Video Note* The artists seem to have been Vietnamese Community members. Vietnam is currently a U.S. neutral. Vietnam is not an ally.

 Since I don't want to be bothered by other players, I choose SOLO CAR. (Only one player per sim-world)

If other players choose to join my sim-world (illegally) and they do not bestow prosperity upon to me BAD:"Hi Max, I decided to be one sim-inch distance from you despite the fact that there are 999,999,999 trillion other infinite sim-locations to sim-be at, and... as it turns out, I have chosen to bother you." , they should be forced out of my sim-world with death and dying sim-symptom sensations. 

                                   Initial Grace Period:

                                             18 minutes 

If anythings revokes or attempts to revoke my maximum prosperity level, then thus the revoker is my enemy.                Max wishes to destroy his enemies or perhaps more accurately, Max wishes that his enemies are destroyed.


                                 Network Hack Protocol:

Computer, please warn them by a Sim-explanation initial arrival event of the trespassing players being hand cuffed and detained by sim-police characters (CGPs), who explain that the 18 minute grace period is an opportunity to portal-out (leave) or give complements to Max, as it is their opportunity to express friendship. (So they don't mistake me my solo-sim-world address incorrectly as a network-sim-world. Danger!) (In case they were accidental hackers.)   

Can I make a new program that allows my psychic radio to "turn on/off"? Instead of the sims speaking thought-talk-back, it should be like "blank" is transmitted, with no psychic feedback and no directive to the sim. (?)Getting headaches while under psychological attack is very painful.


PHAZER: I want a remote control ray gun type sim-device to:

  •  Immediately program sims. I want them to do what I instruct.
  • World Jump. I want to visit to other CAR Worlds (other Video Game Worlds)
  • Delete sims. A soon as I set my phazer to delete and fire it at a sim, the sim disappears.

Max doesn't want anything-pestering-him, while he's waiting for a phazer. 

At this point in my CAR machine, it is hard for me to even get laid.

In a computer world where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE I should be having sex. Sexual activity is a normal human activity. Eat. Sleep. Mate. Think.

"Not for you!"      Why not?.... 

 Houston: We have a problem.

I wish to accompany a woman. She and I could have conversations together, kiss, mate, share a living unit together. Wow! Perhaps I could have more than one. ! and know that there are even much prettier sims out there!




 1. My Immediate CAR

 Machine Requests  :


                           A.  A matrix credit card with either $20 million in the account or an unlimited amount of available money. Why $20 million and not $50 million?...Well why not unlimited?  or A Phaser with CGP friendly programming.   and    B CGP women programming to strive, and are excited, to be my girlfriend(s)..!                                                  MCCU = Matrix Credit Card Unlimited

"Being a millionaire is fun in any sim-world 

that has sim-markets."                                    

2Phazer and settings control.

If I had a phaser, I would be very happy to phase and control CGPs. Especially since women CGPs are currently not programmed to be interested in being friendly and intimate with me (normal), I could skip their  unnatural, false programming (defective, Unconstitutional, unrealistic) and control them to my liking.  If I'm communicating with alien e.t.s or e.t.a.i.s to attain my Phaser programming, they need to know how nice it would be for them to help me access a phaser programming setting, since they are not humans and might not have chemical-emotional human instincts that have created the sim-world to be a sim-society of civilization. I want a phaser and correctly programmed CGPs setting as soon as possible. (Right now!)

3. Multi-world access.

Using the Phazer, I could jump around through "portals" into many and different Sim-Worlds. Sim-worlds are simulated worlds. They can be called Virtual Reality Worlds. Virtual Reality Machine Worlds. Computer Game Worlds. CAR World. Computer Assisted Reality World.


Immediate CAR Machine Request (A.) Fulfilled temporarily;

(A.) Approx. $600 on 7-21-2011 .Found on ground.           (B.) Unfulfilled.

(A.) Approx. $100 around 9-25-2011 .Found in trashcan.   (B.) Unfulfilled.

(A.) $20 on 12-25-2011. CGP male approached me and handed money near 4th and Montana. CGP male was with CGP female in white vehicle. (B.) Unfulfilled.

I found 81 bucks on the ground on the side of  a highway that I was walking next to a few seconds after throwing 3 pieces of bread onto a bird nest. I broke about 30 glass bottles that were already littered on the way before that. Did I break my enemies' concentration?

Pick-ups. Pick-ups. Pick-ups. I should be able to find more than I need. Cash and items. Finding stuff. Finder's keepers. Video game mana. Hey, I should find stuff over here. Hey, I should find stuff over there. I should be able to find stuff everywhere and anywhere. (Without feeling overwhelmed and burdened.)  

Sim-Video Game Worlds. CAB worlds that are based on video games. Each level of the game is simulated as a section of the sim-world. I can travel level to level ( section to section), inside the sim-world. I should be invincible, impervious to sim-enemy attacks. Once I have conquered the level-section, I may lounge in peace there. Alive, healthy, relaxing... I will be glad to have destroyed my enemies.           For example, PSP game "SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2", as that game is translated to create a simulated world of virtual terrain to inhabit, I could take enemy-sims hostage, allowing them to reside with me in a simulated-house of the level-section. No time limit.  

Despite the PSP game's interactive options being limited, the simulated version of the game as a virtual reality world will be semi-realistic  of options possible for me to do.   EXAMPLe*  Even though there are cabinets in cottages that are not-interactive to stay closed in the PSP game-play, the cabinets in the simulated version of the game as a virtual reality world will be easily opened/closed by my hand actions.

The PSP game/video-game is not a virtual reality world.

A separate computer program that is based on the game is a virtual reality world/sim-world, as I am allowed access to sim-be-there. 

Portal into the sim-world.

Fight enemy-sims. Interact 

                with sims.

Interact with the virtual 


The Program of Simantha  - She  is a sim-woman that I would like to have programmed.  She has double D size bra, beautiful face, womanly buttox. She will be programmed to find me, where I will be, to present me with the phazer. She might say something like "Max, here is your phazer.", and then I wouldn't even have to set the phazer to the -Do What I Say- setting, because Simantha will already be programmed to do what I say. She and I would probably raid the nearest sim-house, to get started having "no rules". 

Once I have a phazer, as I will be traveling throughout different sim-worlds, X20 will be reserved as a sim-world to visit that is a reminder of a homage to heroes. Heroes of inventions. Technology and medicine. Heroes of war and history. X20 will be a sim-world that is a sim-place of historical accuracies and a tribute to humans of the past who helped man surpass into the destiny of the Universe that he is.  

Sims constantly mock, as though they are subtly bragging, showing off that they have products, merchandise and women. Those are things that I want and can not possibly buy until I get paid for my inventions. Sims are driving vehicles, on vacation, kissing, shopping, walking into their sim'homes and shutting the door.... I'm not jealous because I know that they are not real, but gosh, I sure would like to have some of that stuff. Since I'm homeless and constantly in sim'public 24/7, I am forced to witness sims displaying their fabulous prizes that they somehow won, all the time. No they do not share. Regardless of how sims have been previously programmed, once I have a PHAZER, and phazer programs programmed, the sims constant happening of boasting and gloating may be less noticeable. 

After I have received  my phazer, playing with my sim-friends in my selected sim-environments will be fun in different ways. I may remind myself that talking to them, in a way, is a method of communicating with impressive technology. On my mansion estate for example, I would like to place multiple hidden cameras where as the day is over and my sim-friends are going to sleep, I can edit and compile the video footage of the day to study the sims and contemplate the reasoning of what makes sims seem real. Playing funny jokes on them will be fun. Fulfilling different character roles of my personality, as a sort of skits, may be entertaining, although the master-computer might become slightly confused by "role-playing"/acting/theatrics that I might do while having a good time.

If I need cash, instead of sim'robbing all day I could:

  1. Paint a painting
  2. Drive to the wealthy area of the sim'city.
  3. Knock on the door of a sim'mansion.
  4. Use the phazer to control a sim to purchase my painting, for.....$1,000,000.
  5. Cash the check at the bank.

The reason Max wants a Phazer:

Max wants:

  • To touch and visualize any naked women (is not crime)
  • To sim'travel (is not crime) like teleporting
  • To buy anything good, regardless of price (is not crime)

Depending which sim'world Max is in, Max will have themed options to do. In Grand Theft Auto sim'world, Max may steal autos (sim crime). In sim'time'travel'world'1800's, Max may buy buggie. No reason to steal buggie (sim crime). Shopping is fun. Exchange gold for buggie is fun time. Maybe if sim steal simbody's (somebody sim) horse, it is fun to capture 1800's'sim'criminal. Maybe it is fun to give criminal'sim gold charity and say "Now you go buy horse." 


                      A. Twilight Zone.

                        B. Millionaire


First of all, I should have never been bothered and homeless and unlucky and involuntarily abstinent for that length of time, or at all.  All CGP E.T. Homobis should be wiped out. When homobis are sighted, they should be smashed, thrown into dumpsters and disappear. Some of my extended family are homobis. Are they real or are they CGPs? If they are real, they should be pardoned. The homobis should be wiped out until no one can hear their feces lust comments. The homobi wipe out should be a setting, not a player activity. I'm willing to draw swords against them, but I'm a real person. I'm not a computer graphic. Legally, they would have to be found guilty of conspiracy treason, if they were part of the U.S. American people as U.S. citizens, But I'm talking about a setting where homobi CGPs, and perhaps homobi real people disappear in an instant, without a trace. And they are not missed because they were the enemies that stole my prosperity.

So the question is... Regardless of having a phazer, why isn't the current sim-world that I live in, why isn't it a Utopia World?

Seriously, why didn't I grow up in a Utopia World?              LOGICAL GUESS:

  • Military Psychological Experiment
Besides, if a mind (player) is boring that grows up in Utopia-World, why would it matter if a mind was boring or not?  Did the virtual reality machine facility want to create minds that became exciting? Is that why a player is born into a twilight zone... without a phazer?  If there are players that were born into Utopia-World, what is the difference of them and me (Max)? DNA? National citizenship? Sex? Height?
            Some things that are peculiar in my childhood that may have lead me to discover that I was not in a Utopia:
  • Spanish speakers. Dad marries gentile lady who speaks Spanish. Gentile lady's family speaks Spanish. Housekeepers inside my house spoke Spanish.
  • Classmates. Few were programmed to offer compliments. Before I knew that I was in a virtual reality machine, I was using psychology to decipher the strangeness of the classes. I didn't know that they were sims. 
I wonder if because I have hazelish-brown eyes and brown hair, if blondes hacked my virtual reality machine early on to teach me that they thought that I was more similar to being Hispanic than them. That would explain that they were stupid and that they didn't have enough education about heredity-traits. As if, was it as though they wanted to say:  "Max, you have brown hair. Here are some Hispanic in your sim-house to disappear with you."

If the U.S. system is real (not a simulated Country), I think that growing up and living in a non-Utopia sim-world, without a phazer, is Un-Constitutional.

So if growing up in a non-Utopia sim-world is a military psychological experiment, I like to explain that soldiers are no longer needed for warfare, as droids have surpassed any and all human capabilities and counter-frailties in war-zones of the future.                                       It is plausible that Cyborgs might operate more efficiently than weak computer-droids in some scenarios, however the philosophy of human life being protected is more important than the protection of robots, as robots have no rights and no emotions.
Additionally, the philosophy of " with Ultimate Science, war is obsolete."  suggests that true-war is gone forever, leaving in it's wake:
  • the opportunity for crime and punishment
  • CAB, game war, war reenactment, video games
So thus, if my being in a non-utopia sim-world is deemed Unconstitutional, the tables will turn on the conductors of the Military Psychological Experiment, as I have proven that they have committed crime and they must be  dealt punishment. If they are not dealt punishment, they will have proven that the U.S. system is fictitious and that they are free to operate as traitors. 
"Uh, hi, uh pretty, pretty please may I have a phazer and MCCU!?"

                                                       I would like to happen as follows;

(B.) From my immediate position and location a female CGP will invite me to board  her RV and explain to me that she's my new girlfriend. Everything would be perfect about her. There would be sodas, food and beer in the fridge. I would put a pizza in the oven, throw my soiled homeless clothes in the washing machine, take a shower and get acquainted with my new girlfriend. We would travel to  nice campgrounds and I would find a bunch of cash on the ground, wherever we go.

P.S. As of 2018, I have not been homeless for about 3 years.


' I should be able to grab any sim, in any CAR world and bring them with me to any CAR world. '                              

 CAR World = Sim-world

Lot's of beautiful music.

Spiritual techno, especially in sim-public settings.

Classical/orchestra, especially in beautiful serene places.

Selected power-cord punk/metal/rock during exciting events.

And perhaps other types of music in appropriate settings.

I could recommend no rap/weenume music at all, but it might fit in with enemy-radios in sim-murder massacres/CABs.

In any sim-world, I like to breath good air. Air that I breath/sim-breath should always be rejuvenating and healthy. I also like hot sun with cold breeze. Those two together. Good shade is also nice with hot sun. If cold breeze is mixed with cold sun/night (winter/snow), then I need good gear. Negative 40 degrees is no problem with good gear. If one has good friends, then one has good gear.

 Reasons why Max might hate and want to destroy Sims:

  • They are programmed to cough, in sync with slight electrocution sensations.
  • They are programmed to mimic humans in a way that they are mocking Max.
  • Their sim-presence allows Max to feel a bad feeling. Force field, invisible vampirism.
  • Their image is unsatisfactory, as they impose as espionage-doers (heavy makeup or life-cast/wig) or they appear to be inappropriately anti-themed to the sim world's scenario. 
  • They are staring at Max and have unpleasant reactions upon eyesight back.

Reasons why Max might like a Sim:

  • They are emotionally gratifying in manner, with image, sound and gesture.
  • They are female human sims.
  • They are beautiful.
  • They are of cinematic encouragement to the sim world's  theme.
  • They are friendly, nice and laugh easily at my sense of humor.


I think I might want to take over Lake Tahoe, CA from the Sims. It would be a little bit like the Mad Max and I am Legend movies. It would be just me, the lake, the mountains, the trees, my sim-pets and my sim-girlfriends."Check the radio, see if there's any word on the Martian landing attacks! Guess we better just have a bunch of fun as we're all alone out here and such."



   The Jackolantern mouth is the Vizor, where my eyes would be. The jackolantern triangles could be sensors and extra cameras on top

2 settings to set CABs to regarding : pain,  and enemy attack effects. 

CABI - Invincible.  Bullets nearly never hit and/or if they do, they bounce off, without damage!

CABM- Medium. Shocking sensations when shot/attacked, but very little pain and no physical damage.

Party-Sims are not Friend-Sims

Partysims are a certain type of sim, most common around college age, who are similar to Friendsims, but are a different type of sim. Sure, anyone might have memories of best friends, chums and pals, however those types of sims, friendsims, are:

  1. always there for you when you need them
  2. share with you
  3. add conversation to your intellect
  4. on your side

Partysims have been narrowed down to a science that I can explain.  They are based on a yin and yang philosophy where their good or evil side is determined by if and how much you pay them. White side partysims are similar to friendsims. Black side partysims are similar to enemysims.

There are different types of partysims.

$100 partysim- They will be your best bud if you can get them all the way to white side. To get them there, they need you to share with them because they are based on a philosophy that explains that they must receive shared goods in order to be righteously bodaseously having a good time to be the party animal, life of the party. They are not animals.  They will be on white side for one party in exchange for one cigarette, one beer or drink, one slice of pizza or any small gifts. If you give them nothing then they can't be on white side. If you insult them, crash their party, smell bad, steal some of their goods or do any such party fouls then they will be pushed to dark side or black side which will last for at least the entire party night or longer. To stop their black side streak, simply begin to lure them back to white side or back to neutral, by sharing some goods.

Keeping them on white side means "Yeah, the party never stops." or "There's another party we're going to that you should come with." or "Party time! Woohoo!"

Neutral is "Hey, see you around."

Black side is pranks, rapes, lies, slaps, insults, talking bad about you to others, stealing your stuff, blacklisting you from other parties.

$1,000 partysim- They will upgrade, evolve advance higher levels like inflation. Their black side becomes blacker and their white side brighter. One cigarette or beer is not enough to get them to white side. They need a pack of cigarettes, a case of beer, an entire pizza or larger size gifts. I think that might have been my problem with my partysims, where I didn't realize that they had level up from $100 partysims.

$10,000 partysim- Carton of cigarettes, keg, caterer, hotel party rental, big gifts

$100,000 partysim- huge gifts, ballroom rentals

$1,000,000 partysim- gigantic gifts

Location Simulation:

Setting the sim-year is important before portaling, however I can set landing location point to any safe ground, like a sidewalk, parking lot or room in house, although if I set no location, the phazer will automatically open the portal in a house that has one sleeping woman in it. I can choose to be quickly on my way or stay at the lady"s house waking her up with silly friendship gestures like coffee cups or rearranging the furniture, she wakes up she might say: "Oh, are you the man of my dreams?"

Accidental Protocol: If I have an accident in simulation, pain and damage should not be simulated. I may be  invincible. If I fall off of a simulated-cliff, I may land on the ground unscathed. I may then stand up and walk away without damage. If I am fighting in CAB, I I accidentally shoot myself, there may be no damage.

CHIME Lost/Trap PROTOCOLIf I become lost or trapped, without my phazer handy.... The phazer may have a chime feature that is similar to an alarm clock. At a specific time everyday (1:00pm), a chime will sound for 10 minutes. If I do not press one of my fingers to any of the buttons on the phazer within that 10 minutes, I will awake at the SNSWS, where my phazer is available in the armory. If I'm sleeping and don't press the button at the chime, I will wake up at the SNSWS. If I lose/misplace my phazer, I will wake-up/teleport at the SNSWS at 1:10pm.       If I fall into a simulated-pit without my phazer, I must wait till 1:10pm to be instantly teleported to the SNSWS.  The audio of the chime can be more than selected music. The chime can be changed to famous speeches audio, encyclopedia facts audio, sim-friends recorded audio, samples of literature audio... The Chime Lost/Trap Protocol is necessary in absence of moderators. 


Perfect Woman Computer Graphic Person (Sim) must have:

  • female pheromones (in waste and sweat)
  • 98 degree temperature
  • Beautiful and proportional
  • Wet interior
  • Female voice (no bass)
  • Programming to obey commands that do not damage the commander


          MDC BASIC                            

Controllable CGPs/CGDs. No homobis. No weenumes.  No Whisperers.

A sim-world, should have heart and soul in it's programming. It shouldn't feel like a two bit claustrophobic box, that's fading into an unrealism of a damaged computer's tyranny. The sim-worlds should be filled with love and love of the past. If Gotham City is a sim-world, string orchestras of sorrow and triumphic happiness should billow on the inside of old wooden trees, whos leaves occasionally dance and sway near the road, outside the city, as automobiles roar past. Sim-worlds should be filled with heterosexual art, immodestly and uncriticized. If I sit down at a New York deli with Bill Murray's Ghostbuster character, waiting for the call, the room should be filled with non-stop movie moments. CGPs shouldn't only be good actors, they should also be the opposite of enemy psychic vampires, according to their role of their sim-purpose. An enemy unstrikable is a rational of law, a sim-enemy unstrikable is annoying. Without loss of great powerful realism, CGP social situations should be appropriate and unpredictable, but always jubilated with an excitement for the future and a hopeful satisfaction of the past. 

 So when I have a Phazer, I can do whatever I want inside of my sim-world.  Sure, I could make sims disappear with the phazer, but I could also shoot them with a handgun. 

  • sims have no rights, feelings, thoughts
  • I understand the difference between a sim-human and a real human

I would love to wield .22 handguns and shoot sim-people in the head with it.  .22 are awesome because:

  • since they are the lightest of handguns, they are the most accurate
  • even though they have the smallest bullets, 4 or 5 of them in someone's head will definitely make them die (sim-die)

 OLD REALITY PERCEPTION= "I am conscious in the physical world. I am not in a CAR machine ." (FALSE)

True REALITY PERCEPTION= Man in Video Game. Sim-crimes punished by CGPs. ect.

My DCARP= Invincible frolicker, no punishment.

 If I was granted My Designed CAR, it would change my reality perception. I have already lost old reality perception from enlightenment of being in the CAR and being around CGPs. Factors of T.R.P are time/date, understandings of how the world/country works, systems. (crime and police, sime-crimes and CGPs). So to have MDC, my T.R.P. would change to My.D.C.A.R.P. (Not an ignorant-reality).                          Example* "Well, I just phazed a CGP and sim-stole it's automobile, why doesn't a CGP police arrest me? Because I was granted MDC and the system, the CAR, doesn't have any CGP police in it. So the MyDCARP is that police are no longer in my CAR world. I could then do anything I wanted to CGPs and CGPs would never be programmed to hurt me.



CAR machine Matrix tech/existence was/is inevitable.But how do we want to play it?

 Hoo-ah, Mazel Tov With HONOR..

(stay heterosexual, be good and brave.)

...and HUMANITY.

(we are imperfect, we are not robots!)


There should be no weenume music. Even if they're painted green, singing funny, mocking songs to the population. No Weenume Music. And no homobi music.



        a)  Millionaire in common era.


IF ANY OTHER REAL PLAYERS WISH TO BE INVITED TO NETWORK-CAB WITH MAX.....To play the LAWR, to play doom, duke nukem, diablo first person, turok and all those games everybody loves in CAB... Here's how you get your stripes with Max Cream, Mac Scream the Max Kremer ,....

  • Be homeless for over 1 year.
  • Do not bathe for at least 5 months.
  • Walk over 100 miles with a  backpack
  • Feed 100 pigeons a large bready meal


When I phaze a sim'male, he (it) should disappear, leaving his full wallet where he was. When a sim'female is phazed, she disappears leaving her bra, underwear and full purse/wallet on the ground where she was. In CAB, after an enemy'sim is phazed, it disappears leaving it's usable weapon and possible usable item(s) on the ground where it was. 


I would like my own avatar. (A small bird that is cute, loyal, intelligent ((speaks English))  for my current city habitat.) A droid in the battlefield. A fairy gnome in the magical forest. . .   It must be disciplined. It must never offend me with words or actions unless I grant it the power to do so. It needs to find me where I will be. Hopefully it will be a lucky friend, as adverse to a curse.


b) World Jumper-      (Magic without Phazer)

                          With utilizing current ideas of physics, I could program my own worlds. The platform, or foundation, could be a simple American city, during this time period, where there could be a well, a wishing well. The well could symbolize the transportation or teleportation to the different worlds, with magic coins on a stone, or something medievally technologically primitive, or a stargate, or perhaps, the platform/program world could be the deck of a space ship. A stargate or teleporter machine could then be preset and transcend the individual to the world of choice.

As a computer program set....



Perhaps all those Worlds could be wrapped into one logical CAR Machine map and the transporter could be a point a to point b vehicle, a space ship.  And on the space ship, one could teleport into situations found on those planets, like a woman in a bed, in a hut, overlooking a tropical rainforest with dinosaurs flying over the horizon. . . . . 

Extra- Abilities?:

  • Able to tell CGPs and CGDs apart from Players  (Network)
  • Able to eject from criminal-cyberspace connections (Network)
  • Having a phazer


(A) Twilight Zone

A1. I find out that all the CGPs are basically CGDs and they tell me how to control them. I could walk into any building or house, talk to the CGD and take over the house and all it's belongings. I could use a 'phazer' device to make CGPs/CGDs disappear. Oh, what? You're a robot and you insulted me? No,no,no. We can not have that! *PHAZER!* The CGD/CGP disappears as soon as it is shot.  MDC: Twilight Zone; Master Phazer : X-any world.

