I, Max, currently have no attorney representation. I have never had any attorney representation about simcrime.com intellectual property. If anyone is in contact with a person who claims that they represent simcrime.com intellectual property, who is not me, then Fraud police authorities should be alerted.

Note* I understand that $1.8 billion is a big number. Allowing individuals to buy into my intellectual property sounds as though it might be a scam. Most things might be a scam. If anyone attempts to relay simcrime.com's intellectual property as a way to gain money for themselves, without communicating neccessary information to me, those individuals/groups will be investigated and sued. Anyone who does not communicate proper information to me can not be owed any shares of simcrime.com. Also, I have specified a dollar amount that is a stock investment unit. Gifts, other intellectual property or values that do not equivilate to $9,000 are in no way a payment of 1 stock share. 

Another note* I, Max, am in a virtual reality world where I should have expected to be a $200,000,000 millionaire since childhood. That being said, as possible as it would have been to become a millionaire in the real world from my inventions, it is much more possible to become a millionaire in my conscious sim world.

Simcrime.com Art Book :

The Simcrime.com Art Book is a stock system that entails; For every Simcrime.com Art Book purchased, each purchased book will adequate up to 41.9% ownership of Simcrime.com. Maxwell retains 58.1% as founder/owner.

                                 If a total of 2 books are purchased ($18,000) by 2 purchasers then each purchaser owns 20.95% of simcrime.com stock.

Purchasers of Simcrime.com Art Books (called Book Owners) are allowed:

  • Authorization to sell up to 3 simcrime.com-i-p-products, per book purchased.
  • Authorization to build any simcrime.com-i-p-products in maximum quantity of 3.
  • The Power to Sue*.
  • Detailed instructions/explanations.
  • Percentage stock, per book purchased.

Book owners do not have power to sell stock. It is Maxwell's decision to agree on a deal to sell the entire simcrime.com-i-p. Simcrime.com-i-p is artwork and text, excluding Maxwell's name, Maxwell's identity and names of identities.

Capitol Spending: As founder, Maxwell may spend capitol in any way he wishes. The strategy will be to advertise simcrime.com. Once a deal is established to authorize the rights of manufacturing 1,000s or 1,000,000s of simcrime.com-i-p-product units to a company or a deal is established to sell the entire simcrime.com-i-p, Maxwell and the book owners will be paid out. For Example, if Energizer buys the Magno Spindle rights for $300 million and there are only 2 book owners, then Maxwell will be paid $174.3 million and each book owner will be paid $62.8 million.

The Power to Sue*       The power to sue belongs to Maxwell and the book owners. If a lawsuit is filed and won, the book owner as filer and other existing book owners will be paid according to percentage owned. The book owner's power to file a lawsuit on simcrime.com's behalf is a uniquely strategical method to gain lawsuit monies because:

  • Maxwell has allowed high-end, ultra financed corporations knowledge of his websites for many years existing.
  • Book owners might have a stronger witness potential of unauthorized simcrime.com-i-p-products for sale than Maxwell because corporate agents have already been suspected of stalking Maxwell in multiple areas of Maxwell's location(s). Tevo, poster covers, and products hidden off the shelves are presumed to be methods of illegal unauthorized strategies by corporate spies.

Book owners will choose 'public' or 'confidential' registry. Public owners' names will be listed on simcrime.com

If a book owner, of one book, sells 4 or more simcrime.com-i-p-products, the book owner will forfeit percentage ownership and will be sued by all valid owners. If a book owner builds more than 3 items of specific model-type simcrime.com-i-p (4 magno boats that are not for sale but are used at the owner's backyard pond, for example), then the owner will forfeit percentage ownership and will be sued by Maxwell. A book owner may purchase multiple books, as each book purchased allows the sale of 3 simcrime.com-i-p-products and valid percentage.  If a book owner purchased 4 books($36,000) and and another book owner purchased 1 book ($9,000) , (5 books sold and 2 owners), then each book validates 8.38%, as the book owner with 4 books of ownership holds 33.52% ownership of simcrime.com-i-p.

