Please ask for my permission before making any of my inventions. Please pay me a lot of money.



Realistically, I project that I can sell "homemade robots" for $800 each at swap meet/flea markets. I project that I can make an H.R. for $45. On Venice Beach, I was able to have a boardwalk-vendor-lot for the annual price of $15.

I could build my own basic humanoid robot (without independent intelligence) that walks around and interacts. By studying human muscles, one might understand that they are a system of strings that are pulleys and levers.


Motors could rap and pull a string to collapse an arm to the side of the abdomen and there could be a string on the other side of the arm (inside the skin-case) that brings the arm up. Certain magnets activate with an electric charge so perhaps instead, a magnet chain could be used opposing the string and motor.


simple computer can be programmed to light up a series of 10 lights (or sounds), in different combinations. Now instead of the computer designating the electricity to turn on/off the  lights/sounds, the computer could designate the magnetic chains  or motors, that are like robot muscles to walk across a  room.


Motion 1      Left Leg Lift

Motion 2       Left Leg Extend

Motion 3        Left Leg Fall

Motion 4        Right Leg Lift

Motion 5         Right Leg Extend

Motion 6          Right Leg Fall

The movement could be calibrated by doing more than one movement at a time (Motion 3 & 4 at the same time).

That type of walking programming could be supplied even by a birthday candle electric singer computer. (about $1). The robot could dance around a room   So... mechanical legs, weighted feet, mannequin, battery and computer.. and you got a robot!  


If a laptop was used, installed in the back of the mannequin, where on could fold it down and program the droid, the laptop might possibly be strong enough to supply all it's basic programming and memory.



  •  Motor mechanical muscilization
  • Sight Reading Correspondence
  • Interaction Database Language
  • Self Auto Repair Capabilities

If software was designed for all those, one could connect the computer into the mechanical mannequin, and then you have a basic droid. It runs  electricity to it's legs to walk, it's camera eyes read shapes and change walking direction to avoid objects. If it hears the sound frequency "hello", it responds from a list of responses.

Talking to a droid is like pushing a tire swing.                                 'Cause and effect.

Push, bounce back.

Talking to a human (human to human) is much more complicated because the interaction is not with a device. It is 2 souls with different "speed of life" systems that intersect to correspond with one another, on a much more electronically unique happening (human variable). The droid variable is a constant.               So let's say talking to a droid (or CGP for that matter) is similar to putting money in a vending machine that is set on random. The response, the candy, could be 1 of 25, for example.  Talking human to human might be a similar thought process, but the candy one might get might be a totally different recipe, maybe the candy would have no rapper, or maybe the rapper would be missing the candy inside.

So as to say, the human variable is less mathematical on the premise that humans are imperfect and do not reply as a mandatory function.                  But let's say that the droid programming is extremely intricate and

intelligent and that instead of 1 of 25, it is 25 of 1,000,000. Then it's combinations would seem impressive, perhaps superior to human, but it would still be a soulless electronic mathematical device that was explained "How to randomize", through designed programming, despite however complicated it's combinations are and could be.


DESIGN (for sex robot):

  •   2 bags inside the robot inside/around the facial lips and bottom lips allow the user to urinate into it. The heat of the urine provides realistic heat.
  • Design allows no need for dangerous battery/electrical system.
  • Easy to wash with water.


*Maxwell Kremer can make all Droyd models for about $150 each (cost). See below.


Possible Enemy Robotics Strategy-

Have the parts in different products, in the targeted territory, buy the various products, disassemble the parts and reassemble them into the droid.

              Scans and sensors would probably alert of droid presences. The police, military and private security would be aware of the droid's presence. But what if the droids suddenly appeared in large numbers, in a small strategic vicinity, did their mission and then hid. They could disassemble each other and be mistaken for random electronics.

                If the police/military deploy droids in society, in civil atmospheres, then they are sensors and monitors themselves. But if the droid acts "natural" in a negative demeanor that suggests crime, (like a droid sitting in a shopping cart, drinking a beer and singing songs) then the droid's deployers  are sort of brain washing, scaring, manipulating the public. If they are offending people, then morally that is a crime and they could be sued.


"Hey, my feelings got hurt by your robot, I want $8,000."

Courts?.... Let's hope the judge ain't a droid.

The schematics seen above are for the SPEED-BOT. Since the gears are NOT LOCKED, this humanoid design has more speed potential. While one leg is lifting, the other leg has to be locked as the hip. To turn, a rope inside the shoe, pulls the foot to angled, and because of momentum, the robot leans the opposite direction. Weight of the top is important, (light but able to manage the momentum of stepping) but the weight of the feet is drastically more than the top. If the top of the droyd had very little weight, the walking behavior would appear less human natural. If weight or mass was sticking out of the chest, or perhaps adversely, the head was leaning back, that would effect the posture and speed of the robot. A MERCURY bulb fuse could be used to tell the robot that it fell over. The liquid metal in the glass bubble would swim to a different side of the bulb, stopping an electric circuit (Liquid Breaker) and starting another circuit. For the robot to get up on it's own, (very important) it might need ropes inside it's toes through it's legs to be pulled, so that the feet come close to the abdomen. Perhaps with feet pulled in, an arms motion could roll the robot back on to it's feet and then it stands back up. The knees don't want to bend (solid tension flex). The knees do bend from the weight of the weighted feet and then back to straight with the thighs. The robot should be able to stand straight up with one hip lock LOCKED, strict knee and solid body. If the Robot was more advanced, the motor might be able to be in the feet.   To make the robot walk and run perfectly, the gear ratio and anatomic structure need to be close to perfect. I would try 10 teeth per Kicker Gear (of 100, 10%) at first, and if the timing was incorrect to proper walking, I would then change it. The leg action is Gear hit, extend, extend, release. When the gear is released (from absence of spacial teeth), the foot falls to the ground and the leg then begins to set it self back in the rigid locked position, until it is kicked out again. The motor could be gas or electric. If it was gas, an auxiliary axle would be needed to pull away from the gears to act as a neutral, so that it could stop walking, while the motor is running.


I imagine the SPEED-BOT could run to excess speeds of 24 miles per hour for distances of about 18 miles.

SO... 1. Droyd is standing.

2. Droyd walks.

3.Droyd falls. 

4. Droyd gets up.

5. Droyd walks.

*I, Maxwell Kremer, invented the walking mechanism of Weighted feet + hip motor.

*I, Maxwell Kremer, invented the bb ball circuit, that is a variation of the liquid mercury circuit. I am unsure if I invented the liquid mercury circuit.


ZOMBIE BITER- Weighted feet, slow geared hips, voice activated response, flesh biting jaw. Good for home-invasion-defense.

Shopper- Affixed animatronic or weighted feet. Friendly voice-response programming, soft to touch.

Alien Heart Attackers- 3 ft. tall, weighted feet, R/C controlled or CPU, "scary dialogue/sounds". Could be programmed to invade structures and block doorways saying "You may not leave."   NOTE* Fore "realistic experience", hollow realistic balloons of things like mock-tvs and mock-lamps, etc should be floating in room before attack sequence.

AHA/Dog- A dog-costume hiding dog's legs as costume-alien-legs, as aliens appear to be walking single file. The dog could be trained to "greet" people, activating "scary sound recorded dialogue" The dog's face would be hidden, but it can still see. The dog might be trained to not-bark or a microphone system could amplify and distort that dog's bark into scary shrieks.

Money Hand Droyd- A humanoid model that has an outstretched hand with a $10 bill in it's grasps. It is programmed to mutter insane things and anyone that pulls on the bill, activates a weapon,alarm or reaction. Types of reactions:

  • spray water
  • spray paint
  • electrocution
  • projectile
  • alarm siren
  • Dialogue
  • Arm punch

Thief Droyd- Vacuum tube in "arm" to suck $ bills into "stomach safe"  Good running and hiding abilities.

Floating Warlock- Can have 2 rise/fall cycles. (Balloon)

Vendor Droyd- Mobile vending machine

Room Service Droyd- The meals cook inside it's stomach-stove and spills out of tube in "arm", into bowls.

Host/Bartender Droyd- Talks and moves but does not pour glasses.

Smelter Gheist Droyd- It has a normal realistic rubber skin/wig until it transforms /expands deforming the rubber skin as it expels loud-audible horrific shrieks and sprays rotten gases. The white-plastic that appears as "demon-bone" pushes out of the rubberskin in some places like the jaw/face and chest. The terrible-smelling-activated-robot can serve stationary as a decoy, resembling a dead-body-demon.

Transformations and Activations can be activated by:

  • Bullet wounds (breaking red-water filled interior chambers that have  toilet-type buoyancy levers/float lever switches)
  • Buttons
  • Timer
  • Voice activation

FALL OVER SWITCH- If an amateur droyd falls over, the best way to make it get back up is by installing a "mercury switch" or a "BB fall switch". A small container inside the droyd is filled-slightly with liquid-mercury-metal or BBs. +- wires connect to the container in multiple places so that the liquid-metal or BBS rest in divots of the container and as the droyd falls over, inside the container- the liquid-metal or BBs spill into a different divot of the container, connecting a new +- circuit. The new circuit would be a mechanical system to make the droyd stand up on it's feet, as the liquid-metal/BBs spill back into the "Main-Functioning-Connection-Divot" to continue


DROYD Party Guest

Humanoid Robot (H.R.) Programming:

  • Easiest- Remote Button Control
  • Moderate- Voice activated

 An Easiest H.R. could be programmed with 20 button activated dialogues, 5 movements and 2 positions (Standing and sitting).

A great H.R. situation is the H.R. sitting at a dinner table saying explosively-provocative things to unknowing party guests.

An Example Dialogue:              "What did you say your name was?" (5 second pause) "I have $16,000,000. I'm here to audition you as one of my high paid employees." (3 second pause) "Let me stop you short. I'll give you 5 thousand cash, just for talking to me." (10 second pause) "I'm so rich that I can feed everyone to vampires. I think they can eat you instead of paying you money. How do you like me now, you petty little bitch? You have bad breath." (2 second pause) "Chuck, can you escort this gentle person out of here?" ( 4 second pause) "Okay, who wants to go to the Bahamas tomorrow?"