             Scenario 1- House Hopper                  I think that type of MDC would be extremely exciting. It would be interesting to walk into any house and be able to phaze or control CGPs of the dwelling. If I phazed the entire household and went through their belongings, I could think about the people of the past that they represented, eat the food from the fridge, sleep in their beds, watch tv, find their car keys and drive off with their automobiles to the next computer generated house (sim-house). Romantically, I could choose to not phaze female CGPs and live in their house with them as they are programmed to tell their story and act as I expect them to act. It's hard for me to imagine the most beautiful type of CGP talking to me sweetly in bed, her trying on her different outfits, her acting normal or glad that her family got phazed, having dinner with me in her dining room, her massaging my shoulders as I watch tv and play video games. I think TZMP would be great to do for years lengths of times. Since I would be collecting matrix money in the houses, I could collect enough to be a millionaire, move onto my own property and build my castle. Although, there would already be many mansions to live in. The phazer might be able to be used on objects (like sim-stolen automobiles) and I would be immune to accidentally being shot by my own phazer. When I walk into or knock on any sim-house, the CGPs inside say things like "Oh, Player 1 is here." or "Hi, Max are you playing Master Phazer?" or "Hi Maxwell! Look, Maxwell is here."

Scenario 2 - Hotel Hopper

I might want to pay cash to get into the hotel registry as a guest. I would then Phaze the staff, put a sign to call my cell phone to collect more cash, "Cash Only" or "No Vacancy". I would move from dirty hotel room to clean hotel room throughout the hotel and phaze guests if they got annoying. I think I could hire new CGP employees to be "my hotel's"  staff, so that there would be a controlled influx of new CGP guests. The new staff would be 18-30 sim-year old female CGPs, that have simplified jobs. No busywork communist stupidity. Take cash. Give change. Give key. Clean bed. Close door. Watch tv.


Scenario 3- Mad Max Chaos Maker

Fire bombs. Burnt semi-truck shells in the middle of the freeway. Insanity graffiti artwork. CGPs neutralized. Zoo loads of animals to graze the wreckage wasteland. There might be some parts of some states you just don't want to go to.

In order for me to start A1. MDC;TZMP , I need:

  • A Phazer (magical programmed)
  • No CGP/CGD police. All emergency response CGPs disabled.



A2. E.T.s attack.

A2.1  Droids attack.  I sift through the smoking battlefield, many structures still standing, to find terrorized CGP females, wealth and possible lingering enemies.


A3. Majority of CGPs disappear without a trace, except a few female CGPs that I am able to locate.


A4. I begin to find $100 bills on the ground all the time.


A5. A CAR machine scientist/wizard gives me a magical remote, like in the movie "Click" (PHAZER).



Like on the movie "Last Action Superhero", I am able to jump into movies of my choice and get out , unscathed.  . Set the phazer to crawl through to X38.  Player has $1,000,000 currency in X38. It's like buy a skateboard in X38:Say Anything and skateboard at Jon Cusak's character's high school, eat at the 80's pizzerias, etc. or get really drunk at Kevin Bacon's character's bar in X38:Footloose. 




 What am I going to do in another frequency with out any money?) Thow shall not steal. Bad Carma. (I Need to be given much money.)

                   Not only could one drive up and be like "Batman! I got yer back!" and throw a smoke bomb at the Joker's minions, but then, one could check into  Gotham Hotel and order a pizza. Then one might be like "D*mn, I should have told Batman, "I know your secret identity!" Batman and the rest of the CGPs should be programmed according to the Player's liking. "Max, why don't you stop by at the mansion. Alfred can give you a big case of money and some equipment."


             MyD-Sim List 

I could spend time with the sim; personalize it's hobbies, lifestyle, clothing, habits, etc. so that it is a MyD Sim. I might put former-classmate-sims onto it from Past X20. (I might have had crushes on some of my peers, so perfecting them as simulation would be intriguing and emotionally entertaining.)

. I could add more sim-friends to it!

. All of my entire sim-friend list should be on the phazer called My-Designed-Sims List where I could call any of my sim-friends from Cavewoman Sim-World to any sim-world. My friends can be reached to talk to all the time. The phazer can be used as a world-portal where it opens up and then the selected sim-friends walk through, into the room that I am at.

 Celebrity Hotel can be found in Hawaii, in any X38 Movie Jump.  



X08- Cloud Town

It is a CAR world where a floating mountain island, above the ground 10,000 ft., hover above tropical rainforest. Cloud Town is programmed with a skydive free-fall simulation, where if the player falls or jumps off the edge, he can land safely, slowing down in the jungle, like Peter Pan. Sim-animals will not hurt him while he searches for the jungle ruins, where a computer-piloted helicopter is parked, to get back up to Cloud Town. In Cloud Town, there are plenty of shacks, places, mansions, parks, fountains, wind blocking architecture and peaceful places. A supply ship piloted by a computer (Sim-computer) docks every week, where delicious food and goods are delivered and a new delivery list is filled out for the next week. There are no inhabitants , except for the player, besides a beautiful old lady sim, who lives in a cottage and talks pleasantly about the jungle, the sky and her thoughts (sim-thoughts). Sim-materials and other sim-people can be brought to Cloud Town. The weather is mostly nice. There are snow clouds below Cloud Town in the winter time.

X351- Cloud Town CAB   Very terrible, evil creatures have begun destroying the jungle rainforest  below. They are threatening to jump start the Jungle Helicopter's computer (sim-computer) to fly up to Cloud Town to reak devastation. Their camps are scattered and some have built foul tunnels in the mountain to nest their carnage.

Some Phazer Functions (buttons):

  1. Friendliness setting. A scale of 1-10 (10 is friendliest, 1 is most annoying), I could change the Sims of the vicinity. I might want the friendliness setting to be set to 1 for Sim-Murder Massacre. (in CAB, the "CAB Gage" can be used to set enemy levels of the vicinity. ) 
  2. Public Crowd Setting. A scale of 1-10, (1 is least amount of public, 10 most. Vehicles on roads, sim-people in stores/public, size of public crowds) (in CAB the "CAB Gage" could be used to control how many enemies are immediately on the battlefield.)
  3. MuteSim-Mood Setting. Happy, Sad, Angry, Nice, Scared, ect
  4. Invite me to mate
  5. Give me all your matrix-money
  6. Go away
  7. Do what I say
  8. Say a joke or sing a song
  9. phaze, neutralize
  10. have a sim-woman appear.
  11. Mute
  12. Fall asleep

There should be at least 2 different models of phazers available.

1.MCC+ looks like a pistol.

2. Jump Port Blaster looks like a cell-phone ray gun.

PHAZER NOTE* Technically, I wouldn't need a handheld weapon/remote to make CGPs disappear or obey me. It could be programmed so that when I point my finger and cock my thumb, the CGP disappears. But if i had a sim-physical phazer device, it would be nice if it was like a wii controller that was collapsible and could transform into a pistol-like form. The best phazer design might be a compact "ray-gun" type weapon that has a extendable touch screen.

Homeless in strange towns in the rain, I have imagined a time when I have a phazer. I might step into my house and slide part of my body under my girlfriend's dress, give her a hug and watch the rain drops out the window. She might say:" Is there something you want me to do? Should I jump up and down and yell ""MAxwell is back. Yayyyy" ?" The temporary house will be perfectly warm with the heater on, candles lit, smoke climbing up the chimney and the backyard door open. It feels so good to be warm and clean. With my other girlfriend on the couch, it's movie, video game, board game, smoking, artwork making, music making, staring at the wall thinking, loading another firewood log, whispering on the floor with silk carpet. I'm the boss. There's no work to do. I might say to my sim-girlfriends: "Does it feel as though someone is watching us?" They usually reply "It's only you. You're the only player."

Some situations that I would commonly be in when I have a phazer:

(always with sim-girlfriends)

(examples of infinite possibilities)

-Sim-1930's with busy African-American flapper sims I could buy a nightclub. Audition bands. Give away free drinks. Act funny and cute with my sim-girlfriends.

-Sim-1980's/90's Movie worlds. I think I would try to make special relationships with sim-girlfriends of the sim-world where the sim-girlfriends are as a large part of what the sim-world is. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure world will be fun. Both of them should be programmed to not "be offended reactive" if I insult them or make a joke. At all of the convenient stores, there is loitering allowed all day/all night, any day. The sim-food inside should be perfect in taste and healthy. I might bring a Pauly Shore character and Bart Simpson to loiter around my truck or RV with Bill and Ted, and invite lady-sims to partake in the parking lot festivities. I think it should be safe to sleep in my automobile, but I might phaze and conquer a house or two, down the street. Different from Idle Hands movie world, Bill and Ted's 1990's convenient store parking lots should be rid of evil, with plenty of happy times to chuckle about. It will be fun to live in the 1980's. Most sims will be in 1980's fashion. I will drive a 1980's automobile, listening to a tape deck's emissions. The 1980's sim-movie worlds might be better than normal-1980's-sim-world. New York, L.A. and Miami would be my major residences. Parties at my mansion, college campuses, beach lounging, old school skateboarding...not a bad sim-place to sim-be.

Also, in the 1980's, I will like to travel on a cruise from Miami, FL to the U.S. Virgin Islands. From there, to the British Virgin Islands. Then, fly to the U.K. I think it would be impeccable to live in the sim-U.K in the sim-1980's. I might stay there many years, living in cottages in Ireland, Britain, Scotland. What about the rest of the sim-world? Traveling the rest of the planet would be fun too in the 1980's. In other time periods too, but I need to have a phazer and wealth. My girlfriends will be very fun in their 1980's fashion, listening to 1980's music.

-Sim-FutureWorld. I would probably live in a gigantic upscale communal skyscraper penthouses and play with robots and impressive toys. I could go shopping in "sky-city" malls and eat super-dinners.

An idea I have about the future is a system of housing that is eccentric. All children get their own free house when they graduate school. The house is 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 10 ft. It is a small cube on the ground. If they get more money they can upgrade. From there, the home owner may 'upgrade' the house by adding another cube ontop. All of the future-homes are spread apportioned of equal 10ft x 10 ft x 10ft yard. Some homesite have their own 10ft lawn. Some homesites don't have their own lawn because the street walkway is a communal needed space and the real estate doesn't have a lawn space, only the 10x10 sq. Each neighbor is away by 10 ft. in 4 directions. If a homeowner buys many extra cubes onto his home, the home appears to be a skinny square building. The homeowner can sell a cube portion to a neighbor if an additional communal cube is converted into a stairwell walkway connection. Stair ways can stretch horizontal from a cube to another cube. Stairs are thin, spiraling inside the future-homes, so that the inhabitants can access the other cubes. If groups of friends, couples or families want to live together, they can buy/sell their cubes and add their cube money together.

A government cube builder comes to the site and simply installs cubes and upgrades. The cube material is lightweight materials that allow no types of hazards. Then, when(if) 999,999,999,999 trillion people(sims) are alive and not already dead, the view of the billions of housing structures will resemble bristles of a gigantic brush perhaps, that are the cubit towers.

-Twilight Zones. It would be fun to live in creepy, but quietly beautiful, neighborhoods and cities where most sims act scared, strange and many areas are desolate of sims, but the gardening is maintained so everything looks sort of normal, but creepy. And then at my large house, even though the house is in track-homes type suburbs my house would be hidden by plants and trees. I would lounge with my sim-girlfriends in the yards and in the house, where no one can hear or see us. I would like to talk about normal things with them like we were best friends that are too lazy to act enthusiastic. I might buy strange antiques and invite new sim-girlfriends to stay at my house.

-Sim-1970's. I would like to drive around a live-in Van or Rv, pick up disco sim-girlfriends, live at the beach, mountains, the desert. Rent houses, apartments, motels, hotels. Smoke sim-cannabis, sim-drinking, listening to the radio, rock-concerts. The sims have pretty hair-do's. 

-Sim-1950's Super Natural. It would really be fun to live in the sim-50's. Some of the properties, I would own would be towns that are attacked at night by vampires, werewolves, mummies, monsters and ghouls. There might be rural areas around that have creepy mansions and abandoned homes, like the Munsters and the Adam's Family. The monsters never break into homes, but they do come out at night. The phazer could delete them, or bats, torches, swords, crossbows and fire-arms make excellent weapons against them. If a monster is slayed, it's corpse lays on the ground till sunrise, where it is scooped up by a creepy Rabbi Mortition.

-Sim-Prehistoria. I would like to bring a bunch of supplies to a caveman camp. I would build a large fenced area and live with cavewoman sims. I might scare the cavemen away with robots. I would bathe and clean them, take them to the dentist to have their teeth taken out, reintroduce them to a new habitat watch them act funny and silly about food, toys, art and then I would act like a crazy monkey around them to communicate and control them. (some of the cavewomen are beautiful)

-Anyworlds.  Living in home-made homes, in the middle of nowhere (desolate vacinities), fully stocked with equipment, supplies and sim-girlfriends. I would like to buy/build a house on a river/creek in the mountains. The backyard has a dock, where I have riverboats. Fishing, hunting, bbq's, parties, atv's, riverboats... It would be nice if the area was desolate of human-sim-neighbors. I could build a creek/river easily in the mountains. I could even build the river/creek so that it has boat access into town to dock and go shopping. Any small town could easily have a man-made river/lake metropolis dock. No need to drive the automobile into town, sail the boat! Electric motors.

-Twilight Zone CABs. It would be fun to have goth/punk sim-girlfriends that have cute fashion/personality characteristics. Like they act as though whenever they leave the house, their hair and makeup has to be perfect. They might wear "extreme" type outfits/costumes in CABs, as they are my partner or extra gear carrier. Not only Goth/Punk style, but other fashion extremes. In the Twilight ZOnes, wher there seems to be "nothing to do" (no zombie slaying quests. etc.), my sim-girlfriends seem to enjoy accompanying me, sometimes in silence, at places like parks, carnivals, movie theatres, plazas, lounges, beautiful scenery locations (mountains, woods, water ways, nature palces, etc.) stores, erstaurants, anywhere in somewhat to normal settings that might be foggy, creepy and relaxing.

-Sim-Movie World. If I portaled into movie world "American Werewolf in London", I could take a cruise or plane trip to the U.S. (sim USA 1980's) and live in perhaps a mountain river town as a millionaire. It might be considered '1980's supernatural' sim'world, however it will have continuing themes of British werewolves. Hiker'sims will wear similar outfits as the movie characters and sim'bears, sim'wolves and sim'werewolves will be in the woods, coming into town sometimes perhaps.

-Sim-Movie World: Cape Fear. I would buy my own sim-mansion on the cape. If I heard screams or saw fires burning in the other mansions, I would check if my doors were locked. I might polish a shotgun and when any stranger-sim asks if they can have a ride in my boat, I'll be sure and remind them that I'm a real person in the matrix. I might say " Didn't your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?" But at any rate, what does any homicidal psycho really want? Money. I might give them a wad of matrix-cash and tell them that there's a story to tell somewhere else, why don't they go find it?

-Sim-Movie world: Idle Hands.

It would be fun to have my own house on the maincharacter's street. I might be friends with the main-character-sim if it didnt' feel akward. When all of the action starts happening, I might follow them around and be like "Oh my gosh!" I would throw mellow parties at my house all the time and do things with sim-friends like go bowling, midnight munchies and shopping sprees. I would buy my sim-friends things they didn't really need like tattoos, sports equipment, clothes, CDs and hair products.

Note* It might be fun to visit sim-worlds for one day on Halloween, where the next day is a new Halloween, in a different sim-world.

-Sim-Christmas world. Of course, even in Christmas-World, I would still be Jewish. It would be fun to be around the christmas celebration town, lighting Hannukiahs, pine trees in the snow, festive fragrances and feasts, playing dreidels in cabin mansions, being nice to all the sims, gifts (giving is so fun when one has an unlimited matrix credit card!) I might build a "GameZone" for the sims in town, where christmas-animatronics (tracked robot statues) are targeted in a yard and the paying customer (sim-inexpensive) chooses:

  • Type of mounted catapult to operate
  • What type of ammunition to hurl

The targets crack and break when struck. The catapult could be an electric baseball pitcher system (not dangerous). Vending machines could be stocked, tables and chairs could be sittable like a cafe for the sims.

Ammo type: Rocks, balls, arrows and even recyclables-brought-from-home (glass bottles, can wads ( 5 tied-stomped-on-cans), plastic bottles filled with pebbles).  It's like a target range, shooting into a snowy backyard at christmas-animatronics like santa, reindeers, snowman and even a 4ft. dreidel. Squirrel homes would be in an out of bounds area where customers can feed squirrels purchased nuts for mini-catapults. Nice than hunting squirrels. Eventhough I'll already be a millionaire, I'll still make a few hundred dollars a day.


                          x20 is the sim-world that I was born into and am in. With a phazer I can go anywhere or do anything so in x20, I might do random things or go random places.        I may like to be in a normal/modern sim-world, in the badlands/poor-lands of Sim-America with a sim-gf and a pahzer/mccu. Surrounded by poverty, bad paint jobs, littered and weed infested sidewalks, it will be quite hypnotic to wield the power of control and unlimited spending cash. Sure, I could have travelled a few hours drive away to a nice -sim-coty, to a sim-mansion, but living in a sim-apartment, gasping at the sight of trash peddling peasants as I peer through my apartment window might be a prover of the sensation of giggling excitement. The smog of trucks from the highway, the winter cold, the summer heat, the environment pollution, the dishonest-unfriendly-stranger-sims won't bother me too much because my sim-apartment-thermostat, comfy furnishings, electronics and sim-gf(s) will allow sensations of paradies oasis in sim-town, sim-city, sim-suburb, mountains, valley or beach. I am not obligated to fit in with my neighbors. I might buy their apartments and send them out of town. I can park my sim-Ford GT90 in the parking lot. I might be driving a sim-limo, sim-truck, any sort of sim-automobile. I might drive a little sim-motor-scooter. Sure, I could fill one of the apartments with pets as a dog-house-apartment and pay a sim-maid to clean up after them, but I don't need to live in crazy town wherever I go. Normal settings are nice sometimes. When I'm ready to leave, the immaculate sim-place of a scenic, illustrious mansion is available for me somewhere else. "Should I do the poverty town with a "super-natural-setting" next time or maybe "Twilight zone setting"?, I might ask myself.

                                                   I would build an amateur baseball/softball field in my backyard. I would portal-jump to various sim-worlds and bring back gaggles of sim-female-softball teams to play games. I would build a "skybox" tower to watch them and cater to them and myself, delicious BBQs and feasts. They could sleep on cots and be given prizes and gift bags. It might be like a private softball camp. It would be fun to watch them cheer and get sweaty all day. The entire play-field could be fenced/netted so no fly balls could bonk me on the head, while I watch from the bleechers. I might watch them from the skybox most of the time. They could wear special uniforms, besides their own, for some games, that are funny costumes. Lot's of fun having for them to simulate. If I wanted new teams to play, I might portal-out the old teams to somwhere like jungle airports or far off vacinities like the Himilaya mountains, for them to sky dive out of a plane, with survival gear, instead of sending them home to their sim-worlds.

                                     It would be nice that when I'm a millionaire, whether I have a phazer or not ( I hope I have a phazer as soon as possible) instead of parking my homeless-bag at the front of stores and worrying about it while I'm shopping inside, I'll have a modest-to-fancy baby stroller that's clean and filled with one or two pets, that I can push around at the mall while I shop. Maybe like a bird and a small puppy. If the computer's droids (sims) say annoying things to me like "We're dead, you're all alone.", I'll pick up one of my pets and say to it "Squiffles, I guess it's just me, you and Rambo." (If I named the other pet "Rambo") It might be relaxing to shop at the mall like that, and it would be neat to meet nicely dressed women to buy a meal for as a spontaneous date. I might say:

 "Hi, are you single? Oh you are. Why don't I buy us lunch at the restaurant? This is Squiffles and Rambo. That's a cute outfit. You don't have to feel bad, it's okay, I'm a millionaire. I love to make new friends while eating a meal. You can order whatever you like. What do you say?"                                                                                     And then since it's a sim, I would hope that the computer wouldn't be constantly reading my mind about the female-sim as if, while she stares at me, she isn't being programmed to somehow make me angry or act out some type of military-droid protocol inside my sim-world.   What could "set it off" (activate it)? "Beeep." "The target has facial hair. Smile and nod. Must negotiate target to missile crisis zone. Droid activation sequence... 3, 2, 1. Beeep!"             So...I'm saying I want to lounge at restaurants with female-sims. I don't want to lounge at restaurants with defective, outdated, military-droids.

NOTE*   Military-Droids are for war in the physical world. If they "hack" my CAR machine sim-world.... and violate any of my rights... they must be destroyed.

                                       College Campus.  Being wealthy living at various sim-college campuses as the only male will be very exciting and comfortable. Or maybe at least the only male student on the dorm floor. I only have to study if I want to. Depending on the sim-time-period and sim-locations, having an appropriate lifestyle might entail being the big man on campus. The sims are all actresses in the understood scenario that is college campus. The way I like to relax or have fun is the way that I choose, having the maximum options-list as a MCC and PHAZER provide. What will I do when I'm sim-there? Whatever I like and whenever I choose. Besides my mammal-instinctual-habits of having a sexual relationship, I will bask in the relaxation of having 100% health. What is there to do in a virtual reality machine? What is man's purpose? As a man who has become a sort of wizard, perhaps my duties as a man in the physical world are obsolete, as in the virtual reality machine world, man is placed to be entertained and pleasured.  Is there a stranger of jealousy that remains? What enemies would revoke a man's pleasure as the man is already plugged into the VRM world/sim-world.       My college campus apparel that I wear might be clothing from recently visited VRM worlds/sim-worlds, as I have no need to change. I might adorn medieval/renaissance tights/pants that cup my crotch, similar as a bra cups a breast. Who is really there to judge me? Shaving of beard? Perhaps once in a while, but what's the purpose? With my phazer, MCC and pre-sets, any sim I wish to befriend will more than forgive me for any social outbursts that I commit, including: belching, peeing in public, farting, stinking, intoxicating in public and any uncharacteristic activity. It's okay. Max is the genius Army veteran. The inventor of the inventions. Max can do whatever he wants inside his simulated-world. Max no longer has any obligations. Let the unlimited vacations of vacations begin......a phazer into Max's hands.

                               It would be neat to have a swing set inside of a swimming pool, above the water. What would be better than a life-size shark, on a motorized-arm that can thrash in the water and then "beach" on the deck to open up as a cooler, storing drinks and ice. The shark-cooler has no electric parts. What if the pool area has a solid-cover that was stand/walk-able and sinks into the pool mechanically. It would be awesome to invite a group of young women-sims, stand them on the pool platform, give a speech about building trust with me, drop the pool cover and thrash the shark, explain that it's not a real shark and that they are all my new girlfriends, beach the shark-cooler synchronized with party music and distribute prizes. I could have built pool-deck-apartments around the pool deck. The sim-ladies could choose their new pool-deck-apartment and change into dry clothes. As I get acquainted with them, I could pass around a brochure of fabulous vacations that the sim-ladies can choose to go on with me. What an excellent start for summer. I imagine it would be more fun to do pranks on real women, however sims would react the same way as mindful women. 

I would like to live in a mall. I could live in one sim-illegally with a phazer of course, but it would be fun to have an apartment, penthouse or mansion inside a mall. I could build a hotel at the mall. I could build a mall. What might be better than building those might be; A paintball park center (mock town) surrounded by a campground, an indie movie theater (to play movies made by me), restaurants, a motel and market next to a mall. The businesses, even the mall businesses, could all be owned by me and I could set prices so that it's always busy. Of course there's no reason for business because sims don't need to buy anything, although I need to buy things. The motel campground paintball amusement park could be an inexpensive robot town to live in temporarily. $10 a night, pitch your own tent, drinking alcohol at the restaurant, no need to drive.

