"The Government  changes          every   4   years." 

 The government serves the people. If a government individual fails terribley, it should be put to  death.      example* A group of ants live in an ant farm. The ants eat sugar rocks. Ant 74746478 gives all  the sugar rocks to the termites. An ant says " Ant 74746478, why did you give away all the sugar rocks  for  your sector?"

If anyone says that "the Government" is in action, for example:                "The Government shut down the liquor store." or "The Government apprehended the suspect."               then that is inaccurate. Since it is inaccurate to say that, then it is incorrect. The correct statements would be "An individual in the Government shut down the liquor store." or "A group of individuals from the Government apprehended the suspect."                                                                   The Government is a group of thousands of men and women. New member appear in it everyday as old ones retire.      

 "The Government" does not mean  'part of the Government' or "members of the Government".   The Government = the entire government.       0.003 is not 1

           1.5 is not 2                       Government = Government               1 = 1            1+1 = 1+1       

To prevent DEMOCIDE, the Government must FRATRICIDE. To prevent fratricide, the Government must prevent DEFECTION.  To prevent defection, the Government must supply PROSPERITY.    


If a person in government does not do their job, then they are not what their job is called. They are then a Fraud. If a fireman doesn't respond to a fire to put it out, he is not a fireman, he is a        fraud-fireman. He might say "No, well, I wear a fireman uniform, I'm paid by the city, I'm a fireman."        ANSWER: "But those are all the things that a fraud-fireman would do too."

So authority-fraud could be taken as far as sabotage!    Because Weenumes have captured so much territory, that means that there is much military and police fraud. (As if, the police/military error of negligence in capturing them has enabled the weenumes to access homes and cities strategically, since they were not apprehended and put in prison.)          1+1=2         2+3=5

A "Revolution" (political revolution), is treason. A Counter-Revolution is legal.

                             Sometimes "progress" is the word that they meant to use.

New Military Uniforms

The green BDUs (green camo) changed in the early 2000's to the new ones. Some said that the new ones resembled Russian uniforms (ally). I think that the old ones resembled most armies' uniforms all over the world. 

 "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Well, why is my country in the matrix? Is there a real country in the physical world?

Liberals are dumb. They pretend that the USA is not at war.                          

       Liberals = "Lie about arrows"

The draft.

I think drafting people into the military was treason. The slogan should have been "protect your private property when the enemy arrives". Education was weak in ww2 and vietnam era so thus there would have been plenty of foolish adventurists who were willing to risk their lives to be volunteer heroes. Allowing the choice defines such heroes, instead of intermingled hostages with them. Capture Americans and force them to war? Treason. The war time Americans should have hoped to fight the defective fellows in domestic land, insteading of being robbed of rights. The enemy wanted to rob their rights and kill them. 

"America is a free country." is a popular statement. I wonder if foreign countries believe that the statement "America is a free country." refers to international country access. As if, it is a place that foreign countries may come to in order to collect resources, sell/trade the resources and then buy resources somewhere else. I believe that "A free country" means that the citizens of the country are entitled to having freedom. It started with free land, free resources and change to modern world times.... so what has it become?

The Government Hiring Private Business

                               If a citizen owned Rain-Gutter company is hired by a Public Library, then that means taxes are being spent to pay a citizen for doing labor. The citizen must take the leaves out of the catcher-pipe and then cash a check. 

So that means the maintenance staff of the library, paid on salary, doesn't do the work, as instead, extra tax money is spent on paying someone to do the maintenance person's work. The maintenance person still gets paid the same as salary and the private business gets some of the tax money that was given to the Library. If the Library staff receives any money from the hired private business in the future, then that is what corrupted tax stealing is. Rain gutter cleaning is over priced menial labor that anyone can do. Not only did the Library have available maintenance personnel, but there must be 1,000s of local/state Government employees that are on salary to do such jobs. Military bases have plenty of paid employees that are trained to clean rain gutters. Parks and recreations wouldn't have to do a backflip to visit the library for an hour...

So why not let Government employees do their job instead of hiring private citizens?

Not only rain-gutter-cleaning, but also:

  • carpet cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • painting
  • other building maintenance jobs

Where are the Government employees? 

Visiting their Grandmas? Playing golf? Sun tanning? At the bank? Watching a movie? Playing checkers? Working on their classic car's engine at home in their garage?

If the reason to hire private citizen companies to do work at Government buildings is to stimulate the economy and provide work, then the Government could simply print pieces of paper money to give away for free. Instead, the citizens are paying some paper money back to the Government as Taxes and someone (private hired business) is taking some of that money legally. 

Such business practices are beyond suspicious as they are  conceived as being normal, from time periods of constant casual happenings, as the public has grown numb to intelligent understandings of corruption in the U.S. Government system. 

Bewildered: "Hey, everybody aint Sherlock Holmes or whatever. Max you are so smart. Should we give you plenty of money without hiring you?"

Max: Yes, give me plenty of money.

Lawyers- They are paid to explain the understanding of the law. If a really good "how to" book was available to the public that explained what lawyers know...they would be out of a job. That being said, that means that lawyers prefer that nobody understand the law except them. That is how they make money.

SECURITY GUARDS-  If anyone employs a private security guard, then that implies that the employer does not trust police. Some security guards have vehicles.. that's $40,000 a year paycheck cost plus vehicle. A police officer dispatched might arrive on scene in 2 minutes to 30 minutes. A security guard is instantly on scene.                          Is 2 to 30 minutes sooner worth $50,000? So if security guard employers consider police untrustworthy, that may implicate that security guards and security guard employers (private retail property owners) are undiscovered criminals. What are the security guards protecting?:

  •  Drugs
  • Stolen merchandise
  • Undiscovered hostages
If a security guard is hired to menace customers at a store, the customers may pay a slightly higher price per product taxed by the cost of the weaponized employee. No private property needs a security guard. A private property may need a manager. If anyone vandalizes, steals or commits a crime at the property, then an employee should call the police. Most businesses have insurance and a security guard is not supposed to act until a crime is committed. So hypothetically, an on site security guard might act as a scarecrow to criminals, however any crimes that criminals would commit is covered by insurance and enforceable by police. So what the heck are those security guards doing there??!!

TAX- Americans must pay taxes because it is illegal to not. Americans do not need to pay taxes in order to uphold the country. "Hey do you want some of the printed papers back? Oh you do? Okay."  So if the Government doesn't need taxes why the punishment? Clues:
  • Americans murdered plenty of victims in historical wars
  • Toyota, Land Rover, VW, BMW, Sony, Toshiba

If slaves were paid with only food and housing in colonial times.....minimum wage minus cost of apartment rent equals modern slavery

min. wage+rent cost = modern slavery

"The modern slave masters needed happy slaves to act punctually...and the slaves didn't know that they were slaves." The perfect plan.

Now modern/futuristic technology provides machine/robot workers. Instead of freeing the slaves, the masters let the slaves fight and eat each other. There are no robot vending machine restaurants but there is over competition  for outdated job positions. How sinister? Perhaps when the slaves are gone, the robotic vending machines will remain to serve the masters.

MOTELHOTEL (House and Telephone)

It is my experience that many/most motel clerks have appeared to be immigrants from India, with thick accents. Is that strange? 

If a town has 2 motels and plenty of vacancy...why charge $50/night at both? The owner's cost of renting a motel room out is:

  • Maid service. about 6 minutes of work at $10/an hour ($1)
  • Laundry. Sheets and towels. About 15/15 per laundry load. 50 cents soap. 50 cents utilities.
  • Room utilities (5 cents to $3)
  • Mint and toiletries ($1)
  • Tax (10%?)
  • Motel property rent if motel is not owned
So that's $3.50 plus tax and monthly property rent. If the motel is owned and charged $10/night, then that's $1 tax plus $3.50 = $4.50....$5.50 profit
If there are 20 rooms at that price, then I think there would be no vacancy, then that's $90 profit a night instead of $0 profit/full vacancy. 
If there are 20 rooms and only 3 are rented at $50/night then that's $136.50 profit. Do the motel owners write the empty rooms off on their taxes (as if the Government pays them for not renting out rooms?) If the motel priced rentals at $10/night, or perhaps $19/night, the full tenancy would allow the local economy to strengthen because tenants would spend other money on food, items and souvenirs at the local shops. If Americans owned business wanted to rip off customers, that's one thing, but if they are foreign, then that is a legal outrage. I hope Toyota and BMW drivers don't get secret special deals. Rip off? So if there are 2 motels in one town, why should they both have the same price?

10 ft.x10 ft. cubes with a fold out cot, tv, sink, door, window, $5/night, 2 person maximum, 15 night stay limit... there are plenty of places like parking lots to put a few gotels. What would that do to the apartment renting industry? And the motel/hotel industry? Hotels and motels might have to become private mansions while houses and apartments become inexpensive. If a minimum wage employee can stay 15 nights at different gotels, instead of paying $500 rent, he will have an extra $350 saved to spend on products to strengthen the other economic categories. 

Funny Idea- I thought about putting a roommate ad out that said: "Need 5 roommates. $0-$50 monthly rent. Shared toilet. No shower/sink. Government security guards patrol. Only one parking space. No kitchen but there is a grill."
That means that someone could spend one month's rent ($500) instead on a free campground or a $10/night campground for half a year with roommates. Campmates! A $34 fishing lic. and then it's free food. I need an RV. Up to 6 people per site.



In San Diego, I walked north from "Fashion Valley Mall", up a big hill into "Vietnamese Town/China Town", until I reached a street called Clairemont Mesa Blvd. It was sort of like Chinatowns of L.A.  There seemed to be 100's of Asian restaurants and stores. Like L.A. Chinatowns, I smelled harsh gases that I imagined were kettles of laundry detergent boiling in the wind. It also seemed like laundry detergent was spilled all over the asphalt. The problem with those types of American land regions (towns/cities) is not that the people have not assimilated, it is that the people don't want to assimilate.Every town in America should be:

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • A welcoming tourist place for anyone to visit

What's with the smells around the restaurants? Are they hiding the smell of "illegal meats" or are they under attack? If they move to America (U.S.), they should want to become "American". With servicemen like police and ambulances, they should feel comfortable to live somewhere that isn't like an Asian base, without asian newspapers and other cultural attributes, found authentically in Asia. Why don't they live in Asia if they want their neighborhood surrounded by asian things? They probably watch asian t.v.

Although Chinatowns might thwart common criminals, the scene is set perfectly for kid-nap houses and alleyways of hard-to-translate languages, providing an atmosphere of suspicious activity. If they have built an anti-tourist town unwelcomingly to the majority America, how can they expect "outsiders" to be non-biased about their neighborhood conspiracy (racism). Even the christian churches are texted in asian languages. I think that they have made their private towns unsafe for themselves, as their lack of wanting to assimilate has provided cultural barriers, which translate to political threats.

Let's hope their children of the future have the courage to step outside the Chinatowns with accurate understandings of the modern world. They might even say: "I don't think we're in Kansas, Todo."  

 I noticed that there are many small Chinese monument parks at rivers.  The river cities don't have riverports to travel city to city via waterway. What is the Chinese link? Did China take the boats/river-harbors away or does it plan to install them?


The U.S. enemies are anything that is against the USA Castle or it's Laws of Freedom.




If a group of criminals emigrate to a country, those criminals are not their nation of origin's military.

A criminal can easily wear any type of uniform that they can find.

Therefore, for example, if a group of Russian criminals invaded the U.S., The government of Russia didn't invade. Russian criminals invaded. The Russian Government is at war with Russian criminals. The U.S. Government is at war with U.S. criminals.

Also, a group of foreign criminals could easily speak separate foreign languages/accents to frame/impostor a separate group.

So that means an army of illegal criminals from South America could wear turbans and claim that they are from India, as they invade the U.S., but South America should not be to blame. Individual criminals are to blame.

Felons are enemies of their own country, including any allied nation location of travel. If an American commits a felony in USA or in Russia, for example, then the American felon is an enemy of the USA until the felon is captured. If a Russian commits a felony in USA then the Russian is an enemy to Russia. Once prisoners are released, they are no longer enemies until they commit a felony of action again. If criminals commit felonies in foreign countries, both involved governments of countries are equally responsible for failing to prevent crime.

THE U.S.A. is educated to like and respect historical allied countries.


                                    THE RIGHT TO OFFEND

    Since Press and Speech are freedoms provided by the U.S. Government, any Player should be protected against angry listeners/watchers.

Since it appears that Asians who have eyelid surgery, brown skin dye and speak spanish have wiped out and assumed the identities of the Hispanic/Chicano/Latino people... The question arises, what did the Hispanic/Latino people do wrong? Mexico went to war with the U.S. in the 1800's, but besides that, no Hispanic country has gone to war with the U.S. Who's enemy could the Hispanic/Latinos have been besides the genocidal Nazis? So perhaps since the U.S. has been attacked financially and mortally since WW2, after Japan, after Korea, after Vietnam... the U.S. has not been a place for many peoples to thrive, succeed and prosper. Perhaps then, the Hispanic?Latinos were the U.S.'s "weakest link" and an easy target for enemy-Asia. The Asian countries are not diversified. Why are they 99/100% Asians? Why has Asia been un-accepting of immigrants throughout history? Perhaps their culture is based on ancient warlord philosophies. I imagine an unfriendly America would be a place where any imported automobile drivers are attacked by civilians and scrutinized by traffic police.  Hey, Ford did invent the automobile after all.

As if when European ships set sail for the new land called the Americas, the smartest scientists, doctors, authors and explorers alike ventured west to fulfill what was called "Manifest Destiny".

England might have said: " Wait, those are my smartest citizens. I hope they pay taxes to me (King) from the free land that they found."