Droyd Elderly Walker

Radio controlled ro-bot, realistic  mannequin, pushing a walker. Weighted feet, rotor hip motor, walker wheel direction control, video camera. 

Humanoid Shell Frame

A humanoid shell frame is an invention that is a weighted foot walker mechanism, about 2 to 8 feet tall (various models) that is an accessory for humanoid robot kits similar to Darwin and Weewow. The small humanoid robot is placed/set/snapped-into the humanoud shell frame, allowing the small humanoid robot's movements to be relayed to larger limbs via mechanical mechanism. Various Humanoid Shell Frames contain varieties of costume.


Inventions that are silly and not as likely to be as useful...                                                   .

RivBeach Player Waterproof guitar! 


It is made of neon plastic. The sides may be rounded, instead of sharp corners. A plug on the bottom (where an input guitar cord would be for electric acoustic guitars) that pulls out to drain water. Great for the beach!!!!

StageCoach Bike

Similar to a pedicab, the StageCoach Bike is a bike trailer that is connected to a bike (or motorcycle) that resembles a stage coach! I imagine building one that is a bike-trailer size, until it is extended to enlarge the sides, about 2 ft.


Surfboard Propeller

Rubber waterproof electric propeller on surfboard.   Could be behind fin or on nose, with a hinge type lever, that pulls it out of the water, on top of the board.

Fart Sniffers Fan in Chairs

filters air at push of a button. 

Dog costume that uses it's 4 legs to appear as though 2 people are walking single file. (inflated mannequins mounted costume)    The dog in the costume could be more or less concealed, and the person-costume could even be designed to appear as though it is  holding the dog, where the fabricated visible dog body is part of the costume. The part of the costume that resembles people, aliens, monster, or whatever is walking on 2 legs could be inflatable, even filled with helium or cotton, like plush dolls. I think this idea is a really good idea. I think it is worth $50,000, valued as an idea alone.


 RC Robotic Squirrel Surveillance Camera Hand Gun

There could be drills and screws in it's arms and legs, to drill into the wood, to station itself for surveillance and firing of bullets. If it was not drilled into a surface, when it fired the bullet, it would do a back flip and land back on it's feet (if it was weighted right). They would weigh about 7 pounds and be able to be programmed to patrol perimeters and maybe even distinguish targets and fire on their own! (if their computer was good enough!)

Food Beverage Analyzer Machine

Pour your specimen in a slot, inside the machine. Insert $10 and get a print out of the chemical ingredients 


Baby stroller that looks like a sail ship.

The overhide shade curtain could be designed to appear as a sail!

Artwork Fountains.

They are:  a box, with a drain/spick system on top and inside is a plastic bladder filled with water/liquid. A weight on top of the bladder provides pressure. A hole in the bladder at the bottom is connected to a small pipe that leads to the drinking fountain part. The Artwork Fountains are decorative and some have wind chimes on them. The bladders are similar to boxed-wine. A booze fountain is a great novelty. There is an extra weight block on the bottom of the box so that when the water is gone, the Artwork fountain does not fall over. Patent is weight on bladder. The drinking fountain handles should appear authentic. Plastic drinking fountain nozzle/handles would be adequate or metal. The boxes are thin wood, perhaps smeared with cement and artistic design elements. Different sizes. Great for the bedroom, office and yard. 

If I was a Dad, (a dad in the matrix? Wouldn't my kid be a CGP/sim?) I would take my child's favorite tv show program or DVD and edit it. It would be edited so that a character, for example Big Bird from Sesame Street, saying "And now, we have a special host! Max Kremer!" and then it would be like CGI of me playing guitar and singing and acting like I'm part of the show on the t.v.. I wonder if my kid would be confused or think that I'm a tv personality. 

                      Funny T-shirts                             



A t-shirt that says; "Sacha Borat Cohen did 9 eat lemon and all I got was this t-shirt."

A t-shirt that says; "B.Y.O.L.   Bring your own lube."

A t-shirt that says; "Yo Mama is so lazy, she askes someone else to press the button when she needs to cross the street."

  T-shirt says:         "Do not grope my testicles." and a picture of a do not sign.

'Roulette Spinners'  Car Rims

What if one made a human shaped balloon, with light weight clothes, a realistic looking face, filled with helium, weighted at the feet and then with a light weight trigger system, released the weights and the human balloon (looks exactly like a normal person) floats off in the sky. The face could even have light weight mechanical movements behind the face, so that it looks like it's going crazy. It could even be making funny sounds if a small speaker was in it's mouth. The weight trigger could be radio controlled,like it was standing on a board or the weight release could be triggered by water weight. The pants could be full of water and then the magician pulls out the plugs at the feet and then about a minute or 2 later, the balloon starts to float.The water could be instead filled with pee or red dye to look like blood. Other balloons:

  • Dog
  • Motorcycle
  • Tree
  • Computer (in office)

What if corporate sponsors paid for a radio controlled airplane, the size of a real cargo/passenger plane to be flown and shot down off the coast for a public view spectacular. The military could probably use AA guns on it and the public could see what it actually looks like for a plane to be shot down and fall into the ocean.


What if in the future, people could go to a store, pick up an electric sign-billboard  jacket, wear it around town and then return it to the store and get paid for the time they wore the jacket.    Thats a new advertising economy!


What if car vehicles in the future,( like sedans!) ,resembled animals. The grill and front was their face and teeth and the wheel hubs were like their legs folded, clutching the tires.

What if when a person was sleeping, someone else put them inside a virtual reality suit and helmet. When the sleeping person woke up, they found themselves talking to "super-natural creatures" (computer graphics). That might be an easy way to get a person's pin numbers and all of their most secret information.  If the sleeping person's name was Murph,  It's like; "No,  Murph. I told you, I'm really Julius Ceaser's ghost. Do you remember the magic gazelle that brought you the cupcakes that you kept dropping? Anyways, the reason I need your bank pin numbers is because you are actually in a different dimension and since your family needs your money, we super-natural creatures do not want to be brought to the super-natural-courts about tampering people's lives on Earth. So all you have to do is tell us the information we need and then the cherry-robbins-fairies will come back to take you to the magical-bubble-forest." (or pretend that they are holy persons, afterlife scenarios, insanity scenarios, horror scenarios...)


What if someone put wrap-around contacts on someone's eyeballs (the kind that cub the eye and don't have noticeable edges) of another color and then put contacts on top of them that where the same color as the person's normal eyes when they were sleeping and then told them "You've been wearing color contacts your whole life. Your real eyes are a different color." And then told them how to take their contacts out so that they saw the contacts underneath and didn't know that they were wearing two pairs of contacts.


Windmill Powered Boat

With a specific designed gear system, a windmill could spin in 360 degrees and spin a gear, that can be transferred to a track system of paddles, like tank tracks, on a boat. The boat could have 6 lines of track (6 windmills). The paddles could cup the water to push it and then on the way back, they collapse to be hydrodynamic.

 Electronic Guitar  wrist system   "WRISTAR"

It's like a new instrument. The guitar neck is on the right arm, as a wrist apparatus and the right hand does the plucking on a little nub on the tip. The frets could be like the digitech guitars where they sense pressure of the fret to make the sounds.


                               What ifs...                         .

Since it seems that I, Max Kremer, could not possibly have invented RPVGs  , ( I did. I, Max, did.) as if someone invented them in the past... What if on a small, micro-pixel section of a tv screen of nintendo 64 games or old video games displaying blocky cartoon game, was an RPVG screen, where the player, like a secret agent, uses a magnifying glass device to enlarge and play RPVGs. As if on the normal size cartoon screen, the players' control seems to be going out of bounds and as if the player was pressing buttons of actions for no reason, while the micro-screen displays gameplay. One TV. One game system/game. One normal game screen.  One small RPVG screen as a tiny section of the normal screen.           Or what if the old game systems/games could be "hacked" to play stored RPVG data.

What if when it was really windy, if one flew a kite and tied a light weight to the string and sent it off sailing. Kites can fly into the sky without holding them!


One could get a clean trashcan or bin, tub, dump a bunch of glue in it. Dump a bunch of water in it. (Like paper-mache) and then dip and soak a sleeping bag/blanket in it. Take the wet sleeping bag and position and form it with sticks, until it dries. Then mount it above a couch, in the living room, like a living room couch awning.

The ROBO-STAFF looks like a wooden stick, and when activated, thrown onto the ground, the wooden shell collapses into the rod, and a snake skin roll over, to make the staff turn into a snake! A small motor and wheel system on the snake's belly makes it slither away! (Toyd Magno-Staff)

Scare your friends with a life-size RC Robo Shark!  If they have mechanical chomping sharp toothed jaws, be sure not to eat anyone!        Great for lakes, oceans and home swimming pools!


          A Gold Champagne 12 oz. Can. CRV = $800


2-liter soda bottle chair

If I took a bunch of empty 2-liter soda bottles, tied and taped them together to make a chair. The leg bottles could be filled with water.


A realistic rubber face mask, (Life-Cast), with a robotics system that answers and speaks foreign languages. (Smart-Cast)

Biggest Backpack in the world ADVERTISING

I could make a gigantic balloon that appears to be a backpack. 5 ft. x 3 ft. x 13 ft. The bottom of it is actually a backpack type strapped carrier system. On the balloon backpack could be website advertisement and text that says "Biggest Backpack in the World!".

I could wear the balloon at the beach and maybe down the street. If any police say "Hey, you can't have that thing out here." Then I could say, "It is technically a backpack. There is no law that says a backpack in public may not exceed size. It is not illegal to place text on one's backpack."


Super Wet Suits


That would be cool if there were wet-suit designs that appear as police uniforms, batman, spider-man, etc. Handcuffs, belt, arm patch could be painted on.