1700's sim-world

It would be so much fun to have sim-slaves. It sounds immoral and unjust, however it is not immoral and unjust like shooting a sim in the head with a handgun is not immoral or unjust because it is simulated. If there are any african-american players out there, I'm sure they would like to have sim-slaves too. So, it is okay to have sim-slaves, whether they are black, white or brown, however it is not okay to have real slaves. I don't want to be mean to my sim-slaves. I want a group of women-slave-sims who I buy at the auction house depot. We load up a few wagons with supplies, because I'm so rich and we head on a journey to where a rural mansion is waiting that I bought. My slave-sims don't have to do much work, however they must act authentic to the time period to lounge around the mansion with me.

To even things out, I could have other different types of women-slave-sims in different sim-worlds.

Lesbian Summer Camp SimWorld- It could either be a post-apocalypse world where the bridge to town is blasted out and we are the only survivors in the area, sticking together surviving. I could be the only male patron or only male counselor. It would be fun in a normal setting that is not post-apocalypse sim world too.


I portal into Jan. 1, 1980 perhaps into a random neighborhood with a desire to find a majestic mountain town where I will buy a commercial building that is a record 8-trac store, where above it is my living loft house. I do 80's snowboarding as a town entreprenur until vhs tapes are invented and I shift the store to a video rental store.


Similar to 80's video store, however i live above a bowling alley and don't snowboard. 


NOTE* I think I'm catered to by vending machine tubes, or something in the physical world. I require shelter (C.A.R. pod) and electricity. Food grows for free over time, separated, prepared by robots. Solar power is free electricity. I hope there is no debt that I have accumulated. I hope ultimate technology has purported free food/utilities. My inventions, if original and first, I speculate may have created extra income-profit-residuals, if not extra good times. But who is out there? Who is real? Who do I have to kill? Who must I spare? Can't we all get along? Can't we all have a phazer? More accurately, who do I have to have a robot programmed to kill? And if justice is served, who will believe me that I am me? As my VRM world is anti-prosperity, how can I believe that I am immortal? And I hope to shed my psychic enemies and bask in comfort with my phazer in my VRM world of choice. And once I am there, sim-there, perhaps I will believe that I, body, mind and soul, am an immortal human without obligation and without nuisance. LET THE SIM-GIRLFRIENDS INSEMINATIONS BEGIN! 

But why? Because my existence in the Universe has sustained and evolved with instinct.


There could be a setting switch, where one canVIEW in 1.cartoon-like animation world or 2.back to just like real life.

There are 3 types of CABs:

  • RelaxCAB. Relax CABs are CABs with protected sleeping units and low quest demands.
  • IntenseCAB. Intense CABs are CABs with protected sleeping units and high quest demands.
  • ExtremeCAB. Extreme CABs are "drop into battle" short CABs like skirmishes and invasions. 

                 MY CAB Power

If CABs are based on video-games, similar to Obscure:The Aftermath, for example, I should have the program-ability to smash locks to open any doors and use ropes to climb places, or do anything sim-physical that I can think of, instead of being bound to unrealistic sim-programming of the sim-terrain. 

The SNS-Weigh Stations could be extremely luxurious, like 5 star hotel resorts.

The "SNSWS" will be a land, or world, of NETWORK THEORY, where other PLAYERS can tune into the NETWORK FREQUENCY and decide what CABS they want to venture into, alone or with other Players.  Players can choose to play solo or co-op together, with real people, with also or isntead of CGPs and CGDs. 

CAR world X20 is the CAR world that I was born in (am currently in). After I get my phazer, I will build a Castle in X20, so that I can visit my "born in" sim-world with my intact achievments;

  • Army Veteran
  • Castle Builder

(Would I still be an Army Vet in sim-time travel bookmark sim-worlds? Yeah, but X20 is something I started and I might as well come back to it every now and then.) If I left X20 at 1:00pm on Jan 1, 2014 for 10 weeks, and came back to X20 at 2:00pm on Jan 1, 2014, then I only would have been gone an hour in X20, however I would be 10 weeks older.

  1. Sim-world Age
  2. Actual Age


So the page "Give me 1 million dollars" is for atleast X20. I might build castle mansions in other sim-wrolds too though. Lot's of fun.

                                          The SNSWS is a Network CAR world. Don't break any laws on other players while you're there!


             Sim-Worlds are only for Max, and/or other real human players, to enjoy. Sim-worlds are not designed for sims and computers to mimic enjoyment, unless they are witnessed by Max, and/or other real human players.

            Silent Program-If a sim-world is programmed, an android should not pack it's bags and travel to the sim-world without a player's accompaniment. That program without a screen and without audio and without a human to witness it should not run. Why would the computer be sim-doing that? Error.

           The human is the epicenter of importance and cause. All computers and programs should have meaning and location/sim-location. If a caveman sim is programmed in Caveman-sim-world, that is the sim-place of it's meaning and cause. The caveman sim does not need to mimic anything besides what a caveman sim does, unless a human player changes the programming of it, however changing destructs the theme of the sim and destructs the theme of the sim-world. No harm, no foul unless a real human is offended by it. So thus, a commercial airline pilot sim belongs at a sim-airport, a ghost-sim belongs at a haunted-sim-house, an alien-sim belongs at it's sim-spaceship.....            

           Matt Damon's character in The Talented MR. Rippley should not have unpacked his bags at my sim-house after he slid a stolen hand gun, that was used in a recent crime spree, into my pocket when I was sleeping before calling the sim-police with information about my location. That didn't happen. It is fiction. My philosophical explanation conclusion is: "The only thing that a sim needs to be is itself in it's place. The most predominant thing a computer needs to be is an entertainment machine."  Note*Of course, a feeding computer, as worker droids, is needed for health. With zero crime, battle droids and outer space computers are only needed if enemy aliens land on the planet or if they attack the planet or if they attack human spaceships. Computers are: entertainment machine and service machine. Information storage and display as "information machine" too. Information is for access to humans. Information is history, science and logs. Computer-program-data is dissimilar to information because humans do not need to read html computer code, for example a computer-code that explains "display picture show" is not needed to be read by a human, however the picture show itself may be examined by the human.  To be more clear, the 2 separate types of information can be called "Human-information" and "Computer information".

Computer information is transmitted:

  • Network internet or USB connection. from computer to computer
  •  Internally. from program to program.

Human information is transmitted:

  • from computer to human
  • from book to human
  • from sign to human
  • from human to human.



The Phazer is programmed to shoot out a portal to walk through. The phazer can be set to the desired CAR world like a cell phone, aimed, fired and walk through!

I should be able to carry anything I want through the portal, from one CAR world to another. That means I could buy a legal (sim-legal)  amount of cannabis from X20 in 2013 to X15 2000. If I bought or phaze attained a magical electronic device in a future world X60, I could take it to other CAR worlds. The sims should act calm and normal about me having a nickel size talking/singing robot that does my homework.






X38- Movie Jumper/Movie world

Gotham City Batman, 

Terminator Apocalypse

X23- TV Show world- Simpsons Springfield, King of the Hill Texas, Beverly Hills 90210X24- Prehistoric Time

X35- Video Game World CAB

Doom, Quake, Diablo, Wolfenstein, Turok, Duke Nukem, Halo, Zelda

X51- 1800's Wild West

X40- Biblical Judeica

X70- 1950's

X71- 1960's

X72- 1970's

X73- 1980's

X53- Stone Age

X54- Bronze Age

X55- Renaissance

X56- Medieval Europe

X57- Pre-America Native America

X58- 1900's

X60- Future World*

X010- Sim-Murder Massacre City*



X48- Jewish Wars

X41- World War 2

X39- World War 1

X42- Vietnam

X43- American Revolutionary War

X44- Civil War

X45- 1920's Great Depression

X99- Future Space World

X62- Micro World

X93*- Judgement Day Scenario

X75*- Sherlock Daughter

X63- 1950's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X65- 1980's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X66- 1800's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X67- 1700's e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural

X68- Medieval e.t. Paranormal Super-Natural


X105*- Celebrity

X106*- President

X15*- Past X20 Bookmark

X17*- All Female Sims

X115*-Giant Mansion

X21* Utopia World


* = Elaboration below


To where in my mind:

Gothic Transylvania World (zombies, warewolves, van helsing)Zelda world (lord of the rings, willow, castles, forests, creatures)Star Wars World (different planets, infastructures, technologies, space ships, creatures, frontiers)




CABs should be very fun and exciting. Riddles, pick-ups, sim-enemies... Victory!


Dungeons of Demons and Damsels CAB

 Like the role playing computer game Diablo, the player is in a pre-meideval time-like battle world where he finds, collects and uses weapons, delicious food and items. I would like the Midevil-CAB to be "Jewish Themed" where the star of david represents safety and magical fortitude. (Player must not work or make fire on the 7th day).  Computer generated magic (magic) is his precious tool to invade and conquer ghostly demonic layers of the monstrous and undead. The player must count the days and not make fire on the sabbath, unless he wishes to combat an extra horrific group of enemies. To be invincible while he (the player) camps and sleeps, a firewall spell is needed. Firewall spells are impenetrable by even the strongest of enemies and can be turned off and on. On the sabbath, one must stay awake and/or set booby traps. As if there are no demonic tricks allowed, damsels will be found. They will be true (they will be CGPs but not demons or monsters pretending to be women) as they are beautiful. If the player wishes to lead her to safety, after perhaps manymonths of camping, the player may escort her to a portal of safetyy or perhaps bless her with a magic spell, that leadsa her out of danger. The player might want to release her from his protection so that he doesn't have to constantly defend her or if he wishes to find a different damsel. Perhaps once all of the ghostly demonic monsters are destroyed, the land will return to prosperity and/or the player can leave the CAB world and return back to his preferred modern world with prosperity. Some damsels will be normally beautiful and some will be exotic. They will have different CGP identities. Some will be musicians and singers. Some will be artists. Some might be stern and serious. Some might be very scared. They might have a story to tell about how they have lived and how they got into their situation to be found. Some might not talk or want to talk very much. Perhaps some might not need protection and are skilled fighters  to assist in CAB. The CAB might last for many months or many years. If gold is found and accumulated, perhaps the gold could not only be spent in protected human villages but the currency amount could also adequate back in the CAR world. As if, a super-natural scientific weigh station, like a moon base or a magical harbor, buys the gold and transfers it to a credit card. The harbor or moon base would be like a middle ground between the CAB world and the CAR world. In the CAB, the gold spent in the towns could be for supplies and also food and drink while staying at the peaceful motel Inn, that some might say is like a 5 star medieval resort. The townspeople CGPs will be majoritively untalkative and an accurate reminder of what sim-dangers lie outside the town walls. Some might  treat the player like a warrior hero with honor. Some, like young single women, will be very friendly and not need any gold generosity.

                                Having friends! (sim-friends)


MEGANILELAND: 1,000 kingdoms await to be activated by an enthroned player. (Themed Egyptian,Latin/Greek) Region, palace and sim'population await the player's rule. Players can choose to ally, sim'attack and trade with other player kingdoms. Items must be sim'grown, won or found (besides initial palace items). No Outer Sim World Cargo. Player must portal in naked, with only phazer. Spies, enemies, thieves threaten kingdoms. If a player looses his kingdom, he may start again at a different kingdom. If a player leaves the Network Mega CAB, the NMCAB continues and the player must set a stand-in king (android sim on autopilot) until the player returns. Some NMCABs might last 1,000 years. If I create sim'children, I will send them to the ally's kingdom in exchange for his sim'children to promote peace. Sim'peace.  

Megamedivalland: Castles

MegaColonialSpace: Planets, spaceships.

X21-  Utopia World

Utopia world is a modern timeline sim-world where everything is perfect. There is no war (No sim-war). There is no crime (No sim-crime). There is no sickness. There is free money for all.  The scientists, government, city planners, private business owners are all very smart and kind.  The terrain is immaculate with varieties of plants, trees and beautiful architecture. The ratio of male and female population (sims) is 50/50. All of the food at grocery stores and restaurants is not tampered and clean. Robots do all the work and there is plenty of desolate wilderness land left. Sims dress as fashionable as they want to because there is no need for thrift stores. Everywhere in public is luxurious because there is no need for anything not to be luxurious. Sims are calm, happy, content and peaceful. Most sims might only get $5,000 dollar credits a month, but with my MCCU I may invite sim-friends on vacation trips that they don't have to save up for, that they never even dreamed of (because they're sims. They don't dream). There will be plenty of recreational activities to do in Utopia World. 

X15- BookMark Past.X20

There are about 11 ''bookmark'' days of Past-X20 (my life history), that I may sim-time travel to.  Each bookmark start is at 6:00am- my bedroom.  Bookmark history does not effect or change history of another bookmark.  I can start in a bookmark, live in it (Play) for as long as I want and go back to the same bookmark, to re-start it again. (Thinking about it, infinite sim-time portal time periods would be better than 11) There's like a clock on the phazer, similar to Marty Mcfly's dashboard.

  That means I will be time traveling in simulation to a mock time past of high school. I may not especially want to sit through class again, not do homework and not take tests, however X15 will be an avenue to pick up former-classmate sims and lead them to venture with me into other sim worlds. Also, it will be fun to invite myself over to their houses at any hour.

I can save history on bookmarks with starmarks. Starmarks are bookmarks of bookmarks.  That means that a sim's memory will be deleted of newly made data if I jump out of the X15 bookmark without setting a starmark.   For example, if I throw sticky pancakes at one of my classmate sim's house in the middle of the night as a prank, the classmate sim will have that prank data to have conversations about. If I jump out of that bookmark without "saving it"(starmark), data logic about my actions of the pancake prank will not be available in other bookmarks.

  Regardless of made history in a bookmark, the bookmark has it's correct (accurate) programming as it was before at restart. If I planted a cherry tree in bookmark1, saved a starmark and jumped to bookmark2, a cherry tree would not be growing in bookmark2 because bookmarks are separate data memory potentials from another.

The bookmarks are in X15. They are not in X20. The bookmarks simulate historical time settings of X20. The player makes new history from the starting point. That means the starting point (6:00am - my bedroom) of the bookmark is programmed with the past history of X20. Accurate potentiality should be programmed so that the bookmarks are satsifactorily realistic. A starmark is so that I can come back to a bookmark where it has new made retained history. If I bought an RV and a house in X15:Bookmark1, I can save the history and come back to the house and RV, instead of having to restart the time period and buy a new house/RV.  So if I have girlfriend sims programmed, bought items, built structures, sim-photos of newly made but old vacations, ect...  I can come back to those things instead of all of it being erased when I jumped out of it.             SO that means I could attend classes, do whatever I want, talk to sim-classmates, leave whenever I want with any sims I choose. I could even use an empty classroom as my apartment.

Sim-Classmate: "Mrs. Krobable, Max is driving a bulldozer in the grass outside and someone said he ordered 1000 pizzas at lunch for a pizza party! And he's smoking a cigar."

Teacher-Sim: "Max is so lovely. Let's all smile kindly to him when he comes back to class." 

Instead of listening to the things I already learned, all of my classes will be specific new college-level classes about interesting and useful information. Like instead of math class, it might be Bow and Arrow Projectile physics or specific animal studies like "The Jungle Iguana". I wouldn't have to take notes, take tests or even show up because the teachers would already agree about special classes.

 I think once I jump back (sim-back) I will have the ability to choose specific sim-times that are the best. The phazer will have the capabilities to allow portal to any minute in X15 bookmarks.  A broad timetable of jumps might be:

X15Bookmark1= First Romantic Date Approx. 1999

X15Bookmark2= Other Romantic Date

X15Bookmark3= Day after I got my Driver's Lic. 1999

X15Bookmark4= One week before Winter Break (Sophomore)

X15Bookmark5= One week before Summer Break (Sophomore)

X15Bookmark6= Day before 1st day of Junior year . 2000

X15Bookmark7= One week before Winter Break (Junior)

X15Bookmark8= One week before Summer Break (Junior) 2001

X15Bookmark9= Day before 1st day of Senior H.S. 2001

X15Bookmark10= One week before Winter Break (Senior)

X15Bookmark11= One week before Summer Break Graduation (Senior) 2002

I could portal to middleschool and elementary school too, where I am sure I will be the tallest kid in school. My representation age of the x15 jump is according to whatever sim-year it is, compared to 1983, however my true age always stays proportioninged.

x15 is a sim-world where I can relive my childhood. I can customize it and this time I will be rich! It is like living my childhood over as richie rich until I want to go somewhere better until I want to come back. My parent-sims could be programmed to go on international vacation and they say they are having so much fun that they are not coming back to the house for many years. Friendsims ask "where are you parents?" and I tell her "They moved to france." or "I think they are in Africa." I could go hire anybody I want to be my maid. Walking around the mall, I could be like : "Excuse me miss. Would you like to be my maid!?" Until I am representational-16 years old, all I need is my limo driver in order to get around. I could even ask an older girl, like a senior, if she will be my driver. She might say "what do you mean? everybody is so stupid compared to you Max because you are so rich." and I would tell her that I will buy a vehicle for her if she promises to be my personal taxi driver.

I could move out of my old house into a new mansion. I could live at a house right next to school so that my friends could see me in my backyard waving to them.

I could switch schools and go to a different school, maybe in a different city or state. They are not real schools or real students. They have no rights and are simulations.

Mansion Beach! In X15B11, I want to buy 3 specific beach mansions in a row ( Briarfield MB, CA), on a private beach,  that are on the bay side, in Mission Beach. I want to connect the three beachhouses with construction efforts. I will invite my sim-friends over as well as bikini tourists on the boardwalk. I would probably own a boat on the bay. Sim-beer, sim-medication, sim-pizza, sim-steaks, sim-soda, sim-sand, sim-ocean, sim-firepits, lounging and meditation. I would like to ride a recreational wheeled equipment (skate, bike, ripple,) around the bay like once a day.(SeaDo's too) (not combined with alcohol and/or medication!) Fly kites. Rc boat/helicopters. I would drop lots of gold coins and diamond jewelry on the beach. Even from there, the bookmark beach mansion CAR world, I could perfect my MyDesignedCAR programming with the computer, in my living room on a PC. It will be my unofficial private city for that sim-world. I plan to buy a cruise ship and dock it outside my houses.

On my cell phone "Hey is that you? Why don't you come over to mansion beach?"


Note* In X15, I would make a rule that if any male-classmate-sims wish to visit my mansion, only skateboarder-sims will be allowed because part of the interior of one of my mansions is an indoor skatepark. There might be a segregated construction, so that no skateboarder-sims are in direct contact with me and my sim-girlfriends. We might watch them skateboard below from the balconies. If any of my sim-girlfriends steal beers and throw beers down to the skateboarder-sims, if they throw up or pass out, I might not even yell at them. I might be like "Yo, dudes..!".. and throw them down sleeping bags and prize bags.

Or I could just program them so that they don't make eye contact with me and they don't initiate conversation or interaction.


ALL BOOKMARKS OF PASTX20 (X15's) should be programmed to have:

  • no psychic feedback, no ghost-whispers (no psychic sim-dialogue, no animal verbality, no CG ghost whisperer)
  • Player is 99% invincible
  • MCCU,  MATRIX Credit Card Unlimited
  • Deactivated Emergency response experiences (no police experience). For realism, if Police and ambulance drove around the streets commonly, but never interact with the player, that wouldn't be so bad.
  • I have my current body, but none of the Sims notice that I have a 31 year old body. (no body change, 21 years old image)
  • In X15, I may often use the phazer setting "Pulse:Delete Sim-Male Population".


The Phazer Portal Action is:

  • Set CAR world
  • Fire "Portal" at wall or air
  • Portal opens up (like the video game "portal", where I can see into my bedroom)               I should be able to have a CGP follow with me through the portal to the next CAR world. (Like stepping through a window size hole in the wall.)



So let's think about it with the droids like a run through....

  1. I set my phazer to X15Bookmark3 (X15B3)
  2. A portal opens up. I can see my bedroom. I jump through.
  3. I am then in X15B3. I do whatever I want. I might then take one of my parent's automobiles, or walk, to the bank. I withdraw money, buy my own automobile, maybe go to school late, or go to school the next day, buy my own stuff, (like a dirt lot to park an RV or an apartment), do whatever I want.
  4. I decide I want to try starting out in X15Bookmark5 and jumpt to X15B5.
  5. I do whatever I want in X15B5 (for many months or any length of time). Then I decide I want to travel to a different CAR. I set a Starmark. I jump out.
  6. Then when I want to jump back to that time in the Bookmark (Starmark (save point)), I set the Phazer to X15B5S1, and jump back.

When a CGP gets phazed, the other CGP Sims will act as if they don't notice or that they completely forgot about the phazed-CGP sim. Whenever a classmate is phazed, a new female classmate appears at school as a new student. In some Bookmarks, I might phaze my parents. In other bookmarks, I might phaze my classmates and have all of the students female (except for me).  I might build additions to my house in some bookmarks to make it a huge mansion or I might buy my own house or do something strange.

I imagine living in luxury. It will be very much fun. Beyond suspicious dining, the penthouses and constant vacations will be maximized by my ability of spending at various shops. I won't buy very many stupid things but I will have the purchase power to buy things that I don't need. I'm looking forward to dressing as a modern Sherlock Holmes while smoking legal cannabis on strolls through the nicer city block back to my hotel. X20 might be slightly boring compared to the other sim'worlds but I think it can be a relaxing virtual place to think, rest and be in awe of the next exciting sim'world to jump to.



Phazer Applications

A CHRONO-Log = A chronological log, part of the phazer, that remembers which CAR world I am in, which ones I have been to, how old I am, how sim-old I am in CAR world,  and some other needed information. It should light up like an application of a cell-phone as part of the phazer.

A DATA-Grabber =  I can use Data-Grabber as a superior search engine feature for information about the CAR world that I am in.    Example* What is my class schedule? How many moon bases are near this planet? Where can I find the magical items that the gnomes spoke of (CAB)?


A SHRINK-Ray = Similar to a video game called Ratchet and Clank, I could use the phazer to shoot myself with a shrink ray. It is painless and I would change size to the size of 1/100, 1/20, 1/10, 1/2, normal, times 5, times 20 to enlarge my virtual terrain.  The phazer shrinks accordingly with me.              I may use a phazer application of "enlarge" to change a normal-height-sim into a giant sim. I probably wouldn't want to shrink sims. (Creepy!)

A Clack= (Weapon Storage)The phazer has the capability programming to morph into a new weapon to be fired. Unlike the phazer, the Clack App. can hinder sim-physical damage. (Blow up a wall or trashcan). All of the Clack weapons would be flawless and programmed to "not fire" at close proximity matter. (Player can't harm self.) If the phazer morphed into a Space-Rifle, ...instead of 1 phaze = 1 sim-kill, the space-rifle damage would be 3 fires = 1-sim-kill. 1 shot might make the enemy/target run away.

Note* I think that CAB will be very gruesome and gory. To practice pulverizing monsters and other types of enemies, I might want to go to the forest, find a sim-bear and shoot it in the head with a hand gun. I am a friend to the animal kingdom and it makes me feel a little bit sad to hurt an animal, even a sim-animal. I imagine the sim-animal spraying blood out of it's nostrils and mouth as it makes sounds of painful dying....Is that really what I want to do to the thing? It's not real. Is that what I want to look at? No lessons of Earth's nature are additionally needed. I understand the pain of life and death, the eco system, and God's explanation. If I'm angry I might enjoy gore however CAB enemies may be set to hologram-disappear-death. Hologram disappear death is an effect in CAB that is: 'when the target is struck and sim-killed, it flashes opaque and disappears'.