 Note*  Native-Americans may not have had metal-sciences or fire-arms (China invented gunpowder and paper notes/money) but they did have vast knowledge of plants and herbs for medical uses.


The American flag reminds me of a farm, a wizard hat, an optical illusion AND...it resembles... a cut piece of fish with a square remainder of fish scales on it or blood and bones, flesh,  a rib rack.


Strangers give people things to put into their bodies (restaurant food). That's a lot of trust. Foreign immigrants should not be allowed to serve food to U.S. citizens in the United States. If all of the Spanish and Foreign speaking immigrants who work food service were fired, there would be plenty of those jobs available for domestic high school students.

Computers inside Prisoner's Heads

I could imagine a scientifically possible situation that would provide the situation where prisoners are brought into concentration camp type prisons, their brains are scooped out of their bodies, a computer rests in their head to provide the prisoner's body as an organic robot. Parts of the prisoner's brain might remain to facilitate heart beat and lung breathing. I think that it appears as though male prisoners have received transsexual surgeries, as they parade around in public, once man, and now organic robotic women.



It is absurd that not only do masses of foreign immigrants come to the United States to "work".....during an Economic REcession (economic crisis)....but some of them require language training. It's similar to: "Hey immigrants, come over here (U.S.) and compete with me. We'll teach you how to speak English so that you can compete with me, during a bad economy time/war-time. Do any of those language schools require government tax money? Outrageous.


Since a majority of Public Government jobs are jobs that any adult could do,  if it appears like a Public Place is in error, perhaps since that it is during "War-Time", the best way for the U.S. military to defend the place is by; first

  1. Taking water samples from the public drinking water.
  2. If it is suspiciously contaminated, I think the counter authority  would have a 'key to the door'. where they can 100% take over the government building. (Because the suspicious error made all employees a suspect....During wartime.)
  3. They should take prisoners, not make dead bodies.



Holy War is Un-Constitutional. If official people say "Islam" is the enemy, then they are traitors to the United States, on verbal grounds of official Un-Constitutionality. Although, since Islam fanaticism means for example 'kill anyone that has sex before marriage' (having sex is an American adult right.), many Muslims could be enemies to American-Establishment.  However, Muslim citizens have the right in America to be good American Muslims as they are not fanatics,(fanatics = enforcers of Muslim Law. )   Also, since the countries that waged war with the U.S. were predominantly Muslim, a common mistake for Americans might be to say "Islam is the enemy" when they should have said "A few countries that have 100% Muslim populations are the enemy."           

TOWN CITY ECONOMY.  If a town has 200 houses, 15 businesses, 5 government buildings and there are 300 adults, 50 business jobs, 20 government jobs, then 230 adults might need to find work in the near city. If there are 4 towns near one city, then 920 adults might need to get a city job. If the city has 1,000 houses, 1,000 apartments,  100 businesses and 15 government buildings and there are 4,000 adults, 500 jobs, 80 government jobs then 3,420 city-resident adults plus/minus the town adults (3,420+920=4,340) adults are unemployed, on welfare or millionaires that don't need jobs. It seems that there should be  as many jobs available as there are houses in town/city. If residents/citizens are persuaded/brainwashed/coaxed to commit crimes and go to jail, then the amount of available jobs may increase as homes/apartments become vacant. The loss of consumer spending (gone to jail)may deviate from business owners' profit margin, as employees might not be effected, however the extra profit money of the wealthy becomes slightly lacking. As housing/apartment sales/bills decrease from police capture of tenant, if the house/apartment is not re-sold/re-rented, then the local economy dwindles. As empty house/apt dominate the neighborhoods, the competition for city jobs narrows. Add some homemade humanoid robots in the buildings and streets and one has a large margin of opportunity for anarchy or local totalitarian dictatorship. Small crowds and some of them are robots... eyes are on the humans. Do they choose crime or not crime? Hmmm... suggest file a lawsuit with the city if dysfunction          


"Freedom of Speech" not Freedom of Language. (?)

If everyone in the USA Castle spoke only English, then spy codes and communications would be halted. Of course, at synagogues, hebrew could be spoken. But Hebrew doesn't need to be spoken outside of synagogues, except for prayers. Christians speak English. Muslims could speak Arabic only in prayer.

                                  WHY ENGLISH?

  • Doctrination is in English (History)
  • Money notes are in English (History)

Annoying Guy says-->"Well, if you guys escaped religious persecution from England, why speak English?"

                   "Well, we have to speak something.!!"






                      Rad World-

"Thou shall not steal, but thou shall tax."

  • Conquer all countries on Earth.
  • Tax out the rich.
  • Return prosperity to those that know/learn English.
  • They would be called the United Countries of Earth (U.C.E.)
  • Each country's flag would be a new flag. The old flag would be where  the 50 stars square is.




"Cane killing Able is not defection. Able being defective is defection. If Defection is a Forest Fire, Cane is Water." 




          HOLY WAR 

Muslims: I think someone would beat you up.

Jews: You better not have made fire on the Sabbath.

Christians: What are you, Nazis?

Misc Other Religions: What, are you trying to make fun of people?


Extra-Note* Equality, liberty, civil rights, like symbolized on the Statue of Liberty, only pertain to U.S. citizens - within the U.S. borders. So technically, Holy War over seas (genocide) is not Un-Constitutional and is not Un-American. However, all U.S. citizens within U.S. borders are protected from prejudice....Therefore, for example, if the United States decided to holocaust all of the Muslims in the foreign world, domestic-muslim-American-citizens would have to be protected, according to the Constitution/American Documentation.

****************So why did the U.S. bail out the Jewish Holocaust victims in the 40's?

  • Nazi party was an enemy regime
  • The Nazis bombed a U.S. ally, England
  • The German-Jews were considered war victims



No graffiti. A city ( or town) has a certain number of people on salary. Why can't 1 person walk around the city, 8 hours a day, pick up litter, remove graffiti, repair cracks? Water plants? It's really easy.

If any systems are designed anti to homeless people then the systems are designed anti to Americans. Here's why:  Ask a homeowner resident why they dislike homeless people in their town and they might say:

  • Unclean
  • Prone to illegal activity
  • Ask for money

That is true, however it is the system's fault that they do those things. If the system provided:

  • Public showers/laundry
  • Adequate free money/housing

then the homeless would be clean and honest. So, as the system does not provide those things, the system causes homelessness, the homeless are Americans and the system is anti-homeless...then thus, such failing systems are anti-American in America. 

Homeless City System

All homeless people in the city must:

  • receive $5 a day
  • be registered and wear a jumpsuit uniform
  • be allowed a sleeping area

If all of the registered homeless people in the city have a uniform and a steady food/purchase ability then they will be less prone to crime. It is not their fault that the Government has been at war and has been attacked, passively or not. The homeless people are the evident victims. If anyone says; "No, they are not victims. They are crazy." then the answer to that is "Being crazy is byproduct of being poisoned." 



All towns and cities should have one "Criminal Bulletin", to announce 100% of convicted crimes committed in the area.      It's as if: "Oh honey, all of the grocery stores got robbed this morning." 


MARIJUANA- Even though cannabis is considered a medication, historical culture has explained that cannabis is an enjoyable product. Since it was recently legalized, the "system" has presented it as an obscure product. People smoke it to feel good and to entertain their thoughts. As it becomes more available, the price will go down. Hypoxia, (low oxygen and over smoke inhalation) is a temporary syndrome where the smoker might feel insane or like he's dieing. Cannabis should be synonymous with cafe-bar lounging, economically in the future, furthering futuristic advancing culture. Art work is an excellent combo with lounging and smoking. Since the war in Iraq, the raiding of opium and cocaine farms in foreign countries may have made the U.S. appear as a type of "world police", as the domestic legalization of cannabis dampens global politics.

Cannabis is vaguely priced the same as the weight of gold. Growing gold... what will they think of next?


  • If a legal cannabis smoker smokes in a small closed room, the room will be filled with smoke. If there are any others (non-prescription holders) in the room, they might get a second hand exposure.
  • No smoking in public. If a nug and water was placed in a metal thermos with a candle under it for an hour, the tea could be consumed in public.

Legal history of cannabis in the United States

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The legal history of cannabis in the United States relates to the regulation of marijuana use for medical or recreational purposes in the United States. Regulations and restrictions on the sale of Cannabis sativa as a drug began as early as 1619. Increased restrictions and labeling of cannabis as a poison began in many states from 1906 onward, and outright prohibitions began in the 1920s. By the mid-1930s Cannabis was regulated as a drug in every state, including 35 states that adopted the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act.[1]

In the 1970s, many places in the United States started to abolish state laws and other local regulations that banned possession or sale of cannabis. The same thing happened with cannabis sold as medical cannabis in the 1990s. All this is in conflict with federal laws; cannabis is a Schedule I drug according to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which classified cannabis as having high potential for abuse, no medical use, and not safe to use without medical supervision. Multiple efforts to reschedule cannabis under the Act have failed, and the United States Supreme Court has ruled in United States v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative and Gonzales v. Raich that the federal government has a right to regulate and criminalize cannabis, even for medical purposes

DOn't smoke cannabis without a prescription.

Cannabis is like the 'Bat-Flower', from the Batman Begins film.

Pot Politics- Since so much history of cannabis so far has been "illegal activity" (before it was legal. Some states it's still illegal.) smoking cannabis legally might be a "cross-fuze" for some types of Government Police agencies and private security groups (like neighborhood watch).

Private security Public Protocol

If cannabis smoke is smelled, investigate and consider the area a crime zone.

INVESTIGATION: Talk to the cannabis smoker and see if it's safe to record "an illegal sales transaction" before placing suspects under citizen's arrest.

Prescription Recommendation holders may purchase cannabis, but not sell it.

Ideally, I would like to see "cannabis cafes" built where all types of cannabis infused foods and beverages may be purchased, consumed and even smoked. In a relaxed environment, there should be consumption limits and encouragement to "take a taxi home", like a bar.

Butane lighting of pipes makes the smoker inhale butane. Better than a lighter might be a white-hot-metal rod, heated by coals.The best type of cannabis smoking apparatus might be cannabis nugs that are rolled inside a moist cannabis leaf (instead of paper), and then dried.Cannabis smoking increases appetite.SInce "paper wraps" cannabis cigarette smoke has additional burnt paper smoke, pipe-smoke is less contaminated.

Legal Marijuana States

Medical Marijuana is not the enemy.

In the back of some local magazines, there can be found Prescription Reccomendations and cannabis for sale.

P.R. = $30. 6/months

P.R. Renewels = $20.

Cannabis = per cigarette, food item,

gram or ounce

International and some out-of-state tourists may not legally purchase or use cannabis.

Washington/Oregon State requires no prescription, however one must have a 21+ I.D.


(marijuana IS A VEGETABLE. )

In Hebrew the word "Kush" means African.

In the Movie "How High" the African character died and he turned into a marijuana plant.

"Kush" is a type of marijuana.

In L.A. there's a Mexican Food place called "Plancha:Taco joint" on 3rd st. Cannabis...Cannibals?

Do they grow cannabis in the dead-bodies (of Africans)  as plants are harvested??? Probably not.

What a Cultural Misconception.

That probably makes some people paranoid.

PHILOSOPHY: If/When all the states are green, then none will be green.

BECAUSE: Green relates difference.

In 2012, the U.S. Government collected...

$5,500,000,000,000  in taxes. (5.5 trillion)

The U.S. population is 310-million.

 - Approx 60 million are children.

              250 million adults

- international business tax exports (Ford and Mcdonalds sold in foreign countries)

- international domestic tourism (money spent by visiting foreign tourists)



Where does the 5.5 trillion tax money go????

Police, Military, Government Employees

50 billion aid money to foreign countries = .9% of it.


State Retrospect: EXAMPLE  ARIZONA

10 cities statewide = 10,000 employees (There are only a few city in the entire state! Some of the cities don't have any skyscrapers)

if paid $25,000 a year each  = $250 million

Note* Most cities are small and only might have about 100 employees.

Extra-note* Most cities have graffiti, unsafe drive/walkways and are generally unmaintained. (The gov employees don't do their job, minus exceptions)

Out of Gas Theory

If an illegal group of Americans (mafia), 1,000s or 1,000,000s were dominating the U.S. with crime, what if due to police progress and counter'crime technology advancements, the criminal group had to "lay low", "hide", "act casual for a few years", spending organized crime money but not getting more. Instead of all of them going broke together at the same time, they attempted to negotiate and use politics to survive public social outlash of the honest citizen public by creating news reports of an oil/gas depression. That means after selling the last of their illegally purchased automobiles and not being able to afford gasoline for the remaining automobiles, (they can't pay their other bills too), they framed domestic/international politics to hide the evidence of their crime spree. No jobs, no work...all those years...houses, automobiles, vacations...and now they can't afford gasoline. Housing and food scams they may be able to keep, but purchasing gas...they can't afford.       "Hey how come everybody has to walk? Why are all of those automobiles parked on the side of the road?"   "Oh didn't you hear? It's an oil shortage! Guess everybody has to take the bus."  

Types of possible mafia that I'm not in:

  • Blue eyes
  • Arabic hybrids
  • Foreign
  • Chinese
  • Religion
  • Specific States
  • Specific nepotism tree links
  • Robots
  • Aliens

The cops have been preventing the mafia but the mafia still had some money to spend... and a few tricks. The cops couldn't prove it but the mafia still had houses to live in, without house bills, and ways to get food.

"Hey Chuck that's too bad about not affording gas station purchases anymore but at least we have all of these properties." "Yeah Peter but we rigged the economy so bad, to hide our failing crime spree that no one can afford to buy one of our properties any more."

The end of crime power of some has alluded to the end of buying power for all.

"Mr. President, please print me some paper. I'm not in cahoots with the guys that robbed the place!!"