Goofy Suit

That would be cool if there was a Carhart type robe cloth material jumpsuit that appeared as a wetsuit. A wetsuit that could be worn off the beach. It would fit just as tight as a wetsuit, with the same zipper, the same type of design, but made of cloth designed for not being wet. It's like "Hey, why are you wearing a wetsuit in public?" "I'm not, it's not a wetsuit. It's a Goofysuit." Black, with painted insignia to look exactly like a wetsuit. This idea could be very marketable.


bikini that has a photo print of a mushroom pizza slice on  the bottoms and poca-dot mushroom-icon top.



Paintballs that are filled with compacted sponges. When the paintball explodes, the sponge inside unravels to be many times larger than it was. A sponge-ball design type example could be like a rectangular square that says expands to read "Warning".


To make an empty house's window appear as though a large party is inside... (best at night)

  1. put large tv inside house facing out window.
  2. record people or party scene with a video camera to correct size/proportion. (Make sure that the video cam's angles are the same as the viewer. That means if someone is walking along the sidewalk, looking in the house at the video of what is played on the tv, behind the window, has to be at the angle of the viewer. So that means the videographer for the video has to be walking along the house pointed at the window. If the viewer is looking at the house from a moving automobile, the video has to be from that angle and speed.)
  3. attach tv to pedestrian/driver/visitor sensors
  4. the tv screen would have to be on a 180 degree pivot roll frame, where the screen is constantly at a perpendicular planar degree from the viewer. That means an electric motor would have to be synchronized with the video and the targeted viewer.


Mini Airplane Bullet

What if instead of a bullet loaded in  an explosive cap,   a specially designed bullet, maybe in the shape of an airplane or whistle(could weigh about 8 lbs.), was launched out of a gun. The gun would have no barrel. It might need a track system to jettison the object.  The mini airplane bullet might be about the size of a person's hand. It should be aerodynamic. Some designs might make the mini airplane bullet fly in a circle around a football field, screaming with it's whistler. If the mini airplane bullet was actually a droid, the bullet could be launched thousand of miles and then it could start floating down to the ground like a bumble bee.




Prehistoric Horse Hooves

What if prehistoric horses hooves, if not cut/broken, grew so big that they would become long plastic-like swords, where the horse is kneeling and crawling like a sled, and then when they grew long enough, they were like a "horse ball", as the hooves  had grown circular, making it appear as though it was inside a protected cage ball. The prehistoric horse might have had symbiotic-relations with other prehistoric animals, where other animals lived inside the horse-ball with it, as defense protection.  (Like you know how they say some hamsters teeth don't stop growing until they curve around into the hamster's brain.)     


At the beach, It would be funny if a group of bikini wearers were "shamed in public" by an explanation that:

                              "They were tricked to wear their underwear in public."

Like "dreams" about being shocked about being naked in public, the bikini wearers find themselves embarrassed about being in their underwear in public.

                          "Oh yeah, everyone can see the crease of their crotch. They forgot their clothes."




If a group of dogs, about 8 or 10, were all harnessed together, 2 rows, like ididarod, and the light-weight harness allows them to lay comfortable when resting and always facing forward (a little slack in between all of them), it would be funny if they were deployed in a giant backyard, moving around like some type of bug-leg blanket. The harness, a horizontal net rectangle could be designed to provide shade for them. The animals would be staring at eachother's rears, working together, traveling through dirt/grasses to food/water trofs. Their wolf-pack instincts would probably be heightened as they do not feel like individual animals, but part of a group. If they weren't all the same size, the smaller ones might get dragged a little (from shoulder harness) and the two lead dogs should be the strongest. They should probably all be the same size. The corners of the multi-harness might need to have wheel-poles. 


What if someone set up about 6 heated life-casts (mannequins) with breathing-motors, in a room, laying on "their" stomach's and made it appear as though they were plugged into matrix machines.

 And then the owner could say:   "Hey, want to come check out my matrix room?"  to their friends, Or

"Dude, examine this TV screen of what the sleeping people see."


Plastic-wearable rings that slightly transform to fly off the finger into the sky, using small multi-propellers.

Note* The motor probably would be too heavy. If a motor could be designed to be a "ring" instead of a cylinder, it might work (?) It might tickle when it launches.


Why are giant skyscrapers only in some cities?

What if someone built a skyscraper out in the middle of nowhere or near a desolate highway? A skyscraper in the middle of the wilderness would be interesting. Tenants could have patios with beautiful views of nature. If the Wilderness-Skyscraper was built in a mountain valley, it could be braced with a horizontal bridge that connected the mountain tops of the valley. Wind, earthquakes and soil erosion would be the concern.

  • Plastic windows could be used instead of glass. Glass is heavy!
  • 3 or 4 restaurants in the building
  • Holodeck theater
  • driving range golf patio, hunting range patio, base-jump skydive patio, fishing patio if a man-made river channel was built.
  • No bulky TVs in rooms, only flat screens. Only light-weight furniture.
  • Since water is heavy, perhaps the tenants could bathe, launder at the base of the building. Their base-bathrooms could be private with a key.
  • Toilets that use no water could be located up in the higher-rooms. Dried feces mixed with paper is flammable and can be burned as fuel for heat. Pee goes straight down pipe, poop drops in sanitary paper bin and then drops down shaft.


True: "Tents are allowed to be built without a contractor's license."


What if there was a loop-hole, to build a series of tents (they look like real buildings) on one's private property.

        People could be purchasing land and living on it for pennies to the dollar. Foam brick panels, photograph embedded tarp walls for texture. A thin and strong solid roof could easily be adjoined to 4 legs, and then onto those 4 legs, 4 more legs, per floor. Windows could be of clear thin plastic sliding units. Door could be a thin, lockable panel entrance. The ceiling and wall lamps could be like powerful rechargeable flashlights. Linoleum and carpet flooring. The tarp walls might have an outer layer of foam-like epoxy, to resemble stucco.

The outside of the E.H. looks like a concrete, painted, decorated $500,000. home. The interior is tent-walls.

The roof looks 100% realistic because it is realistic. The window trim does too.

The Emergency Houses are note Storm-Proof! The Emergency Houses are Rain-Proof.

Cost to make estimation: $100 small house. $400-$1,000 big house.

Seller Price: $1,000 small. $4,000-$10,000 big.


Emergency Fences: They are light weight segments, with  attached "lawn spikes", 2 or 3, sharp metal stakes under bottom. Pushes right into the grass. Fence looks real, but might be made of water-proof cardboard.

Elevated Front Yard Tents: 2 inches of grass and soil are placed on top of the short tent, that is like wings to the taller tent. The walls adjacent to the "lawn" are covered in realistic-foam-bricks (to look like a brick wall with grass).

Some E.H.'s could look like mansions.

Note* Many Emergency Houses in town would mean:

  • Inhabitants have extra spending power in the local market economy.



Similar to a twisting barbershop sign (a painted tube spinning in a glass container ,motorized) , a gear system uses the spinning tube gear to also run a clear-plastic-track, perpendicular so that an icon(a flat picture glued onto a clear plastic, divided cord, tracked in  motorized gear teeth) placed on the clear plastic track can motion down the length of the spinning tube, to provide an additional optical illusion.



It's a bicycle that unfolds it's parallel frame, to transform into 2 bike-frames adjoined, to make a bike-cart. 4 wheels. A different design could be a bike that has 2 extra unused wheels at the sides, to extend like a diamond (+1 trailer wheel, behind for extra cargo)

It rides like a bike. Stop. Transform. Rides like a bike-cart.

A hammock could dangle, fastened above the ground, like a space saver sleeping area.


What if instead of homeless people pushing shopping carts (stolen property) they had giant "house on truck bed" type carts, light weight, to sleep, live in, push around and park.  3-bikes-length, 3-bikes-wide. 

What if a light-weight, full size, "mock-jet", made of cardboard or even aluminum, was loaded with an amplifier sound system (VERY LOUD) and clear-propellers (propellers look invisible) so that it could be radio-controlled to appear as a real jet and just as loud.


Swivel Breeze. Directional based spinning blade with sensitive pressure lock. No matter what angle the blade is swung, the blade edge rotates with the momentum and wind of the swing automatically to "lock on target struck".

Sword of Collapse. The blade is comprised of 3 blades that are connected with spring tension chords that collapse away from the swinger and reform automatically.

Chain Sword. Similar to a chainsaw. Electric motor.

Instead of small handles assumed with classic swords, Mazel Tough Swords handles are bent and 3 ft. long.  




Scary Copter Boxes

A box can be placed on the ground, in a park or backyard, at a button, the lid can open to eject a small helicopter, connected to a reel line. Attached to the copter and line is a costume design of a ghost, monster or alien. The costume has speakers for recorded spooky sounds and lights. The copter-geist could easily be reeled back into the box, similar to a fishing line, ready to be deployed again. 

 Tobacco Pouch Fangs "Tangs"

That would be neat if tobacco pouches, like Copenhagen, had little fangs in them to resemble teeth. The pouch could be sewn to have 4 "fang flaps" at each corner.

                           RANDOM THOUGHTS

 1. In Star Wars, the Imperial symbol resembles a Star of David and the Rebel symbol resembles a Muslim symbol. But because it only resembles it and is not it, then it is not it. But would that mean that Luke and Hans were Muslims?


 1.5  I think that the game of football (NFL), where a group of strong men with equipment compete against another team


(representing war) might be a foreign invader's way of saying "Well, we can't really kill all the Americans for World War II, but we celebrate in mockery how we put feces in their food supply. If one doesn't have a toilet, it must squat down and balance the self with one outstretched hand on the ground to make the ball of feces fall to the feet. If all the food is not digested perhaps a quarter comes back to the plate (quarterback). The food goes down the line in factories. The touch down in the end zone represents feces in the mouth/stomach. Feces and urine appear to be in most food while people painted/inked black celebrate and act like fools.

The response:  Cans of soup with NFL printed on the top, that might mean cannibalism?