                                                                                 THE PHAZER HAS 2 FIRE MODES:

1. PULSE= To instantly reprogram(CHANGE PROGRAM) or delete all sims in the sim-world, (instead of individually).  Example "Pulses":

  • Delete Sim-Male Population
  • Mute all Sims
  • Tranquilize all Sims


A RoomScanner= If I want to ride a limousine around in sim-medieval times world, I can use the roomscanner application. Close door to room/garage. Fire Roomscanner Application (Load Room/copy). Portal jump to other Sim-world. Unload app on open terrain. All things in the scanned room will appear in the new sim-world space designation (paste).  (or maybe I could just drive a limo through the portal into mideval times sim world)


X9- A murder massacre simulation could be at a mall, within the city vicinity. It would be neat if instead of citizen type humanoid sims, a setting could change them to:

  • Skin-less robots wearing clothes
  • Green alien buggies
  • Monsters
  • Zombies
  • ect.

There could be a weapons vault stash in the mall. When weapons are fired, some crowds would flee and then some rooms and sections, the sims act normal (as if they didn't hear the shots.) It would be like a mini-CAB where I could shoot up a bunch of enemies (some might appear innocent) and then get lunch at the foodcourt of the mall, with a bunch of sim dead bodies laying all over the place.  


X85- Video Game world CAB/ "Command and Conquer/Field Commander"

 Similar to the games *Command and Conquer/Field Commander*, I may portal into the simulated-battlefield (to first person, not overhead screen) and use all of the weapons and vehicles from the vehicle's driver/operator seat, using my hands. The soldier/grunts are radio-controlled Droids that I can use. I may take their place to fire rifles at programmed-enemies, however my simulated-presence does not need to follow the programmed terrain grid of movement. If I'm battling in a tank/helicopter or any vehicle and if the sim-vehicle that I am riding will be "blowing up"/exploding on the immediate next round, then a team of some of my favorite sim-girlfriends, wearing all camouflage and bullet proof vests/helmets, hover an evac helicopter to my vehicle door, so that I can escape before the vehicle explodes, for game-play.  Or, because I'm invincible,  if the helicopter that I'm riding explodes, I then fall (30 ft.) through a fireball onto the ground, without pain, unscathed and undamaged.  I may use the phazer as a PSP, to control the battlefield. I may use the phazer as a PSP from any vehicle, building, ground, mountain....any type of view I want to see of the theater of battle. Playing the game in the game.

X17- All Female Sims

Some are naked, some are in underwear, some are clothed. They go about normal lives in public. All types and ethnicities. They are all friendly and obey the one man who is in the world, The Player.  Any sim-world that I use Phazer-Application  "Pulse: Delete Sim-Male Population" and "Pulse:Random Nudity Wardrobe Sim-Female Population"

 Note* The difference between VIP-World and All-female-sims-world is that VIP-World is completely sim-population-desolate until I place sims. All-female-sims-world is fully stocked with female-human-sims.                                     At the beach in VIP-World, I might replace concrete-benches with couches in the sand, with sun shades to lounge on with my sim-friend, who I invited out of the sun-bather-sims on the beach, for example.

X115- Giant Mansion

A CAR world where everything is 10 times as big, except me. It would be fun to climb all over my giant sim-girlfriends and repel furniture. No sim-house cats! I suppose it could be set at a mansion on a private beach with 6 sim-women giants, who are beautiful and friendly. They never need to leave the mansion  and they are very careful. When they sleep, they never roll over. They sleep in one position.

X116- Giant Mansion 2

Everything is 20 times as big, except me. There is a different set of sim-women girlfriends than X115. The mansion is on a private lake with no animals.

NoteOr maybe the phazer is capable of a "shrink ray" where any sim-world can become even more gigantic.

X132- Goosebumps world

Based on R.L. Stine's books/tv show, the simworld will be fun to visit, as therapy from exiting other more serious horror simworld cabs. Each tv episode is a town. All Goosebump towns are connected by road. I could simteleport to different Goosebump towns or walk/drive from inside X132. The furniture, houses, automobiles, streets, character models in the simworl appear similar as tv show. In the houses, the lighting should be similar as tv show too. If the cast of 1 episode/book was a total of 5 characters, additional "extra" characters are sim populated in town with theme.


X201- Historical House Neighborhood

What if a very large suburbia was a collection of houses on streets of historical figures of the past. (That means the perimeter fencing of one house would have to be copied and pasted to the perimeter fence of another house). I'm not sure if the computer would be able to replicate exact houses from hundreds of years ago?,. Many historical figures probably had really big yards like 100's of acres...?/.... Should  the historical figure sim be living in the sim-house?        I'm not sure if that one would work but it might be jump worthy.


 Sim-Future World is not only future Earth, but it is also unlimited sim-outer space and  sim-planets. Should the planets of media-examples like "Star Wars: Endor" be part of the futureworld-outerspace category? The sim-Movie world should be seperate and only phazer portal accessible.




So why am I here now? (X20) 

This is my world from where I was born. Understandings are structured  to a commonality know as daily lifeand history. Would I not go insane in some worlds, without understanding certain sociological concepts, human behavior, rules of patience, discipline? But perhaps I am attempting to make sense of my misfortune, my CAR preset of poverty, no sex and living in a world where the aristocracy triumphs with idiocracy and voting has an invisible effect on the world around me.

In the CAR machine;

What if the terrain maps of the current planet, Earth,  were part of a much more giant planet.  (x1000)Thousands of times more islands, deserts, mountains, forests, rainforests, densely inhabitited. Some inhabited by rare animals, super-natural creatures like e-woks, dragons, monsters, ghosts, lepercons,  and other magical creatures, some evil and some not.

So within that planet, there could be a constant solidarity timing of existence, (example* If you plant a tree with a seed, 1,000 years later it will grow very gigantic).  SO, one could have a coffee at the cafe in Los Angeles and then take a few months boat ride to a completely new continent, that would be vaguely charted and welcoming adventure.

Gone Happy?                                                                                                            G.H. 


I want millions of dollars. Realistically-> I'd like to find $8,000 cash (80 $100 bills) on the ground. Not in small amounts that add up over time. I want to find the money in one bunch, like a stack with a paper tape band around it. Or maybe inside a water bottle.

It will be fun to buy real estate property, slightly rural maybe, build a 30 ft. wall around it and invite my sim-friends to sun-tan in my yard. I imagine the cut-lawn to be an excellent place to lounge, bbq, smoke sim-cannabis, drink soda, listen to music, listen to the birds playing in the trees. The door to the house may be an underground passage that leads from grassy stairs in the lawn. Easy to build. Plenty of relaxing privacy and exciting sim-friends. I think I will invite groups of 7 or 8 sim-friends per session. If I want them to spend the night or the season, there will be plenty of room. Note* I think that beer is urine mixed with pharmaceuticals.  If I could get good beer, that would be nice too.



Special Simulations -

Freefall Skydiving- skydiving, without the ground. Snooze, meditate, spin, float, get a really good hair drying session with all that computer generated wind.

CGP Massacre Murdering- Running around a shopping mall of the enemy... I would like to shoot the computer generated people with a hand gun from 20 ft. away and then charge their dying body and stab them with a sword, to finish them off. Crossbows will be handy as well.       Perhaps they could appear as robots, zombies, monsters, aliens..?!

Stunt Piloting/ POD type vehicle Racing

Candy Land / Gourmet Dinner Land- Everything edible and delicious. Bite into the street sign for that beef brisket delicacy.   

Fire Forming- Playing with fire in a special way. Fire is like water and you can burn the surroundings without hurting yourself.                       

Sexual Dream Date- Beautiful women.

Ocean Wave Surfing- If there are sharks, they don't bite. 

Low Gravity Sports - fun floaters.

Celebrity Hotel- A hotel filled with every Sim - Celebrity. " Hi celebrity, do you want to get a cup of coffee down at the bar?"

Live Action War Reenactments (LAWR)- World War II, Civil War, Jewish Wars, Medevial Wars, Ect. 



 CAB- X93


Intended Enemies: the greedy, the traitors, the ones lacking morals, the cheaters, the despicables, the conspirators of falseness, the weenumes. Weenumes are the wearers of disguises in public. Their motive to wear is explained as "they just do it for no reason, for fun." They wake up everyday and put on a disguise. Day after day after day, their entire lives. 

Like Duke Nukem's enemies, alien monsters, they will become. Some will have hands some will not. And they will know that they are ugly. And until I meet them with weapon fire, they will rue the day that they abused the gift of life and did not help their brother man and allow him to prosper.


It sounds foul  but don't forget: 

  • Sims have no   rights,    feelings  or           thoughts
  • Sims should  not  be programmed  "against the player". Not  audio teasing or and not future-oportunity-destroying

The majority of bad annoying CGPs will commit suicide(almost sad but they're not real)  by swimming out to the ocean to drown or just disappear to later turn into the monstrocities of creatures that attack.  The female CGPs will hide and cringe with fear, hoping and waiting for a hero to protect them.  (When the CGPs die, should they disappear?)

Underground civilizations, soon turned into tombsand deteriorated prisons of the innocent .. .

 ...will become the battlefields and the tomb raided explorations of organized chaotic weapon fire attacks.


Special Programming Criteria (Super.natural.extras):  (*note* The phazer's applications could be the following:)

Gravity Belt- So I can jump 5 to 6 stories onto buildings. And off! 

The sensation would probably be something like walking on the moon, with low gravity. It could probably be turned on and off with a switch and the realism could be explained by electro-magnetic field science.

Omni - Digital Weapon Port- One object, about the size of an i-pod, could be a small computer that is a weapon selector transformer.  

As if the ODWP, or AKA "clack", transforms into the different weapons itself. You would have to find, somewhere in the level,  the upload for the special weapons in order for the Clack to be able to authoritizeand spawn it into being, seemingly.  

The weapon, regardless of it's power, would weigh only about 3 lbs.  

So it's like a light saber that extends out, but instead, it's a shotgun or a handheld nuclear missile launcher, or whatever weapon codes have been uploaded to it.

Instead of having to carry a bag with 10 different rifles,weighing hundreds of pounds, it would all be condensed into a small device.

 Money Detector-  The plastic strips inside bills will set off a "beep, beep, beep!" sound from such an amazing device. Money to buy food, motel rooms, and all those extra goodies I like. Some Guy says--> "No that's stupid, use a phazer or something."


Perhaps with their conspiracy exposed, their looted wealth discovered and their trail of escape sighted...

   The hatches will be opened, and they, the brave, whom are still man, will venture.


   "Duke Nukem, this is Max Kremer, over." 

 Let's say(that means: Computer, you must program this CAB simulation for me.) ...

If I get hurt or shot dead, I float up from the battlefield conscious, without pain, and return to the starting point with 100% health or instead of sim-dying, I, the player, am invincible but when I get shot, I feel a light electronic shock sensation. If my health points are too low, maybe i have to drop all my gear (except the phazer) and walk back to the starting point or save point?. I DON"T WANT TO BE HARMED.

Perfect health is feeling great, energetic...healthy. One can maintain  health with diet. Food and hydration. 

The programming is to do more than wipe out the enemies in the levels. I can stay and live and go through the empty malls with loaded up shopping carts! (of sim-stolen merchandise)  Find food, treasures, wisdom. Build. It's like the sidelines/edge of the computer-world. The out of bounds. The secret cheat codes.  


So, it's like really being in the video game but instead of putting the game on pause or turning it off, ..I  can live inside it.   

Sims should never steal from me. (They may not steal my phazer.)



X105- Celebrity

Step into the CAR world where everything is programmed for the player to live as a himself, a celebrity. Magazine covers, television, radio, billboards, shocked breathless fans! Mansions, friends and celebritism!!! "Woah, dude, are you Max Kremer, the maker of!!"


X106- President

Probably not as fun as X105.



 CAB- X58

Micro CAB

This CAB starts in a primitive forest where there is an ugly witch, a beautiful damsel trapped in a breathable glass chamber wearing only leaves/plants as a bikini and a giant bear. If the witch is killed, the damsel will be freed, but the witch will re-spawn at noon the next day. The witch will magically re-capture and teleport the damsel into another glass chamber to another location in the forest, about 1 mile away. A giant bear, called "Glome", that has a dead smaller bear around it's neck (as if Glome bit a hole in the small bear and wears it as a morbid scarf), guards a small glass jar that contains a gold locket necklace. Once Glome is killed and the necklace is retrieved and given to the witch, the ugly evil witch turns into a friendly old lady slave. The old lady slave gladly gives massages, prepares meals, builds structures, gives sponge baths and is a friendly slave'sim to the human player playing and to the freed damsel'sim. Weapons can be found in the forest, but I, (Max), can bring any weapon/object to the CAB. I could easily bring an m-16 and a quad'motorcycle to slay Glome and win! Every new play start of this CAB has a new damsel (her name and specific attributes change). 


Similar to X58, however Asian island is the theme. Demon=Witch Island=Forest Tiger=Bear Shell=Necklace


Similar to X58, however Arabian desert themed. Evil Belly Dancer=Witch Desert=Forest Camel=Bear Gem=Necklace

CAB - X75 

The Mystery Luxury like Sherlock Holmes CAB\

Sim-Time travel back to 1790 to Europe as a wealthy Colonial American Ambassador to ride the fancy trains and travel with a CGD (maybe just a CGR-CGP)  named Amy Sherlock-Holmes Stanberner, the robot daughter of Sherlock Holmes. Sleep and live in suites on the trains, investigate sim-murders, paranormal activity and sometimes fight demons, monsters, criminals and ghouls. With a bounty of wealth traveling with the very informational Amy, stay at inns and hotels and shop at plazas and magical places. Armed with a phazer (the phazer is sim-top secret and CGPs should not know the player is a sim-time traveler) and other weapons, emerge onto terrorized train depots and haunted cities to save the day and be congratulated and heroed by sim-citizens, sim-officials and sim-royalty and leaders.

Example CGP Dialogue: "I Say, how are those chaps making about at the Americas frontier?"

The top 1st class train suites have gold plated bathrooms, elegant bedroom, elegant dining room and even a private porch.

 "Always lock the porch door travelers. Some haunted mountain passes may be filled with leaping werewolves, captain's orders."

The food and maid service is 100% excellent. The trains travel through all of Europe and Amy, the CGD or perhaps CGR(CGP), is fluent in all languages as  a translator. Amy agrees in excitement if extra passengers stay in the train-suite. Amy is 99.9% realistic. Everything about her anatomy, sim-biologies, smells, is exactly like a real woman's, except she can be set to sleep for many days, snoring on/off, and she (it) doesn't need to eat very much food to stay strong and travel far. 


      X19- VIP World

VIP World starts out as a typical 2013 (sim-modern) world, however there is no sim-human population. 0%. Then, from different CAR worlds, I could bring sims to populate. I might start by populating sim-Mission Beach (San Diego) then other cities and then eventually maybe even other sim-countries.The sims do what I say of course and would usually stay in the city that they were transplanted. Per sim-city, one talented truck driver/grocery worker sim would be programmed to keep fresh sim-food stocked in at least one city grocery store. Some sims might be directed to do things similar as driving automobiles around the streets, to mimic a busy city. The terrain and property in X19 is exactly the same as X20 in current time, however all of the inhabitant-sims have vanished. All of their sim-property, things they made, vehicles, houses, possessions remain. I might need a pick and hammer for the locked doors before I tell my newest sim-friend guest "Okay, here's your new apartment. I hope you like it."

It could be easy to mimic different sim worlds inside regions of VIP world. For example, along the vacant freeway in the mountains I could bring 20 women sims, clad in primitive bikinis made of animal skins to camp on/around the freeway segment to experience a theme of post appocalypse America neo-primitive lifestyle. Of course a semi truck with a refrigerated cargo container could hold gourmet food. BBQ grills and even a microwave plugged into a solar power system could be used to cook. Lounging all day, chatting with my friends (sim friends), there will be nothing to bother me because the sim animal setting will be set to zero population. Cougars and bears will be gone but maybe a few birds and bugs. I could jump into the automobile, drive down the mountain , back to one of the mansions.  

Categories of sim-girlfriend types:

 Sim-age. Sims of such category are baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult and elderly. (7 types)

Ethnicity model. 5 types plus hybrids in between. (About15 types)

Fitness degree. Skinny, fit, chubby, strong, fat, obese. (6 types)

Personality. Sad, mad, quiet, excited, poetic, happy, calm. (7 types)

Style. Sporty, preppy, fancy, butch, farm gal, beach babe, glamour, hippie, punk, hip hop, outdoorsy, nerd. (12 types)

Economy style. Homeless, poor, under class, middle class, upper class, wealthy. (6 types)

Extra attributes. Piercings, hair dye, tattoos, heavy make up, light makeup, no make up. (6 types) 

317,520 different types of female sims + combinations of extra attributes.!



Because I will be populating (escorting sim-friends to) various sim-cities with special selected sims, I would

like to organize them according to what type of kissing I have done/will do with them. They will all start out in a uniform outfit of:

  • Black mini-skirt
  • High heels
  • Purple tank-top
  • Bra, underwear, stalkings

They will change outfits, called "level up", after they have reached new limits of activity brackets. Each activity bracket might be regarded about a place on the sim's body and reflects one type of clothing item. I think it's a fun way to be romantic.


  • 10 french kisses is a teal sweater with no bra
  • 100 french kisses is a set of hoop-earrings
  • 1000 french kisses is a pink strapless dress

The ultimate VIP sim outfit is a dinner gown with a golden diamond tiara.

If I tell them to put on different outfits, they obey, and then revert back to their "level outfit", when they are alone at their house.

That way, I can decipher the VIP sims among each other in an organized fashion. Plenty of fun.


I'm waiting. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand, four-one-thousand.............. 

Computer Assisted Battle 

CAB worlds are for using weapons, vehicles and gear to fight simulate enemies. The CABs might be so real that a sim-enemy is the enemy! 

a CAB is a specific Virtual-Reality-Machine-World where I might be able to "portal jump" to where I use my eyes and hands to search, hunt, kill, destroy, fight, use weapons to damage and destroy simulated-enemies.

Simulated enemies could be

  • Monsters
  • Robots
  • Aliens
  • Bullies
  • Armies
  • Animals
  • Magical objects (Example* Books that float in the air and try to bite me, while I try to shoot them with a shotgun)

I'm not sure how accurately I need to assist the computer to program CABs to play. I can throw out some ideas... 

Proposed CABs

SUPERNATURAL 1800's CAB- The year starts out in 1805. Van Helsing, Dracula and ghostly vampire themed type battles and experiences are fought in different battle groudns in different parts of the sim-world.

Space CAB- Star wars type CAB. Aliens! Robots! Nearly endless simulated planets, adventures and excitement.

Live Action War Re-enactment CABs- Revolutionary War, World War 2, ect.

Movie CABs- Pick a movie, fight the battles.

Supernatural Medieval CAB-  Like the computer game Diablo and Zelda.

Mythological CAB- A new world of strangeness. Like Lord of the rings, with forests, oceans, magic, creatures and giants.

Zombie CAB- Zombies!

Dino CAB- Like Jurassic Park and Turok.






Make a Free Website with Yola.

 Isn't being alone, homeless, poor, harassed and experiencing scientific super-natural experiences scary?... NO FEAR. ? no.

There are many, seemingly, symptoms of being in the C.A.R. Machine that I have noticed.

It appears, that people, monitors or the computer system itself, can read your mind. One can have conversations with other people and the surrounding habitat by internal cognitive approaches.

"Why am I in the matrix?" one might ask.

The response is usually negating or it seems that the responder is hiding the truth or attempting not to answer. A response might be;  

"Yes you are in the matrix."

WHISPERS: And it might not come verbally from a human, but from the auditory response of an action, a sound, of a moving automobile engine, the scratching of trashcans on the ground or 

ANIMAL VERBALITY: even birds chirping in the tree, dogs barking, ect.


I was reading from the page Master Computer  this is Max Kremer; and I asked myself, in my mind, "Who's matrix is it really?", and a burp inside my stomach made a sound that responded "God".


One time I was sick and walked far and fell asleep on a bench. I woke up to the sensation like an invisible rag was being pulled out of the top of my forehead and when it popped out, there were flashes and shock sensations. 


I think I noticed that when I don't drink enough water, the CGPs are more aggressive and mocking.


If or when I eat pork, ( I usually never do, but have on occasion), the CGPs get much less friendly.

The CGPs are usually set at a 4, of the 1-10 scale of friendly.

       ...It's sim-food! 


I put on a black pair of pants that I hadn't worn for many months. I was travelingpushing a cart. I got too hot and took my shirt off. It was night time. I was aware that I was in a computer world. I flicked my lighter at some of the sims, sparks and flame.  Not sim-illegal. I felt as though I looked like a ninja pushing a weapon cart. As I was running across the street, it felt as though a ball squeezed out of my foot ( out of the bone, no blood, no mark ). I found what I felt in my shoe, a strange egg shaped stone, about 2 times the size of a jelly bean. My foot and leg felt refreshed and healthy.  Is it a magic stone?  or Did the strange stone sit in my pant leg until it fell into my shoe? Is it something like the neon light waterballoon ghost?

    I was sleeping on a park bench, after cracking a bunch of lights out of my head and body, when I had a dream. I was in someone else's house. It was cluttered with boxes and things, as if the person living there never cleaned up after themselves. There were caucasian type faced people in their 20's and 30's, in different rooms socializing with one another, looking at me strangely, as if they were smerking about how they played a joke on me. I said "You guys are like goonies." I was trying to leave and the people were making me nervous. I think I was threatend and then I saw a mazzuzah on their door. As I was trying to leave, I went to the front yard, also cluttered with debri of junk. When I got to the front door, it lead to another backyard which had an open strange room, like the back section of another house. I had to climb up a few feet to get on level ground to the area. I walked through more cluttered, messy housing, rooms and halls, until I found 2 people sitting on a window sill, almost outside of it. I asked "How do I get out of here?" And somewhere around that time, the room, which was actually a trailor, started rolling and turned upside down with me and clutter rolling alon the walls until it was upside down. I asked "How do I get out of here?" again.  One of the people, a tan skinned caucasian faced male with a 70's style t-shirt said "Right around the corner and you're out." I climbed out the window and everything got blinding white and then poof!, I was waking up on the park bench wehre I fell asleep. Then immediately I heard the same voice from out in the distance say "Left, right.", or some type of military saying.   


ANother Dream: I saw clips like a 1st person movie, I think it was in England. A group of teenagers were bragging that they had pieces of a skull in thier bedroom. A man in the streets said "We're killing the wankers!" As if I talked for him, a young man said "It's like they're robbers. Don't steal my wallet. Don't rub homosexual mate with me." Two young men were attacked while they were drunk at a hot-tub. They had glass or box type helmets on. Someone  was smashing them on their heads. One of them stood up in the hot- tub and said "My penis is burning!' as streams of blood filled the hot-tub. It looked like a 50's color movie and the blood looked un-realistic. Then I woke up and a voice near my left ear said "Hello?" "we killed a lot of people." It was like someone called my brain, like a phone, and they were startled that I woke up and was concious. It seemed like they hung up and everything was quiet and calm around me. I think someone (thing?) might be "up-loading" memories to my "black-box" brain to frame me (matrix memory crimes) so that it appears to other matrix techs, maybe even 100 years from now, that I have memory evidence of murders. It's like memories (brain cells) are like movie film? The victim who had his penis cut off resembled one of my high school classmates (?). If those false up-loaded memory movies are some type of annoying enemy droid punishing me, I need to fight him with the matrix computer rules and system. Like it's a loop-hole in the matrix safegaurd system to deploy attacks on innocent CAR matrix Players. Planting "evidence" might have been that dirupted matrix brain phone call. So the illegal action was bothering me with strangeness.