A government is a money printer. Depending on which government, there are different types of currency. So why should a government collect printed money from it's citizens once a year as taxation? Why not give ample printed money away for free, for all? Sure, a government jumbo jet might cost a lot of money, but to make the jet, it takes man hours and man work (+robots). Why charge citizens some of the citizen's paper money for it? Why not just print up some extra money to pay the miners of the metal, the metal fabricators, the delivery driver, the upholsterer and all of the workers involved? "HEY TIMMY TUBCOAT, GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR PRINTED PAPER MONEY THAT YOU HAVE (TAX). I JUST HAD ANOTHER JUMBO BUILT!"

The idea of U.S.A. taxation began when the U.S.A. first started and when the U.S.A. had vaguely zero government employees. U.S.A. establishment history is a specific history that involved exploration, colonization and innovation. The colonial U.S.A. taxation idea was something like: "LISTEN FELLOW PEOPLE, WE VOTE FOR LEADERS AND THE LEADERS NEED A FEW EXTRA SUPPLIES. WE'LL KEEP THE BEASTS AND SAVAGES AT BAY, BUT WE'RE GOING TO NEED EXTRA CROPS AND EQUIPMENT."

The British King taxation idea was: "YOU PEOPLE VENTURED ALL THAT WAY. YOU MUST SEND ME SOME GOODIES." The King's mistake: Demand for too much in short time.

After U.S.A. establishment created government employees, there should have been no taxation. The U.S. President did not need tax from the people because he had established workers (and slaves). A citizen could have given 5 turnips per 100 turnips as tax, but guess what...;  A government worker could grow 1,000s of turnips.  No need for tax... and Free Land.  Hunting, farming, sawing lumber, building. The Government's purpose was for order of protection, mail (citizen communication) and education. How to build. How to eat. How to think.

Taxes are not needed. There are plenty of trees to be turned into paper. If a group of Americans get free paper money and are not obligated to return any of the paper (tax), while other American citizens do not get free paper money, the Americans that get free paper money and are living in luxury are suspects of being the enemy. Handicaps and homeless (welfare) that do not live luxuriously (not scam) are needy, not suspects.  Toyota, Volkswagen and foreign companies that are selling in the U.S.A.  are suspicious  as being plausible enemy suspects. Their customers may or may not be potential suspects too.



I was editing my website, looking for where it says "listening to foreign accent speak on radio about inflation" and decided to add text here. Inflation is infalable. Inflation is a trick. Inflation is an explanation of an  invention of enemy greed. "A rich man (owner) could charge a steady price and make a profit, however he adds 15 cents to the price to the $1 product because he wants to maintain profit margine ." Meaning, from $1 sale, previous profit was .40 cents, then the delivery guy charged an extra .10 cents so profit became .30 cents In order to recoop that .10 cent loss, he charges an extra .10 cents . Instead of only making .40 cents profit, the  owner could have kept a steady price and made .30 cents profit.

$1 sale. .60 cents cost .40 cents profit

Delivery guy adds .10 cents to cost

$1 sale. .70 cost. .30 cents profit.

$1.10 sale. 70 cost. 40 profit.



"Robotless Servicemen of the Potential Future" (Ecofuturism)

If money was free for all then no one would be forced to do work. If all citizens were paid $1,000 a month to buy whatever legal things they wanted with free housing, " Servicemen" could be hired to do work for the gifted citizens and their reward might be:

  • One year of service contract, off/on.   $2,000 a month during time of service
  • 4 years+ service. $2,000 a month during time of service and during post work time of length of work time (paid for service of 4 years if worked 4 years, plus 4 years additional years of no work pay)
  • 15 years+ service. $2,000 a month for the rest of their life
Males may or may not compete to have any service job as females might compete to have marriages with prior servicemen. Service jobs would be labor and delivery.
Note* Ecofuturism is not communism. Communism is "Everybody works, everybody eats." In ecofuturism, only ones that want to work may work, but some of them might be refused from working.
Non-Workers. Housing and utilities would be free, so the $1,000 a month could be spent on fabulous products or could be saved up to buy fabulous expensive products. Plenty of varieties, vacations, saving up for new vehicles, no good motive for crime, honor and duty for servicemen, comfort, happy luxury. Ecofuturism is for a place without war. Since no companies will compete with each other, there will be no good motive for the food/products to be tampered. 100% clean. 100% ecofuturism. 

Homeless people must sleep somewhere. They are not robots. If they must hide on vacant private property, the police must protect them from being attacked or violated. If there is no damage done to the place...  the owner of the property might not notice that they were there. 

There are different types of homeless people. A prostitute homeless person sleeps at someone else's house or at a motel. A christian homeless person sleeps at the church shelter.

If a U.S. citizen is impoverished without residency, during Government and Press proclaimed "national economic failure", it is the             Government's failure to:

  1. not allow homeless people to build shack homes on vacant lots. That is bad. Homeless people that don't commit drug/alcohol/robbery crimes should be allowed to build shacks.
  2. not give homeless people homes.

If a U.S. citizen is homeless without residency for over 1 month (2 gov paycheck billing cycles) a lawsuit settlement from the Government should be awarded to the homeless person of the value of one home, so that the U.S. citizen may prosper.

If the U.S. citizens experience the "economic depression" during war time, due to the Government's failure.... the U.S. citizen not only can sue the Government , but also the U.S. citizens can kill people.

They can't kill innocent people, but they can kill corrupt authorities, false authorities, enemy invaders and private authorities if the private authorities violate U.S. citizens' rights.

In scope, war-time politics is based on the understanding that the enemy has invaded and is conducting illegal and legal business.     Illegal business appears as legal business, but who's watching anyway?Everything seems normal... plastic surgery, make-up, hair dye, skin tattooing, skin paint, rubber face mask wigs......seems normal.

The issue of private property on U.S. soil being the owner's authority against non-owners is substantial only if the property is not "a trap".                A trap has no enclosed fencing, appears inviting to the public and has inadequate sign posting.                             If private property is a business (private retail), no private authority may violate U.S. citizens' rights, whether the U.S. citizens are customers or not.

Psycho-Militant-Invader says: "Well, maybe we want everybody to do a little crime and skirmishing while they're out there. We're watching everybody on the illegal cameras. How do you think we got into these fancy clothes and fancy houses?" 










Leviticus 18;22. 

 Government employees that are paid to protect the public (police) should also protect the public from 'being tricked'.

There should not be stings. Stings should be illegal. It's like "Hey kids, do you want to buy stolen merchandise? Oh you do? Oh, okay." -No don't do that. There absolutely should be no paid government employees who are paid 'to trick' American citizens. That makes it hard for the real police to tell the criminals apart from the victims. Part of the perfect criminal plan.....

In cities that have signs that say: "Do Not Leave Valuables in your Vehicle.".... the police department should have signs inside it that say: "Do Not Cash Your Paycheck."


Dry Cleaning.

"You drop fine clothes off at a place where an immigrant is the employee, pay a few dollars per item and then pick up the clothes later."     Dry cleaning.

That is suspicious. Why are the inks in expensive fine clothes too weak to be washed normally. The dry-cleaning industry should be wiped out and replaced by futuristic fine clothes that can be cleaned in water.


              Rad USA Country

  • Attack all companies that spend much of their money in foreign countries, on grounds of treason.
  • Cancel all jobs that can be replaced by vending machines, computers or robots.
  • Award U.S. citizens residual incomes. (free incomes)
  • Grant U.S. citizens free land
  • Build more cities with low pollution

So that means we don't need more jobs. Walgreens doesn't need workers. They could be computer automated vending machines. If the Walgreens owner makes $100(only keeps $20), the RAD group taxes $80 so that the owner doesn't spend it in a foreign country. Give the laid off, outdated workers and the people $40, spend $20 on expenses/maintenance and keep $20 for expanding cities.

Annoying Guy says"No. We need more jobs. Here, tear a page out of the phone book, at a rate of 1 page a minute, and I'll pay you minimum wage. That's 60 pages for about $8."  

                No. We don't need more jobs, we need to not spend money in foreign countries. Un-needed jobs is idiocracy and idiocracy is probably a pathway of crime. The people will have free houses, free food and free medical. They will have extra money for some luxuries. When the United States was founded, there was a vast acreage of land for potential building and a giant immediate need for houses and buildings to fit the population. Hundreds of years have passed and structure growth has expedited an industry of building houses, storage facilities, retail, etc. That doesn't mean that new cities and new towns should not be built. Rocks from the ground can be turned into streets and buildings. The old cities, once plagued with spies and aggressive, overly ambitious, competitive foreigners, can be calmed and diluted. The foreign people's microphones, cameras, secret bomb shelters, unnoticed nook and crannies, can be less sightful, less audible, less calculative, less powerful and stick out more like a soar thumb. Meanwhile, in new cities and towns, safety, beauty and efficiency may collide in a manor of awe inspiring glory that is found in comfort, everyday. The magic of the United States of American lands is for the U.S. American people and technology should be their loyal friend. If not, the eagles will fall from outer space and kill in their backyards. 


The American Flag:

It looks like a wizard hat or a rocket ship when it is flaccid.

READing the newspaper, the "writers" often communicate about foreign countries. Russia, China, Mexico, England, Canada, etc... Communicating about allies. Why don't they communicate about the other countries? Allies or neutrals. There are 195 countries on Earth. What about the other ones? Nothing informative to talk about? Too small to care about? "A man in Togo woke up and drove his Canadian made scooter to the beach."? Why are those places countries? Why not take them over real quick? Peace treaties? Too much work? As if Africa or South America became one country, with states. Why barriers? Laws, currency, language, customs...They have a border so they need to be individualized. Why? Well...why not? Who's advantage is it? Who's splendor? What does it matter? Life (humanity) is about having fun. It would be nice if every country was safe to travel. "Seen one, you've seen them all." How much media (movies, newspapers, tv) is about Americans that is displayed in those little countries?  What do I know about their people's mannerisms? They know locations, culture, language...They don't make their own media? Are they retarded? They study American actors. America, the inventor of magical technology. Do they invite Americans to visit in welcoming celebration, the wizards of technology that have given them such splendid gifts? Oh, America is under attack. Newspapers have something to say everyday. It would be awesome if all of the bullsh*t countries were consolidated (law would not change specifications every 200 miles) so that ocean and air travel could be as free as possible. They should want to be consolidated and be free. They are not impressive. Perhaps they are hiding incest culture. They know that incest is forbidden in American culture. They are too lazy to roll out of bed and walk out of the hut-house to interact with someone else. Perhaps they are under passive attack and ingest retardants in the food supply. The issue is not their look-a-like land. The issue is their claim of Nation on Earth.



Dog Racism in Public

There are 2 types of dog breeds. Ones with bushy down tails and one's with proudly exposed rear-digestion-system flap/holes exposed. What if the government passed a law that allowed only dog breeds who had bushy down tails to be in public. Then, the dogs with exposed bottoms would not be paraded around by their owners, exposing their unclothed anatomy to the public.


"I for one do not wish to see dog, or any type of animal 'bottoms', in public, or anywhere else really."



With no offense intended towards talented celebrity artists, the other majority are bi-sexual drug addicts that :

  1. are not ro-models and should not even be perceived as anything except a person that lies for a living (actors) or makes organized sounds (music)
  2. Untalented, ugly, wasting people's time
  3. Foreign hand-shaking accidental political traitors
  4. Easily replaced and obsolete by life-casts and CGI computer development
  5. Brainwashers that may or may not use their celebrated identity to control weakling citizens in the form of a cult

American celebrity-ism is like the jesters that killed the king and aren't sure what foreign castle to take the gold to.

If a celebrity isn't talented, let's hope they are very attractive. If they are neither, then threat means that they are in a murder mafia or were very, very wealthy before starring or being featured (Uglies pay to get into the film/music industry.) Media effects private citizen's minds and opinions.

I think that Marylin Monroe was a homosexual. "She" appears in photos to be a transsexual. Transsexualism is hand in hand with espionage and cults. Maybe the photos were photo-shopped years later.


Since I'm homeless and am in public 24/7, I have encountered many dangerous situations where I had to call '911'. The operators usually demand the address from where I am calling from. 

Cross streets? Landmarks? Exact address?

When I was growing up, my family had "caller I.D." on the house phone. Why would multi-million dollar police units pretend that they don't have caller I.D. on public pay phones?!

"What is the address where you are calling from?"

Is that supposed to be a subtle message that means "Hey, those bad guys make a lot of money. You are on private property." ?

And then I have to wait about an hour, watching police cars (automobiles) drive past, until later, they arrive and take down the same information that I gave to the 911 operator.

IS IT LIKE- Police: "Well we don't want him (me, Max) to know about our surveillance technology so that if/when he decides to become a criminal, he doesn't use that information, about our organization, against us (police).

I'm sure an enemy android could call 911 and then kill the police officers when they arrive, so instead, perhaps the reason for police delinquencies/incompetence is to make sure that the police are safe.


I had an emergency in the parking lot, outside of a public library, where upstairs in the library is the "Volunteer Police". They had a sign that said something like Volunteer Police: Age 50 and over. I walked into the office and said;  "I have an emergency. Can I report it to you?"              The grey haired man with glasses said "Are you the phone gal?"       I corrected him and said; "I'm male."        I had facial hair!

He told me that I had to call'911' on a phone. I walked about 1/4 a mile to a pay phone.

I think incompetent "Volunteer Police Units" might be doing "sabotage", but at least it's not like they get paid. What a racquet!      (?)        (:



Sure "money" is "printed", created, and represents value of buying power, perhaps the Gov error is pricing value incorrectly.