Wendy's= When dies- when they die, they get served

 turned into hamburgers.  Whopper = "Whop", a slang term for Italian, European Semite

Big Mac = Big Maccabee

Subway = Navy or underground railroad casualties

Chick filet= Chick is a woman

Submarine = captured sub casualty meat

Sandwich = A middle eastern person, muslim or Jew, witch

Hoagie = Hajji

Ham = Person's name in the Torah

In n OUt = Jail prisoner meat or spy meat

Jack in the Box = Jack in the coffin

Carl's Jr. = Naziism, Jews were called juniors

Gross = "Disgusting", grocery store

Bread = Breed, penis and vagina glands

(Dead) Fetus = Feed us (Please don't)

Dominos = Dom means blood in Hebrew, "bloody nose pizzas"

The Nazis turned the Jews into soap_"Soup"

Steak = "Stake", an early American territory claim (free land), a wooden dagger similarly  used in fiction to kill vampires. It's like "Oh those Van Helsings have steaks.... under their skin!"

2. Ones is an oxymoron. 

                    1  1    11  1    1111 1



3Some names in American History are funny.

Harriet Tubman -

"I found a hair in the tub, man!

As if, when one would dye it's skin in a tub.

Rosa Parks -

"Sit your butt here."

Madoff -

"He made off with all the money!"

John F. Kennedy-

"Join if I can die"

(Vietnam War)


President Obama -

Leviticus 18;22 says, "If a man is homosexual, he should be put to death, for he is an Abomination." 

 It's Obama's nation till 2016 

AL GORE - AL is an arabic word meaning 'the'. ALGORITHIM  is a mathematical idea that was invented in Iraq.


4. The Mayan calendar ended in 2012.


5. If the USA is in North America and both North and South America are considered the Americas, Do people in other parts of the world think that Americans are anyone that lives in North and South America?

What if after Leif Erickson and Columbus discovered the Americas, the pilgrims colonized both North and South America and when there was Civil War, it was between NA and SA, not Northern United States and Southern United States. As if, modern day USA is a shrunken version of what it used to be, like a time capsule or a territory for cultural experiments.


6. My blood type is on the Nintendo controllers.

AB+ )


7. The bow and arrow, seen in pictures and  cave wall paintings, perhaps gave an inaccurate glimpse of it's true design. Modern bow and arrows are pre-bent, as if, in motion of launching an arrow. True bows were/are long(about 6 ft.), straight,  sticks, with a wire string. When the hunter pulled back the arrow, the long straight bow bent into the shape of what bows look like today, to jettison the arrow.






8. 110% is less than 100%  because 110% has no value since the gradient scale of percentage is 0-100. If one says, "Give it  110%", compared to what?110% of 1,000,000%? Then what would that break down into? .00000011% That means 110% is not even 1%.


9. Some towns look like they've been attacked and stripped down and robbed by the enemy. Some of them have signs that look like they're from the 1970's and gross colored paint. It's as if a guy went to prison in the 70's and when he got out, he changed everything to look like how he remembered it, all those years in prison.


10. Growing up, I had a step-brother named Louie. Max and Louie. It's like Mario and Luigi.

Ma X=Rio  Rio means river in Spanish. Cross River.~Travel through the pipes to cross the river.~


11. While the U.S. is at war, U.S. Police are trained to kill and capture Americans. Irony?


12. If the words Christians is pronounced (Kris-jen) Why isn't Church pronounced (Kirk) ?


13. Sometimes, when I'm walking around recycling, I imagine 'what if there was a gigantic can' like the size of a duffel-bag, worth $10. For one can. A $10 CRV.


14. Sometimes I think there's a conspiracy to ruin music. As if, someone takes all the radio music, cuts, edits little tiny segments of it out so that the drums and melody skip a little bit of timing. Most people can't notice it probably, but it's like "Let's ruin the American's listening experience of music by making the beats and drums off set."  Music is mathematic. Bad math is a bad no no. Music is art. Maybe it's just bad music.

Rap Music- Rap is like a good way for illegal-aliens to learn English phrasing. Since rap is not "singing", and relies on previously recorded electronic beats, there is close to 1% of talent involved. The lyric material speaks for itself.


15. The word THAW is similar to the word THOUGHT.

-to warm ice to water

- a thinking

Officer... "off" "icer"


16. President names

What if all of the Presidents names represented Police strategies of the 4 year election.

Washington - Criminals painted black or natives that had dirty camps "Washing tons of them." English tons were metal barrels. Maybe he was the guy that had the metal dingy to land shore past the sea-crocodiles.

Lincoln -  Bad meat

Bill Clinton - Counterfeit Bills

Bush - Marijuana

Obama - Gay Mafias






17. I was listening to foreign broadcast news on the radio talk about "inflation", about economy.

They said that inflation means that the value of a dollar get's less and less. That is absolutely not true. $1 is always worth 100 pennies.  The price of products go up.If bread prices change from $1 to $1.25, that doesn't mean the value of a dollar depreciates. It means that a man who decided to sell a loaf of bread at the price of $1 changed his mind and decided to sell a loaf of bread for $1.25. Inflation is a false concept. Although, in terms of 1.prices of making goods and 2. extra money notes being printed, there might be a science that calculates and explains that, but I think it's a manipulation.



18. Mormons-  "Latter Day Saints" means Saints of the Sabbath. Were they like doing a bunch of good deeds while people were getting killed for working on the sabbath? Or were they practicing no work/fire on the sabbath and additionally abstaining from caffeine?



It seems like all the automobile manufacturers are the countries that fought in World War 2.

Honda- China

Toyota- Japan

Ford- USA

Fiat- Italy

Tesla- Russia

Mercedes- Germany

Land Rover- England


The Nazi countries (Germany, Japan and Italy) were called The Axis Powers. Axle power>?


The other countries were called Allied powers. (USA, England, Russia, China) Wheel Alignment powers?


In the USA, if sims aren't driving USA made vehicles, are they foreigners? No. Maybe they are in their electronic motorized cult!


 20. Hitler Mustache looks like Batman sign-

I shaved my facial hair but left the corners of my mouth to have hair and under my nose to have hair, with hair in a line on my chin from under my lips to my chin.(medievalish type facial hair). I noticed that the hair under my nose, that little patch, is actually a Batman symbol. (If the hairs are grown out long enough, it looks like a batman symbol)So does that mean the old comics were about 'Having a H*tler mustache was like the light beam of the Batman symbol in the sky for Commissioner Gordon?





21. U.S. Homosexual History

Before  the Vietnam War, Homosexuality was considered 'A mental illness.' by the U.S. Government. Then in 1973, Homosexuality was reconsidered sane. During the War of Iraq, Gay marriage was legalized.

Are the e.t.s taking over the world and spawning Counter-Religion, Counter-Humanity or something? Haha.











































































































































 (saturday is the last day of the week)














22. Grocery stores would probably make 100%  of their product/merchandise and disguise them as competitive companies. Average main-chain grocery stores probably profit $20,000 a day. A pinch of flour, some sugar, toss them into a wrapper, boda bing boda boom, you got oreos.



23. World War 2 Thoughts

Inventing New Technology Spawns war.

New Tech = New opportunities

Many European countries were bordered all around by other countries. Over the years with crime, language barriers and culture clashes, the countries wanted to rob and kill each other. Along comes...


the  Train/Railroad

the  Airplane

the  Automobile

the  Radio


There was a period where the dominant country had the technology and the enemy didn't. Then, after wars, everybody had it. So thus, the advantage of having new tech where the enemy doesn't is a window of opportunity that might dictate accomplishment over the loss of human life.


1940's - War crimes in Germany using a U.S. invention(s) were reported. The train/railroad, a U.S. invention, was used to transport dead bodies and prisoners. General Patton of the U.S. Army lead a U.S. team to stop the war criminals.

Was it like... "Hey, you can't use my inventions for that type of activity."   ?



       The Nazi soldiers were called Wehrmacht. (Wear-Mocks) That sounds like a clue that they were wearing disguises. The reverse swastika symbol can be found in middle eastern/Indian culture. What if the Nazis were actually the Durkas who painted their skin white, eye contacts, bleach hair? England was fighting the Durkas for 100's of years in the 1800's. It's like what if the Durkas saw the Anglo Saxons and Caucasians as 2 mutual threats and devised a way to make them fight eachother. That strategy is very intelligent and probable. Japan was fighting in WW2. Maybe they were Japanese?

I skimmed a book at the library about the company IBM and the Holocaust. It mentioned patents and computers but not the ENIAC or the point that the U.S. invented the train/railroad. It explained that IBM, before computers were invented, served the Nazi party as a paper card data machine. IBM = Former Nazi company


If Nazis were blue-eyed race oriented fascists, why ally with Japan?                   Japanese people might have the smallest noses out of heredity-groups on Earth.                    If an Anglo-Saxon father had a baby with a Japanese mother, it would probably have a smaller nose, and it might have blue eyes.


24. Court Talk

An example situation could be:

A man squirts a woman with a watergun.

When asked "Did you squirt the woman?",

"I did not squirt the woman." is a truthful statement.                Here's how...

             If the woman was squirted at 2:30/59sec pm and the squirting lasted 4 seconds, that means 2:30/59sec to 2:31/03sec is when the squirting happened. At 2:29 pm the woman was not squirted.   At 2:32 the woman was not squirted. So therefore, it is true that the man did squirt and did not squirt. He chose to explain the time that he did not squirt.


At 2:16pm it is true that he did not squirt her.


At 2:00pm it is true that he did not squirt her.

Jellybeans- If a man has a handful of jellybeans ( a total of 15) in his palm, and if he tells a  witness that there are "5 jellybeans in his hand.", then that is true. 

There are 3 jellybeans in his hand. There are 10 jellybeans in his hand. There are 14 jellybeans in his hand. That is true. If the man says "There is a total of 5 jellybeans in hand."; that is false.  If the man says that there is a total of 15 jellybeans in his hand, that is true. 

The difference of verbatim is:

  • is/are being
  • total of
If a city block has a total of 5 buildings on it, there are 4 buildings on it. There are 2 buildings on it. There are 3 buildings on it. There are 5 buildings on it. There is a total of 5 buildings on it. 
If a man points at one of the buildings and Says "That is one building." That is true. That one building is on the block. Thus, one building is on the block.

If a policeman asks a person "How much money is in your pocket?" If the person has a total of $100 in their own pocket, the person can reply "I have $5." as truth. If the person replies "I have a total of $100.", that is true too. 