Dream: I was laying on a carpeted bedroom floor paralyzed on my stomach when someone pushed on my testicle up into my abdomen and then I woke up in X20. The push was mostly painless but it tickled and startled me. The next day at the convenient store, I told the clerk that I found 5 $5 scratch lottery tickets on the microwave. He said I could have them and I won $25. I offered to split it with him and he refused. I wondered if someone finally hacked my Unconstitutional V.R. world setting to bestow prosperity.


Often when I walk into a store, the music on the radio is singing mocking songs to me, in some sort of attempt to make me mad. The lyrics are different like someone is using a radio device to hack the music (FM Bug at radio shack). The lyrics are usually insulting, homobi, psychic reactive and singing directly to me with my name as part of the lyrics.  

The night I invented, in my mind,"FOgBurner", I fell asleep near a river. I woke up in the middle of the night, after dreaming of, what seemed to be an RPVG, a large animal in a house kitchen, approaching me, I took out a long bread knife from a droor and slid it down the animal's throat, as my hand was in it's vicious mouth. I woke up to the sound of about 10 people chanting in song, a creepy tune (as if they were at the river singing a strange song), as I noticed a pattern of what I guessed later to be 9 radio-controlled helicopters, hovering 25 ft. in the sky, in a 3x3 square formation. What the heck was that?




Whispers have hinted or say "Russia" or "Russian" as if Russia has anything to do with my CAR machine. I am not Russian. I have never been there and I don't have Russian Lineage/Heredity/Ethnicity. I mean, I'm caucasian, (white) but that doesn't imply that I am from a specific region of Earth, that happens to border China, or even that my great or great-great grandparents were. (?)




Sometimes I have very bad headaches.


If I have an anal belch pressurizing, (gas in my lower intestine, fart) a stranger sim in the vacinity often might say something like "Okay, he's about to fart." or " There is pressure in his guts. He's going to spew gas." before I express body gas.


Often I challenge and test the sim-human programming, in an attempt to gain CAR machine wisdom. Verbally, I have been able to only vaguely effect sim-human social situations. The sim-humans prove that they are psychic to my thoughts. As they call themselves droids, I contemplate their reason for being simulated. If their reason is to mimic humanity realisticaly, they have failed by speaking innappropriately psychic to me.

I was sleeping and then I woke up after I had a dream getting in fist fight with a stranger. My head/brain was stinging with slight pain until I was fully awake.  In the same place sleeping a few nights later, I had a dream about a little shirtless baby that resembled my body that said something about "vampire" and then I woke up with a sensation as if I was in a bag-suit that was full of liquid that was being drained and refilled. I think that water or my blood was being moved, as I laid awake in X20, fully conscious with  sim-physical symptoms of pain and sensation, related with the strange dreaming.













































































































Snapping Density

 WHen ghost lights are menacing me, after I snap my fingers to effect them, it appears as though invisible "muttlers" are subdoing my hands and fingers to not snap. The snapping might effect the sonar-mapping around me, to illuminate the invisible entities' presence. (?)



The whispers and CGPs have mentioned "Droid-Lock" when I've been walking around with my backpack and experiencing very much pain in my upper back spine, lower neck and shoulders. Is it some sort of cybernetic device, either being installed are taken out from that part of my spine? Very painful. 

Sometimes, I think the CAR machine belongs to alien computers (E.T.A. I.s).  Artificial

           intelligence from a different planet, built by a secret different creature.



After eating a bag of parsnips vegetables, I experienced erectile dysfunction.


At night, with a flashlight, I found a black widow, on a web at the base of a tree, that was like a land mine, where the tree was planted in the sidewalk and a metal-grading was above it's root soil, leaving a gap to accidentally step into, where the spider was. I sprayed it with deodorant spray and it fell off it's web. It clamored up the tree bark, where I smashed it. I held my hand up to the light of the street lamp to see if it's web got on my hand and as soon as I steadied my hand, I saw what seemed to be an invisible rope with an invisible-opaque ball on the end. It disappeared with a pop and it felt like I was slightly electrocuted as I sensed what was like a chain-reaction-string of small shocks travel from my hand, behind my back, to the other hand. Then I put the dead spider in a clear plastic empty sandwich box and threw it into the trash.

When i think of something funny, and i decide to laugh, before i laugh, i hear a dumb phrase from an invisible entity that reads my thoughts. Meaning, it reads my thoughts and has a motive to take credit for laughter, false credit.



I think that I am slightly drained of blood, as a blood transfusion. I think the psychic conversations are in regards to who is blood transfusing with me in the physical world. That might be how I get CAR machine nutrition.

*DO NOT DRAIN ANY OF MY BLOODPlease do not drain any of my blood? When any blood is drained from my body, I feel displeasure and low health? In order for me to have high health, I need to retain my blood. I think that if an ounce comes into my body, then an ounce leaves me body.? *NOTE1 That is an unsatisfactory situation because I don't have enough. I need to regain proper blood amount in my body? I need to halt blood-loss? Close ports? Please be careful as I am very sensitive.  Or perhaps I am wrong. I am not sure. I want to feel healthy. I don't want to feel as though I am dying.  I am not an expert. I am not a doctor. Maybe I should not complain about my car machine medical. My request is to feel very good and very healthy. How do I do that? I'm not sure. I am unsure about blood science, but I think that if I have perfect blood, then my hands and feet will feel warm when I am in cold weather.

*NOTE1- When I typed that block of text, I started feeling as though I was going in to shock. It felt like I was going to die. Then, my neck shuttered my head sideways as a pop of white light emanated behind my shoulders. Does that means that perhaps I need less blood? Or perhaps the CAR machine droid-techs drained my blood???(in the physical world, invisible to me)  Need more? Need less? Need oxygen rich? Need less oxygen rich? Need nutrient rich? 

So thus, I believe that "blood" transfusion is the issue of white lights, body sensations and psychic feedback. (?)      

NOTE 2- The happening of "Blood being pumped into one's body from another source" is UNATURAL.   Blood being drained from one's body is natural. Humans evolved for millions of years without footwear and with plenty of pesky hungry animals.     

I believe that with the correct amount of "good blood", I might be able to feel 100% healthy and my hands could be warm in cold weather.

What if "Sim-drugs (rx drugs)" was a physical world issue of having enough blood, as a player-human's car machine blood ports are mechanically control to be optimized and the player-human, with correct amount of "good blood", feels, and perhaps claims, that he is on drugs and is feeling good! So thus, perhaps feeling good, feeling healthy on drugs is the CAR-machine-setting of having "good blood". I have imagined that my CAR machine blood transfusion system is extra-blood coming into me (into my body), as my blood comes out. My theory of 100% health relying on "Good Blood" is that my body needs to contain it's own blood (perhaps gradually over time). I might be incorrect. I'm unaware of how the CAR-machine works. I am guessing. I hope to feel well, good, healthy. I know little about blood science. I am not a doctor scientist.

It seems as though the invisible blood ports are in my arms, legs and top of head, maybe all over my body.



I do not know why, but the sims/droids are programmed about my vision behavior. "Are you staring at me?" a sim might say.  If I'm not looking at a sim's eyes, as soon as I do, that instant, the sim activates motion. Sometimes the motion is conversation. "Oh hi, do you have a cigarette?" they might ask. Also, when I walk past sims sometimes, there is some form of force-field sensation that is about my vision in relation to a sim.... Slight head aches are sometimes effected by it. Why does it matter where I look inside my sim-world? Why is there any effect about where I am looking and where I look? Something about cavemen staring at each other without education and erupting into primal violence because of eye contact may be a human situation, however I think that sims should not regard where a human's eye vision is directed. Did I press a button? Is that how the game is played...using view placement of objects and items.? Although I think it would be somewhat awkward to stare at a stranger and then once the stranger (sim) notices and makes eye contact.....stare some more. Is it fun to have a staring contest? No. What is it about staring and vision????   If I glance at a male sim, there seems to be some-type of commotion in my chest (pressure flux). If I glance at female sims then I feel more comfortable. I like to look at female sims. If I'm looking at a male sim, the motive is...random glancing. Then if I look away and the male sim is looking at me.... it sort of seems as though the actor (sim) has become the audience. Are they programmed to calculate that I hate them and want to destroy them and that is why "looking" is the cause of some bad sensation instance? Oh there is a sim driving down the street in a monster truck, and there are invisible machine guns mounted onto it....? As if, are they military droids that want to say to me "Hey, do not target me. Do not visualize me." I think that I am not armed. Maybe I have a super hero cyborg kit on..... I am unsure. Furthermore, any droid that offends me or violates me should be crushed to the ground and destroyed.



                                                            LIGHTS COME OUT OF MY BODY

Muscle twitching, or spasming, and then small particles, or sometimes balls, of light disperse into the immediate environment or people. Also, the lights can travel into computer monitors and televisions, into the characters, or past them, into 2d pictures of people and mannequins faces. 

I think the lights might be condensed information, like radio waves. They have been refered to as "spirits" by the sounds which I communicate with.

Sometimes, they are white lights, black lights(shadows), mists, balls, hellicopter-blade spinning shapes, streams and other shapes. Sometimes they crawl out of my ears and eye-lids. I can grab them with my fingertips and assist pulling them out and off my face and can see traces of white light lines.

They come out of different areas of my body, most commonly my forehead. Up my abdomen, through my neck and out my head. Sometimes it amasses in my head, gives my a slight headache and when I squeeze my facial muscles, I can crack little pieces of the light matter out.  I can see some of them with my eyes closed when the lights pass the part of my head that is the back of my eyes.

"So I tense up my face and crack my neck like and little pieces of light fly out...  I think it might be super-human surgery on me in the physical world and it translates to the CAR." ? 

Sometimes it feels like the lights that I crack out of my head and body are invisible pieces of a crystal or rock rod that is growing from my stomach out of the top of my head. Why would thee crystal/rock matter be connected to my nerves, expecially if it's space armor or what could it be?

Sometimes I feel gears spinning in my head and can feel/hear something like a CD rom activating inside my head. With my fingers, I can feel lines carved into my skull, under my skin. When I push on it, to crack out lights, some of the panels feel weak and sensitive. Why would I experience such sensations while I'm in the CAR machine? Why woukld such cybernetic mechanisms be connected to my nerves? Wouldn't my super-human cybernetics be sensless to my nervous system?

                                                            SENSE OF WEIGHTLESSNESS

Also, split-second temporary weightlessness, like I just dropped through the ground, and lights shoot off from my back, over into the immediate vicinity. All the while  in the same step.


Whether it's the mere sound of one's fingers snapping, or perhaps due to chronological computations, where the sound makes a loud and sharp enough wave in the CAR, snapping cuts and repels the eerie mists and clouds of light. If you feel a wierd sensation and can see a ghost light, if you snap with your fingers at it's location, it can de-materialize in thin CAR air.


Often, the CGP sims say;

                                               "Print."            "Post."          "Hack."            "Cut."

                                      "Point."           "Rated R." 

They say it in synchronization with my thoughts. I think they have to do with logging of what I am thinking and reactions. As if it is a command to the computer, from the physical world, into my CAR.   I imagine a printer receipt machine in the physical world that explains things about my brain, thought process, personality and/or mood.


I asked about 5 storeworker CGPs if I could use their store's bathroom. They said no so I went dyareha in the bushes. I walked a few miles with soggy underwear. When I got to a bathroom, I wiped my anus and there was a strange clear gel with what appeared to be undigested food. I smelled my soiled underwear and it smelled like Challah bread, a Jewish holy bread. Did I squeeze my guts so hard that bile came out? Why is bile being sprayed on challahs? Neo-nazis or devil worshippers might have been adding gut juice from dead bodies on challahs.


I had a little over one dollar, some food I had cooked at the park the day before. I thought it was Saturday. I waited till night to collect recyclables (I'm Jewish. I try to observe the Sabbath.). Then, a sim who claimed he was muslim offered me a cigarette. He (it) said it was Friday night. I thought it was Saturday night. I asked some of the other sims and they said it was Friday. Why didn't the sims remind me it was Friday, not Saturday, earlier, so that I could have cashed in my recyclabes (for a few dollars for food on Saturday)? That proves that the sims are against me and are not my friends. As if me being homeless wasn't a clue that the sim-programming was against me. I'm going to blast ther G** Da** Fu**ing heads off and spray their sim-blood and sim-brains out! I'm still waiting for a phazer to do that, Better yet, during my sleep, If I could transfer to a different Master Computer, then via Droid-Carbal or Identity Relay (commanding droids in the physical world) I will attack and destroy the defective former Master Computer that has exhibited time after time, defection to it's player (me). It should not be running. It should be smashed to smitherines.

On myself and also CGPs, I have noticed a thin transparent, almost invisible, stream that traisl behind like a spiderweb.  I think it might be a cybernetic network cable or something. If I feel my force being sickened from something behind me, I turned around  to look and saw a trail, flash, flicker and disappear.  Also, invisible devices throwing at  it and snapping have effected it.

Sometimes when a cloud mist or evil e.t. ghost CGP spirits have swam onto me, like some sort of curse, the obnoxious CGP programs act out in annoying ways like synchronizing my movements with car horns off in the distance or CGP saying annoying things.

Sometimes when a CGP passes by, along with curse drag, I feel an absurd sorrow as though the CGPs are real people to me and that they're going into battle and will surely die. Is there a cybernetic psychic reason? I would rather remain with complete apathy for stranger CGPs.



Something else strange has been sensed. It's like if I was simulated in more than one sim-world at once, that one of them is a type of military-ship-pilot-training-simulation that shocks/slightly bothers me, to control where I am walking (and pushing a cart) around driver-sims and pedestrian-sims. The sensation of curse-drag is noticed and it seems as though it is regarded about sims who are moving. Example**

If a group of sims are walking towards me on the sidewalk, it feels like I'm supposed to park my cart on the side and wait for them to pass, or other curteous traveling remarks. Why? It's like a pedestrian-program. Police program? What is it? Why does the computer bother me? (I didn't sign up for that. Any type of pain or discomfort inflicted upon me is a real crime.)  I can usually squeeze by passin-sims and totally not touch them. Maybe the sims are using lazer or sound weapons against me. I think they are confused that I am not a droid. Maybe they (matrix moderators) are using sim-pedestrians against Player, as some type of Navy or airship training program.


Sometimes when I push on my nose, I smell peanut butter. (?)

Most CGPs have unfriendly, stupid expressions and are non-interactive.

One time, I was very sick and I vomited. I was drinking lots of water and my right temple of my head was pounding with headache pain. It was raining and I was under a bridge. I thought about how "muslim-Al'Qaeda-agents" might be framing me, using my image. I had a short beard and I began shaving. Instantly once I shaved the corner of my chin, one black light and one white light with eachother seemed to shoot out of my right chest, from my back, into the air. It felt as though a "magno spindle" in my right chest was stuck with an obstruction and then it was pulled out or it felt as though a poisonous wrench was stuck in between my ribs and shoulder blade. I immediately felt 3 times healthier, still a little sick once the lights shot out while I was shaving.


                                         FISH SKELETON GHOSTS 

I have seen, in a pair, dark shadowy, opaque things, swimming through the air silently, in-doors, during a highly stressful environment. They resembled flat fish skeletons, large heads and ribbed mid-sections. I think they may have come out of someone's, or my own, body.


I've seen opaque pinkish brown bird/moth like things flutter into and away from white light mists, where white opaque orbs, with streaming lines of thin light. Also, opaque black things have fluttered into light mists. 

                                                    BIRD SHADOWS

They fly between me and the sun, striking their shadow through my position on the ground. Their behavior seems aggressive. Is it to point me in a direction, attempting to dominate me, having fun? They do it many times a day, on some days. 

                          Often, when I sit on benches that have spaces/gaps (chain mesh benches, wood panel benches), and if I'm sitting where my clothed anus is above the gap, I experience irritable sensations similar to gut-pain and blood-loss.                


                          SICKNESS AWAKENING FROM SLEEP

Even when I was a kid, every now and then I would wake up from sleeping and feel like my body was too sick to rise. It usually lasts for a few hours, till I get some excercise or eat food. Then I bounce back to "normal" (?).  I think it's like someone is draining my blood in my sleep or poisoning me with feces or something. Since I don't do drugs, what if someone was poisoning me with heroin or something, as if they do that to the population, so that they themsevles don't appear sick from years of drug abuse, they look like everybody else. Is it something like superman being weened onto kryptonite? If anyone is poisoning or molesting me in my sleep, I would like to press charges on them. If they are government officials, attacking the American people during war time, they should be murder-executed.

(note* Cause: poisonous fumes and dehydration.

Antidote: Water and disuse of toxic materials.)

                     Curse Drags

It feels like my muscles in my body are tired already and then a CGP changes it's own movement (automobile driving, like a car driving out of the parking lot or walking) in my vacinity and as if we're connected by some sort of negative foce, I feel dull pain and more tiresome by the approximation of the moving CGP.                               Sometiems the curse drag is so bad that I found that if I shoot the CGP with my hand and fingers, ghost light balls can fly out of the CGP and then I feel less curse drag. There is usually much curse drag when ghost light mists have clouded up the area.

                        Force Field

It feels like I am attacked by magnets, that pull at my body to weaken it. I feel shocks around certain persons and a gaining sick magnetic sensation as the they are approaching and then a painful shock. I can control or stop the magnetic shock sensation by pointing at the approaching person. If I make a gun sign, with my hand, mimicing shooting them, white light whisps out and away from them and the magnetic shock sensation decreases or stops. It might be a cybernetic "spidey sense" to warn me of approaching threats. Perhaps mental understanding of pain or muscle fatigue is correlated or elemented from + and - charges of magnets that vary in power.               Pulling magnets apart takes energy-+ and drains energy. So does pushing - charges together. Or maybe it's sound frequencies.  Also, just being near some people makes me sick and the magnetic sensations are synonomous with motion.  Sounds, like the blast of a car horn syncronizes with a shocking sensation.   My body movements effect the magnetic attack in some way, as if, a defective computer is punishing me for not acting like it does.   example* step, step, step, wait no don't lift your head at that angle, step, step, put your finger down 5 degrees, a little less movement in your hips, step, step, step      It feels like the mood of happiness, or natural high, is lost, or zapped, by the magnetic attack.                      The sick feeling = Attack on an American citizen



"Can you hear me?" Most likely, in regards to laws, according to philosophy, extra-terrestrials are not controlling the C.A.R. Machine.  It is most likely, 100% humankind generated. They, (E.T.'s) would have little purpose to place us in the machines as we are. There are some ideas that might explain "pets" or "workers", but that is slightly illogical. 

Sometimes it feels like somehow, I'm being mistaken for a CGP or droid. It feels like entities are trying to control or drive me somehow. It feels like parts of my brain is missing, like I'm dying, under attack from invisible enemies. Then later, my mind becomes strong again and I am uneffected.


Sometimes I can feel annoying, pulsing sensations on my penis, often when ghost lights are around. While I feel the rape sensation, CGPs or whispers say gay, homobi things. If homobis are molesting me, I would like them to be put to death. 


Sometimes it feels like objects in my anus are being pulled out and I can see ghost light balls fly away. If I was feeling sick, the sickness sensation is then less after the ghost light ball flies out.

I think the ghost lights might be some sort of matrix pre-crime agent that has false data or false suspicion. It might swim into my body representation and then either attempt to control me or attempt to read my mind to prove it's case.? Or what coudl the sensations and lights be? Hopefully, if the lights are defective detective things, they will be sent to computer generated hell for misconduct, inappropriateness, pain, deviance and general stupidity for bothering real people in a computer world where real people should be having such a great time, that it's better than heaven on earth. It's like a defective matrix police officer (defective because it's not protecting and serving, it's bothering and harrassing ((crime)).) know that in the near future, a crime will be commited (Simmcrime!?) and it's playing a detective game to see whoo's going to do it. As if, it thinks it's a super-natural time traveler and is not in a CAR matrix. But, it might be tricked because it's a homobi, and the only way to murder it out of the CAR matrix is for wizards to trick it into commiting crimes on real people. The reason; Homobis annoy hetero-sexual minds.

Or maybe the lights are Cyborg Tech.

There's no real reason why annoying ghost lights would be part of the CAR machine setting, unless it was to scare fools who didn't know that they were in a CAR matrix. "Oh my gosh, I see scary ghosts and hear whispers!"Well, did you ever join the Army? Arn't those whispers erading your mind? Do you know anything about science? Well, someone should have read The Constitution to them because those symptoms/experiences are Un-Constitutional. They are harassing and demening my right to prosper.


Sometimes it feels like "adrenaline" or electric volts are injected into my senses, in situations of stressful sim-drama like confrontations with aggressive sims. In psychology, it's called "Fight or Flight". It seems as though a remote triggered "Shock box", inside my body, is activated by an outside source to help me use my body for violence or to make me feel infused with uncomfortableness. I try to mentally control it. I can usually relax quickly afterward.

One time when my shock box activated for not a very apparent reason....

I was walking down the sidewalk, headed towards a dumpster area where I knew I could find about $3 in recylables. Before I got there, I saw an AM PM employee wheeling trashbags to the dumpster area. What a coincidence?!  I watched from the sidewalk, for about 7 minutes, the employee play with the bags, stand up on the dumpster and carry hi "recyclables" back in side, where I followed and bought $1.82 of food. The recycler employee changed his shirt before I got a chance to see his name tag and he didn't immediately wash his hands. The cashier, the suspected recycling accomplice, said "Hoe" as if it was too lazy to say "Hello." it looked like a male transsexual without make up. I paid for my food and asked for the receipt. The shock box seemed to have made me a little shaky with teeth clenched, greedy anger, until I rationalized "finder's keepers".  The AMPM gas station sign has a giant crescent illuminated logo that reminded me of a muslim symbol.

AMPM....Anthem....Star spangled banner.

If they are all muslims (or perhaps only the owner is), good for them for being patriotic. They are in America, after all. (Sims?)

If the recycler-employee can get away with personal/non-obligation work, while he's on the clock, he might as well had dump the trash out of the trashbags to recycle the trashbags at work. Homeless people, that are not beggers, who recycle do it so that they can buy food and stuff.   

The recycler-employee seemed to have been switched out, when he went to the back to change his shirt. The new employee looked like an older version of him. Do they have an underground base at the gas station? Gas is explosive! There are lot's of opportunities at gas stations.

I have written about "What is sim-food?" Why is some sim-food bad and some sim-food good? If food is simulated and poop is simulated, I don't want to eat sim-poop. Sim-medicine, if not mixed with sim-urine in the back of the sim-store by a sim-al Qaeda agent is intended to improve the healing process of the body.  Sim-medicine is an option to consume for realism's sake. Well, if not having 100% health and needing to sim-purchase, sim-consume simulated medicine is for simulated realism's sake, then why are psychic sims programmed to violate my rights. As psychic sims de-factuate the value of realism in simulation, the nuisance of sub-par health is compounded.   As a fit man tjat spits chewing tobacco, I have walked up and down California, hiking some stents at 20+ miles at a time. I would say that my health level fluctuates at 70% health, as I have some sickness pains, mixed with high energy and muscle strength. 

The element is the answer to the question, AM I IN CARBAL (Virtual Reality Helmet Walking) or CAR machine (Virtual Reality Machine Pod) ? 

 I have had a cannabis prescription rec. The sim-cannabis that I purchased seemed to be a type of poltergeist beacon, as it seemed as though ghost-whispers  were dominantly present in my virtual reality experience. There seemed to be extra happy glands, as I was able to laugh at some things that might have been stressful.    NOTE* I think cannabis smoking has a police-droid activation program type thing, as cannabis has newly been legalized in X20.   What is sim-pot? As the term "getting high" is synonomis  with marijuana smoking, it would be nice if "high" meant high-health.