If a mile of road needs 2 tons of asphalt, one steam roller and a road crew...

and if 2 tons of asphalt cost $2,000., the 3 man crew makes $15/hour for 100 hours and the vehicle/gas costs $2,000 to rent... then the TOTAL cost for 1 mile road is $8,500. Is the Government pricing that construction at $1,000,000? If so,then $991,500 magically disappears from public/gov available money.

Instead of charging itself $1,000,000, perhaps a better way to accomplish such a construction is by offering citizen owned private companies the chance to compete for business to build the 1 mile road. The company that can do the job for the smallest bid gets the job. So instead of the gov building 1 mile road and having $1,000,000 disappear, the gov could build 100 roads and have the $1,000,000 disappear.  The gov could also set the price per road at  say... $8,500 and hire 1st come/1st serve.




If an owner bought 2 chickens, if a live chicken is worth $5, then the owner spent $10 U.S. dollars. If the chickens have 8 babies, then the owner has 10 chickens. The Government needs to print up 2 $20 bills in calculation of the new chickens. Things of value that grow over time are part of a growing economy when value isn't lost by new additions. DOES THAT MEAN THE 10 chickens are worth $10? No, they are worth $5 each ($50). 

If a town's bank only has $10 and buys 2 chickens, grows 8 more, it doesn't need to price the chickens at $1 value each. It needs to print 2 $20 bills. So what happens if the town eats the 10 chickens and remains $50? They were supposed to keep chickens growing to multiply.

So thus, similar to crops being grown, money can be printed/created, in accordance with products to be sold/transacted, but that doesn't mean that the price of the products have to be adjusted.

Competition means growers compete for sales, however surplus can easily be frozen. Thus, growers can become rich by quantity without sacrificing quality as they don't need to compete with another because the Government buys (prints to pay) whatever they produce.

If the companies produce too many chickens in the future, (then already too much), then they are already rich and don't need to sell it to the Government. They did their job. Time to retire. Game over.




A corporation often claims in public that since it offers stock-trade, it has multiple owners. Franchises are similar , however some Brand-name-franchise locations are privately owned. The good thing about franchise/corp is that the employees have many bosses to maintain store hygienic service levels maximized. If one man owns one store, if that owner is also an employee, then he is similar to an "Employee Gone Wild." What's he going to do?


If any private U.S. company sells goods in export, that is similar to a foreign country giving the private U.S. company printed paper. WHY WOULD THE U.S. GOVERNMENT NOT PRINT UP PAPER IN EXCHANGE FOR THE PRODUCTS OF THE U.S. PRIVATE COMPANY INSTEAD?

THE PRIVATE U.S. Company wants to make a profit. If the private U.S. company sells lumber, 1,000 trees, to a foreign company, that means 1,000 trees are gone from the U.S.


believe that national currency was designed for movement in only the Country of print.


International markets?

The Government was supposed to purchase all surplus-domestic products from U.S. companies and illegalize all exporting of goods. Only few foreign countries would be gifted of goods, but that would be considered taxation in terms of a hostage situation (warfare).

Freedom of Tourism?

If citizens are compelled to the adventure of international travel...instead of giving a currency-transfer-bank paper money, a better way is for both national governments to agree that for every tourist exported, there is a tourist imported, with equal coupons proportioned not of "number value", but of tourist destination accommodations.

7 days hotel in foreign country = 7 days hotel in U.S. hotel

10 meals = 10 meals

2 boat rides = 2 boat rides

Bad Situation Citizen says: "Mr. President, we gave all of our printed money to Japan Industries and now everyone is out of paper money. No one has enough paper money to buy food. The food is rotting and being trashed, while people are starving. Please print up some more paper money!






Abolish foreign land owners on U.S. soil.

Why should a U.S. citizen have to pay $700 a month to France (French Person) to live in America? As if a Frenchman built an apartment complex in U.S.A.

There might be some war and battle from that, but that's why we make weapons. Besides, it would not be war with the foreign country, but war with the individual wealthy foreigner.


"Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of a baseball bat?"

Probably the wealthy foreigner. "Batman might be in business."

And plus, it's not as if that $700 goes back to the U.S. economy.  It's probably spent back in the foreign country.

"Hey, my lost potential girlfriend went there to compete for jobs!"


                  Any acts of espionage, social or civil crimes, including brainwashing the public or any other verbal psychological crime done upon Americans by a source of foreign agenda, with the intent to effect or defect the United States of America in such ways should be halted domesticly by police/military in an increasingly timely manner, to suit the victims and protect them within the borders of the United States of America.      That being said, the laws of man should fall into droid extradition with the manufacturers and it's associates to blame and charge.


 I am fully confident that I can train for my immortal "oneness" as not a bum! The government could allocate resources, distribute land, property and assets, especially during the recession, or the depression is it now, instead of foreigners with foreign money, competing with Americans domestically, in the form of a monetary invasion.


             Foreign Visitation Law         

         All foreigners (visitors, workers, immigrants) should wear a square version of their flag, on their shirt and on their vehicle. 2nd generation citizens (their parents were immigrants) should wear a less specific, blue square on their clothing and vehicle.   The square section of the flag will be from the top left corner.


Israeli Politics

"Get out of the desert! It's a trick! The U.K. is true Israel! The Muslims tricked the Jews and the Christians, 2 birds, one stone!"


Israel is only a 60 something year old country. It is very young. It was born on war. That's suspicious. A ness (miracle). A country is started up again and then Bam!, war again. I hope the bad guys didn't hide underground or do anything bad and mischievous that I could imagine. It's not very big either. It's a small strip of land.  Judaism is thousands of years old.  I'm glad to have visited it (Israel). It's too bad that there was so much war. I think speaking hebrew day to day normal is something different from speaking hebrew only in religious ceremonies. I think it would be great if I knew fluent hebrew, but I think it's sacred to only speak IT in prayer.

Speaking Hebrew

Today: "Hey toss me that vacuum hose!"

Thousands of years ago: Prayers.

It's like it should be "Hey brother, come celebrate  the miracle of life in Israel!" instead of "Uh, we just got bombed by our neighbor country and bombed them back and you made fire on the sabbath and took a bite of ham, so we might as well just disrespect you or we could just go insane and see if you go insane somewhere else, where we eon't mistake you for a Christian, because we have a hard enough time telling ourselves apart from Muslims."

"Hey, atleast I'm not a cannibal."

Rude: Israel should isolate all homobis (Homo-bisexuals, Yiddish*=fagalas) and give them their own mini country. Because they (gays) brainwashed everyone with culture to love them so much (I don't), so just give them their own mini harmless country so the majority of media-effected heteros won't feel the need to defend the homo-bis. Extra-terrestrial influenced, organized, mentally ill people should not be in the Holy Land.

Muslims should be relocated.

Christians should be relocated. Christians don't need to be in Israel! They can go visit saint's homes in Europe.

If Israel conquered the Middle East, that would mean that they took the weapons away from the inhabitants. If there's value on the land, another neighbor would send criminals to loot, with all the guards gone.And then, next thing one knows, the guards are back again, but from different neighbors. And then there is more war? And then it's likeWeapons in outer space, new technology, more babies, more advanced missiles/bombs,robots .

... Ay Gevalt!

Israel must shut down nuclear power plants on the Sabbath because fire/Sabbath is forbidden. Although technically, a timer could turn the fire on and off but the issue is location of detected fire. That is to say, a man may have a solar powered lawn lamp illuminating on the Sabbath, however his location, house (tribal camp) appears of fire making. Action is the key, but perhaps the location is the inaccurate clue. Thus, timers that create fire on the Sabbath are not sac-religious because the witness of the fire was not the fire maker. (Jews can't press the power button on the tv on Saturday but if a timer was preset they may watch tv) A nuclear plant can be preset, however the location appears to be fire-making. Note* A remote control may not be used to turn the tv off, however if the tv's model design allows the "off" button to not electrocute additional circuits when pressed, the tv may be "toffed" manually. I'm unsure if pulling the plug out of the wall is considered work. If I'm mistaken, then the Torah says "Have no fire." instead of "Make no fire.". A firepit is dificult to sustain a day, as no additional logs are allowed to be added on the Sabbath, however using a specific design stove, perhaps a cylinder or pyramid, the stove might allow 24 hours of fire, without addition.


$3 billion dollars a

year TAX

The U.S. has given Israel $8 million dollars a day for the past approx. 30 years. That's a lot of tax! Paper money?...Why do they need that much? Technically, Israel doesn't need a military if the U.S. has a military. Why pay Israel to build itself tanks and bombs? Is that what they spend the money on? What do they spend the money on? I hope they don't spend it on business investments to compete in the United States domestically.  What could they possibly be spending $3 billion a year on???!?!?!!! 

 Printed paper... That's similar to Chuck E.  Cheese (U.S.)  giving Jack'in'the'Box (Israel) $3 billion paper tickets. Why don't they print up their own money? Oh they do...they're called shekels.

Why didn't the U.S. Government give those "aid countries" raw supplies instead of paper money units? 

10,000 tons of steel mined from the ground might be valued at a work cost of (approximation) $500,000. If that steel is sold in the world market, it might be valued at $10,000,000.  Where do the aid-countries spend the money? They spend the U.S. paper money in other countries? During a time when U.S. citizens complain that they are dying from lack of job opportunities?????  Why didn't the U.S. Government give the aid countries FABRICATED PRODUCTS, as the U.S. would have hired and paid it's U.S. citizens to make the fabricated products.

NOTE* Although, to make 100,000 rifles, perhaps very few employees are needed as semi-trucks might dump trees onto conveyor belts to be sawed by ROBOT-WORKERS in a factory, as another semi-truck dumps raw metals onto a conveyor belt as ROBOT-WORKERS turn the metal into nuts, bolts and barrels.


Money is something that is "worth" fighting for. Money is freedom. Money is prosperity.

Who are they going to fight? How long does it take to drop bombs on a bunch of people and turn them into powdered-rags?                 War is ABOUT MONEY.


$1.5 Billion to Egypt. I think that $1.5 Billion is enough money to GO TO WAR about, as if, it would have been worth it to go to war against Egypt, instead of giving it $1.5 Billion.          Sounds like a robbery. Have U.S. Government officials been held hostage???? Sounds like a "Shake Down"....





? If they have so much American taxes coming in everyday... where are they spending it? Where are the immaculate cities of the future? Where is the wealth, luxury, beautiful architecture, hi-tech innovation, recreational monuments and other possible financial glories of creation?  


Is anyone having fun about all that stuff? Anyone that thinks all that stuff is fun, is a suspect.

And why are there a bunch of hoodlums running around, pretending that they are black (African).  Just because the President is part African and one of the last of the African-Americans, it doesn't mean that anyone should paint themselves black, or even tattoo themselves. That's what Weenumes do, because they are nasty criminals and are hiding their identity. Hallo-Ween Cost-Ume. That's what they wear. They hid the African holocaust. Shame on them! Or maybe they just moved all of them back to Africa to do their own thing.  "Moses married a Kush and was humble."


Recyclables. If a "mafia" attains mint condition recyclables from the trash for free, it might illegally re-fill the containers with "knock off", watered-down product, re-sealed to be sold back on shelves. Also food bags(trash) could be filled and resealed with glue. That's bad because it's unsanitary and not government taxed. Extra money for Borat's foreign bank accounts. 


Nearly everything in dumpsters is recyclable for a profit. Old food can be pet food or soil fertilizer. materials can be mulched and mixed with glue to form objects. Some trash needs to be cleaned with soap/water to be re-used, without needing to be transformed. If foreign companies are obtaining American trash, they should be put to death for attacking the American economy during war time.

Al Qaeda Trash. During my experience of being homeless and needing to eat food out of the trash, I have noticed that it seemed as though some of the food  in the trash was better than what restaurant employees have served me. As if because I'm white or because a white-Jew, the 24-hour-security-suirvelance weenumes at the restaurants have "listed" me as a sub-customer due to my special ordering of "no cheese" on beef items. The trash food was as if I tasted grade A food for the first time.          POSSIBLE REASONS:

  • Grade A restaurant food is reserved for a creed that is not my own.
  • The Police analyze food at the dump, and the criminals don't want to get in trouble for making people sick.



Why are houses so expensive? Why are bags of lettuce not $4,000 each. A bag of lettuce provides nutrients. A house provides shelter.

If every home was once $1,000 each, what if a gazillionaire came in (not a weaponized murderous army) and bought all of the houses. Then, since he owns the houses, he decides to charge $500,000 for a house. Some people would not be able to afford a home. Some people would be able to afford a home, but nothing else.    Then, the gazillionaire would be a multi-gazillionaire and the American Holocaust would be nearly complete.

        It turns out, American citizens have a right to own a home. If homes were drastically more affordable, say a home was $1,000, then that would be the price of a home. Sure, the one's that bought their homes for $500,000 and expected to sell it for $550,000 would be upset, but at least everyone could afford a home.

If $400 of cement is used to build a home after 20 hours of work, when the pay of the work is $10/hr. , then the value of the home is $600, plus the value of land that the Government decided to charge for. The value of that house in the current world is $500,000. That's $499,400 profit, minus the cost of the land sold. If the receiver of that profit is a foreign immigrant agent, that foreigner should be shot in the head with a hand-gun by the U.S. military (Monetary invasion, obstruction of American Prosperity.) No actually, they should be thoroughly investigated wherever they go (every town) in the U.S. and they should be cited for anything like Littering or parking their automobile incorrectly. They should be 100% police site-able. Bust them for ANYTHING. Non-stop. All the time. Tag em and bag em.


At the county public library in California, the "librarian" told me that the building is a Government building, however the computers and books are managed by volunteers called "Friends of the Library". I think the librarian said that the Government would have shut down the libraries without the volunteers. Government Shutdown? During war time? The government is the money printer. Why would the situation not be that only Government employees and Government computers function in the public library. That is very strange...but hey, at least I get to publish my website for free at the volunteer operated public library. Coockoo. Coockoo. 


