SALVAGE:    Scary Brooks

The t.v. in the young woman's room, cloudy with littered laundry, growls an angry "beep" sound and fades from dark to an image of a bloody hands. The young woman is asleep on her bed as the t.v. sings and bangs sounds at her.
"Presilda, there are many ways to make a monster. Monsters are easy. There are simple ingredients. First, a baby is needed. Drop the baby into a boarded-up house. If it has teeth yet, help it by tossing a few hammered flattened mice down into the house. If it has no teeth, drop a few mice into a blender and bottle feed the baby. Do not talk to the baby. Do not teach it. Allow it to grow for, approximately 5 years and then put a t.v. in the house. Edit tapes of horror movies and display them on the t.v. Edit tapes of kung fu movies and display them on the t.v. No sound. Drop a dead body part into the house. A leg or arm is enough food for 5 days. Drop heads and guts into the house. Then finally, drop a dead body into the house. Do not feed the monster any more until the entire dead body is gone. Once the monster has eating experience, it's time for fighting experience. Drop a live victim into the house, tied up. Wait till the victim has disappeared.  Invite a live victim into the house and wait till the victim is asleep to activate the monster's cage release door. Once the monster has fighting experience, it will need clean up experience. Edit tapes of cleaning with a mop and bucket and display them on the t.v. Drop a mop and bucket into the house.  If the monster is unwilling to learn to use the mop and bucket then it may not advance to the next level and remains as an eater-fighter.  Who knows...maybe there is an eater-fighter in your neighborhood. The difference between a bear and a monster is the monster learns to use it's hands.  Many eater-fighters in cold climates bite and chew skin flaps off and wear them as primitive coats to stay warm, as they are painted red with blood and feces. If 2 eater-fighters are together, they either bite eachother's fingers and body parts off or one eats the other. Some eater-fighter houses are pitch black, without sunlight, and multiple eater-fighters grunt and sense each other in the darkness. The eater-fighters that survive their roommates at  multiple-monster-houses are the ones that find secret passages to hide. Oh I think that your mom is coming. You will be waking up now."

"Honey, I'm not sure if this is a good time to tell you...Oh look outside, there's a crow eating a dead bird...Your uncle sold his store to you for a nickel. I gave him a nickel. You owe me a nickel."

"That is disgusting. What is that bird doing?"