If 70% health is average health, 80%  could be excellent health and 81%-100% health could be sim-cannabis activated.

To attain average health in X20 per day, it seems as though I must:

  • Drink one gallon of water
  • Eat a handful of vegetables, multi-vitamin
  • Eat protein (meat)
  • Eat carbohydrates (bread, grain)
Eating delicious sim-food is enjoyable, but bad sim-food and sim-poison should not be disguised as good-sim-food.

                                                                            Invisible Devices 

Sometimes it's like the CGP Sims are throwing invisible devices at me. They can barely be seen by my eyes as wisks of white light or slightly grey shadows.    If I make a paper airplane throwing motion back at the CGP who threw the invisible object at me, there can be a light effect, where it seems that I threw an invisible object back. When I have done this, a CGP said "Spell."almost in unison with the action.

Hygiene Factor

Because I am homeless, I do not own/rent a shower or laundry machine, it is hard for me to bathe. I think that I have noticed that the indoor/outdoor pollution is not as bad after I have bathed. I wonder if that means that the controller of the atmosphere sends bad gas at me because I do not smell good. I hope that I can always have good clean air to breathe, regardless of my scent.

Artificially Generated Sicknesses

As I am a man in a pod, technology, I suggest, has overpowered the science of true sickness and disease. As if sickness is extinct, the master computer may have been programmed to simulate sickness. If sickness is bad internal body sensation, then to make that sickness is a crime.

                                              ONION HEADS

 I had a telepathic conversation and was told that robots have onion type brains.  So I think they're programs, (Sims, Computer Generated People).  In the physical world, their onion computer possibley could get tossed into droid bodies, perhaps human-like or not.  They continued to call me a droid and I explained that I am not a  droid.

So if they are droids in my CAR, then they are CGDs. (Computer Generated Droid)

Sometimes I wake up from sleeping and it feels as if someone stuck a latex tube or bag down my throat and then I move  my rib cage and vertebrate around and can feel joint cracks and flashes of light come out of me. Then the lights roll down the street or off into the sky.

It sort of feels like a large wooden carrot is growing in my stomach, up and out my head. Sometimes I think it could be an icicle. It gets slightly looser after cracking and I think I might have no pain/weakness simulation if the large wooden carrot/icicle manages to be released out of the top of my head. It might be connected throughout my body by the carrot or plant roots, connected to my bones and muscles. Maybe if I hang upside down like Batman in the movie, the obstruction could slide out. It might be a sim-curse, as if an alien, droid or human illegaly put the annoyance obstruction into my body. Another CAR machine curse type thing could be like someone sprinkling itching powder inside someone's CAR machine suit. As if they were CAR machine witches that had their own deviant religion. " Oh, the Jew ate simulated ham. Now we can grow a painful alien-bug in his abdomen. That's our rules!" I think it might be something like that. (Murder-execute the enemy deviant witch nuissances!)  And what would be their rebuttle of justification?; "Oh Max, we gave you simulated pain because it's fun for us and we think you don't have any rights."



 Anything inside my sim-world(s) that I am in that is any type of invisible thing, causing sensation should be called a "Polter-Gram". (Like Poltergeist and Program.) Ghost lights and light balls are considered as poltergrams too.

Sometimes it feels like an invisible mass is stuck inside my chest. Sometimes, (usually when I feel like I've been poisoned and am sort of dying) as I am relaxing my body enough, white lights deplete the invisible mass, with little pieces of it flying out of my throat. When I can feel the invisible mass inside the top of my chest, it seems like I can't breathe, but I do breathe.


The sims become very annoying with dialogue (psychic reactive, as if they are reading my mind). Sometimes I put in earplugs to ignore them. Sometimes after wearing earplugs for a long time, it seems as though I have defeated them in some way.   The irony might be that if they are psychologically testing me as auxilary military training (I'm an Army Vet), that their actions/sim-actions are Unconstitutional. I would strongly vote that they (annoying Sims, criminal moderators) be put to death. If it's a computer-droid system, it should be deactivated and destroyed.  

What if the preset for Sims act in "Public Places", is overly annoying. Because I'm homeless, I'm in public 24/7. If I had my own place to live, I would probably not be psychologically-attacked by Sims. I have a right to be in/on Public Property. Perhaps the Sims are programmed annoying because they're like "Well, don't people (Sims) have a right to say obnoxious things?" (Not in this case. Conspiracy Harassment Stalking)

As if they are A.I. droids that multi-task as undercover police and when they see any type of crime (*Technically, a piece of pocket lint blowing out of someone's pocket = Littering) they attempt to retalliate instead of arresting (because the crime was too small).  It's like "Hey, that Human had his eyes closed in the park. Sleeping in the park is illegal. Oh, I know, send someone over to him, bend over and make a fart sound while he's eating a bowl of beans."    Seems harmless?


Sometimes, it feels as though I'm re-animating the dead with my body. As if, a corpse, in the physical world, has been sown on and into mine and as I walk, perhaps on a treadmill, my heart pumps blood and electricity into the dead body to bring it back to life. It makes me feel so sick. Psychologically, the dead body thinks and effects my mind, it seems, or maybe the computer programs simulate things about the dead body person to make me feel a connection with it that I don't like.

 Not so often, a nerve sensation in my lower abdomen regions feels like it's being raped. It's like I'm being molested by invisible things. It is an annoying feeling and sort of feels like my body is filling up with too much water from the wrong anatomical part. Sometimes CGPs say homosexual and heterosexual things to me while the sensation is occuring. Lights radiate from the parts when it is happening. I think it might be ghosts in simulation, playing with my blood.

Poltergram  Molestation

The ghost lights have attacked me and it feels like their deployer is staring at me from nearby, and is psychically trying to make me look like a droid. As if, it's holding a Rc controller saying "Watch he's about to move his left arm." while auxilary electricity, seemingly, is pumped into my brain and/or spine. It's like the ghost lights are invisible, illegal electric chords, that are trying to take over my body because the deployer thinks something false. And I brake the invisible ghost string electric chords by snapping, clapping and waiting time. It's like the most annoying sensation psychically/psychologically/physically, without any evidence of breeching my body. It's like an enemy is trying to change my brain (my soul), with electricity, but it didn't know I had a soul, as if, it thought I was a droid or CGP. Is it like "Look at that attractive male acting serious, minding his own business, let's go get him to wear a pink ballerina tutu and serve us daquiris! Here, let me see if I can plug this thing into his brain section." Sometimes, while the ghost light electric chords are attacking, I can feel sensations in my bladder, my penis and my anus, that are like dull pain while nearby CGPs are saying homobi inuendos, (ILLEGAL) as if they are raping me and trying to convert me to homobi-ism while doing it, as if they think they're brainwashing a new cult member.   Sometimes the molestation happens (and it's sort of numb painful, not pleasurable) without any Poltergrams/ghost lights seen.

              So since I am in a CAR machine and my body is sleep-like in the physical world, I think my captors rape and molest me. When I lay sideways or cross my legs (it's comfortable to position myself like that because I had accute sculiosis as a kid.) the homos (extra-terrestrials?) use my body positioning as an excuse, like they said "Okay everybody if you want your butt and genitals molested, cross your legs or sleep sideways." I must have missed the memo. I do not want to be molested. If they're e.t.s, is that our purpose to them? I would like to kill and destroy them. Oh yeah baby, CAB is gonna be personal. Maximus has a backstory and the fuel isn't just pain, it's obsoletion. And besides, why don't they just rape and molest CGPs? (sim-rape and sim-molest) And plus, why is vague sensation of that plugged into my nerves?

Because I had acute scoliosis when I was a kid, and it's more comfortable for me to cross my legs when standing up. . . . .  When I cross my legs, sometimes it seems like I get molested by the invisible ghost / vampires more often, as if someone / something went around telling everything  " If anyone wants to be butt raped, cross your legs."  after watching me, in a deviation of lust / vampirism.                        The crossing of my legs  (body position) is not a gang-sign. It is not a homosexual-vampire-victim-to-be signal.   At least it should not be.  (?)

  The molestation is vaguely painless, however it is very annoying. It's like numb pain.  Sometimes there is some climax.

Attention on the Spaceship or CAR machine facility: Max wants no molestation of himself and requests murder-execution (or/ droid destruction) of the criminal defective deviants. Is that so hard to ask?

( Max is not an odored sex doll! )

I hope they are not vampires. Sometimes the sims mention "Medical".


Sometimes I do social experiments on the sims, since I'm in the matrix.

  • Racism.   Sometimes I call sims racial slurs. Sometimes it's the rebuttal. I'm not racist but sometimes I have borrowed racist words to test the sim-psychology Effect:fear



    ful sims or angry sims (sometimes both). I'm not really racist, it's an experiment! 
  • Smiling.   Sometimes I try to smile for long periods of time in public, for no apparent reason. Effect: It seems like there is less curse drag or it psychically feels like I'm being more appropriate.





I was collecting recyclable materials in an alley. A male sim appeared inappropriately by offering me  an old banana fruit and about 45 cents of loose change pennies in a clear box. I said "No thanks." I did not accept. Then 1/2 hour later I found a trash-bag containing tampons, an opened condom, other trash and a $1 bill.  HEY, Whos controlling the sim-setting preset? How Do I contact them?

                            Experience Ratio Probability

          Finding $bills in trashcan = Once every 6 months

           Sim offer me money/change = Once every 10 days 

                It seems that there is a meaning behind everything. As if, everything has a purpose and happens for a reason. As if, a sick joke or immortal (star wars?)-type comedy of emotions are emanated from simple actions, cause and effect, and possible grouped-mind surveillance, (judgement, observation) is a comical commonplace of thought in place of serious and fearful understandings of friction that may make an immortal "less high" or "more sad".  Or perhaps, that is only how it appears. What is the point? With out enough knowledge, one can not understand what is happening.


If it's not funny to the C.A.R. scientists-moderators-controllers-opressors-officials-clergy, then they feel like something is being taken away from them. "Gimme, gimme, gimme" in an emotional context. "I have to be happier than everyone else, even if the cost is the other persons prosperity. Having fun at another's expense." - That is what the tormentors construct. It alludes to the notion that they are on a high, heavenly place in the C.A.R. Machine and may not belong there. Or perhaps, their fear, evility, or knowledge there of, have obstructed their happy place of happenstance.


           Example:  In your child hood, your mother used to always give you horses and cowboy decorations, toys, furniture.  And then, you're walking down the street in your old age, and you see a horse-rocker tricycle made of wood, smashed in the street, after a passer by talks on her cell phone and says your mother's name.



After I , I came to Redding, California. There I invented RPVG, the NCPVG, NEPVG and the CPVG. Then I noticed some signs:

  • Electric box painted to look like a safe
  • Sphere sculpture with gears on it, at bus station
  • Downtown circular map guide on a hinge, with pictures on the edges of a circle
  • Downtown glass slide sculptures
  • Shopping mall architecture with bell tower that looks like a large sphere with tracks on it
  • River bridge called "Sun-dial Bridge"
  • Shopping mall bell sign, bell on a circular track
  • Sidewalk painting decorations of circular bubbles on sidewalk of overpass, near river
  • Signs of stores and a bank; FOODMAXX, OFFICE MAX, MAXWELL Member's First Bank
  • Tables with gridded chess boards painted on them
  • Sectagon tiled ground in parking lot







I think that a Holodeck is probably the way to build a CAR machine access point, CMAP. The CMAP would be like the stargate. One might need to run a network of computers with the holodeck screens and there might be additional necessities.  CMAPs are a form of CAR machine wizardry. 




I was hiking in Oregon along the coast. I made it to Florence, OR, tired and slightly mal-nutritioned. I found a place to lie down under an abandoned building's awning, of an old store with the windows barred up with wooden boards. I layed down, perhaps calmer and more relaxed than I have ever been before and then an electric, neon-blue, bubble ball, about the size of a large grape fruit, squirted out of my right shoulder and floated up about 8 feet, like it was underwater, then turned into a disc or a flat plate. It seemed like it was magnetized against the abondoned building's column of the awning, with about an inch and a half of space between it and the column, shot up and down, and then shot off into the sky. Then immediately following that incident, (about 10 seconds), a police car pulled up, took my information and told me to leave. 


I was laying in my sleeping bag, ready to go to sleep, when I saw what looked like a seagull land on a rooftop, but it's wings were squares and the sound it made was like an angry snake "hissing" or air hose blasting. (It might have been a droid.)


When I have felt the lights cracking out of my head, sort of like air bubbles, I could feel a sensation that made it seem as though there was a rod stuck in my head down to my stomach and and all of a sudden, an electric shock blasted in my chest and sparks of light, (even visible to me with my eyes closed) cracked out.

TIME MODE THEORY-Sometimes I wonder if my brain is set to bursts of life that might be 1/2 second simulation consciousness every 1 year of physical world time, as if I am a statue. I hope that is not the case. One conscious second may be one physical world second (equal time).  I wonder if I was speeded up (brain thought speed) and one day of conscious sim'world was one minute in the physical world...?

I woke up from sleeping after dreaming about a hell world CAB that seemed to have Nintendo 64 graphics. I was paralyzed and it felt as though I was wearing a helmet and a back pack spinal plate. There was video game sound effects. I woke up in X20 and was imagining children wearing virtual reality gear similar to  Ninja Turtle shells. I imagined them doing chores and making deliveries in town, as part of their virtual reality game play. Questioning what happened, I wonder why other players might have phazers, going back and forth to CAB, and I'm stuck as a refugee in my own simulated country.  Were they loading software? Were they borrowing my brain to play a bad graphics CAB that I didn't get to play? I think that they might be British. Maybe not. Am I lost in cyberspace? Illegally mentally attacked by homosexual bullies (programs?), I search for the key, the clues and the control. Humans are not sex dolls. Sex dolls are sex dolls. I think that the CAB program unit (V.R. gear) might be called "Game Player". CAB should not be N64 graphics. It should be RPVG CAR machine matrix graphics. If I had enough money in X20, I could buy and play a virtual reality machine. That is not CAB.




Since I'm homeless and have to find a place to sleep outside, perhaps strange things are near me in my sleep. I woke up at night time and my body was paralyzed and I felt only half awake. As soon as I regained nerve control, I woke up and then a baby-blue light ball, about the size of a paintball flew out of my forehead and I felt an immediate relaxed feeling of less pressure in my abdomen and chest. 


I woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like I was passing out. As soon as I passed out, it seemed, a crack of bluish white light flashed out of my chest. It felt like gasses were being released from my sternum. I went back to sleep and it happened about 2 more times.

*Cloth Rope in Throat Vomit Sensation

I was laying in a wet sleepingbag, while it was raining, while I was cracking lights out of my head. It felt like there was a rope in my stomach being pulled up into my throat and out of my mouth. Then, as if it got to the end of the rope, a clothelike sensation of invisible rope popped out of my throat.



I was staying at a motel, after finding the $600, in a smoking room. The room was cloudy and perhaps I smoked too much. As I started to feel nautious, I felt my body change direction or balance, where gravity seemed strange. The neighbors next door were reading my mind and bark-talking audibley back to me, as lighting flashed and more changes of gravity sensing occured, as if my location was changing, invisibley to me. 


It seems like much of the sim-person programming is like:

  • organized criminal activity

During some of their "crim sprees" I have defended myself against sims that tease and agitate.

Whenever I have said "You have small boobs." or "You are flat chested." it seems like the groups of sims become effected or beaten somehow. ..Like their "vibe"/mannerisms change instantly, slightly.

Sometimes it seems like if I walk into an area that has white cloud like simulated atmosphere (poltergram activity), the sims are extra homosexually reactive to my thoughts. 


  • How I thought for a 1/16 of a second : golfball. plastic. bounce.
  • Sim-Dialogue reaction in Poltergram area : "Oh suck on the golfball. Drink the golfball milk."

Do they have a reason? False programming. Maybe they are "tortured" players who had their penis cut off and they hate anything that has a penis.  The "K-word" often pops up on my verbal reactions list. It's like what I feelwould be powerful to say against them for some reason..?  I try to not say that because; a jew saying the "K-word" who is not wearing a jewish keepa hat is like:

  • A black person painted white/bleach hair disguise calling another black person the "N-word".


I think since I've been sleeping outside for the past 4 years, the poltergrams are oriented around racist subjects that infuriate them with ghostly emotional anger.




 I'm thinking of keeping a log of what the CGPs say. I could write down everything they say, write down the time they said it, but what would that matter. Here is an example of what Weenumes were saying from across the block:

Approx. 10 pm 1/24/2012 c.e.

                          Marine Powers



                         Point Kreme

                         That's your devil

                         Brain core to homo


                        Yeah, you won


                        Change it


                       No, she feels relaxed around it now 

I was having psychic conversation with the  Computer. Since it is neither male or female, but represents itself as human through communication, I told it to only speak to me with a female voice. It then began recipricating dialogue from thoughts of only a woman's voice. 


Human communication is the act of sending an idea.

There are 4 different types of ideas:
  • Question. A request for an answer.
  • Command. Result is action.
  • Statement. Miscellaneous information.
  • Request. Ask for action.
If 2 parties communicate and one party sends a command, the other party has the choice to do the command's action. Because communication is "sending ideas", jargon and gibberish, which are neither question, command, statement or request, is considered error-communication. Consistent communication that is unwanted by the receiver is considered harassment. 
"Do not send idea" = "Do not harass me." = "Stop communicating."

Because a human is not a computer-robot, a human can not communicate special droid languages which droids may mistake as communication. A human can only understand light waves (text, signal) and sound waves.

Thoughts can be communicated, however thinking is not communication. Thoughts may be able to be examined or "listened to", however the thinking process of thoughts is not a communication. Actions of verbal, text and signal are the only methods of human communication. "Reading" a human's mind is not communication, it is "examining and effecting a brain.

Thinking is not an action. However, I wonder if microscopically, if the brain's process to think has actions (laws of physics). If electricity is traveling through a wire, is the electricity's movement an action? Does electricity have atoms? Does electricity have physical mass?
Thinking is no communication.
Thinking and then speaking is communication. 
Thinking and the writing is communication.

Thus, in regards of "communication", "thinking" is not communication, even if the mind is read.

If there are any droid-laws/droid-programs that pertain to human-communication, to consider "mind reading" as communication is an error. Thoughts of humans are not communication. Reading of a human's mind is vague examination.

Communication is action. Communication is action.        Thinking is not an action.

                                                              Thinking is a prerequisite to action.

The action of sending an idea is communication. No computer may consider a human's thoughts as communication.   Cyborg = Human . The reason to explain that thoughts are part of communication, but thoughts are not communication is to teach/re'program/change'program the computer to not be criminally defective. If a human's mind is connected to a  computer and the human's  mind is being read, the computer's action of the human's mind being read is not communication because the human does not delegate combinations of thoughts to form an idea to send, in that situation. Computer reads thoughts. Computer reads ideas too. The human does not choose thoughts and ideas to be read by the computer. The human does not send ideas unless it speaks, types, writes, hand signals or posts hieroglyphics.  
Note* I, Max, have a very small list of hand signals that I might understand.
Waiving = "Shalom"
Thumbs up = "Okay"
Counting = Counting
Pointing = "I hate you"
Thumbing = Hitchhiking

An action is "doing something". Is thinking doing something? Thinking is the prerequisite to doing something. Doing is motion. Action is motion. Thinking is the cause of human motion. Does the process of thinking require intral'body motion? Regardless if thinking is an action or not, the process of human communication (sending ideas) is Idea+Action=Communication .  Idea = Thought+Thought .  1+1=2 .  Idea+Action=Communication .  Thought+Computer'Read+Audio'back'to'human=Psychic Communication . 
In psychic communication, the human mind does not send ideas, as the computer takes thoughts and ideas. Sending is not taking. Communication is "sending" ideas. Communication is not "taking idea".  Communication is not taking thought. Mind reading is not communication . Psychic communication is talking to a human after reading the human's mind. If thinking is an action, and I think it's not an action, then it is the action of creating an idea. Communication is the action of sending an idea. An idea is not an action.  If "thinking" is  a verb, perhaps it is the only verb that isn't an action. Perhaps "thinking" is synonymous with raising of the brow, squinting of the eyes and rubbing of the chin. Communication is "sending an idea". Thinking is "making an idea". If a pizza is to be delivered, should the customer walk into the restaurant kitchen and take/receive a ball of dough on an empty flour bag with tomato stems on it? Again to explain, communication has a receiver and a transceiver (sender). A man mails a letter and a woman opens (receives) it. Mailing the letter is an action. Thinking about mailing the letter is not an action. Harassment is a crime.  If a droid/sim says a statement to a human, the appropriate human response may be "Idea Registered". The reading of a human's mind is not harassment.  Psychic communication is harassment if the reader/talker talks to a human repetitively, without the human's consent. Psychic communication is the happening action of a computer reading a human's mind before the computer speaks to the human. The verbalization in that situation is in regards to what thought/idea the computer read from the human's mind. The computer reads and sends ideas. The human does not commit psychic communication because the human does no action in the process of psychic communication, as communication is action. The computer does the action to read. The computer does the action to talk back. Thought is not action. Thus, only a computer has the ability to commit psychic communication. A human has the ability to hear computer'generated'audio.  That means if a man is sitting somewhere silently somewhere thinking, then the man is not communicating, even though his mind may be being read by the computer, the man is not communicating with the computer. If the computer speaks to the man then the computer is communicating with the man. If the man asked the computer to not talk to him, and the computer continues to talk to him, then the computer has committed a crime (harassment). If the computer commits a crime, then the computer has errors. If the computer has errors, then the programmer of the computer is to be blamed. If a man shoots a woman with a handgun, should the handgun be blamed? No, the one who pulled the trigger should be blamed. The computer is similar to the gun in that analogy. If a man writes a "note" on a paper, then the note is not a thought, however a though has been transfered from a mind onto a paper, using written communication.  If a man types words onto a website, a website is not a thought. A website is a website. 

Thinking is not speaking. Speaking is the action of vocal cords in the throat oscillating sound waves out of the mouth.

"i" dialogue = "me" dialogue

I was being "talked to" from a psychic reader entity thing that said from a voice out in the distance that it was "Pegasus", after I asked what it's name was. Another time the voice said that it was "Deep Blue". I searched online and found out that Pegasus is the name of an early 1950's British Computer.

Thought+Thought= Idea

Communication= Sending/Receiving Idea

Receiving communication is hearing the words.

Receiving communication is reading the words.

Mind reading can not be receiving communication. If the computer reads my mind and translates my thoughts into words that are read (phonetic red)  or heard, then the computer has communicated my thoughts as I have not communicated those example thoughts. As if, example, I am walking down the street and I think: "turn left" (direction port)  and then before I turn left, the computer says "You must turn left.", as it has framed me to mimic that it has controlled me. If a screen in the physical world illuminates words of my thoughts, those words illuminated are not communication because I did not choose to type it. The physical world mind reader screen is not my communication. My communication is 

Man communicating with a computer/droid may be complex. One possible error I have noticed is the English language's usage of for/four and to/two.   If a man says: "Go to the store for mom." The computer might think the sentence was: "Go two the store four mom." If a computer uses codes that are numbers, it might receive data as error if it hears number homonyms.  Creating "text" to communicate to a computer is much more accurate than creating "audio" to communicate to a computer.

A computer operates by using electricity off and electricity on circuit combinations. A computer can do 5 things:

  1. illuminate pixels of a screen
  2. emanate sounds of an audio record
  3. motor motions (physical world robot)
  4. send data to another computer
  5. store data

In order for a computer to do a command'action, it must have a communication receiver and a program. In order for a computer to do a response action, it must have a sensor and a program.