25. Matrix Movie Interpretations

THe Matrix was made by Americans (USA not Chile and Guatemala) and Australians.

The scene with the boy and the spoon... to me, that represents me and about what I look like and something about my step-brother and half-brother. Half-brother resembled the boy, my face resembled  the bent  image inside the spoon  and how my step-brother used to look look resembles Neo. (like Neo is our missing link blend) 

Trinity represents what many men seek, a virginity-threesome, sexual experience.  

It seemed as though the film didn't address the issues of having the power to have fun inside the virtual reality machine. Thinking about the film, perhaps  people became desensitized to the matrix-science idea and the importance of the safe CAR machine POD, matrix machine. 

Keanu was born in Lebanon, is Canadian and his dad is Hawaiian.

MATRIX: The word "matrix" has a word origin of ancient language that is defined as something that is: "A pregnant animal" or "pregnant livestock"? Does that mean that the enemies in the virtual reality system programs tricked the players to say "I'm in the matrix" because the player saw the movie, starring Keanu Reeves and then the robots hear that a player say that he/she is in the "matrix" and then the player is being milked of blood by vampire robots at his pod?!    In that case, I am not willing to feed anything my blood. I would rather murder anything that intends to eat my blood.                                                        Max wants to fight the vampires to save the day!


26. Land Geography (Map)

The states of the U.S.A might 'remind' Europeans about the countries of Europe.

California = Spain          Washington = Russia       Maine = Russia     Florida = Italy


If China was like a mirror to U.S.A, Japan is like the mirror of Hawaii.

The Channel Islands of California might be like the United Kingdom of Europe, where Mexico is like Europe and the U.S.A. is like Russia.

26.1 frion

Before the invention of frion portable ice creation, geography was either, Hot, dying of heat andthirst, nothing to do but battle predators at the water source to get a drink or. Cold, need to cut the skin off an animal, with abundant water. And then comes... A/C, coolness in the deadly heat, provided by modern intellect. The deadly zones became paradises.


27. I found a wild baby sparrow in the landscape of a grocery store that I shopped at. It was so small and cute. I named it Rooster and fed it bread/water on  a chop-stick for a week. One time. after I fed it, it was chirping and tripping on a string of yarn that I strung through a shoe, mounted inside a box, when it's foot caught on a string, it did a spin, spread and perched it's feet on the top sides of the shoe and squirted out a projectile bird-feces on the shoe. It was so funny. One day I woke up to find Rooster dead, covered in ants. I think the ants invaded and attacked rooster. After that, I was trying so hard to understand why I felt so much sorrow for a precious dead little sim-bird, when at the same time, I was imbued with so much sim-homicidal anger towards live sim-humans who were stalking and annoying me. So I was analyzing 2 separate emotions about 2 different things, at the same time. Some birds are food. I eat birds. And when my little pet died, I was grief stricken. (I did not eat it or plan to eat it.) I think it's not sensible to wield sim-homicidal anger and sim-animal sorrow. I'm not always mad. Rooster will be missed.


28. What if a female sex organ of an insect was transplanted into a male human's body to give birth to grasshoppers. Would the offspring consider the male-human to be female, as their mother?

29. What if the Secret Nazi Weapon in WW2 was a mounted-pistol harness, under the clothes, and when they "hailed", a bracelet harness around the wrist, tied to the trigger, jettisoned the bullet.   

What if the bullets were frozen-water (ice bullets) or quartz?


30. Sometimes when I see old automobiles with ugly crackling-rusted-paint-jobs, I think about "Aluminum Tape", bought at the 99cent store (10 ft. roll), grinding the paint down, polishing/brushing and sticking panels of aluminum-tape. When it's done, it would look like a fancy Airstream, bright silver mirrored finish.

1 van... maybe 40 rolls.


31. Tips.

At restaurants, instead of paying the tip at the end, what if one:

  • asks the hostess if one may order the meal from the cook himself
  • If say "No." leave.  "Yes." stay.
  • Give the cook the tip, like a $20 bill


Since Vietnamese, Japanese have been U.S. enemies, and they rhyme..... (and Chinese were allies with U.S. during WW2 and still are), Why is the English word "Chinese" used to define China, while the China language might have a different word as "Chinese".   What is the word for "chinese" in chinese?  The U.S. should use the other word instead...?   (ZONG)

33. If a product company agrees to sell products at a grocery store, I wonder if they thought to specify "display rules". If they didn't, what if, say, Coca-cola products all had 'Pepsi-cola stickers' on them that said something like;

 "I should have bought a Pepsi. $1 off next Pepsi purchase."

That would be like competing brands being "strangely marketed" by the grocery store. Another example like that would be if "Copenhagen Tobacco' circular advertisement stickers" were placed on the bottom of all of the Grizzly Tobacco cans, at the gas station. Do products have rules in their contracts to vendors that say "Do not augment labeling." ? It might make people (sims?!) think that the competing brands are actually a monopoly.

34. Professional Sport Teams

Why are professional sport teams and stadiums for male athletes? It is much more entertaining to watch females play. Why do people like to stare at males? Does that mean that homosexuals and heterosexual-women dominate the spectators?

If pro women sports were mixed with a "strip club" theme, I think that would be much better.


35. In the Spanish language (lingo?), Mari-Cone means homosexual. That sounds like "American". Does that mean the Spanish speakers refer to Americans as "Fa**ots"?



It would be nice if the name for relish, mustard, ketchup inside plastic pouches called "condiments" could be changed to something like "Flaveroids" or "Delishies". Condiments sounds like "Condom ends", as the end of latex sexual safety devices are commonly filled with semen.



What is it?

If I'm in "CARBAL", what could sim-food be? It could be monstrous things. I could imagine legions of CARBAL soldiers (walking about in the physical world with computer-chip sensor filter helmets/casts) like bullet-proof vampires that feed on the guts and blood of their enemies. As if, when a CARBAL man eats sim-food:

'he sits down at a table and eats a salad and a bowl of soup in his sim-world, while at the same time in the physical world. "the true world", he crouches on his dying victim and devours their flesh. I hope I'm not in CARBAL. I hope I'm in CAR machine. So what is sim-food?

Senses that make the player feel (in his brain):

  •  Food texture
  • Food taste
  • Food going down throat
  • Full stomach
  • Rejuvenated body
Humans, even cyborgs, need food. But that doesn't mean that physical world feeding of food to CAR machine player has to happen at the same time as player eating sim-food. Physical world food might be like an I.V. drip. (?)
38. WWW
World Wide Web
Since the U.S. Army invented the computer, U.S.A. invented the internet and the FBI, Air Force Cyber have so many "tech-teams" or whatever they call it..... Why isn't there a USW?
United States Web

A computer user in Panama (random example third world country) says "Ehh gadz, I was looking at the guy's website in Southern California. He's got some bad acne."

39. People that live in sub-zero weather, in the mountains, out in the snow...that seems like the most dangerous place to live. If their windows of their homes were broken at night, that's probably all a criminal would need to do to wipe out a neighborhood. 

 Life-Cast suits would keep the wearer warm out there. What if they had a life-cast-suit on and then they were wearing shorts in sunny, but sub zero weather. A person might see them and think that all they needed to wear was shorts too. (as if they didn't know that the other person was wearing rubber-look-a-like-skin, under their shorts.  


40. President Obama's Middle Name


Hussein is President Obama's middle name.

................        WOW!

What does that mean?  So the United States was "battling" Sodom Hussein, the Iraqi dictator, during the many years of Desert Storm... and now the President's middle name is Hussein.     President Obama was born in Hawaii. President Obama is not an Iraqi.  How does that make the unintelligent American public feel, though? Probably scared and confused. When I was growing up, there were about 30 Iraqi-Americans that attended my high school. They were called "Chaldeans", meaning 'Iraqi-Christians'.   I wonder if "racketeering"-organized criminal activity. is a parallel to war-time Iraqi-Americanism. As if, the foreign or Domestic owned newspapers, with all that espionage information that they have, chose to 'hint' to the American public about what was really going on.


41. Tom Cruise's name

In Spanish, it can be translated to "Drink Cross". In Christianity, the person was "nailed" to the cross and the torture-device dripped blood. Does that mean that Tom Cruise is a vampire? Or maybe the one's who gave him a "DREAM JOB" (celebrity actor)  are his Vampiric Overlords. It's similar to: "Is Tom Cruise an example DNA-model/look for Vampires? As if whenever they see people that look like "Tom Cruise" , they look at each other and say "Drink from the Cross!".

42. The historical execution of people by hanging seems to be a way for the executioners to be respectful of God, as if it is as though the victim, is one of God's creations, is sent back to him, dangling on a rope, a metaphor of a baby and it's umbilical cord.


43. Chinese Bronze Historical Statues

They found 100's or 1000's of bronze lifelike statues underground in China.  Didn't the Chinese people need that metal!? That's a lot of metal. That metal could have made a lot of tools. Since Russia is a border-country of China, I wonder if a Russian climbed down from the snowy mountains, into the warm lands of China, and burried everybody's metal!



Jessica Simpson's daughter's ( a female) name is Maxwell. My name is Maxwell and I'm a male. Is that a strange coincidence? I talk about "sims" on my website and "Jessica SIMpson" named her daughter Maxwell 18 months ago. Did she patent my video-game-technology too? My Aunt and Uncle live in Beverly Hills and I have been homeless in public in L.A. for multiple times of 3-6 months. Is she Jewish? I'm Jewish. My L.A. family is part of the L.A. Jewish Community. Well if Jessica and Maxwell-Simpson are sims... then I guess it doesn't matter, but things similar to that accumulate into my living in a twilight zone(sim-twilight zone). An other example of a Male named Maxwell is MAXWELL D. TAYLOR, a World War 2 hero who was an ARMY Airborne that rose from Major to 4* General. Note* I am not M.D.T., although it is hypothetical possible for WW2 soldiers to have been frozen and re-animated into the 1980's.