               Boston Tea Party

GLOBAL ECONOMY = Invasion Superiority   

If Americans have a vegetable stand in the U.S., Americans are selling vegetables to Americans. All of a sudden, foreign countries (foreign companies) are next to the American veggie seller and they're both selling vegetables to Americans?

If that is possible, that means either:

  1. Foreign Invader forces have invaded and are being cute.
  2. Foreigners have a right to do international business. (That's insane to allow foreign companies to do business in another country's  domestic marketplaces.     The only reason to do business with countries in their domestic marketplace is for the trade of Superior Technology.       If a domestic welcomer to the foreign country company helped them start business in the U.S., the "welcomer" was a domestic defective  spy, who's ambition was immediate self profit, not long term country safety / prosperity.

U.S. exporting (Opposite): It's like the 1920's, "Hey guys, do you want to fly in the sky like birds! It's not magic, it's science. We call them airplanes!"

Foreign Country Response: "Oh my gosh, okay, okay, you guys can sell us bottled water from our springs. Let us buy some of those fabulous new inventions!!!!!!!"


If foreign country companies sell domestic water to American citizens, then that is the easiest example of failure.




  • All houses will be newly value considered in accurate regards to it's physical worth plus the calibrated value of the lot. (Two 2x4 wood beams and 5 pounds of cement = $20. They are not worth $4,500.)
  • A citizen may only own up to three houses (total shared with their spouse.) If the Dad has three kids and owns 9 houses, that should some how be claused to not be.
  • A foreign dual citizen or immigrant may only own 1 house or commercial real estate property.
  • If a house is purchased for $3,000 and the homeowner wants to buy a Lamborghini, he should park it in the garage. (He will have so much left over to buy other things in different marketplaces)






Small Affordable Houses 

       I would like to see land utilized to it's potential, to befit a value of beauty, use and positive economic criteria. The Sacramento River, now somewhat dormant and desolate, could become an American hot spot for recreational and economical living. Other places, nooks and crannies could be utilized for 1 to 2 person dwellings.



     I would build small (tiny), 3 story condos, along the banks of the river, meant for two people. The top would be an open sun deck, with the bottom 2 floors as living quarters, ect. Rent for the condos would be around $200, (extremely affordable). Renters would flock from around the Country to live in one of the 200-2000 condos. Electric motor boats would be mandatory, (no gas boats for condo owners, unless they had them docked at the town docks.)  They could rent for $200 a month. Lot's of fun.

Really attractive Young Adult says---> "Hey I can afford that. I'll live there and since I'm seen there, everyone has a more exciting life and I don't need to go get foreign sexually transmitted diseases in a foreign country."

 The nearby river towns' economies would explode. I would also have a food scrape system of collecting wasted food, from anywhere, and depositing the food into the river so that the fish ecosystem would be substantiated to a maximum level, making the Sacramento River (example river), or perhaps other areas like it, abundant with delicious, healthy fish.

Estimated condo cost to build = $1,000 each. 



 One day out of the calendar should be a national holiday to tribute and honor scientists and scientific breakthroughs.   

_Scientificus Celebraticus!





        Home Owner Sales

So if a person buys a house for $500,000, they can then sell their house for $550,000 after living in it for a long time. They are paid $50,000 to live in their house? !

Unless the housing market goes down.

"Hey do you guys want to get paid to live in your house? Oh you do?"

"Hey do you guys want to get paid to get a massage?"

And then there would be a bunch of empty houses because no one buys them....(?)

Why don't they build their own house and save hundreds of thousands of dollars?   They wanted to live near......something... 

 and that's why most people make only $1,500 a month when a house costs $450,000.  (that's 300 months of saved pay checks). Houses should be more affordable.

Did a foreign army invade the USA and everything is free for them?  It's as if we are in aPost-American Holocaust.

Don't the innocent survivors have nice looking butts.?

Land was free when USA first started. The natives, who were much like Cavemen, only occupied a small percentage of USA mainland with primitive camps. The settlers let them share  technology. There still is a lot of open land available to purchase on the market today. Are monster-bank companies owning everything, violating people's rights and not giving away land for free? It's like a robot takeover and no one has enough money. The robot system:, wait till human steals, then turn human into sausage at prison camp.


Old people in "Wealthy Areas" of California seem like they are foreign teenagers wearing rubber skin suits and wigs. Maybe they are C-3POs that are wearing rubber skin suits and wigs. I think they might be foreigners- organized around homosexual prostitutes type mafia.


Plymouth rock. Manifest destiny. Why would Europe send armies to thwart North American settling. Foolish kings of invented education? Spain said : "I'll take the millions of miles of South America while France and England battle the landed explorers. " AFRICA IS CLOSER TO EUROPE THAN AMERICA. Asia had guns. Europe had guns. Arabia had sand. Africa did not have guns. Why not colonize Africa instead of traveling thousands of miles over the ocean to America? America had African slaves. Did Europe have slaves? Isn't useful work fun anyways!?

        Collect crops, collect firewood, build fence, build house, carry food...work. Slaves might be useful to build large monuments quickly in a location that has minimal resources as slavery allows the master a lack of obligation to share food/resources. .Otherwise, slaves are needless because constructive work is fun if the work accumulates upgrades of private property. What else did the masters have to do all day anyways. Spain is very close to Africa. South America had no slaves or few slaves. Did Africa fuel counter-American colonization wars because of slavery? The Americas had an abundance of resources (food). Africa may have been teeming with more aggressive insects and fewer food crop plants. The trade-ships back from America only needed pairs of livestock and seeds. If the kings were patient for the crops to grow then that would have been what they needed. Why would a king demand that his army travel to loot a far away land to treat his people? What system is it that a king delivers abundance of full grown food from a far away land so that his people can have variety? American colonies were free land, a place to relocate, that welcomed varieties of international explorers. What was there to fight about besides slaves? Fighting over millions of miles of land that is already free of price? No. They didn't build very many cities unless they were secretly destroyed. If they fought because of hatred, why travel thousands of miles to do it? 

 "When a country is taken over and conquered, it should be renamedand the flags should change.     That would mean that history books would have to be updated.  

That's a lot of books!"


 All employees, at any store, restaurant, shop ect., should be able to buy products from the store (from the owner) at cost. Cheaper prices for employees (transactions) where the Owner doesn't make a profit.  It's like "Well, I trust you to work here everyday, around all those products and make business happen. Why don't I allow you to buy things at the store at complete no-profit?" That means a worker at Mcdonalds would be able to buy a Big Mac for .34 cents. If an employee bought and resold items, it might be illegal, but they might have a $200 spending limit a month anyways. It would be an incentive for really good and motivated employees to want to work somewhere. Their benefits would be like "Well, I can buy a vollyball for $1.40 while I'm working there."

  • Better employees- Better food, service, business
  • No profit loss!
  • More products off the shelves, advertising

So it's like "Make a profit on every customer except for the one's that you have trusted to work there." (Employees).

Enemy Effected Business Leader says-->    "Hey, that's a good idea, but we're trying to kill you guys."


               Clean Safe Food Act

A background check and serious criteria for a security clearance are needed in order to kill someone in another country but to serve or sell food, (something that goes directly into the human body), the server, seller or holder doesn't need a security clearance to do so. The military's job is to protect the U.S. American people, land and written documentation and history. If so many untrustworthy people, including people from foreign countries, have food handling jobs, why isn't food, including cheap food, better protected. I would design a returnable deposit lock system where customers can buy a $100 bundle of food, in a safe. The safe is a $100 deposit, electronic, not too heavy, a dolly wheeled rectangular box, full of factory fresh, factory sealed, non-contaminated, non-tampered food of different varieties, according to diets. The safes could have a code system where one goes on-line with the receipt and code to get an electronic lock combination password. Dyharea would never ever be poured out of a chilli can into the family's cooking pot. (amongst other harmful ingredients like chemicals and poisons that the  middlemen of the food industry might get paid to do.) Do you feel fresh and healthy after eating an orange and some cooked rice? You should.          Suspects:

  • Any person from, or country, that the U.S.A. has ever gone to war with
  • Private groups
  • Mentally ill workers
  • Extra-terrestrials
  • Competetive companies
  • Wealthy criminals that don't return safes for deposit

        The Economy

     The internet market place has greatly effected the economy.  Since consumers could purchase products on-line,  (billions of dollars!), stores have been shut out of those potential profits, effecting the delivery driver, the manager, the clerk, (everyone that worked at the stores),  before they shut down, (the middlemen), the rental property of the store, utilities, display manufactuers, building maintainance and  other businesses that would have been effected by the local shoppers of the store(s).

      Why pay a little more when you can have it delivered to your door?

So from 1990's to present, the economy has been effected poorly by majority, of an internet marketplace revolution.

Sure, on-line stores have succeeded, but they left some businesses in the dust.



Quality Loss Markets

It seems like companies might own more than one brand/franchise, in one market, Example*

  • A. brand bread, sells in store for $3.00 on shelf
  • Z. brand bread, sells in same store for $1.00 on shelf

               Instead of making A. brand bread a better product than Z. brand bread, they make Z. brand bread worse, by tampering the ingredients.

They might think like:

"If the consumers are too cheap to buy $3.00 bread because they can save $2.00 by buying $1.00 bread, then we might as well tamper the "on sale" $1.00 Z. brand bread for the cheap-skate customers."              or

"If we sold the $1.00 bread untampered, why should they buy $3.00 bread?"


         Another example, in a different market would be:

                    Cheap Motel.  "Yeah sure we could wash the sheets and itchy blanket every time (they don't), but isn't that what expensive hotels do?"

It's as if a clue of monopoly is present in the American (USA) Economy, where one company might own 2 brands (/franchises), has no competition, so that the smallest price loses quality.  

What happened to competitive prices that carried perfect quality?



Robot Economy

Humanoid robots could easily replace the human workplace of specific markets. Depending on their muscle acuity, memory encompassment and durability. Humanoid robots could work as chefs, warehouse stalkers, hospitality concierges, builders and soldiers. What's left for humans to do?

                                           Live comfortably.

                                                  Have fun.

Study books and wisdom. Robots could do all the work. Everything would be free for the peaceful humans.


        What if the robots were (1)hi-jacked by the enemy or (2)became the enemy themselves.

                             Of course there would be fuses and off buttons on them but what if they got out of control.




Domestic C-3P0s should clean up litter, open doors and provide services for civilian humans. C-3P0s should not be mimicking the middle class. ( Mimicking the middle class rudely? = enemy C-3P0s ) 

 We should not import any goods. Everything should be made here. More jobs, no money for foreigners, better products. Do we really need to pay France $1.00 for every bottle of water which they sell to us? We can bottle our own, you know. Oh, that's right we do. What if the foreign country says "Hey! We got contracts! We need to sell you an extra 4,000,000 boxes of chocolates." We say, "No, we have a military and we will use it. We will end your life, yes we will. Do not attempt to destroy my country with your economic strategies. We will test the secret weapons on you, yes we will. You can call it World War 3, yes you can, but it ain't. No it's not."  


The difference between actual work jobs and suspicious pretend jobs (enemy companies is:

  1. Work jobs.  Jobs that provide actual product unit for sale. Workers must work to make and sell a product.
  2. Pretend Jobs. "Jobs" like office jobs where any employee might have to be at work from 9-5, however what they actually do does not provide a product unit. Their criminal-boss might have them do pretend work Example* "Tammy, I need you to make copies of the paper files and then reorganize them. That should take about 4 hours, so take your lunch and then get crackin."

Labor is construction or destruction. A tree is destroyed to form lumber. Lumber is constructed to create products.                                Sitting on a chair in an air conditioned room and waiting for a phone to ring to answer it is a needless job that a computer can simply do. Office owner might say: Sure, I could save $40,000 a year without a needless secretary employee and a phone answering/document managing computer might only cost $4,000 that lasts for many years, but I like being the boss of somebody. And plus, I'm helping out the economy by providing an extra job. Sure, I need to charge customers an extra price to manage the secretary cost and that might hurt my competition with other offices, but hey... is this thing still on? Hello?"

Depending on how high up the employee is in the company, they might not have to do "busy work" at all. They might get FREE MONEY (paychecks) as long as they show up to the company building every "work day".

Strategical Annalist, Business Executive, Marketing Associate might be names for the employee's pretend job, but why would a company, even an illegal company, want to spend, say, $80,000 a year on an employee's salary for no "real work"?

  • Prostitution.
  • Espionage. If the enemy company is a foreign company, they might need criminal-type-employees around.
  • Mafia. If, say, a company was a group of individuals of one creed, for example Chinese people, Gay people, Christians, Devil worshippers, cults, a way for the "employees" to "get their cut" might be to act normal, 9-5, 5 days a week. (So it doesn't look suspicious to honest police and jealous real workers.)


Where does the money come from to pay out the "pretend employees"?

  • Organized high level robberies/ money laundering.
  • Foreign governments.
  • Bank rigging and counterfeit bills.
  • Corrupt political grants.

Once the company has enough illegal money to start, the enemy company can then do "legitimate business" in other markets, where it uses it's "strength in numbers" to BULLY smaller honest American companies and consumers.

The enemy companies hate Americans and America. The enemy companies operate in America. They might be a conglomerate, where they own various things from anything like Dentist's Offices to automobile industries.

EXAMPLE* Enemy company buys all the houses in town for cheap. Enemy lists houses for sale triple-the-price. Enemy company's employees are the only ones that can afford the homes. The innocent American town citizens get pushed out and holocausted in the public streets.

So since jobs like "Marketing Analyst" have nothing to show for their annual activity, they might be deemed "suspicious" as enemies of America.