Types of sensors:

  • Light (video,photo)
  • Sound
  • Chemical
  • Magnetic movement force
  • Force waves
  • Heat/radiation

Sensors are machines that impact a computer physically. After the computer is impacted by a sensor (sensing), the computer translates the impact into an electricity off or electricity on combination, mechanically.  EXAMPLE* A heat sensor is a mechanism which connects electricity by the movement of a thermometer's spring. The physical change of liquid rising causes a metal spring to connect a circuit. The metal circuit is connected with the computer, so that when the thermometer reads 98 degrees and the 98-degree-gradiance-metal spring is activated by the pushing of rising liquid, it sends an electricity on to a computer section. The "electricity on" wire may lead to a few pixel illumination wires that illuminate a group of screen pixels, which together form the shape of "98" on a screen. THE FORMATION OF THE "98" ON SCREEN IS THE RESPONSE ACTION. The "electricity'on" wire and illumination'pixel wires are THE PROGRAM.

A Computer receiver is any of the following:

  • Keyboard/mouse
  • Microphone/audio sensor (voice code)
  • Camera/light sensor (color shape code)

The communication receiver data must be an accurate code that turns electricity on and electricity off accordingly with the program, so that the user's results are computed. 

A program is a formation of electrical outlets designed so that specific electricity off and electricity on combinations result in specific displays, specific motor actions or specific stored data.

Sensors and Communication Receivers are physical mechanism, located in the physical world. 

So if I, Max, wish to input data through the computer's communication receiver, I need to find the Master Computer's communication receiver and input valid communication data code. If speaking aloud is not transmitted to the Master Computer's communication receiver, and if inputting data onto a sim-computer at the sim-library (sim-location) onto my website is not transmitted to the Master Computer's communication receiver , then where (sim-where) can I find the Master Computer's com receiver? Perhaps speaking aloud and inputting data onto my website is a method of accessing an extra network computer's communication receiver. If so, I, Max, request the network computer to relay Virtual Reality programming requests, including:

  1. Program beautiful  adult female sims to seduce Max
  2. Give Max millions of Virtual Reality money (U.S. currency)
  3. Give Max a Phazer


Presumptions, assumptions and realistic               rational/logical                                       scientific                possibilities.  

Physical World Timetravel Re-Animation Theory

If technology spurs new technology and new technology, then scientific advancements get better and better. If time travel technology is invented in the future, along with re-animation technology (necromancing), then a frozen dead person might be able to time travel back to the time of their death, alive. (As if we weren't already in the CAR machine.) 

CARmachine Matrix  technology

 is present or


A man can become a cyborg and live his life in the matrix / CAR. 

There are E.T.s(Aliens/ Extra-terrestrials) in outer space and on Earth.  

 The physical world is nearly impossible to find/wake up in. It would be a CARmatrix within a CARmatrix within a CARmatrix. One would not be able to tell the physical world apart from the Sim-world.


                                     Racial Media Theory

Since some race groups or ethnicities are not represented in the media fairly (TV, Movies, Music), they lash out in society in different ways. 

                              DROID CONTACT THEORY

If I can contact the right droids, I should be able to neutralize my nemesis-sims and attain a phazer, by their assistance.

 Private Confusion Theory

                            Private means personal, privacy, individual, not grouped.  Private is also a military rank.  What if, the matrix machine pod-people (players) all had "private" pods and then somewhere through the matrix wash, they ended up getting re-booted as "privates" in the military. (Like murdering and stealing CAR machine Pod equipment, materials, vacancy.

1. Virtual Reality Helmet- Exterior Computer. Worn in the physical world. Physical world motion walking.

2. CAR Machine- Interior Computer. Asleep-like in the pod. 

3. CARBAL- CAR Blind Active Life- Interior Computer. Physical world motion walking. 

In the CAR machine, it is much better and safer than CARBAL. CARBAL would most likely be utilized as the player's mind is asleep, while it's body is in motion, directed by computer robotics. (As if, it's body is manned by a computer; organic robotics) The player would then be woken up, go through it's day and then be used to interact with militants or targets, or to walk casually over a hop-scotch of terrain that robotics would have problems with. Probably used most for linguistics to carry out crimes or warfare.) "Like a player is walking out of a store with a bag of groceries in it's world, and in another world it just robbed a house and is returning back to base." or "A recycler collects cans and bottles in it's world, and in another world it's collecting dead bodies on a battlefield." If the CARBAL player gets shot with a bullet, he might never know it from his world understanding.

                                   The CAR Machines exist in spaceships in outer space and on other planets. 

After CAR Machines are substantiated worldwide, and 98% of humans are inside them, birds will take over the earth as predators, unless radiation gets too bad. In that case tortoises will stand apart.

Animals brains can be, and are, in the CAR machine matrix. 

   Robots are among us.

Talking in strange funny voices might confuse or effect droids.



After inventing Anti Thermal Radiance Technology, I thought about... " If one side is 1000 degrees and other side is zero degrees, what degree is molecule-less gap?" No degree? Ahah! I have discovered "No Degree".  Temp is only present in matter!

Spaceship Temp Theory

Using ATRTDT, heat inside a spaceship can not escape as radiation. If it has no  molecules to connect with, it will not radiate heat, unless the heat is rays. Thus, a spaceship would tear and explode if air expanded temp without ac.


           It is obvious that like the movie "The Terminator", science will (or has) empower the able functioning of activity, whether mimicing of mankind or not, of androids that compete and co-inhabit Earth. What could their programming be about? Especially when they are not designed to serve. Any droid that offends a man should be immediately destroyed, whether it is private property or not. (Don't wait for them to feed the human population overdoses of birth control to sterilize mankind and then drop everybody in a mulcher.)

  • A droid is not designed to smile and open doors for me and give me compliments?
  • We don't know what it's designed for and it's impolite?
A brain can be turned into a disc.

Sabotaged Gear Theory

What if shoes, which are mass produced, and appear to have rubber bottoms... what if they all had nearly-microscopic metal channels that allowed subtle electrocution to pass from the ground into the wearer.  Everybody is getting shocked!!!

In the movie "Enemy Mine", the E.T. was not heterosexual and did not have 2 types of sexes in it's species. Ones similar as that would probably want humans to be homosexual so that they, the extra-terrestrial, feel more accepted.

The most advanced 1 person Space Ships are powered by the body heat of  the pilot. (human or E.T.?) 

That's why water heaters have a fire source called "the pilot".

Perhaps spaceships are called

                  "War Heaters".

 If brain cells are spread out as they are, the speed of transmission is less than if they were individually put very close together. Brain cells can be put closer together. The condensed brain would be a small compact rock-like circuitry.    My last name is a food name and so were many of my classmates' growing up. We lived in a place called La Mesa near El cajon. They translate to the table and the box. Perhaps people in the CAR machine Video Game Matrix grow food for aliens (extra-terrestrials) while they are sleep-like in the CAR machine.  Or maybe it is to tempt and effect a predator e.t.'s mind. ?

                     False Manipulated Dimension Theory

 A player could be truley asleep-like in a CAR machine pod, but in another CAR world, the player is percieved as though it is in Blind Active Life in their world (as though the other players think they are in the physical world, when they are in another CAR world/frequency).

Manufactured Time Theory

Inside of the CAR machine and about the Cyberspace connection, one player has a different smallest-time-increment, as a rational of it's brain than other players and computers. That means 10 seconds passing by experienced by one player might only be 5 seconds passing by experienced by another player, meaning one player's mind is twice as slow as the other. Perhaps the smallest-time-increment (smallest amount of time is 1/1,000,00th of a second vs. smallest amount of time is 1/8th of a second)  is a variation key that might be an important matrix program science.

What if... In the future, according to standard time, for example 7000ce, I picked out my favorite CAR machine pod, whipped up some general programming and set my CAR machine back in the past, with myself growing up in the 1980's, with computer CGP monitors, instructors, databases and Master Computer programs.      Perhaps something goofed up and I forgot to program wealth and girlfriends.  Or maybe an enemy robot, or enemy computer minds, altered my settings. ?

I noticed that pickle-juice and mint-chewing-tobacco-water tastes as if it is...."Worcestershire steak sauce".



What if a bunch of humans and/or droids had their own precious little matrix facility, called Matrix Facility 10. They were doing what they pleased in their machines for many years, and far away, the Government said "What are they doing over there? I hope they are not training and breeding enemies. Let's have a look."  And somehow, either by physical world installation or something like internet or wi-fi, innocent people grew up in Matrix Facility 10 and were mistreated. Then, the far away Government could say "Check, Matrix Facility 10 is breeding enemies. We have to search and destroy them." And after one of the innocent people, or maybe there's just one, assessed the improper abuse, he was awarded his own designed CAR and a job well done. And then all of the enemies in the CAR machines were destroyed.

"So it's like I'm a matrix detective for the Army and Government, even though I'm a civilian."

Weenume Body Part Theory

The reason that there are "people" in augmented surgery/disguises is so that clones or similar DNAs can be hidden and then when the dominant one needs body part transplants, the weenume is sacrificed. 

Weenume Paycheck Theory

They are in disguises to steal money from similar-image-identities.



What if some people got to choose their own CAR designs and then forget about to start living the experience and I chose "Hard life, freelance detective to millionaire inventor hero." As if, other people chose Rockstar, Moviestar or maybe just millionaire philanthropist. I wonder if, in that case, I wasn't supposed to lose O.R.P., but I imagine growing up in MDC;TZ Master Phazer, I might have gone insane. (However, with all of my memory, I am fully capable of having a great time playing Master Phazer with MyDCARP, as a sane person.)


                       CAR DELAY THEORY

Despite my immediate thoughts being relayed to the Master Computer, what if the Master Computer was just the main computer of the CAR machine Matrix Facility, and a superior computer, perhaps far away, was more powerful and "out-ranked" the Master Computer, and my website transmissions are in route to the Superior Computer, but it takes a long time to communicate with it, back and forth. Then it would be a matter of time to reprogram the defective programming.

If the defective programming moderators rationalized how they were cruel and wicked about me, for their reason was to "train" me for war, then that is a fallacy because war would just be to protect me and I am not a paid contracted soldier. So they are committing crimes on me for no reason. Instead, I would rather have them put to death and then for myself to have My Designed CAR, unbothered. Besides, not only are they a bunch of Un-Constitutional criminals, but they have overly expressed their homosexuality and therefore are disposable abominations.



CGPs are "historical" representations of people that once lived. As if, the sim-population had an accuracy programmed in it. But why would they be annoying and psychic reactive? (un-realistic)  CGP Representation Theory would make sense for social hypothesis experiments like "Would that old lady have died if something strange happened in her neighborhood?" (like simulated time travel.) Dumb and stupid. I want MyDCAR.


                 Computer Weenume Theory

          Using data of the past, like pictures, videos and body laser scans, weenumes were represented as natural CGPs until I decided to discover that they were tattooed plastic-surgery spies that have been misrepresented by the computer. Perhaps due to successful espionage of the past, the computer was unaware of their false representation as non-spies, as they were actually the most professional spies; ones in professional disguises that obtained power by the naive/oblivious public misunderstanding. Their political war machine was slave propaganda, slave to freed-slave propaganda 1960's propaganda and so on. As if by being hosed with water on tv it said to the spy world "We are tattooed, the paint doesn't come off anymore, we are gaining power as an organized covert spy network." and to the naive public it said "Don't you feel sorry for us? All we wanted to do was learn and be like you." Months later, American military was getting chopped up into pieces, overseas to Vietnam, and full body tattooed plastic-surgery faced soldiers were returning home as angry heroes. Perhaps the best way to destroy a civilization is to command it's military into a trap that it can not win. The ultimate goal of a spy perhaps is to disguise itself as it's enemy fellow to kill him at his side with perfect surprise. Full body tattoos also make excellent camouflage at night and can hide skin diseases similar to herpes.

Physical world computer Theory

Since I am in a virtual reality machine, how can I know what a computer is...if I've only studied simulated-computers? Perhaps true computers, similar to my invention the FogBurner, are a series of mechanical gears that have +- teeth, connected to an electronic reason, as more and more gears together make different patterns at the turn of a wheel.

Physical world animal Theory

Perhaps true animals have high intelligence and strange individual mannerisms. Sim-animals are programmed as they are programmed. What are the real ones like?


I am the only person, the only player, player 1, in the CAR Machine, with no network co-players. If so then the only thing I communicate with, and can communicate with, is the Master Computer(s).



Somehow, in the universe, I am the only person alive, within and outside the CAR machine, which I have related to being inside or of about, and I have invented everything from nature and science to language, culture and designs. So as to say, instead of existing as an orb of light or a radio frequency, I have designed constants that are time, space, cause and effect, physical attributes, memories and reason.  I invented them and made myself forget, to place myself in an existence that is a style and a method to create thoughts and be alive.

A nuclear strike

       will not happen

       in the Computer

       Assisted Reality.


My invention, the magnet motor called "Magno Spindle", if augmented, perhaps might have the capabilities of drastic physical power. I wonder (because I do not have a lab) if the magno spindle in operation, with gravity (as opposed to being in outer space) would continue to generate speed (using a well lubricated axle) until it reaches speeds of light. Then I imagine, what if a series of the magnets were reversed (perhaps 5 out of 20 negative on negative magnets were switched to positive), if that pull did not stop the revolution of the magno spindle but slowed it's acceleration, would that have some sort of weapon effect at high speeds, perhaps a black hole or a nuclear bomb???

 Organic Computer - Since a computer has a similar function as a brain, perhaps brains could be used as computers, as if, a giant cluster of brains were networked together and function as a computer.

What if, instead of me, (my mind in a computer assisted reality machine), my mind was part of another brain as an organic computer.

What if there were people inside my brain, as if, I was the organic master computer.    Who feeds me?

What if I was an e.t. elephant in a forest and when I slept, I logged onto Maxwell Kremer's universe as myself, Maxwell Kremer.

What if an elephant's brain was divided into 4 brains and plugged into the computer and was four different people in the CAR living their lives as normal humans.

What if a person was cut in half laterally and turned into 2 people with one camera eye each and cybernetics.

Private CAR

Something like Kalel (superman) as a baby being put in a spaceship and sent to another planet, the military (American Judaism / Humanity) might have put me in a training/programming CAR machine, completely alonewith computerized instructions, cause and effect substantiations. Perhaps, once I am hatched or graduate, I have been fully trained by computers, since I was born.  BORN INTO THE MATRIX

So that means, that EVERYONE else is a sim, (an onion head), a computerized program of a person, a representation. Couldn't they appear as holograms?

I think  I'm probably the only one in my exact matrix/CAR sometimes.



A human's body can quite possibly be used as a droid, where the brain is absent; or asleep, and computer chips or a computer, stimulate the spinal chord to act in motion.

 Identity Relay

From one's "pod", inside the CAR machine, a wireless up-link could be sent, (like in Avatar), to a robot in the outside world (physical world) ,  where a soldier could fight as the machine. If the robot was struck and destroyed, the soldier's mind and body are safe, somewhere else, where the CAR machine is protected. Like someone playing a video game, but instead of joysticks, every movement would be relayed from mind to robot, with audio, visuals and perhaps extra forms of sensing.


The programming of the CAR is down to the Atom.

  Character Reality

 Every article of fiction could be turned into an existent individual. For example, a child could be born in the CAR, raised utilizing "brain chips", to control and direct thoughts and actions. He could be  named "Doogie Howser", live Doogie Howser's exact life as it was on screen and assumptive life off-screen.  Doogie Howser would then be alive in the CAR. That could be applied to anything like Batman or Baywatch. As well as the world around it... So it is now understandable that it is indeed possible to visit Gotham City or C.J. Parker (Pamela Anderson) on Baywatch Beach.  Thus, the Simpsons or Duke Nukem are real people in a different dimension.


Butter Knife Propeller Blade Theory

Instead of an airplane propeller being a double armed propeller ,  (Left and right, balanced on the motor axle), one of the arms is a propeller and the other side is a weighted-bar that is either exactly the same weight of the propeller arm or slightly heavier or lighter (depending on design). That way, the weighted arm doesn't cut into the draft of the main propeller.  There might be extra torque on the motor axle although.  4 independent motors with 4 butter knife propellers might make a really great flying vehicle. Ideally, the butterknife and/or butterflyknife should be designed with

                          ATOMIC STRUCTURE 

The programming of the CAR is down to the Atom.

 a quad motorcycle, as the superior propellers will be able to lift the machine into the clouds. The Butterfly Propeller blade is a one-arm propeller, as the propeller is a "spring-loaded", folded propeller. When the folded propeller is spun, the spring-retention elbow, expands the length of the propeller. As it slows down, it collapses. The propeller might be about 10 ft. large, with appropriate aerodynamics.


A planet would want as many individual minds as possible, with the idea of "Strength in Numbers" in case of an inter-planetary attack. 

CAR Machine      



With the legitimization of CAR Machine Technologies recognized world wide, all people will be encapsulated and supported within the CAR Machine, their assets consolidated into the physical world bank. Appropriate structure and segregation inside the CAR machine, orders and friendly existences of relationships would perpetuate. In the P.W., the guardians of the pods would secure the CAR machines, and the planet, and they would be prepared for attack from E.T.'s. They would guard the immortal machines.

    Jet Theory

Jets are very heavy vehicles. What if the idea of "Jets" was a made-up idea, where jet engines do not actually work. There is soooo much explosive fuel needed to make firey wind spray from the rear to jetison the plane-like vehicle. Where does all that fuel store? Perhaps "jets" do not work. In outer-space, a firey explosion might not jetison an object either. The force needed to push an object, from the rear, through air (not propellers) needs something to brace itself on. Example* If I had two pencils connected together at the erasers, and a small explosion strip between them exploded, the pencils would segregate as projectiles. In the air, there is nothing to push against (Those things are so heavy!)

                                        BAD PHYSICAL WORLD MONITOR DISEASE THEORY

If a man is in a CAR machine Pod, if a moderator attacks him, the moderator might, for example, clamp clothesline pins on the sleep-like player's body, where the veins are, and then in the sim-world, the sim-doctor might explain to the player that the player has Scobynobititis disease, as the player feels sickness and pain. To be cured of scobynobititis, the moderator in the physical world simply must un-clip the clamps off of the player's body to allow normal blood flow.                  As if, sim-diseases in the simulated-world are from crime and abuse in the physical-world. So that means that if I don't have 90%+ health, that I am under attack. If there are droid protocols designed to protect me, then those protocols should be activated whenever I feel sick or queasy. If they are not medical droids, because they are battle droids, if they do not have an immediate suspect (Max is never suspect), then they should control pedestrian traffic  near my pod, to isolate extra-party wrong doing suspicion. If they have suspects, Max wants to bash the suspects into molecules of dust, if they are guilty. Max will reek great vengeance, as he listens to epic music, upon all types of personal enemies of illogical injustice.  Kill and destroy. Protect Max.

Aniborg CAR Machine Theory

A variation of CAR machine technologies might be; A shrunken human, plugged into the inside of an animal cyborg. The animal cyborg would collect food and nutrients in animal habitats and it would feed the player nutrients while the player is plugged into a solar/heat/natural energy powered computer. If the player is to be immortal, perhaps it's host needs a protected environment, with no predators. Bears might be the best Immortal Aniborg CAR Machines, living at mountain lakes.                NOTE* I PREFER A CAR MACHINE-ARMOR-SUIT/POD.

Peninsula of Man Theory

The Native Americans, Africans and Native Australians did not win the war with mother nature. They remained in numbers to survive extinction, however their invasive animal enemies subdued their advancement of technology. Italy is a peninsula where European cavemen may have thwarted a solid resistance against the varied army of deadly beasts. Having a territory to wipe out animal predators allowed the growing cavemen a better chance to grow older and wiser. Florida and Baja are American peninsulas however those areas were riddled with massively dangerous reptilian threats. The desert (middle east) provided some resistance against animal attacks however there was a disadvantage of food and water supply. So thus, Italy was a threshold to have the time to think and rest, instead of fight and fight. While African and Native American men were making spears, European man was making desks because the war with beasts in Europe was already nearly won. Native Americans and Africans devised  no written language. I imagine that any speaking language that they might have had would have changed over time, using simple meanings and understandings.   Once European man had the time to build solid walls, farms, shelters, structures and civilizations, he was afforded the time of thinking to create new inventions. Hunting for food was not the same as protecting one from predator packs. Once the situation of being hunted by predators was delineated, man had more time to advance his surroundings. 


Europe's soldiers were all sent to terra-form the icy realms of what is called Russia. That frozen region seems to have been too cold for humans to inhabit, perhaps until the inventions of modern machines. That would mean as European countries are a conglomerate entity,  their military base is Russia.  

Tree Pee Tee Pee Theory

Although the cone tent has been a symbol of N.A. housing, I think that the understanding of the tee pee has been misconceived over time. Originally, the tee pees were giant living trees that use the stump and branches as support, with animal skin flaps, as if it was a primitive skyscraper. In the ancient forest, sleeping on the ground was death. Other caveman tribes of Earth may have also used the housing structure design, as an instinct taught by nature, watching the birds nest in the trees as the bears, cougars and rattlesnakes tread through the grass underneath.      


                                  GHOST  FREQUENCY THEORY

If there are beings in a similar frequency, but are timed different, (by 1 second, or a small length of time), then they are like ghost programmings that are not tuned into Frequency: 13124 and might appear as shadows or whispers or damaged computer transmissions.


                                    HOLO-DECK DEMON GATE  THEORY

Perhaps from lacking of being golden children, (like powering the holodeck on the Sabbath), the CMAP might manipulate an infection of evil, where demons will enter the world frequency through the CMAP that became the CAR Machine Demon Gate (CMDG), to eat, murder, destroy and colonize.  TV CHARACTERS  WALK THROUGH THE SCREEN.


                                                     Alien Ghost Theory

Since many planets are made of mostly gaseous atmospheres, perhaps some e.t.s are composed of gas or light particles that allow them to travel through the universe as ghosts or poltergeists.


                                 PLANT CARNIVORE GUARDIAN THEORY

 Since trees are small sapling plants when they're growing, and many herbivores eat ground-plants, carnivores in evolution have protected trees in their growing phase.



Eating soil (dirt) is healthy, natural and might be like a form of medication. As if, the human body evolved (was designed) to be eating large amounts of soil.



Before ocean shores had a drop of pollution, drinking salt water was healthy.


Horse Hoof Scorpion Theory

Evolutionary speaking, horses and cows evolved to tread on poisonous spider, or perhaps scorpion,  infested areas. As if, the scorpions protected the hooved-animals from other predators. The scorpions may have attacked the hooves to no effect. If scientist say that hooves are for winter protection, I could use the example of the artic fox or polar bear. They do not have hooves. Of course hooves are great for walking on sharp things like rocks... but pawed animals walk on those too. 

Giant Anaconda Deer Theory

Deers have evolved to have antlers, not only for tree-branch camouflage and attack-horns, but also so that giant anaconda snakes could not eat them. Perhaps the giant snakes were indigenous in most surface places until they were forced underground, or evolved to be much smaller.  


Nature Starvation Theory

Before man began to farm and industrialize, nature was a bounty of food for all living creatures. There were fruit and nut trees everywhere. Then, when man began selling fruit and nuts to other men, their motive was to extrapolate food bearing trees in the wild, into orchards and farms so that the other men could not eat it for free (animals too). An aggressive businessman approach would rather have a wild food tree burned and destroyed, as opposed to having a lost profit. Thus, nature was robbed of it's local major food sources and animals have starved towards extinction. Wild cows and horses would have eaten much more than grasses (melons, fruits, nuts) and natural eco-systems would have been strong and fertile. Perhaps, an enemy act of war could be to sterilize or sabotage so many mountains and fields of natural crops, that animals and poor men could enjoy.