45. Irish Name Terminology

Lad. Lad means boy according to American culture. With a y on the end it sounds Lady. Lady means woman.

Bonnie means girl. Bonnie starts with b.o., that sounds similar to "Boy".

Did someone change history long ago to confuse the people?


46. Woman wearing pants is transvestism

In human culture, transvestites and cross-dressers, have been terms of people wearing clothes that was intended for the opposite-sex. Perhaps historical culture has provided the "rule" of wearing specific clothing, out of a sociological device, of having the ability to tell a woman apart from a group of men.

Men wear pants.

Women wear skirts.

If women wear pants.... they are transvestites.

If women say that they are wearing woman-brand pants, as they are not transvestites....that is false.

If a man put a tag on a dress that said "This clothing is for only men"., and wore the dress around that not indeed still transvestite-ism?

Therefore, any female human who wears pants is a transvestite. 


If a t.v./computer monitor is an illuminated light panel..... what is black? How does the computer screen make black light (not u.v.)? Black background? It's off. 


It says "Do not copy, reproduce, duplicate."

  • A copy machine prints paper.
  • If a boy wears a Ninja Turtle costume and eats pizza, then he is copying Ninja Turtles. He definitely has a right to do that.
  • The way a computer works is it saves information and then uses the file to illuminate the screen.
So thus, in terms of photographic copyrights, the law is Do Not print the image onto paper.

Any image file on a network internet that is accessible may be saved onto any internet computer, but it may not be printed. If that illegal paper is printed, it may not be copied in a copy machine/copier. 

A computer copies images in order to function.

Word "copy" = Print to paper.

Any written Contract, Notice, Warning is a verbatim article of legal explanation, as the words are justification of authority.  
If a sign says "Do not run.", one may not sprint but one may skip.

If any U.S. law is hypocritical to the Constitution, (the Constitution = the founding establishment of national authority) it must be superseded by the U.S. military or a militia of U.S. citizens, as the hypocritical-law is a proclamation of treason.

Law is the word.
Authority is of the word.

Note* The U.S. Copyright establishment was invented in 1790. 

The copy machine was invented by a patent attorney names Chester Carlson. The Copy Machine was introduced in 1949. 

49. If Video is 32 picture frames per second, why has video camera/video tape technology not been used to capture single photographs? VHS tape is 200 minutes of memory. That's 3,840,000 pictures! Sound memory too! 
Not digital?

50. Blizzzzzzzard
The CEO of Coca-Cola, Robert, bought "Blizzard Entertainment" for $8.5 billion. Is what they thought: " Well, Blizzard made $4.5 billion last year, why don't I buy it." The seller of Blizzard is a French company called "Vivendi", which also owns "Universal". What did Robert buy?
Rights to old games?
Did Robert think; "Well, if the old games made that much money, they will make even more money in the future."
 $8.5 Billion!

I got for sale:
  • FogBurner
  • FogBurner Scepter
  • MPVG/Titles
  • RPVG/Titles
Robert could have contracted with me and received 100 cutting edge game titles, newer technology, better art, for $800 million. That's about 8% of what he paid to France. $8.5 Billion is a lot of soda sales. Was that paper of plastic? What is Vivendi going to do with that much money? Invest and compete in America?
To the outer space station!?
What is Robert going to do with the old games?

Play it again, Sam.

51. Map of Man

In American culture, phrases of people/color are:

  •  White = European Heredity
  • Yellow = Asian
  • Red = Native American
  • Black = African
  • Brown = Hispanic

What if long ago, color referred to hair.

  • White = Old
  • Yellow = Anglo European
  • Brown = Western European
  • Black = Asian, African
  • Red = Irish

Note*The idea that anthropologist scientists have explained as "Man began in Africa" might be flawed by that facts that :

  • Most mammals have straight hair.
  • Most mammals have white skin.

Evolution is an understanding that monkey evolved into man. Do monkeys have straight hair or curly hair? Things on Earth have common relevances of attributes. Fern plants resemble spines, acorns resemble eyes, tree branches resemble bones, humans and animals have stereo sensory and similar attributes to each other...They are similar as they are "earthlings". 

Perhaps Africans have "extra terrestrial attributes" of black skin and the curly afro hair. The afro is an attribute further from monkey than the hair of distant Anglo and Asian. If the afro hair was an evolutionary advantage in the sun as shade, would that imply that Africans were from the Equator lands. Africa was and is full of jungle. I think hair, besides heat elements, is good for catching and killing bugs with the hands. The twisting of hair strands hurts the bug and prevents it from immediately invading the skin. 

The hair geography diagram above has similarities to... the German flag. Is the German flag a reference to colors of hair? The U.K. is somewhat an oposite mirror image of Japan, as Europe and Asia are the mainland. Does the Japanese flag have a reminiscence of the U.K. islands hair of heredity?


I saw a trashcan that said "Donate your CRV recyclables so that a student can go to College". Give your valuable trash to a stranger because the stranger is greedy.

"Well, couldn't you get a job without a college degree?"

"Yeah, I could get a job without a college degree, but the reason I want to get a college degree is so that I can make more money."

 "Oh you're greedy."

 "Yeah, isn't that what the sign says?

53. Artwork Faces. Sometimes I wonder why sims have strange plastic surgery faces that seem unnatural. I too have a plastic surgery face that is an optical illusion, and some might say that it resembles an amateur robot skin.I wonder if my artwork, my artwork in the future or others' artworks was scanned into the Virtual Reality computer somehow to represent what sims resemble. As if, an imperfect painting of a human was made possible to be virtually represented as a humanoid sim. In my case, a deviated septum, braces and a sideways jaw amounted to what an imperfect artwork once resembled. 

54. If I have infinite money.. then $200 of infinite money is 0%. 10 of infinity is 0%. 1000 of infinity is 0%. Does that math logic confuse/effect the computer? Is that why I'm homeless?

55. Native American Taliban Theory

I'm 3% Native American. I'm not racist. I have experienced racism from N.A.'sims. I wonder if Asia'Arabia took over the Indian Reservations to brainwash and breed hatred, impostoring Native Americans. N.A.s, until the 1700's were born in the grass, amid packs of animal predators and lived their lives similar to cavemen. Thousands of years ago, European cavemen lived the same way as the 1700's savages of Native America, Africa and even Australia. If N.A.s get $thousands a month from the Government today, that is suspicious. That form of "hidden nobility" or "hidden slave mastering" might imply racial foreign influences. The perfect crime.(?) If N.A.s are pure N.A., then that implies that 100's of years of generations, their relatives have chosen to not mix'breed with Europeans. Otherwise, many "white" Americans are part N.A., but they might not qualify for free money because they are impure. Regardless if a heredity gene fought animals and climate with caveman tools all day in a specific region, perhaps the reason for gifting the pure representatives might have been from racist wars of the 1800's. To be correct, I think that N.A.s should have only been given land and money if they carried on their ancestor's ways authentically, without any modern technology products. As if it is to say, "You may have $3,000 a month, but you may not use a microwave." Well, what's money for? So N.A. culture has been depicted as wearing bear skins and covering the self skin with paint (war paint). Does that imply that weenumes are N.A.? What is the motive? Foreign countries would have the motive.

N.A. Totalitarian Theory- If man started in Africa, how did man first get to the Americas? Perhaps Asia deployed spores of floating people that traveled over the ocean. Before the lumber industry industrialized, ground may have been 100% shade, allowing 1,000 mph winds in the summer. Then, the Asians arrived to America as Indians and hid their seeming magical technology from new visitors. No that's probably not true. So why would a type of man plan to destroy another type of man, while man's instincts are to fight animal war and nurture children. Misunderstanding of communication may have been quite frustrating. 

56. I've seen signs in parking lots that say "No skateboarding" or "No bicycles". I was walking with my bicycle (not riding it) and I thought about if it's not illegal to walk a bicycle in one of those zones, I guess pulling a skateboard on a rope while walking isn't illegal either, but someone might trip.

57. The Magno Spindle magnet motor invention that I appears similar to the British emblems of the World War 2 airplanes. I think it's a coincidence. I imagine ancient metal-smithing wizards that somehow found meteorites that were magnetic and threw them on a wagon?  Slightly doubt that. Unsure. Anybody know? No?

58. My mountain bike has 18 speeds. (3 peddle gears and 6 rear tire gears). Since it seems that about 10 of those speed-gears are for going over 40 miles per hour, I think that the bikes are designed so that a motor axle slides into the peddle mechanism to transform into a motorcycle. Otherwise, those gears are needless. That is a lot of torque. Some of the gears might be the same speed in combination, as if, the big peddle gear+ the small rear gear is the same torque peddle power as the medium peddle gear and the 3rd rear gear.?

59. I imagine, what if when I finally become rich, someone approaches me and says "Max, I hear you typing about being in the matrix all over the web. Why don't I put you in the matrix? I will charge you 90% of your money and then I'll program 10 times that much for you to spend, and plus... I will program a phazer for you to wield. What do you say?"   I think it is a very good idea to NOT enter myself into a matrix system once I am rich because I am already inside of a matrix system. I need to spend the matrix-money on things I like. I don't want to spend my matrix-money on being put into a sim-matrix when already in the matrix. I wonder if there are any scams out there where a criminal collects millions of dollars from millionaires, promising to put them into the matrix or launch them into outer space and instead the criminals kill and freeze them. Freezing is not as bad as cremating. 

60. I have seen advertisements for restaurants that say "Farm to Fork" as an explanation that the food was grown on a farm. Isn't all/most food grown on a farm? As if the advertisement means "We have a high profit margin." Growing food out of the ground is the cheapest for restaurants to sell. If a person buys a cabbage at a grocery store and then eats it at home, it is farm to fork too. "Honey, should we go to the restaurant that advertises a high profit margin or one that doesn't?"