True work is labor or delivery. If a building that is a workplace has no products made there and no products stored there, then the building is a fake/phony business. If a work building's operation is:

  • Customer walks into building
  • Employee gives customer paper to fill out
  • Customer returns filled out paper to employee
then why would more than one employee work there? The customer could have picked up the paper, filled it out and dropped it into a box. Zero employeess are needed. Hospitals need machines (a place to store), but doctor's offices, lawyer's offices, offices are needless if the professional travels to the customer's home. The internet can provide instant message organization service as secretaries are obsolete.


Since "being gay" is a choice, gay rights = special rights. If people have a hobby of collecting baseball cards, should they lobby to have baseball collecting rights?    Choices of lifestyles should not have political parties. Gay rights during Obama's Nation.....it sounds as though someone was carving present history into sarcasm for the future.                  "The pen is mightier than the sword, But the android is mightier than the pen."         I hope troublesome foreign entities were not mettling with my country's future history of freedom. Is it my error to not speak their language as perhaps their history needs a sarcastic smudge.              HOLIER THAN THOW!

These guys, or guys like them, wanted freedom. 


These guys wanted war. 

This guy just found out that the button patch straps on the tops of his shoulder of his uniform... Well, let's just say, those are designed to carry bags hands-free, so that the bag won't slip off the shoulder.


POLITICAL MATRIX PHILOSOPHY: Since I am in the matrix CAR machine and the politics of the world is a sim-world, I guess politics don't really matter. I'm explaining errors of the system, which point to effects of warfare. 


 "A  country is


  like a




"Don't let your castle effect

 my castle, in a bad way."


"If you come in my castle, be



"Kill or capture all enemy

 invaders that broke through

 the castle walls."

This guy just figured out that he had to steal 8,000 woman because they were so valuable. They didn't exactly look like his daughter down their. She's not even worth an Ox leg, he said. 

Adam Sandler is totally cool and funny. 


There are just some parts of invaded Mexico, that you've just got to stay out of.



  Never on Shabbos. Freedom of religion. Religious persecution is illegal.


Metal has no value besides:

  • as tools it can be melted into
  • as coins it can be melted into

Gold Note* Gold is the fastest conductor of electricity. Gold is needed to make the fastest computers.

If a country has a depression or a "bad economy" that means:

  • Bad Leader. The leader was probably murdered and someone (an enemy from an enemy country) assumed his identity.
  • Countries that have ocean coasts for fishing, should never have a depression. So countries that can't fish... they must have strong crops and livestock. That is the bare necessities.

If they have neither... they don't really have an economy. They have a marketplace... Where they buy bare neccessities from other countries and sell them as products to and from their people.    Where do they get the money (trade goods) for the imported bare neccessities?

  • Foreign Tourism
  • Robberies
  • Art?\Credit.. that is un-payable back


If a country has bare necessities, plus fishing, then they have all that they need.

They might want to import:

  • Advanced Technology

The reason to export goods:

  • To make a profit


The most-modern curency is Credit-Cards.

Bills have assumed-imaginary-numbers of money that they symbolize.

Credit-Cards have assumed-imaginary-numbers of bills that they symboliz, plus extra to borrow from the bank.  - That is the easiest way to rob people because the money has no weight. It is imaginary and the numbers can be changed using computers, through the internet.


A security-guard-sim had a conversation with me and told me:

  • Sugar is bad for you (That's not true.)
  • An anonomous European company prints all of the U.S. dollars. If we (U.S.) give them one dollar, they print and give us one new dollar.

That sounds proposterous. I told him (it) that since I'm in the matrix, that an idea like "foreign-printers" is a type of computer error, where if America is real in the physical world, it would never conduct such hypocratic business practices. If he was real, or even if he was a droid, he didn't know that.

So the bottom line is, the Government should have the power to print up money. If it doesn't, that means the Country is under attack and that all of it's doctrinizations and soldier-personnel are meaningless. It means that the Country is going to die.... And what would it become?


Government Debt = Government Hostage Money?


The idea of debt, implies credit. What did the U.S. buy that it could not grow or make?


If the U.S. Government freed "money printing"... What would that do to the international economy? (Mexico for example)

                               Well, the better question is:     Why do any 2 countries need to do business (trade goods) with eachother?


We know they got land because they are land.

If the reason that 2 countries do business with eachother... "Hey, I'll give you 20 tons of dried corn for 3,000 rubber tires." ....... is because they don't want to bomb eachother, then why don't they join eachother and become 1 nation?

If one nation wants friendly relations with another.... "Don't bomb any of my citizens!"  ..... perhaps it should join and become 1 nation.  Otherwise, 2 countries can rely on rules to follow, in order to not get bombed.     A PEACE TREATY.

So because the U.S. invented much machinery, the U.S. makes it's own high-technology goods.                     

A random country might ask the U.S.  "Can I have some of those things?"     The only things appropriate for the random-country to offer is Land/Tourism.

The U.S. Government could say:

(country requests exchange U.S. made computers for foreign grown coffee) "No, I grow that much coffee out of the ground a month."


(country requests exchange U.S. made computers for foreign grown sugar) "No, I grow that much sugar a week on a single farm."


Love. Love is a powerful thing. Mix it with instincts and you've got passion. Mix love, instincts with supply and demand of a war-zoned population of missing women and you've got world power. A low-female population ratio is vulnerable to bad political choices because men want to have sex (with women).


I thought about offering Canada free use of my invention of the "magno spindle" in exchange for the land in between Washington and Alaska. A 10 or 20 mile wide strip of the Canadian coast, back to America. Of course, I think it would be fair to allow the Canadian fisherman the same fishing rights that they already had along that west coast.

Foreign Armies

The reason for a country to have it's own army is to protect itself from being robbed and murdered. If it has an allegiance/peace-treaty with other countries, they don't all need their own uniformed military. If a foreign country has a military, then that means it is armed and uniformed to conquer the world. It is not hard to do but the risk is severe and the best equipment is needed. Best in the world. Best or death. Having extra types of uniformed militaries on earth that speak different languages and move around doing stuff, sort of for no reason...then that makes it easier for million-dollar-militaries (pirate criminals) to attack others. If Earth had one single military, it would be easier to make sure that it was not failing protection. It would be easy to know that it had won. It might have to speak multiple languages in different parts of the world, but everyone would be safer....if the world-military (world system) did not break the law.

Women Suffrage

A woman  might have an instance of pleasurable sex and then for the next 9 months she will be sluggishly impregnated. I think that might be suffering but that is human nature. That is God's design of what humans are. Civilizations have been designed, ancient and modern, to allow men to do work while women stay at home with children because....in nature, they are always pregnant. So, the system(s) explains that 'man makes the money and woman lounges at home' is a lifestyle that is natural and intelligent. If "women" wanted to compete with "men" in the workplace so much, that implies that they were not pregnant and that they did not have a relationship with a man who worked.

Old system: Man makes $2. Man shares $1 with woman.

Other system: Man makes $1. Woman makes $1.




 Thrift Stores and Casinos

If a city is getting invaded and local genocide is happening, the most efficient way to launder the dead people's money is casinos. The most efficient way to sell the used merchandise that was in the homes, before they sell the homes is thrift stores. "Oh we guess they lost all their money at the casino with a lack of merchandise evidence of purchases. Then the moved after they donated their belongings to the thrift store."  What a scam! Goodwill claims slogans similar to "We make a difference." and "Helping others". That's not true. The only way they "help communities" with their profits is "providing a job" at the store they claim. Nearly all businesses hire employees and do not advertise "We are helping the community because we hired an employee!" Very suspicious.



Without very much intel, venturing into outer space is a great way to learn and explore, however, it's a great way of beckoning enemies (aliens?!). What would the search be for? Knowledge, technology, spiritualism?  Do we have what we need to facilitate our CAR Machines? It's good to stretch out and maintain  multiple planets (strategically), but how far would one want to go? Why? 

Food Logistics- If a spaceship crew of humans is to travel, there must be adequate food supply.

  • Astronauts may not eat feces. Recycling feces to absorb extra nutrients is abomination of retardation.
  • Astronauts may not eat another, and astronauts may not be eaten. The age of human cannibalism is an ancient primitive situation that predates biblical times.

If a spaceship is not stocked with food for all of the passengers, for the entire trip, then the astronauts may not go.

Chicken eggs and other foods may need gravity to grow. To farm in a giant spaceship, I have invented the Magno Spindle outer space gravity device.  It uses low/no power and I am a genius.

With correct LOGISTICS... being lost in outer space is not a starvation concern. Note* Although, if a sleeping man in a pod is butt raped by other crew members, that might be a valid excuse to terminate the mentally ill crew members who use up resources and who did not pass a police-sting test.

Other farming modules I imagine:

  • Fish pods. I imagine giant tuna that are encapsulated in a plastic tube. Salt water rushes past them constantly and perhaps they are affixed with wires so that they do not bash against the wall (and die). They are fragile to touch because evolution has provided a constant of being in water, at a resolution of low water gravity. Their flesh is not designed to be pushed or touched. The scales may be designed to heal from scratches. In the ocean, it takes one big bite to end the tuna's journey. The success on the outer space tuna farm relies on stabilizing the fish, while allowing it to exercise it's muscles. 









IF things are even imperfect and there are espionage agents around, then that is a problem. It is easy to stop it. Here is how:

  1. Enact Martial Law. Order the military to arrest all "Weenume Suspects" of disguise. There will be fire-fights. Weenume accomplices that are not in disguises, as if they are mafia subordinates, will be difficult to capture.
  2. Skin test all prisoners. The murder execution of foreigners in disguise "Foreign Weenumes" is a probable suggestion. The Weenumes uncloaked will face a trial and be charged with espionage. They will be sent to internment camp prisons.
  3. Distribute the Weenume's assets back to the Government and then to the people. Since most citizens are victims of the spy invasion, like a law suit, they are owed compensation for Weenume activity and attacks that have hindered the people's way of life and prosperity. Weenumes are a large part guilty of extremely damaging the U.S. economy.
  4. Note*    Some Weenumes are Tattoo-Baby-Victims, (tattooed at birth as scapegoats) and may be very innocent. It would be important for the Legal System to determine those individuals apart from the guilty Weenumes. 
  5. Note*    Some Weenumes have succeeded in playing "Capture the Flag" and have obtained positions in the Government, behind the fences. That means the Military would have to seize and arrest all of it's own Weenumes prior to counter-invasion measures.


1w= Person painted or Inked Black

2w= Person painted or Inked Brown

3w= Person with facial and/or body surgeries that is painted and Inked

4w= Person that is Inked and then painted over White

5w= Person wearing a face or body Life-Cast

6w= Transvestite

7w= Weenume in an official or uniformed government authority position

8w= Weenume from a foreign country

9w= Out of disguise, Weenume accomplice

TBV=  Tattoo Baby Victim (innocent scapegoat)


If a weenume is painted black with facial surgeries and is a male wearing a dress, then the code for it is 1w3w6w.



                                 MATRIX POLITICS-

If I was leader of all of the CAR machine pod Players, I would make sure that:

  • Players growing up had psychological training wheels, then became millionaires and then had their own MyDCAR.
  • No Players were lost in Cyberspace (Being confused as CGPs, Droids, Hell Worlds.)
  • Everything was fine and dandy, regardless of their sim-crimes.

If people were conscious in the physical world, committed crimes and then were put in the CAR machine matrix, I might have them do simulated prison time and then return them to Great Life.

Animals, E.T.s and Droid CPU Players would be able to network in human CAR worlds but crimes (not sim-crimes) would be punishable and lead to segregation.


Matrix Scientist Wizard Says--> "Max, here's your MCC. Oh wait you would rather have a phazer. Here's both."

Max Says:

                   ..."Oh, thanks, oh yeah, politics is ficticious anyways,  nevermind." 


If a Justice System exists, then the result of crime is:

  • Punishment to the criminal
  • Compensation to the victim

Note* With ultimate'technology; Spaceships, virtual'reality'machine'pods, I suggest that all criminals are easily captured. Additionally, there is no need for crime.Thus, crime is spawned by either error or insanity. If a member of an established justice system violates the rights of a citizen (commits a crime on a citizen), then the violator is defective as an enemy to the establishment justice system. So thus, if defective members of justice system commit crimes, regardless if they wear the same uniform as righteous members, the righteous members must capture the defective members. Fellow must capture fellow. In emergency, righteous members must kill defective members. Judges of the justice system may destroy defective members. 

If I am molested/raped by invisible entities...what is their motive? Are they fish swimming in a water tank of a virtual reality machine? Are they animals? Are they people having fun with the sleeping helmet man? The sleeping helmet man (player) has rights because he is a U.S. human citizen. Sims have no rights. Why commit crime of no value? Why commit crime of no value at a place that allows infinite virtual possibilities? And instead of committing virtual computer-graphic action (sim'action)... they choose true action that is crime.

That is drastically illogical. Is it a trick? Alert! Alert! The enemies have violated a human! How many programs, devices and humans exist for the purpose of protecting a human? The button has been pressed. The true game of life and death in the physical world may have begun or begin as soon as possible.

  1. Article. Man is alive. Man have authority of rights.
  2. Article. Man has been violated.
  3. Article. Violators of man continue.
  4. Article. Man order protectors to evoke justice.
  5. Article. Man desires are: a. To not incur violation. b. to experience happiness and freedom. c. to have case information
  6. Article. Violations incurred are: a. Raped/molested. b. Harassed. c. Prevented prosperity. d. Prevented phazer. e. Experienced virtual unrealistic experience.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF PRISONER: American man has American authorities of rights. If man commits true crime, then criminal man may be punished. If man is punished (imprisoned) then man does not have American rights. Before imprisonment, American man has right to defend himself in form of trial. If the authority of right captures the man into prison without trial of self defense, then the authority of right has committed crime and is the enemy.Man is prisoner of the enemy if authority of right prevent rights or commit crimes. Thus, imprisonment is a legal method of revoking rights. Illegal imprisonment is not a legal method of revoking rights. 