As of Today,   there have been:

  • .0 (zero) Simcrime.com Art Books Sold.

             There is a total of .0 (zero) BookOwners.


Book Owner  Name                   Contact Information                                     Date Purchased




         Note* If anyone is aware of anyone who is pretending that they have purchased an ArtBook Share, I suggest to contact the FBI or The Department of Homeland Security.     "Subject:  Scam, Espionage "

To buy a Simcrime.com Art Book click this link, back to main and click the "buy now" Paypal order button form. Please send an email when you are buying the book.


  Immediate Investment Opportunity: .

Max is capable of the following crafts:

  •   Webdesign. Yola.com charges about $50 for one year hosting. If Max was hired to make a website for someone, he might charge $150 (Yola.com fee + $100)
  • Animation Cartoon Production. The concept: Anyone can b a Producer. They may have thousands of boxed DVDs in their garage ready to be sold. Cost: $1,900 to create, +15 cents per DVD.  Max can make feature animation movies solo, without any extra staff personnel.
  • Ways that a Producer can make money in pre-production: Selling Credits (non animators). The name credit might have a simple 15 second job, but they are part of the production credits. Few might know that. A job is a job. For example; "Bring Max a sandwich while he's working." (craft service) "Stack those papers." (secretary)  The Producer could charge 5 Assistant Producers $200, put them to work and make $100 initial profit. Selling Character Names. If there are 30 characters in an animation feature, perhaps a family could be "animated caricatured" using their names/images for some scenes. Fun for the whole family Unique gift. Story Product Advertising. A product is advertised within the story.
  • Street Advertising.
  • Forever Theory: Audiences will always be shopping for good entertainment. Re-runs are boring. Max's animation productions allow extra purchasable variety. 
  • Producer's Profit Concept: Pay Max $1,900. Save to DVD for 5 cents. Sell 1,000 for $5-$10 to make a profit. Sell 100,000 for a giant profit. Special initial contract offer: "No creator royalties"

RPVG/MPVG Creation: Maxwell's video/computer game inventions are excellent methods of creating to play, electronic entertainment media.
  • Maxwell speculates that the creation of one game can be accomplished with a finance of $2,000-$3,000. Similar to a film production shoot, the RPVG/MPVG Production will take place "on location" and in studio. Maxwell has a few questions about "the programming" of the games, but he understands the elementary method to be very possible and even easy.
  • CD Production. Boxed, the CD will cost about 50 cents each. The CD will run on a computer to be played.
  • Majicution Desk Production. MDesks are augmented computers, installed into a desk to specialize in the playing of RPVG/MPVGs. Maxwell speculates that the cost of purchasing 100s or 1,000s of computers, that are priced at $300-$400 retail will be less expensive wholesale. Desks are easy to make.
  • Maxwell suggests that no stores are need to sell the products, as an advertised online-store will be excellent commerce.

Story Trooper can be immediately impacted with an influx of excellent artwork animations and story links once Max has his own computer (laptop $239 @ Target, example). Once Max has established a strong artistic interactive game/story telling catalog, Max is willing to travel across the country with giant signs on his vehicle, displaying the StoryTrooper.com/other .com . Max can pass out flyers and help website traffic boom in various cities. The comic games are fun, easy and original.

After Max is  hired by a private investor, he will need:
  • A business license.
  • A contract. 
  • A tax file.
Young unsuccessful investors might say:  "Max, I am interested in helping you with your ideas. They are very impressive. I think that the world needs some of those things that you invented and I'm pretty sure that you will make over a million dollars. Is there any way that I can help? I don't have much money to invest, however I have":
  • a house/apartment that you can use as a living space/ laboratory
  • time to build some of those products
  • some legal information about foreign countries of the international patent laws
  • legal service
  • time to promote your website to help you


Max's Education: Max has a High School Diploma where he won 2 awards for Art:Painting, has attended classes on photography,  has attended some college art classes.

Interested in Simcrime.com Art Book ownership?