play video games day and night at campsite. Hopefull have 1 or 2 girlfriends. Record a music album (on computer with instruments). Apply for all of my needed patents RPVG,   NCPVG and misc. patents.Relax with knowledge of proper matrix. (At any moment, anything could happen like CAB, supernatural scientific paranormal activity, or anything imaginable. But it doesn't because the CAR world that I am in is calm.) . . Design Castle with Auto-CAD. Buy land. Buy supplies. Need a perimeter wall alarm system.  . Build castle estate.                   

   I'm not sure if I would hire any CGPs to do any work for me. (?) As if...they're  droids...can I trust them? What are they going to do? Twilight zone.

Estate Goals:

  1. Perimeter fence, castle grounds fence
  2. Castle Cap, digging              *Note. The castle cap is a steel 50 ft. diameter ring, with 3 70 ft. bars crossing at the middle, to be laid on the ground as a base for the top of the underground castle.
  3. Farming. Planting trees and plants. Animal population.
  4. Perimeter fence to become large stone walls.
  5. Castle construction.

I will buy a large plot of land, build a castle house, build a distillery, grow crops, ferment crops and bottle them and live on my private property. I will have a legal pot farm. Near the gate of the estate, as soon as one drives into the estate land, a small house, "mock-house', is seen, fenced by primitive rusty barbed wire fence. When I drive in, I drive through a special part of the fence ( fence section collapses under vehicle and then rises back in place) so that it appears that driving up my street, into the estate leads strangers to only a small portion of my land, the mock-house. (So it looks like my adress is 1/2 acre instead of 50+ acres.) Inside the mock-house is cheap decorations, couch, tv, ect, sort of like a guest house.  

The easiest way to do the secret-barbed-wire-fence is;

  1. attach axle system at bottom of fence part
  2. attach rope and pulley system with heavy weight rock(about 30 lbs.)
  3. When vehicle drives against fence, the fence lays down, pulling the tied rock up off the ground and then driving off the fence, the weight of the rock pulls the fence section back up.
  4. \ Maybe 2 rock-weights at both ends of the fence-section would be needed to stabilize. To drive the opposite way, a different section of fence could be similarily designed in the opposite direction.

The gate of the estate could be old and rusty.Barn with farm garden. Live in trailerparked insidemost economical method might be plywood panels, lathered with hard dirt mud to peel away. Otherwise, a wall can be constructed using plastic sheeting held rope and fill with cement. If cement is layed drying, it will not bubble out the plastic.o



Once I drive past the gate/mock-house, I would drive about an acre past a "public-looking" park to a fruit tree forest wall (the mock-house view looks like the perimeter outside it's barbed-wire fence is

  • the estate walls
  • a fruit tree forest wall

I would drive around a small wall at the fruit tree forest where an entrance door is. The fruit tree forest will have a fence line through it to section the mock-house land from the rest of the estate land. The entrance door could be additionally locked by giant wood sideways-rolling tree trunks, or something.

The large wooden doors would be managed by a garage door motor. I would drive through there, through the forest to Ghosttown. Ghosttown is like a mock-rundown-city. It is my "private bad neighborhood". It doesn't need to be only solid city blocks. It can have stray rundown houses on it's outskirts. I could build houses all over the place though. Past there is my private city. It is my private downtown. There are houses, streets, sidewalks, vending machines, drinking fountains, allies, parked automobiles, bikes locked to bike racks, bus benches, newspaper stand machines, fire hydrants, street lights, mock stores, robots and more. There will be 0% vegetation in Ghostown and Downtown. The lawns will be fake plastic grass and fake trees, that way, black widows will not be lured.

Past there is the Distillery on one side of the road and the Warehouse on the other side of a cross-road. Main road from gate/mock-house to Castle is Dreidel Blvd.

Distill/Warehs street is Merlin Rd.

Street into Ghosttown is Jackolantern St. 

Giant Vehicle Ships- 

I can use tractor tires as tires, engines too. The land ships might be 3 stories tall, 15 ft. above the ground, like a spaceship submarine. Fancy, luxurious, with function. Decks that I can sniper cows from and reel them up onto the ship to eat them. Draws water with a hose. Roof probably solar electric. Deploys spy drones. Fun to live in for months at a time. Only intended for private property.