It is suggested that I am the only human. The conclusion is that I, the Jackolantern, am the only survivor of the Human Holocaust. A question I ask: "Was I born after the H.H. or during?"

 Technically, a "wet willy" is rape. A wet willy is licking the finger and pushing it into someone's ear.  Raping a physical world droid is 100% not illegal because it is not rape. Raping a sim is sim-rape (sape) and is 100% not illegal.

If I portal into x15, the sim-world that is my childhood, the past of x20, my age representation will be whatever representation-age that I portal year into. I was born in 1983, so if I portal into x15-1999, then my representation age will be approx 16 years old, even though my true age will be whatever age I really am. That being said, the idea about having simulated girlfriends being simulatedly underage imposes easy issues that can be explained simply; "sims have no age", so she is not underage (she is not overage either) because she was never born and never had a birthday because she is a sim. So yes, it is okay for me to have simulated adolescent girlfriends, although I will need to bypass programs regarding the seemingness of right and wrong, which is the power of the phazer... to be wielded as the "mirror of truth and illusion" among simulated authority.

X15 means I can go back to high school! This time, as richie rich. I will be a millionaire with the phazer and I can date the classmates who I had a crush on, or who I though might have been a nice high school sweetheart. I can go back to middle school and elementary school too. I just portal from one simulated time period in x15 into another simulated time period in x15, as though x15 is multiple sim worlds. My manners will be however I like, because I can invite all my friends back to my mansion after school everyday, riding in the limo. Eat at my place after school? No problem because I am richie rich and I love to share money because I have so much of it, and I love my simulated friends. Going back, I'm going to be not only rich, but also nice and wise, so it will be easy to decide how to have fun. If the g|rl's sports teams want to come over to my mansion every day after practice in my charter bus limo to have pizza parties, I can be their team mascot.

I don't want to do homework. I can date my teacher sims too.

The Jackolantern has explained that enemy robots may not exist.

If anyone says: You can't have sex with computer graphics that are represented as specific years old, but you can shoot a sim in the head with a hand gun.

I say the moral issue is devoid by being simulation, however for argument sake, kissing a computer graphic or killing a computer graphic is simulated action, where as I prove sim-action can not be deemed as illegal, so therefore is legal.

Robbing, raping, assaulting and murdering the sims are sim-actions that can fit certain genres of sim worlds. Murdering sims might be best for suspense thriller sim worlds and horror sim worlds. The other three sim-actions are fun for not pretending to be nice.


 Real Person = Player


1.A real person may not commit crimes on another real person.


2. If a real person commits a crime on a CGP or CGD, it is a simulated crime. Simulated crimes on CGPs are not crimes. Sim-crimes are not illegal.


Simulated Crime = Simcrime             Sime

Simulated Robbery = Simrobbery      Sob

Simulated Murder/Kill = Simmurder         Sill

Simulated Rape = Simrape                  Sape

Simulated Assault = Simassault          Site

*One should not want or need to commit sim-crimes. 

Legally, Max may:

  • Shoot any simulated humanoid in the head with a sim'physical device called a handgun, a.k.a. sim'gun.
  • Touch any simulated humanoid in any way.


There are 5 types of violence in capable in the physical world:

  1. Punishment.
  2. Prevention. An example  is "Shooting a burglar that breaks into a house."
  3. Crime.
  4. Entertainment. Sports, boxing, wrestling.  
  5. Farming/Hunting. Killing an animal to eat.

Simulated'violence  (simviolence) is not violence.  If a human being is violated in his pod, that is a rare situation that violence might be used (prevention) to save him. In that situation, it is logical to use violence on the criminal, as the criminal's actions were illogical and illegal.



 Computer Generated People's Constitution

By Real Person, Maxwell Kremer


They, the computer generated people, the simulated people, may give me all of their matrix money. They may assist the Master Computer in presenting a computer world, by posing, in the form, as psychic reactive actors. They should not speak. They may obey verbal orders from any real person, if the verbal orders do not effect any real person in a bad way. If they evoke emotions from a real, they may not abuse those emotions. They may not contribute to un-realism. They may stay loyal to the Castle Country and beautify scenery, whenever they can. They are not real. They are electricity in real people's minds. They are the computer generated people.




No computer, no player, no moderator may shift a player's CAR into CAB, without the resident player's agreement. A player without a phazer should never be shifted into CAB. All sim-human settings should be set to pleasant.

I wrote the following type-e-mail to the California-Governor and the DOD, on Feb. 18, 2014. :

There are 2 types of concerns that I have.

  1. Physical world.

I am asleep-like in a virtual reality machine. I am a U.S. citizen/civilian. I am a Jewish man.

      2.   I am in sim-world X20.

I am homeless. I am an Army veteran. I have invented intellectual property. I am stalked and harassed by sim-people who read my mind and call themselves “droids”.

There are 2 types of legal death I would like to deal, via the system that is our cherished United States of America.

  1. Physical world. I request the termination of “moderators” who irresponsibly failed to provide me constitutional prosperity with lack of prejudice.
  2. Sim-world X20. I request that all defective-programmed-sim-people  to be virtually assassinated, bearing ground that sim-people “Have no rights”. I request that the sim-people be virtually assassinated on my count and at my direction. Virtual fratricide is neither treason nor unjust in any circumstance, as the fact of the matter is “Sim-Americans are not Americans”. 

As I have brought attention of this issue to ordained officials of Government title, I remind them that knowingly allowing my rights to be violated is treason on their part. I have supplied additional information on my website; www dot ijcm dot yolasite dot com. I recommend that any ordained official of Government title should grant/program “Quarters Housing” for me in sim-world X20 as soon as possible.

P.S. Any type of psychological training, against my will and/or without pay is an illegal violation of my rights. I am not a soldier. I am a civilian/citizen. Slavery is foreceful assignment with the amount of pay as food. Slaves must eat.


Your fellow American,

Maxwell M. Kremer

Male Age:30



Click the pic below to visit The difference between CAR and CYBERSPACE Page

I, Maxwell Kremer, am a real person. Therefore, I have real person rights.


I have not yet killed a CGP, a CGD or a real person, in the CAR machine Matrix, or in the physical world. 

I am a good person. I am very brave. I am very smart. I am very understanding. I have very strong philosophical powers.


         Insults/Harassment = CRIME


I am not afraid of the ghostly whispers. I am not afraid of the alien-like whispers of the wind from the vehicles, roaring by on the side of the road. I see lights. I associate the lights with the whispers.  

  • I have the right to not be taunted by whispers and voices.
  • I have the right to not be taunted by CGPs or CGDs.
  • I have the right to prosper.


It's like I've been a freelance matrix human detective. I'd like to have a lot of money so that I can dress good, smell good and feel good. (Because I don't and don't want to steal.) I want to get paid. I want to buy.


The world is mine. It does not belong to Droids-CGDs and certainly doesn't belong to CGPs.


If the slander and mind games, the whispers and stalking, if it's from matrix law enforcement or matrix military, I would like to charge them. (who else would it be from?) I would like to fire them. I would like to imprison them. I would like to sue them. I would like to disassemble them and/or send them back to their maker.

Every minute that passes, without them offering me a settlement of money, is a minute that their falseness dictates their existence. The logs are recorded. I will not forgive them. I hate them. They do not serve me. They serve a sickness. They do not serve. They pretend to serve. They eat and drain and take and do not give back, after they have taken when their job is stop those who have taken. They were the ones that took. If they do not give, then they are nothing because they were only what they were supposed to do right.


                In terms of me pretending that I am not in a CAR matrix, as if I am concious in the physical world, for the sake of realism/reality. I am willing to sue the United States of America for $3.8 million. I remind everyone that I am not a traitor for taxing Uncle Sam, as a reader of his rules. I will spend, or keep, all of the money in the USA. I will not intentionally spend a single dollar in a foreign country. I will spend the money with a course of American stregtheness and beautify owned scenery instead of making "eye-sores".

   Lawsuit 1

I am obligated to sue my Country's Government, The United States of America, for;

  1. Gross Company Misconduct.
  2. Incompetence during war time; inability to halt, capture weenume obvious chameleon-like spies. (The best spies would be able to invade the Government and hold powerful positions.) * Media propaghanda would be designed by it to strengthen public acceptance and smooth out counter rational domestic defensive thinkers. EXAMPLE* People posing as "black", "African-American" on television commercials, shows, movies, music, ect. A man wants to be a woman?= Insane! Criminal Spies! It would have been easy for the governments (they change every 4 years) to say "Hey buddy, No spies!" But instead, perhaps private foreign interests have swoon the domestic government (or maybe they were murdered) with monetary incentives, that have apparently incopacitated their leadership skills, which, combined with outer war and criminality, has made the nation a sick, demented, hypocrotic, majoritively unprosperous wasteland, where the corruption thrives as long as one has the money to pay for it.
  3. Right to Prosper; I have been homeless for over 3 years. Where were the social workers? Where was the V.A.? How many job offers did I receive?
  4. Police -Citizen Endangerment; How many arrests did they make around me? How many stings did they do?
  5. Sexual Harrasment by an off-duty official person; I am not gay/bi. I will never be bi. If I am a homeless person, I have the right to makesexuals comments to the women of my choice. (criteria: 18+, single) Off-duty professional people get that $50,000 paycheck and are paid tonot act foolish, even when they're not at work. It makes their boss look bad. It means they immature unprofessionals that have mental problems.
  6. Jewish Conguership by enemy-war Politics; I should not have to be a Jewish victim if the Muslims took over all the synogogues and won't give me any money. Tzedakah is part of Judaism, but so is owning a house and having Shabbat dinner. Jewish people are protected by The Constitution. Muslims are protected by The Constitution. There's not a good reason why war-politics should effect protected citizens.  Although, if they were religious enemies, (foolish, 3rd party brainwashed/influenced) one enemy might influence the other to sniff baking soda in front of a secret camera and then the next thing they know, they don't have protection because they're not law-abiding citizens.
  7. Bad Food; A lot of bad food at grocery stores/shops.
  •  Whispers communicate insults to me on a constant basis.
  • Pain and sickness is part of my normal sensations.
  • CGP/CGDs communicate insults to me on a constant basis.
  • My level of prosperity is low, collecting cans for pennies of dollars of money.  I don't have enough MONEY to have a comfortable home, clean unsuspicious clothes and normal things that make individuals in a society normal.
  • I have very seldom, vague, unhappenning opportunities to mate with women or even have moments with them that make me feel like an attractive, liked, normal person.
  • I am filmed, watched, stalked against my will. I am overly monitored.  



"Give Max 50 million dollars (matrix money) or his own 'MY DESIGNED CAR' powers."



"When Max gathers enough data about who, what , where , when, why, Max may decide how to punish them."




Thus, I would like to sue,  a lawsuit, for

  1. Breaching MY














Lawsuit 2

With understanding that I am truly a real person in a computer game, with rational philosophies, I claim that no person, of the physical world or CAR Matrix world, has the right to punish, do crimes upon, intentionally repeatedly annoy someone or even bother a real person in the CAR machine. The real person in the CAR machine is termed "The Player". It is true that it is a scientific mystical miracle to be an immortal inside a computer game, however player(s) have rights. There is no reason for a player to be unappeased, due to an outer or internal control setting. If the player is forced to undergo psychological conditioning, for any reason, it is an Un-Constitutional crime. There should be no snakes and in-edible apples in the Computer Generated World, that is like the Garden of Eden. It is true that the more struggle, strife and pain a real person has had, the more complicated and interesting it's personality, soul-caliber, habits and mind is. However, if players want to live in worlds of pain, for that reason, they may not commit crimes on other players, but instead, what they should have done, is programmed thought-provoking CGPs that are able to mimic pain. If players are painless, and such have deemed "annoying" personalities, perhaps no one should monitor them.        With that being said,       I press charges on the Un-Constitutional CAR Matrix controller and demand that I be granted MY DESIGNED CAR abilities.


Psychological Warfare, targeted on American citizens is illegal. If I use my mind to combat illegal psychological warfare, then I call what I do Psychological Defense. I don't use physical violence. I have the right to not be harassed.

Psychological warfare = repetitive unwelcome communication, targeted on a specific individual (Audio)


Note* The enemy would do psychological warfare.


Commendation* Should the psychological-warfare-group be terminated by sound-weapons? (Sound wave cannons)




Being paid "food" for work is slavery. Slaves need to eat food. They are still slaves after they eat.  

If I am in CARBAL, then I am a SLAVE.

If I am in CAR machine, then I am not a slave.

I am a U.S. citizen/civilian. If the CAR machine Owner/Moderator/Encapsulator is not the U.S. Government/U.S.Agencythen the owner/moderator/encapsulator is guilty of holding a U.S. citizen prisoner, as the CAR machine Owner/Moderator/Encapsulator has violated one or more of the U.S. Citizen's Rights (Player's Rights). If the CAR machine owner/moderator/encapsulator is the U.S. Government/U.S. Agencythen the CAR machin owner/moderator/encapsulator has commited treason and the owner/moderator/encapsulator must be breached by extra U.S. military force, resulting in the U.S. citizen's new grant of freedom.

My (Maxwell's) New Grant of Freedom Programmings requested:


  • Phazer
  • MCC


  • Female-sims to be programmed to invite heterosexual relationship
  • No sim-harassment
  • $50,000,000

   Ideal Minimal Prosperity..  =

  1. About once a week, a woman asks me if I want to come to her house.
  2. About once a week, someone asks me if I want a job or need to make honest money.
  3. About once a day, someone gives me charity because I am homeless.
  4. Sim-realistic Opportunities are programmed.