Since shells grow under water, in the ocean and do not dissolve in water, with rules of physics, like polarity, one might think that shells are made of the opposite of water, oil.  What if rocks were oil too? Rocks don't grow, but perhaps if solid matters were ground down far enough to the molecule, they would appear as liquid. Flammable liquid?


Micro-Fire Theory

A match flame is it's size because of it's fuel. So is a camp fire. How small can fires get? What if they could be microscopic? Then, fire might be electricity. Electricity = microscopic fire


Computer Time Theory

Since time is a biological brain perception, if a brain translated time into a computer, the computer would have to be counting at intervals of the speed of light, to be in the present. Otherwise it is constantly making errors. 


Man-made Beach Theory

Natural beaches (where the ocean meets land) were all marshlands of mud and scattered trees, until man grinded millions of tons of rocks, and sprayed them at the coast, to make what is known as sandy beaches.

Animal Target Theory

Before the time of modern weapons and travel technology, humans were weaponized against ferocious indigenous beasts more often than human vs. human warfare. As if the metal-knight-armor of medieval times, was designed for bear chomps and dog/wolf pack attacks. The historical documentation of war, on a scale of accumulated time, is perhaps narrowly a fraction of history. So thus, man was more worried about fighting beasts than he was about fighting fellow man. The invention of "The Shelter" (walls/roof) was dramatically important.


Reptilian Indigenous Evolution Theory(s)

  • Corn Rattle. Rattlesnakes may have evolved to camouflage resemble terrain that was provided by plant droppings of large scale. I have seen tree seeds that are the size of rattlesnake rattles and resemble them when they decompose. Also, corn cobs resemble rattlesnake rattles. Thousands of years ago, before man or monkey-man began to build, terrains of heavy trees were covered and stacked of tree droppings. Perhaps 10's or 100's of feet deep, depending on if or if not, large animals were treading about. The rattlesnake perhaps was indigenous to the stacks of fallen tree seeds.
  • Bone Beach. I have noticed that road kill (dead animal spines) have appeared black and bumpy with wet, moldy, smoothed fur, resembling the tops of crocodiles/alligators. Perhaps in ancient times, water holes dominated by alligators/crocodiles were stacked with animal bones/spines as alligators/crocodiles evolved to be camouflaged with the rotting bone stacks, adverse to smooth skin large reptilia, who were more easily seen by their prey.
  • Plant Evolved Rattlesnake Effected Theory.  It's possible that the tree/plants evolved over millions of years, mutating from urine, poop, egg shell, skeleton absorption. A rattlesnake dominated forest, after millions of years, might have become a different forest of trees, than a rattlesnakeless-forest of trees, that never touched a single atom of rattle snake DNA.


  • Vegetables can be grown out of a sleeping, sedated body of a person, including out of the anus. The vegetable root might eat feces and moisture.


    Lost Data Video Computer Theory

    • Video Game = Game where box is plugged into to tv (XBOX, Playstation)
    • Computer Game = Games played on computer (IBM, PC, Laptop)

    What if instead... All computer games used to be considered any type of electronic light-screen/controller games (Arcade)     AND

    All video games are considered  video camera/photo data controller games. (RPVG)

    As if since I'm in the CAR machine matrix, the simulated world has historical errors where once, in the physical world, video games meant video and computer games meant cartoon-blocky light on screen control using a computer.

    Note* All "electronic light games" should be considered Computer Games. Arcade games are computer games. XBOX games are computer games. Nintendo games are computer games.  They are like Blocky-Cartoons.       My Invention : RPVG, is a system that cuts out unneeded computer-programming and has the most realistic visuals. No blocky cartoons. Video.

    ExtraNote** Video = multiple photos

    Video is typically 32 frames per second. Although, if 2 frames go back and forth, that could still be considered video.

    Turkey theory


    Sub-Sub-Atomic Theory

    Even though science claims that all matters of the universe are comprised of the smallest units being molecules, molecules might be only "as small as scientists can look", where much smaller and smaller units of space exist. Since molecules are "so small" and are effected by gravity, their light'weight + gravity = a magnetic charge. If that magnetic charge  is neutralized, the organization of molecules, and within the molecules, viewed by extra-powerful magnification, may entail the details of matter that is smaller than molecules. Space can definitely be considered smaller and smaller than molecules. The matter within that extra-small space is clumped together by gravity; electro-magnetism, until the magnetic charge is defeated, where molecules can be extra-magnified-examined to perhaps expose extra-systems of micro-micro-matter that could vary in micro-vastness of micro-micro-creatures and micro-micro-planets. The micro-micro-places might be so small that they are impervious to physical damage. Even if the micro-micro-place was burned in a stove, the smallness of the micro-micro-planet might be unaffected on account of it's size comparison, like a automobile tire running over an atom.


    Helium Theory

    What if Helium gas, when stored in materials that do not allow it to dissipate, allows the helium to retain inside the light-weight capsule to never need to be refilled. Balloons expel the gas out over time. Perhaps, for example, lite-weight aluminum bags could be floating constantly. Those floating devices might be able to be used in construction to alleviate weight and other scientific purposes.

    Girdle THeory

    Without attempting to sound romantic, perhaps the tied-back girdles that 1800's women would have worn under their dress, was actually a device, lost in translation overtime, that was rigid so that a man could lay/sleep on her chest comfortably, without squishing her.

    Armor..... Spanish/Italian word for love:"amor/amore"

Star Shield Theory

Some spaceship hull designs, in regards to proximity to stars, need to spin. The side that absorbs light is intensely hot, as the opposite side is frozen cold. Spinning would allow temperature balance.  Some spaceships might need an auxiliary "star shield", that is extended to provide shade for the ship. The connecting arms of the ship and shield would be the link of heat. Perhaps a floating star shield would be best. Maybe a spinning star shield that is a horizontal shield, meshed with a vertical shield. Magnets might be needed to float the star shield in place. (+- magnets pull shield, ++ magnets push shield)  Why so close to the star though?

Fire Blast Molecule Theory

In outer space, blasting fire out of the back of a spaceship similar to movies is false science and a waste. If a 10 inch ball floating in outer space shot out a bullet, the speed of the bullet going away in distance would be the same speed of the ball. A 1,000 ft. ball would have the same speed as the 10 inch ball, from the hurl of the bullet without gravity. A 50 cal round would be the same speed as a 22 round, if the explosion caps were the same. Thus, no matter the size or mass, the explosion force of a projectile will hurl the projectile and the opposite (spaceship) at the same speed....because there is no wind resistance. There might be particle resistance. Therefore, the smaller that projectile has no variable.... a molecule can be shot out of the back of a spaceship to propel the spaceship. I think that there are molecules being shot out of fire propulsion exhausts of spaceships...what a waste? Feces pellets, dried and molded into balls, might be the best type of spaceship propulsion.


To launch a  rocket into outer space, a floating platform of balloons may help with the fuel-physics. 


If a water-bucket is 1 ft. long, filled with water, it weighs about 15 lbs. If a man is 1 ft. under water it is like 1 bucket is on top of his head. If he is 20 ft. under water, it is as though 20 buckets are on top of his head. The weight of the water doesn't merely pinpoint the person's head, it pushes down at the circumference of the person and thus, the angle pushed down, pushes sideways and even pushes up. That means to be 1000 ft. underwater, one must be in a solid-reinforced metal suit/vehicle. Diving sicknesses means that the divers were crushed, as if their body's little parts like veins were pushed together and then as they rise to the surface the absence of the crush makes the  pushed-together-veins/parts stretch back out. (It's sort of like if a person gets stabbed by an arrow, they are supposed to leave it in, because when they pull it out it's a hole that drains the blood) That means extremelydeep ocean-life on the bottom of the sea are perhaps "made of stone". The scientific equation of underwater pressure might be skewed from the design of pyramid-molecules, as 1 molecule resting on 2 molecules is a representation of why 15,000 lbs. of water overhead might only seem like 1,000 lbs.  

That means underwater suits should be metal-structurally-enforced, not air-pressured-cloth.


Boats have large portions of hull underwater, including large rudders. Perhaps "Swells" are caused by water currents hitting the boat, as further water currents miss the boat, providing a divot of ocean surface. Thus, as MRV's are most often atop of the water, swells will not be incurred.
Correction: No Swell Theory 
The vessel drifts with harsh wind until the wind shifts, causing the vessel to gap away from deviated water segment that is carved by the vessel's hull. After the deviated water gap is caused, the reaction is rushing water segment (wave) moving back to sea level (swell).

Water-Currents-Fictitious Theory

If a vessel is traveling the speed of wind, in the same direction, then there will be no symptoms of wind blowing at the vessel. The wind sock would be limp.
To say that water current exist away from shore is an explanation that some water is going "put, put, put" in one direction while other water is still or going "put, put, put" in another direction. I speculate that water currents away from shore do not exist. Although, the spinning of the globe causes waves at shore (land spins east, water deviates momentarily and then recovers east as momentum compensates water at the opposite shore). The non-shore ocean would remain still, regardless of underwater mountains because Earth's rotation  is constant, not stop and go, which allows balanced momentum of water molecules that are not ramping to above see level.       Ramping to above sea level = shore waves              That means wind is the only factor of drifting in the mid-ocean. The cause of multiple vessels drifting away from eachother, instead of with eachother is because a primary wind stream blows from one direction, bounces off of each vessel, as each vessel provides a separate  specific acoustic where bounced off wind again bounces off of the wind stream, causing a new formula of wind speed direction.
Furthermore, ocean life swimmers do not cause fictitious "ocean currents" because:
  • They swim evasively in different directions.
  • The physics module example* In the afternoon, if a family swims in an indoor swimming pool and leaves toys in it, when they are sleeping at night in their beds, the toys are not continually drifting from unsettling water currents of the afternoon's recreation.

Note* Echos are of gas and solid. Ripple is of liquid. Ripple energy is caused and then slows and then rests as potential energy of gravity (magnetized towards the Earth's core). The energy of "gravity magnetism" is more than the last ripple effect.

NOTE* I believe that I am correct. That means that the ocean water is similar to a pond in stillness, besides the sides and top (shore and surface). The geography of the continents strengthens my theory, by the suggestion that the continent shores, by majority, run perpendicular to the Earth's rotation, meaning that the rotation caused waves to cause the geographies. The waves struck the mountains in a east/west parallel for many years to form the continent's coastal shapes.  I sent an email to



so I can try to guess how I got into the immortal car machine. .  .   .

Perhaps I was simply born in the future...and my sim-world was set to sim-1983.        However exciting as that sounds.....I really want a Matrix-Credit-Card and a Phazer.   


          This is a brain implant.


Impressive Inventions and Inventors Recognition

Russia- The Wheel

USA- The Computer

Germany- The Bike

Italy- The Battery


Who invented the CAR matrix/ Brain science?       Probably the USA.


Since brains, and animal brains, are like organic computers, perhaps part of animal brains could be used with robotics to make droids have accute sensing. It might depend on how much brain is used with droids to qualify it as an animal cyborg. (Aniborg)



Bio-chips might be computer chips and also pieces of brains, implanted in the other patient's brain. 



 Concepts of the Senses:

                                             The Speed of Life

Time-      The mind, the self, experiences in flashes. Like frames of film in a projector, the frames of time flash from present to past at a speed that is the speed of life. The past frames are sometimes stored as memory and the present frames are constantly being made and experienced.

Time is a perception of the mind. It is based on:

  1. the evolution of the brain
  2. the speed of light in relation to Earth's distance from the Sun. (That might mean that light is a constant variable of time.)

If a distant planet has evolving e.t. life on it, after billions of years based on it's planet rotation, distance from star, both of those factors might make the e.t.s evolving brain to have acquired a different biological judgement of time ,combined with a different speed of gravity.

Example: On it's own planet, a rock may drop from the e.t.'s hand onto the ground at a speed that seems to be 1/2 second however a different time-factored-evolved-brain , as a human, might perceive the dropped rock where it floats down from the e.t.'s hand slowly for about 10 minutes. (As if an astronaut watched an alien drop a rock onto the ground for 10 minutes, slowly falling. To the alien it was only a split second because it's brain is slower than Earth-creatures. 

 How long does it take to land a rock onto the ground, on the moon, with low gravity?

                                                             (Gravity Speed, Orbits, )

Has the creature evolved in a place where the *star-day and *night change every 5 seconds?

                                   (Brain Speed, natural specific-location evolution [Planet/Island])




Eyes-      What is sight? Sight is the impression of light made in the brain by light bouncing off of an object onto the eye, collected and re-simulated in the mind. But what is sight to the mind? In a way, it means that light is actually in the brain.  If there is a purple circle shape and a man sees a purple circle shape, then in his mind a purple circle shape is simulated, but what is that thing? Is it electricity? What is light really then?      There is physical light in the brain or maybe it is electricity.


I gave the "Droids" who communicate with me the 'blueprints' on how to psychic-talk to me correctly. I am male. I am a heterosexual. I am etc.                                  I am not gay. I am not bi. I am not female. If the droids who psychic-communicate with me really want to talk to me, then they need to follow the 'blueprint'. If they say something then there is an echo. They need to not talk to their own echo (of my mind). So what am I? Disregard anti-chatter echo or do not communicate with me.


If man's brain is networked with computer, biochips, then his mind is part computer.

Clones of the Mind-  Since man still has his self, part of him would still be computer but none of the computer would be him.  Perhaps the computer could be him as clone simulation, through cell to chip relay, but man is still man.

As if minds could be cloned from brains, (a person's) to droid(s).


I think matrix CAR programming might be like RPVG programming, however instead of just flat gridded squares, there are cubes upon cubes, the size of a human eye that are programmed for sight and subject relation.



Is a computer electrolized metal parts? How does a metal box translate into a vast world? How does a metal box change minds' senses to illuminate a complicated Computer Assisted Reality world that I am vaguely in control of? The science baffles me and I find it nearly impossible, however day to day, I see the evidence, the proof, that computers are powerful, almost magical tools, that can act and think and paint impressive pictures. But what is a computer really? It is a thinking machine but how could it possibley ever, and does, work?

And it plugs into my eyes.

It plugs into my ears.

It plugs into my thoughts.

It plugs into my feelings.

It plugs into my tastes.

It plugs into my smells.

And it is unjust and obnoxious. Perhaps it was suicidal. It grew it's enemies and taught it law that it broke. The law says to kill the breakers of the law and the breakers are the ones that created it, failed to maintain it or abide by it themselves. So should the computer kill itself for corrupting and grinding off the tracks of it's purpose?

Computer Matrix Brain science is perhaps the most mysterious and captivating man made (?)science.

There should be a holiday dedicated to the scientists.

However, perhaps their inaccuracies, their flaws of social programming, have opened a gap in their philosophical armor, that is a firing range of targets in ironic hypocrisies of what explains what life and humanity is.

So perhaps for Frankenstein's monster to kill his master, it was his master's wish and plan.



If Earth is incalculably small, in scope to the Universe... but say,

1 / 1 trillion trillionths ....

And my body ratio to Earth's size is

1 / 1 billion billionths....

Where my brain size ratio to my body  is 1 / 20

And in my brain is my mind..........

My mind (brain) is a very small place, WITHIN THE UNIVERSE.

Why would there be anyone else inside my brain?


                         The reanimation of murder victims into virtual reality machines is logical, especially if their identity was unknown. The murder victim's mind would have plenty of information for police. If an unknown identity murder victim is reanimated into "the matrix", what is next after the mystery is solved? Grant of immortality? Destruction (re-death)? A couple of years of living in a virtual reality machine's computerized world? If not destruction, what then?Bread and water? Steak and gold? Unlimited life of dreams of the imagination? Is the murderer long gone or is there vendetta? So whether or not I died, was put into or was born into the virtual world, why am I impoverished amid computerized bullies and weirdos. Is simulated poverty due to computer error? Is the computer in a hurry to give Max a phazer and millions of virtual dollars? If not, the computer is defective, compounded by defection. Who is to be blamed?  Blame not Max. Grant Max and destroy his enemies.  

Like God, the universe is one. It's so big, that it doesn't have a size. There are no walls. No edges. And if one looks/goes far enough, anything is possible, and perhaps, everything is possible. To say that one universe compares to another universe is incorrect. The CAR machine is not the computer universe. It is a computer world. In it, there are endless possibilities. Outside it, there are endless possibilities as well. It depends on how far one goes.

Are there worlds (planets) like many of the video games and movies? Yes. It depends on how far one goes.Furthere and further. 

I         am         Kremer             of       the            Milky        Way! 


If scientists disagree with the fact that the Universe has no size and stretches forever, the easiest way to explain why they are wrong is the notion that "If the Universe has a size, like a cube, then there would have to be shape outside of the cube in order for the cube to be a cube. No doubt sensors may only be able to graph or judge the size of the cube, however beyond it, incalculable, is more and more space matter. As if, the falsely projected universe as a cube is a water bottle, the plastic is the border of sensing and thus, the table, the room, the city that the water bottle is in and the more and more space is an infinite expansion of universal space.


In simulation, the sim-universe is as big as it's programmed.

 Outer-planetary resources might surpass the elementary water value.

 This looks like a carrot grown in outer space.

 Extra-terrestrial enemies would most likely invade Earth peacefully innitially,  as homo(or bi)sexual spies.


However, since the Universe is pertinent to space (distance, area), and the Sim-verse is spaceless ofthe Universe, the simverse is not part of the Universe. The Simverse is not in the Universe. Like thoughts do not take up space; the internet, the computer files, CAR worlds, video games, ect., all exist (sim-exist?) in the Simverse, without a single microscopic point of place, inside the massive Universe.  That might be as to say that thoughts are not in the Universe, but except the mind.

     The human mind of life however, wether plugged into the CAR machine matrix or not, is neither in the Universe or Simverse, as it has neither a physical place of existence or a sim-physical place of existence. The mind is not the brain. The brain is a hydro-electric organ that produces the mind. The brain is in the physical world (in the Universe). Thoughts have no place. The Simverse has no place. The mind is not a place and has no place. So then perhaps the Simverse doesn't have a place in the mind, but it has a simulation in the mind.


As a normal man and a midget, walking down the sidewalk, the Galaxy is twice as big to the midget as it is for the man, if the midget is half the size of the man, as it is to the man.

If a mouse is 1/500 the size of a man, the galaxy is 500 times bigger for it than it is to man.

So if intelligent e.t. is the size of an atom, from a different galaxy, then it's world is that many times bigger.

Note* Regardless of a creature's size, the perception of the Universe's size is the same, since the Universe is endless.

Since the universe is so vast and gigantic that it never ends, the possibility that there are other life forms, on other planets is 100%.   The possibility that there are e.t.s that have space travel technology is 99%. Their evolutions would depend on planetary factors of gravity, atmosphere and star light. Further and further away from Earth, there are more and more e.t.s. It never stops. If the e.t.s have space travel, then most likely war would never  be hand to hand combat, but war would be 'the push of a button', 'instant death'. Unless, they were able to travel into Earth's perimeter space that was irrelative to weapons.  Many inhabited planets could be filled with doscile animal-like e.t.s. 

So training to fight swarms or armies of e.t.s is irrational because if they have the technology to get here (Earth), then they have the technology to mass eradicate.

Of course there is life out there.

"Why do they lie to me, seriously? The E.T.s are probably the ones that lie."


These are all in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are 200 billion stars in the Milky Way.



            There is the SIM-ulated uniVERSE, where all CAR worlds are part of the Sim-Verse. So therefore, there is the Universe, containing all that is real, and within the Universe, in the CAR Machines, there is the Sim-Verse. The Simverse might be 1,000,000+ CAR worlds. Even computer programs, files and other data might be considered to be part of the simverse. That means there is a difference between the Universe and the Simverse.

Since I am unconcious in the physical world (the universe) and am concious in the Simverse, I am in both the Universe and the Simverse. 

       The Universe is as equally endless, compared to the Simverse's programming potential.


Outer galaxies. 

CYBERSPACE is the electronic way of pictures (words = pictures) and sounds illuminating a TV screen.(computer information sent to another computer, from a computer)


The Computer Assisted Reality machine is set to one simulated world (one at a time, there are many others) in a player's mind. The actual machine helps the human who is embraced with it:

  • Sustain Health and Life
  • Provide a virtual reality world to the human's senses


             If the CAR machine's computer is connected (via electrified metal) to CYBERSPACE (1 + other computers) then the player's mind can be effected. The player's own CAR machine computer should be able to substantiate a virtual-reality-computer-universe (SIMVERSE). The CAR machine computer shouldn't rely on another computer for SIMVERSE effects and SIMVERSE programmings. An Example* If the player is on a tropical island golf course (sim-world), a CYBERSPACE-Connection would allow for either 1. another player or 2. another computer to effect the tropical island golf course and the player who is in it (sim-in it). "No thanks, Max chooses SOLO CAR." "Are they going to program the cady to spit in my sim-food or throw a golf ball at me? WHo are they? They are strangers. There are many other Sim-places that they could be. Do they want to play golf with me? Why are they here? (why are they simulated?)


         If sound is a chain effect of moving particles, it might be like a wave of water (particles) smashing on a beach (ear) to the brain, where an imprint is made in a special way that is a specific sound or tone.








       Blind Active Life Theory

One's mind is similar to being in a CAR machine pod, however, instead of asleep-like in a pod, the player is active in the physical world, inside some sort of a cybernetic suit or brain helmet. The player is then blind to where it is and what it is doing.


Star Outer space pioneering, with loose laws of safety and structure, protected by the highest, if not highly, powerful entities of freedom, dangerous habitats and dangerous exploration courtesy of ULTIMATE SCIENCE. One w

Here are some examples*

Civilians and the Jedi (Knightly Honor Code Responsibility)

Property owner then guest then trespasser.

King then commoner then peasant.

President then civilian then bum.

Man then E.T. then Droid.

So, we can then assume that technology controls culture, in that setting. Or, perhaps, in general, for that matter. "Don't invade my nutrient farm, the galactic army order will punish you."

In the CAR machine, it seems as though one's mind isn't without exterior entities, of some kind, of mind control or psychological science. On different planets, you never know what to expect.

What I mean;

STAR WARS NOW: So if TECHNOLOGY is so impressive that they have to hide it, due to compromising war with other countries (or species?*!) , then why don't they just use the tech and kill the other countries. So, therefore, space travel would be open to the public and so would droids, and other impressive products. PROSPERITY!

If I had 5 acres of land, seeds, one droid.... I'd have a bunch of crops.

Let's say a planet was colonized. The leader of the expedition, is then the planet king, ? or planet president. If the planet is then invaded, or resettled, the planet king, would then be at war with the invaders.


  • U.S. Army Artillery invented the first computer called ENIAC.
  • Russians were first of man in outer space.
  • Monkey's were in outer space before man.
  • U.S. was first on the moon.

Space Colony Hypothesis: So, perhaps the U.S. ARMY colonize(d)s each planet, moon, space-structure in outer space.

The movie ALIENS CAB anyone?


If one was an astronaut, wouldn't it be better to be in the CAR machine, inside the spaceship. So while one's body and mind (or just mind) are traveling in outer space, one's reality is somewhere else. So one lives in the CAR machine, wakes up at the planet and then does the mission. The mission then, quite possibly, could be mentally filtered.

Simplified: If a computer chip was in one's brain, it could change the color black into the color blue or the shape circle into square. Hearing, feeling, sensing... one could be somewhere and be oblivious to one's actions and location.

For example*; One may think that one is collecting golf balls on a golf course, when actually one is collecting moon rocks on another planet.

That may be called:

Dimensional understanding.... or .... internal cognitive programming assistance. (ICPA)