Mass Producing Craft Fabrications

In order to mass produce things, including doors, windows, furniture, etc. I will need to build a frame to set the product material into, that has hinged arm panels to place screws, paint, cuts, holes and materials in perfect place, every time.


Someone was teaching everybody how to soe bad. I thought of best way.

  With 3 or 4 girlfriends. "Woah, what if I hired a bikini model to live in one of the houses in my private city backyard and she works at one of the stores in Ghosttown with a bunch of robots that she believes are people. Film it. Make it a TV show! (no bathroom cameras.)  The best way to be a millionaire with multiple live in girlfriends is: 

ALL Girlfriends are massage therapist maids!!!!

Even better, they are legal amateur porn stars paid salary! Loophole! Not illegal!

I would scout them out, pay for std screenings, invite them to live at mansion rv farm compound for month, all they can eat gourmet buffets, couches, tv, satellite movies, gym. It would be fun. I think I could pay them $2,500 month +room/board. If i have about 20 of them it would be like a party. None of them have masculine faces. None of them have masculine body features.

Best is business license with proof of work. see youtu video.

My Private City Rules:

No make up wearing.

No natural color hair dye. (blue or pink is okay, but not brown or black)

No cell phones. Open to amendment possibility.

No crime committing.

In Downtown, the nice section will be a central plaza of stores and restaurants. Whenever I want, I can go into the restaurant kitchens and cook on a propane stove electric, I can eat it in the restaurant or take it to go into the plaza park. The plaza park has fake trees, fake grass and multi-leveled cement walkways. Restaurants:

  • Asianiqua. I can make Chinese food, Japanese food and even Mongolian food. Noodles, beef, fish, water and special sauces.
  • Ye Old Restaurant. An Irish European restaurant. Potatoes, beef, soups, sandwiches.
  • Akbar's. Middle eastern sandwiches, gyros, hummus, salads.
  • The Jefferson Nickel. American food. Hamburgers, steaks, salads, nickel arcade.
  • Sabor of Flames. Mexican food. Burritos, tacos, salsa.
  • Pizza Privado. Kosher pizza, rear outside brick oven, normal oven (no meat)
  • Vegetarian Restaurant. it has mixture urban and african artwork on walls.

All of the restaurants will have a robot hostess and themed decorations, photos,artwork,beverages,music and movies. The restaurants will be connected to a hall that leads to 2 freezers and 2 refrigerators, where food is stored. 

In the vegetation zones, a neat way to plant trees will be:

  • Planting them in a circle
  • Burying a large tub filled with large rocks to catch water for the roots to find
  • I might plant saplings or maybe adults

Like mini forests. I might buy several used old bus, trucks and vans from junk yards, park them in a line, connect them with hallway type construction and cover them in dirt. So there would be an encompassing dirt hill sprinkled with plants and maybe trees, around the property, where underneath is an interesting, inhabitable bunker-type rooms. It could be like  a forgotten, antique underground subway where the vehicles are lit by low-power lighting, and if one looks out the windows, all they might see is a solid plate of dirt. The vehicles prior to being covered with dirt might be sprayed with a stucco or cement. The dirt would only be about 3 or 4 feet over it and maybe 10 feet to it's sides. Ideally,  one would be able to travel through the vehicles, among tunnels and perhaps decorative subway antiques.

If I bought a property that had a river/creek  on it, I would build a man-made channel that diverts water directly through my castle, with a 10 ft. waterfall and harness the waterfall's energy with a large wheel to make electricity, inside my castle. That would be awesome to reel a fish up to my kitchen's window and toss a fish in a pot. A private fish farm reservoir channel might be better than fish from a public stream, for fishing. 

 As soon as I get the money, I will buy an RV for $30,000. The land, 50 acres, for $200,000. (maybe 200+ acres instead)  I will invest in concrete, wood, equipment and supplies. I would fence the entire perimeter with chain-link fencing.  I would build a barn to store the supplies.


Vague cost assessments:

Castle Materials

Concrete $10,000.

Wood       $10,000.

Bull Dozer $50,000. (optional) maybe I could buy a used one and then sell it when I'm done with it.