61. The speed of electricity is near the speed of light. The speed of electricity is the intended speed of a computer.That is a very fast speed. Why do computers hesitate and pause to load pre-programmed data? Why not always instant? Computer buttons pushed are intended to change the combination of pixels on the screen, nearly instantly, always.  Did the computer become confused? I suggest that any computer that hesitates or pauses is a damaged/sabotaged computer. Needs to load...... no it doesn't. It's already programmed. Is an enemy monitoring computer users and needs those pause segments to write information about the user, as if the enemy writes: "Left eye squinting. Scratched right cheek and eyebrow." Otherwise, once a computer is programmed, the time of changed screens, after pushing a button, is the speed of electricity. Are there "hamsters" in the networks, running around in wheels, changing things, doing something..?
The Internet is a group of 'groups of computers' called networks (Groups of networks)....
  • A network is a group of computers that are connected together in a building. 1 computer + 1 computer= more computer power. They are supposed to always be on. If they are off then the network is off.
  • The group of computers that are turned on are connected to the internet. Network+Network=Internet(2 Networks)
  • The group of computers serve as a "network", that explain to other computers that '83834848.949494', for example, equals  and then '<youyo>838494934' equals a saved picture from one of the network computers of a hamster running in a wheel, displayed at the top of the screen on the main page.

If networks are "tricking" other networks, then that is illegal activity.  EXAMPLE*As if, somehow, a network, other than's network, connects to's network and somehow changes the value of '<youyo>838494934' to '<youyo>838494924' which changes the display of the main page to not display a hamster picture and to display a skull-and-crossbones picture.  Why did's network change the display? Because another network "tricked" it by changing a number value.  That means an instance of one file (picture file) on one computer of's network was changed and thus the computer logic input equation of:

number=picture,             number&number=picture displayed on main page

was changed. If a number has no value then error will be displayed.

32=Picture of elephant                    32'11= Picture of elephant displayed   

34= no file, no value, no picture        34'11= Error displayed

Combinations of programmings might be numbers, letters and perhaps any button to form COMPUTER LOGIC INPUT EQUATIONS..

Individual specific CLIE(s) result is either:

  • pixel screen formation
  • sound activation
  • computer mechanism movement (burn dvd, open computer door, activate laser reader)

62. Store Gift Cards

At a store, they might sell various gift cards for other stores and restaurants. That means that all of those other-store gift cards are evidence that all of the stores are linked to one owner. It might not be a monopoly, but all the cards are one company. Competing businesses do not sell gift cards for sale at each other's stores.

63. Google

I bought an RCA Voyager 7 tablet from Walmart for $49.99. It is powered by Android, a google company, for wi-fi. It is essentially a google computer as google/play offers "apps" to be downloaded from it's website, onto the tablet. Google is a $200 billion company started in the U.S.A. by Stanford alumni, with 55,000 employees. If each employee makes $1,000 a month, that is 55 million dollars a month to it's employees. That is alot of money/employees. What do employees do, anyways????  They don't make computers because a factory of robots make RCA computers. They don't have normal jobs similar to a non-internet company (real company (sim company)) that has a store for customers with delivery driver, cashier, manager, maintenance, etc. What the heck do they do all day!?  Once a data-file is made and saved to the internet, it doesn't need to constantly be updated, and if it did, 55,000 employees are not needed to do so.   

ANd then the gmail account that I opened with my tablet blocked me from accessing gmail and google/play because it said : Suspicious email account, please send us your phone number so that we can send you a confirmation text code. I don't have a phone! I downloaded about 3 games and 5 apps before it defected. The app that I really wanted was a movie maker app. It cost $2.99, using a $10 google/play card and as soon as I installed it, it would not run. I haven't used it yet and I paid $2.99.       Google and skynet from "Terminator" might be something together. 

Flags- Google asks it's users to "flag" innapropriate apps on I searched "massage" and found an app that displayed a baby's buttox crack and a lotion bottle. I flagged that one to google. 55,000 employees... and they need everybody to do their jobs??? I think there are less apps than there are employees. As if they say "Not only do we have too many employees, but we need customers to do the employees' jobs.

That's suspicious and stupid that they named their mobile/wi-fi company Android. An android is a robot that appears to be a human. Some of their other programs are called robot.

  • Confusing foreign countries/hackers that androids are walking around the United States
  • In the future, the files read might make historian think; "Oh, but the computer data log explains that android programs were fully available to the American public to access robotics needs and to control walking-talking-android-humanoid-robots. The country that invented the computer, USA, had android programs readily used and available to the public. (not true)

Why not name that OS wi-fi service.........Googlefi....or....Googo....or....Guggliegupgup

Naming a non-walking-talking-robot-program "Android" is similar as if Cadillac named one of it's vehicles "Ocean Cruise Liner" instead of Escalade.

"Hey did you take your Ocean Cruise Liner to the store?"   "Yeah, I went over a mountain with it and then I went through the hamburger drive thru."

64. Farming work

It is commonly perceived that farmers must:

  • wake up at dawn, at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning
  • work everyday
  • work for 8 hours a day or all day

That is not true. 

  • Only caged animals need to be fed and their cage could be reloaded weekly or monthly depending on the cage design.
  • Many livestock, including the heaviest and most valuable, CATTLE/Cows, eat vegetation that grows out of the ground and can drink from a stream if there is a water-supply. Put 6 of them secured behind a fence, come back 10 years later and there will be 100's of cows.
  • Crops do not need to be attended to grow. Crops grow on their own with soil,sun and water placement. If the placement is intelligent, no attention is needed about the crops until it is time for them to be plucked.
  • "Harvesting", picking, butchering and plucking is work that can be done seasonal, perhaps once every 4 months.  

Oh the fence needs repairs. Now the truck needs to be tuned up. Now someone needs to flap the dust off of the door mat. Can somebody paint the barn? Don't forget to wake up at 4 a.m. so that you can tilt a board into the cage so that water/food pours in, instead of installing a mechanism to do it.

Can I feed the livestock at 5 p.m. instead of 4 a.m.? Ohhh, when the sun is about to come up is when the magic animals demand attention at that time.

Bleeding Animals- I think that there is a term for it, however most educational sources seem to have ignored the idea of "milking" a livestock animal for blood. A large cow might bleed a few liquid pounds of blood into a bucket daily, although I think that the cow might lose muscle weight and general health.

65. Cold pizza

There are stores that sell cold pizzas that are intended to be taken home and baked in the oven. A stranger picks up a spoon of red liquid, handful of cheese, toppings and puts it on a circle of dough, into the box. Grocery stores sell frozen and cold pizzas. I saw a cold pizza store under a grocery store, plaza. Why would anyone pay full pizza parlor price for a cold pizza, instead grocery store. Why go to specialty cold pizza store? Extra costs, employees, real estate, electricity.... could have premade them in seran wrap, waiting in grocery store cooler. A term for a north african is "moore". Pop a moore feces into the oven. No thanks.

66. Bad cgi in movies...2015
bad photoshop images in major studio films? I sent an email to disney and ebert's website. I think any major motion picture that has bad cgi is an emergency clue. I know how to do better cgi than disney?!!!! What the heck is their freakin problem? Are they sached and filled with renegade terrorists who assumed artist identities?
Art is easy. Now i teach you. Keep in mind that nobody gave me assignment to make computer art.

Also, there is such elements as:

Bounce light

Planar angle-ism


67. freE mail

why so many FREE email service websites? Why free? Few things in world are free. Instead of charging money like post office, utilities, etc.

I think my email service is a foreign company. What is the motive?  Free? Oh, thanks... thanks i guess, thank you.

68. Hotels

Why do they all have check out times? Why not have 24 hour timer, starts at check in. If guest checks in 4:30 p.m. on monday, pays 1 night, then check out is 4:30 p.m. tuesday. Since all hotel/motels have the check out times, that implies that they might all be working together to rip off Americans. No competition?

69. Entertainment media talking about Russia nation

I was watching "Sliders", and commercial says something "what if Russia took over America". Spy movies, t.v. shows.... there are hundreds of other countries to choose to write about. 

Does Russian entertainment media have shows about "what if America took over Russia"? They are allies, anyways. Haha. Does hollywood have the copyrights for Russia, thats why their silly movies and t.v. shows dont talk about Crete or Cyprus or where? As if the writers say "Hey guys, remember that place that we talked about a few hundred times, well we're talking about it again!"


People who visit websites asked to click button to enter websites don't really agree to terms. They click it because it is the pathway of access to the website.

I, maxwell kremer, do not agree to any terms.  By clicking a ficticious button is no way any legal agreement .

Also, if any website exhibits any error before/after "agree terms button" is clicked, then  the website companies do not have proof that the button was clicked. If the websites companies say "You clicked an imaginary button that has light pixel artwork on it.", then visitor could say "You have no valid evidence that I clicked anything because your website exhibited error. Thus, your data is damaged and untrustworthy."

A SLOW screen load is one example of website error.

71. Leopard seal transplant

I wonder if any fisherman/explorers have ever captured a leopard seal and released it into freshwater places, in history. Frozen lakes or icy rivers, the demon seal would probably miss salt a little bit. Doubt it would beat a fight with a grizzly bear. Although, i wonder if it would make a freshwater habitat comfortable for itself. I'm sure other species of animals have been transplanted by man, into other regions, in history. A koala, for example, could take a plane ride, dropped off into the Florida everglades...Monkeys in the U.S. mountains?! Pandas in Yosemite. Hyenas in the Grand Canyon. That would be interesting.

72. College grad inventor

As the inventor, I don't have a college degree. I don't need a college degree. Whether I think college degrees are a scam or not, a new famous inventor who is not a college graduate is a shame to all college universities. It embarasses them and it reminds people that even though millions of college studenrs graduate each year, none of them were as smart as the inventor. The inventor didn't graduate college and he has better ideas than the $30,000 a year college students. 

73. Giggle start

I thought about what if many cyborgs are gas engine type cyborgs as forced giggles are symptoms of the starter, like an ignition key that makes an automobile sputter and then stalls. Then, more intense hysterical laughing might trigger the cyborg engine system to turn on to idle and then the cyborg floats away somewhere like Peter Pan. 

74. Internet Pornography

Instead of visiting suspicious sites, I scroll google images and yahoo images. I am often embittered to view:

-bad cgi. The photo is poorly edited by an employed cgi artist who failed attempting to not add realistic visual effects to the photo.