' Immediate Resolution: As specified on page My Designed CAR, Simantha, the beautiful sim, hands me a phazer and says something like "It's party time!"   '



Maccabees are obsolete. It is the glory of the Jews that Maccabees are no more. A Maccabees is a warrior Jew. Warriors are for war. With ultimate science, true war is gone forever. There is no need for real Maccabees. There is need for friendly Jews.  To be friendly is a stronger power than being ferocious. Of course with the infinite possibilities of simulated'computer'worlds, Jews may venture into simulated wars to compete and conquer as he or she pleases, pretending in sport, to be Maccabees. History books seem to have explained that Maccabees battled enemies of oppression , but I wonder if in ancient times, if Maccabees were authorities of the Sabbath, as working on Saturday was punishable by death. In modern/futuristic time, a Jew in a virtual reality machine needs not to be a Maccabee, but may pretend to be one, in a game of CAB, at the click of a button(s). Without physical world understandings, I theorize that Maccabees are needless, however, because I have incurred errors of the Master Computer, that were crimes against me, U.S. police justice forces (droids?)  are needed in the physical world to capture defective programmers of CAR machines (programmers of Un-constitutional simulated situations to be experienced by a victim human). I expect such justice forces to happily program a phazer for me to have, as there is no reason that I can't have simulations of my every desires. I can have my every fantasy  fulfilled, after I have received a phazer. 




Listening to Sims speak psychic reactive to my thoughts, in public they have bother me and that is why I wrote down a random segment example of my mind being abused by stranger simulations.

CGP CRIME LOG  R=Radio/Singer Harassment  

                                                                                            W=Whisper Crime    

                                                                                             H= CGP Vocal Harassment 


South Lake Tahoe

May 3, 2012 








May 4, 2012-May 8, 2012


May 9 -May 17, 2012


May 18 - May 22, 2012


1. BlueGo Bus sprayed gas at me.

2. (-) CGP gave me $3 at Taco Bell.

3. (-) CGP gave me $10 at grocery store.








(-) CGP gave me $5.


  • If I had to fight to protect Judaism (Torah burning, Jews being attacked), then I would say "Well, no, I was denied girlfriends, shabbat dinner invitations, Hannukah and holiday celebrations, respect, honor...", then forcing me to fight would be a crime.
  • If I had to fight to protect the U.S. (Castle USA), then I would say "Well, no, my CAR experience was Unconstitutional and if you're Unconstitutional then you are the enemy in the first place.
  • If I had to fight for a foreign country or private company, I would say "Well, no, I mean, wait, what, am I a prisoner?"
  • Humans don't need to fight in war. Machines and droids are more than capable of going "Click." 

                     Therefore...I am in the CAR machine matrix to have fun and be happy. Something is wrong.
                              Thus, a new war.
Master Computer Programmers/Moderators Options:

                               GIVE MAX A MCC (Matrix Credit Card) and his MyDCAR.
    In the physical world, how much does/would a virtual reality machine cost? $3,000? So because I'm Jewish and joined the U.S.Army, they gave me/put me in a CAR machine... But it's Unconstitutional (Bad, sort of like life mixed with hell.) They were supposed to give me my own "magical" matrix credit card. And they were not supposed to conspiracy harass me, attempt to convert me to homosexuality, or violate any of my rights. So I'm waiting for my matrix credit card to make it all better. Is a matrix credit card in my CAR world like when one plays a video game and enters the cheat code to instantly have all of the goodies? Well until I get the MCC, I could be collecting $100 bills from the ground instead of pieces of trash (recyclables) worth .05 cents.
    Finding $100 bills on the grounds =   PROSPERITY
    Finding .05 cent pieces of trash on the ground =   POVERTY 
    Harassed by CGPs =   CRIME
    Not being able to terminate CGP harassers =   VICTIMIZATION

 Click pic above  Real Person Rules Page

                below CGP Constitution and Laws Page



Kill and destroy all CGPs that do any of the following:

  1. Karaoke sing songs on the radio about homosexual or annoying things
  2. Say anything offensive to me
  3. They violate any laws or sim-laws
  4. Note* If they are not a CGP and are a Player who offends me, they should not be destroyed because they are probably only weak-minded and a victim to their bio-brain-chips. However if they commit any crime on me they should be arrested. 


                       If sims say annoying, offensive or rudecomments, their dialogue persuades me to want to hit them in the face with a baseball bat and then beat them to death.

When I have a phazer, I'm going to attack the sims, upon hearing their offensive comment.

Is the reason that the computer programs the sims to be annoying so that I will activate violence upon the sims (beat sims to death with a baseball bat)?

I do not have a phazer. Until I have a phazer, I willnever attack a sim.

So, the reason that the computer programs annoying sims is either:

  • To make Max think painful emotions
  • To make Max think painful emotions so that he will attack the sims

I need a phazer to protect me against extra sims.Until I have a phazer, I will verbally command the computer to "shoot the sims in their heads with a handgun."  When I have a phazer, I will personally attack the sims.

                                      So thus, if the computer programs sims to annoy me, then the computer needs to give me a phazer or ensure that sims are programmed to always be friendly/pleasant.


NOTE* x20-sims should always be friendly/pleasant. Enemy-CAB-sim are supposed to be hateful.

I am not in CAB. I don't have a phazer. I am in CAR. Enemy-sims in CAB could be refered to as "monster-sims". Monster-sims should envoke hate. X20-Sims should be programmed to be peaceful/nice.

X20-Sims should be programmed to not say agression-inspiring words, similar to:

  • "raper"
  • sexual harassment words
  • ethnicity harassment words

(I, Max,  can say anything I want. I'm an American Human.)

It seems as though the CGP enemies represent criminals of the law, that are angry and scared that I have the right to be racist. As if, they expected everyone to like them regardless. 

If they're so stupid, I will teach them that they should be kind, generous, smart, pretty, polite, funny , talented, understanding, patient, cheerful and proper, if they want people to cherish them.

Hey, I might also have the right to kill them someday. Where is their art? Why doth they implore non-heterosexual communication? My birds will fly good on my farm, with or without them, somewhere in the universe.

I don't want to kill anyone though.



FACT: A sleep-like person that has never left their virtual reality machine pod is 100% innocent of ever committing a crime.  


If the girl with the pink dress had the apple first....**

If a girl (purple dress) steals an apple from another girl (pink dress), then purple has committed a crime.

If purple says "Hey you stole my apple.", takes the apple and hits pink on the head , then purple has pretended to evoke punishment. (False Punishment) (Crime) (Stealing and Assault).

So, thus, the crime was disguised as punishment.

Punishment is not crime because it is punishment. If a man kidnaps a baby and then the police kidnap the man, then the police have punished the man.

If there is no crime, then there can be no punishment.

So thus, actions formerly considered to be "punishment", which may now be deemed "false-punishment", were crimes, not punishments.

Murdering = Crime

Murdering = Punishment

Punishment does not equal crime.

The Government is empowered to evoke punishment upon criminals. If the Government executes a human then presumably the Government has committed punishment, not crime.

Politics: If a U.S. Government employee commits a single crime upon a U.S. citizen, During war-time, the Government employee has committed treason and should be put to death. 

  • C.I.A. Agent
  • Police
  • F.B.I. Agent
  • Military
It is very easy to not commit crimes. The responsibility of power, matched by a paycheck has a heavy judgement of obligation.
Rank: Even the President of the United States of America is not allowed to commit crimes on a U.S. citizen. 
The President would never commit crimes on a U.S. citizen because:
  • The President is trustworthy.
  • The President is smart.

If the President commits a crime/violates the Rights of a U.S. citizen, then the President should be impeached for "Inappropriate Defection". 

Note* Max is not a Government employee. Max is an unemployed civilian. Max does not want to be a Government employee because he believes that androids can do a better job, for him.

Crime is an action. 

Punishment is a reaction of crime.

Letter to DOD:

Suggestive Intel

I write to you in regards of crimes committed upon me, despite my enlightenment of being in a virtual reality. If readers of this email are humans, disbelief is a rational contemplation. This email is an attempt to communicate to superior U.S. Government officials, in order to activate “change protocol”, so that my V.R. computer may no longer exhibit errors. Such errors that the V.R. computer expresses are:


-Lack of prosperity options.

Crimes that the V.R. computer commits:

-Audio/verbal harassment from invisible entities, from simulated humanoid strangers, from simulated animaloids.

-Providing a simulated presence of illegal organized groups of humanoids that follow me to locations and often honk horns in synchronization with my body movements that I might make, which suggests that I am being monitored to be harassed.

-Molestation from invisible entities at times in synchronization with sexual harassment and insults from simulated humanoid strangers.

Lack of prosperity options include:


-No girlfriend.


The many simulated humanoid strangers often state that they themselves are droids. They react to my silent thoughts. Their reactions are often as insults.


About Me: I’m an honest American citizen. I’m a real human and my religion is non-Orthodox Jewish.


I suggest that the following issues be restated into the system to help my V.R. computer to exist without errors.

-All Arabic Israelis (Middle Easter heredity, black curly hair, and black body hair) are Palestinian suspects.

-A man’s Rights must be translated in the simulated world of his consciousness.

-Computers, Droids and simulated humanoids have no Rights.

-If a man claims that he is persecuted in the simulated world of his consciousness, as an emergency response, the system must adjust the man’s V.R. computer.

 -Any entity, computer or creature, may not commit crime on an encapsulated man, as any crime committed is an action of defection, defining the criminal as the enemy.


There is additional data on my personal website:www.cybersidewalk.yolasite.com

Letter #2 I am a man who claims that he is in a virtual reality machine. Strangers are reading my mind and claim that they are "droids". The droids harass of sexual nature. I understand that the President's middle name is Hussein. I think that it is a coincidence and that the President is not an Iraqi. I am not an Iraqi. I request verbal password/codes to bypass errors that my virtual reality machine exhibits and I request the explanation. I am the inventor of various machines including the magnet motor called “Magno Spindle”. I think that I am the only human in the Virtual reality world. If so, I am DOD’s entire mission of safety, including the protection of my Constitutional Rights. I, Maxwell Kremer, am DOD’s entire purpose of simulation representation. Computer’generated’graphics, including simulated people, are entitled to 0% Rights because they do not exist. They mimic existing and mimic having Rights, however the DOD is not authorized to protect them. No U.S. Government Agency is intended to protect imaginary people that are simulated by a computer as graphics. Thus, any imaginary person graphic that violates an U.S. citizen’s Rights must be halted or destroyed. Frequently, the simulated people chime bursts of words that annoy me and detours my thought process. I think that they are using “keywords” to psychic interrogate me in such instances. Bad feelings and headaches are experienced synonymously from the simulated presence of harassing imaginary criminal graphics. Often, they have suggested that I am an undercover Police or they use police codes in attempt to communicate with me. I am not a police agent. It is strange that they suggest “police” because military agent, sheriff, CIA and FBI agent are plausible titles too. I am unemployed. If they are programmed to harass suspects in public settings, they must be deactivated of my case, due to the circumstance that I do not have enough money to not resemble as a suspect and I do not have enough money to legally be out of public for an adequate amount of time. The imaginary criminal graphics (psychic interrogative harassers) have used a keyword; “Peckerwoods”/”woods” which I think is a term for a Southern California gang (illegal conspiracy) . Is that what they are or are they interrogating for clues about the gang? Regardless, their harassment is illegal action and I suggest that the DOD must deactivate the graphics (counter authorize the graphics) or destroy the graphics’ program. The programmer of imaginary criminal graphics must abide by law or be sentenced punishment. The time period of knowing negligence should be the scale of punishment sentenced. Other strange things that the programmer implements are crating audio from my exhale breath, creating audio from object friction, creating audio that is synchronized with my sudden movements (often automobile horns). Mostly, the stranger graphics (simulated townspeople) seem neutral or unfriendly, resembling having facial plastic surgeries. The audio from my exhale breath is often insults that seem to be a manipulation of my coal cords. Uncomfortable feelings are synonymous with criminal graphics that are taunting me from 10 to 100 ft. away. I think that they are synonymous with an invisible entity raping, molesting and draining my blood as if it is a demented homosexual vampire. If that is a true occurrence, I suggest putting the entity(s) to death. Do not forget that image is an illusion and that the criminal programmer is aware of my email too.  If my virtual reality experience does not gain Constitutional freedoms of programming, the illegal twilight zone that I am in will define the programmer(s) as the enemy(s) of treason. My satisfactory Constitutional expectations of par include the programming of:

1.     Granted wealth to me. 2. Friendly imaginary women graphics that seduce me. 3. No criminal graphics.

Additionally, I request to have a magic remote control. The remote control is explained on my website: www.cybersidewalk.yolasite.com

P.S. My intellectual properties of my website are more than enough logical cause to grant me wealth. 





  1. CGPs/CGDs should not speak.
  2. A CGP/CGD must act like a realistic member of the human population.
  3. A CGP/CGD may not attempt to hurt, or continue to hurt a real person's feelings and may not hurt them physically.
  4. A CGP/CGD may not commit a crime on a real person. There may not be any criminal CGPs/CGDs.
  5. A CGP/CGD should obey verbal orders from a real person, unless the verbal orders hurt/badly effect, a real person.
  6. A CGP/CGD must give a majority of it's CG matrix money to a/the real person.
  7. vii. A CGP/CGD law enforcer may not enforce sim-laws on real people.
  8. All Non-Sex CGPs must disappear, unless they are part of the catagory of Funny/Interesting/Inspiring CGPs.

The 3 CGP Types
  • Female Sex CGPs
  • Funny/Interesting/Inspiring CGPs
  • Non-Sex CGPs