Cement truck with elevated pump 

A special pool that I will build is a pool that has a waterfall into it, a far side is a heated area and the other far side is a cooling area and in between is a flush device that can flush a large amount of the pool. The heated side is heated by sunlight on 1 ft. shallow flat portion of pool, plus electrical heating option. The cool side has a freezer that can freeze large blocks of ice to toss into a reservoir area. If any of my guests pee in the pool, they can flush it out into a septic pipe that might go far to reach plants. Extra water comes in from the waterfall.

The soil-covered-truck-embankment would have 2 15ft.-diameter tunnels, parallel to each other, spread 10ft. apart, 24ft. long. One of the tunnels would be "off limits" with a chain and pole gate. The other tunnel would be the access tunnel to the castle-grounds, from the estate-grounds. The chained tunnel will be like an art piece, with a sign that says "Leviticus 18:22". The inaccessible tunnel represents unneeded routes.  Max likes lesbians not male gays. Male gays who pretend that they are lesbians are definitely committing fraud.

Oxygen machine!   I would like to have a breathable gas system, inside the castle. You know when you're at the airport and you can breathe and smell really good air, like it's lithium or hydrogen? A few times I've breathed it on the city bus.... But it would be nice to have a system that bleeds a little bit of nice gas into the under-castle for that 5-star hotel/airport breathing smell.


It floats but it's not built to sail the ocean. It is a very large, novel houseboat. It will be named "No Attack". It rolls on 4 tires underwater because private lake is concrete reservoir. The axle bases can lift up and down to mimic submersion.

I think that if I dig deep enough and wide enough, the city will be cool, protected by shade, except around noon, in hot climate. I imagine an oasis that is surrounded by elevated embankments that are topped with road.

I think it's easy to adjoin skinny buildings to dug out mountain cliffs, as if a skyscraper's side rests on a mountain.

Speckled throughout the estate grounds will be small plazas that are hidden by trees. The hidden plazas have benches, brick floors, sculptures, columns and partial wooden ceiling frames. Trails could lead to them. I might walk, quad or drive a Polaris to them for fun. If the benches are covered/cased then the birds will not poop on them. 

TPCM is Total Party collaceum Machine! BBQ and other containments in cement.
Tpcm will be past road entrance, before house. It has 4 roads through it. It is an excellent private park area. Black tarp wall transformable.



It's so easy to build inexpensively. Trash can be used as building supplies. I would probably want to have an on-line Contractor's Lic., but I think I could build all those things myself on unrestricted. It would be really fun. 




The exterior wall, encompassing the entire 50 acres (maybe 1,000 acres) would be comprised of first chain-link fencing and then perhaps the chain-link fencing could become the framing for a thicker cement wall. I might want it stuccoed. I might mix cement with dirt and rocks. 50/50.


The interior of the wall would be like a giant hallway. If sections of the wall were open, animal life, like mice would be able to find their home there.  And so could snakes.  It would be an interesting ecosystem. Cock roaches too maybe. (I hate spiders. No spiders.)



To start the construction of the castle, I would lay out 3 large 70 ft. long (wood or steel) bars, with a 60ft. diameter ring, connected at the middle. I would then dig under it and it would be like a top-frame platform.   As I dug down, I might spray the walls with a stucco type  light cement, and then when it was all dug out, I would drop the walls and fill the gap with cement. (5 ft. wide circle of 50ft ring wall diameter and 60 ft. ring  wall diameter. 

Back at the top, I would dig a 10 ft. deep, 15 ft. wide ring (moat) at the tips of the 3 steel bars 70 ft. diameter and 90 ft. diameter wall.

Note* If I wanted the top castle to not be directly above the under castle, I might want to have the top castle directly above half of the under castle. That would mean that the moat design would be longer, stretched out like an oval instead of a circle. 

The castle would be encircled by a moat, 13 ft. deep . Under the moat floor would be the ceiling of the underground chamber within the castle.  The moat floor would be partly comprised of thick glass so that the underground chamber has a ceiling view of underneath the moat.

 then begin by fencing the entire acreage and immediate vicinity as the castle grounds.  build a distillery.   plant crops.


I don't need a tractor. I could use an ATV. I would mix seeds, mud, soil, compost together and plant the seeds as a mud spray.