- when search "woman",instead results display mentally ill men in make up as impostors.

Many of the photos that are cgi'd are altered backgrounds/setting, altered head/faces, altered genitals. Why need to cgi a photo? Was the model sleeping and molested? Underage? Why take a picture of a man's butt and cgi a vagina flap where his nutsack once was? What is the motive? Why not find a beautiful model woman and take a bunch of snapshots of her? Boda bing, boda boom, done! If the models have ugly faces in the cgi'd photo, did they forget to cgi something? I think they did. Seriously though, what the heck has been happening? So if Americans can't get honest healthy entertainment for free, can they get it if they pay? If not,  how long has Michael Jackson been an Arabian vampire devestating America, taunting clues in the magic light machines that we now call t.v. screens and computer screens?  

To make healthy porn, is easy.

(1). Have license, hire beauty model.

(2). Photograph beauty model.

(3). Pay beauty model.

(4). Upload photos onto website.

Do not include infringe copyright materials. Must make original clothes for beauty model to wear/unclothe.

75. Quikrete concrete products

I like to make concrete improvements to my residence. It's fun. However, the bags have calculation charts printed on them that discuss "square feet". Tisk, tisk. Square feet is zero thickness. Sq ft is length x width.  The concrete product design specifies that an amount of thickness is necessary in application.  Length x width x height is cubic feet. 

Thus, the bag should say "cubic feet".   Square footage is for acreage, surface area and paint application.

Also, many webpages, including homedepot, said 50 lb. bag is .35 cubic foot approx.  One 50 lb. Concrete bag does not make an approx 4 inch cube!

76. Earth human population

7.3 billion people. 57.3 million square miles of land.

125 people per square mile.

7.3 billion people. 26.4 million square miles of inhabitable land.

275 people per square mile.

640 acres in square mile. 

2.3 acres per person!

77.  Civil rights black movement

The african heredity people wanted to use the same drinking fountains as european heredity people. Germs and contagions can be isolated

by "use designation".  If 100 people use a knob and 1 person has a contagious disease then 99 people will get sick unless there are 2 knobs,

1 designated for use by 50 people and the other deeignated for use by other 50 people. That way, if 1 person is contagious, only 49

people are at risk of getting sick. Similarly, on private property in an office building a rule might be that residents of each floor may only use 

the bathroom on the floor story, as each floor has 1 bathroom. That's called isolating contagions. I suppose it was offensive. I suppose everybody 

wanted to live in a utopia. 

A new toilet costs about $500 retail today. That is a little expensive... but the Government is the money printer... so instead of lines of people

waiting to use a restroom, why not build plenty. A school gymnasium that has 2 drinking fountains could have had 100 drinking fountains.

 It is suggested that everyone's luxury capabilities were subdued. It would have been easy for there have been nothing to fight about.

So education has evolved. Wisdom is more and more available into the future.  

The social dynamics of white and blacks in the past has been accounts of opinions and specific examples. I believe that sexuality was

always the human link of all human races. If a country is at war, in secret or in newspaper, and if that country has diverse human races,

then the enemy wants to damage the link with psychology so that the country fights itself. The perfect plan.

Otherwise, everybody could have been enthusiastic about fellow citizens, without jealousy and social violence. Ofcourse, everybody needed

ample money, prosperity and opportunity.  If a group hates another group, then they are too close. Independent social segregation could be

done if one has the money to travel. Then people could choose the region that they feel comfortable in.

78. Computer Chess

I claimed on my website that an invisible entity reading my mind responded to my question what is it's name. It responded "deep blue".

On Wikipedia later I read that a chess computer is named deep blue, built by a Chinaman. I hope deep blue can give me a phazer or unlimited

 credit card. I play chess. I invented a way to make a computer chess program that does not delay. Perhaps the program app games only

mimic delay. Why? Why cause waiting, staring at screen? Here's how:

Instead of a computer scientist programming a program to delay, make several thousand screen photos of every combination of black/white

chess pieces on board. Once every combination is filed 10 difficulty setting games can be programmed by starting with first picture of

full complete starting point chess board. Player chooses 1 of 20 initial moves. Those moves are 20 different pictures of entire chess board. 

Depending on which move the player has chosen, the computer program will react to display 1 of 20 moves. Secondary move picture is 1 of

400 pictures. Player goes first 1 of 20. Computer secondary move screen picture is 1 of 400 possible move pictures. If the programmer is lazy, every time it is computer turn (turn 2), 

only the pawn ahead of queen will move 1 space. The computer's reaction

is similar as though the player presses a button and the button causes the screen to change, as the screen change is a new board image of 

the computer's newest move. To explain in sum, The player chooses a picture and by doing so, a secondary picture comes after the first, in set. Move 1 choise picture, look at it and watch it change to new picture, changes to computer move. Move 3 is player's secondary turn. Move 5 is player's 3rd turn. Choosing sets

of 2 pictures at a time, to look at in chronology. Choose 2 at once, look at each, one before the other. Choose again. The difficulty setting is "button picture result" of player's move variating of weak to strong strategy as 

a picture result is 10 different pictures to choose from, as reaction of player's move, 10 different difficulty variables.

That being said.. uhh, typed,  chess computers would have 0% delay. They would respond at the speed of electricity plus the speed of light,

 distance of wire, distance from screen.

79. Chess pieces

I read that India invented chess. I noticed that the pieces resemble  mechanical pieces. King sounds similar to key. I think the king cross

goes sideways on the rook. Maybe ancient davinci type designers wanted future generations to remember their machine part designs.

Also, i imagine ropes tied to giant pieces or maybe they are bridge construction pieces, for walking over water.

80. Video game industry genres

It seems that vg companies have had difficulty deciding how to categorize video games into genres. RPG is role playing game. All games are

playing games. Chessboard playing game. Fighting playing game. RPG is a rocket propelled grenade. 1st person is a walking view type.

3rd person is another walking view type. Where's the second person? An action game? An adventure game? I will categorize them correctly.

Max's Genres:

Weapon Gainer. Using successive weapons to defeat enemies. 1st and 3rd person games.

Tower Defense. Category name is fine unchanged.

Puzzle. Fine unchanged.

Commander Overscreen. Staring from above, controlling gameplay.

Adventure Overscreen. Formally called RPG.

Boardgame. Fine unchanged.

81. A.I. does not think

Artificial intelligence does not think. A computer does not think. A computer is an electronic machine. Imagine a board, a string and a ball are a machine. When pulling a string a ball rolls on the board. Pulling the string is metephor of pushing a button. The board is metaphor of computer. The ball is metaphor of animation display screen.  The board ball string machine did not think when the ball rolled. The ball rolled because it was design constructed about the physics of the board, string relation and because the string was pulled. Computers have memory. If one string and one ball is one reaction design then one ball and two strings is a second design, 2 balls and 2 strings 3rd, 3 balls and 2 strings 4th, etc. The reaction designs are metaphor of memory, memory pixels. A computer has millions of memory pixels to display portions of pictures. An A.I. does not think and a board with a million balls and strings does not think either. If i program a computer to say "hello" from an electronic speaker as a reaction of me typing to it "hi", then the computer did not think. If instead of typing, the computer has voice recognition, then words said to it are as though buttons were pressed to it.

82. DRONES!!!!!!!!##

Drones are totally awesome. The difference of drones and rc quadcopters is; drones can be programmed with cell phones gps to flight

patterns and the rc uses rc. The first time I heard about drones on tv was at a 99cent hamburger restaurant that broadcasted shipping possibilities of drones and packages. Some drones can carry 20 lbs. and fly 100mph. Geofencing is a programming of no fly zones for it so a backyard geofenced with a cell phone would allow the drone to float around inside the invisible perimeter. Dolly film industry machine is obsolete. In either 2013 or 2014, i invented the uniax multiax which is a specific type of drone quadcopter powered by a magno spindle.

When did drones debut? Someone invented 4 propeller helicopter in the 1900s, but all of a sudden, DRONES!

I know how to make firearms. Bullets are more difficult to make than firearms. Making a homemade firearm is illegal and easy.

  •  a metal pipe that the bullet rests in
  • a spring hammer
  • a body
The trick is designing the hammer so that when it claps the bullet, the hammer does not go backwards. A gear notch mechanism would allow no backwards hammer movement, until the hammer was ready to be recessed in order to re-cock.

ABOUT GANGS: "Crips", "Bloods". "Illuminadis", "Wetbacks", "Hell's Angels", "Southsiders", whatever they call themselves..... there is something wrong. Gay-ng... groups of gay criminals that are preparing themselves to go to prison.
Note* I wanted to put this text block up where it says "Peckerwood", but I copied the text from one of my other websites, in change format and it won't allow me to lay text.
               What will be said about the suspected Gay Arab programmers (not to be racist but I think that is what they are) who commit crimes on me as they categorize me as a gentile homosexual:
                     "They were drunk on virtual power. It spilled into the physical world and they were put to death."

Thoughts about my billion dollar invention
... It is a hypothesis that the organized group of criminals that are stalking me, violating me, in order to steal my invention credibility (regardless of their sexuality or ethnicity or if they are from  Government residuals), it is no doubt that they are an illegal group of thieve menaces whom might rely on the notion of logic that:
  • If Maxwell inventor is owed one billion dollars and he is already homeless, until he is paid, in the mean time, if the actors and the decoys and email hackers and instigators can steal his identity or fake signatures at deals, eventually Max will settle for less. That means that if Maxwell "Max" Kremer settles for less, perhaps $200 million, then that means the time spent (a few years) by the army of criminals, perhaps (900 members) was worth it. They hired themselves and paid themselves an annual career paycheck, where their job was to do whatever they wanted all day and follow a script of lying and cheating, in the vicinity location of a homeless man genius inventor, and bother him so that they could get some money. Be your own boss?!
  • I hope that none of those bad guys end up in the grocery aisles because I am not a cannibal vampire.  Not AL Qaeda apartheid. 

The deal: A sane person might want to make $1.8 billion dollars legally. Insanity would  allow a person to prefer to make $2 billion dollars illegally instead.