Maxwell Kremer      
Patents are ideas on paper.

My intellectual properties on my website are computer data that prove my originality time date.

Whether or not an invention is patentable, this website can prove originality. Originality is necessary to get patents in most countries.
If anyone slanders me by saying  falsely that I am not the inventor, then I may sue them. In that effort, I may gain money from my inventions regardless of owning patents.

My i.p. are intended to be awarded venture capital from large companies, not ma and pop enthusiasts.  If I solicit to a company, then it is determined that the company has declined or rejected my bid if the company either says no or if it does not say yes or has no response. Every moment a company does not say yes are moments that the company has declined until the company says yes to form a negotiation agreement.

I have one year from time of invention published public to go patent pending or to sell my co-sign to file a patent application with an investor company.

According to:

47-25-1217. Bond of developer.

 I must own a bond that is worth at least $25,000, SO THEREFORE, I hereby state that I do not offer any invention services, and instead require an innitial  payment of approx $25,000 from an investor as a blatant unrelated business grant or loan, in order to begin offering invention services. Before such a money is presented, no invention services are available.

If I have obtained a bond money then If an investor contacts me, I say:

"My fee to be charged is an amount that can be described as $10,000 for weak-inventions and $1,000,000 for strong-inventions, as a flat fee, plus I will require a negotiable royalty percentage of invention product sales prices that may be 50%. None of such money paid will be spent on patent work or to  other partners, as the investor will be responsible to pay all patent fees. I do not intend to expend more for the patent fees than payment to me. Zero investors, as investors are customers, have yet invested, and none such have profited."  "Any contract for invention development services between you and SimcrimeCom will be regulated by law. SimcrimeCom is not qualified or permitted to advise you whether protection of your idea or invention is available under the patent, copyright, or trademark laws of the United States or any other law. The contract does not provide any patent, copyright, or trademark protection for your idea or invention. If your idea or invention is patentable, copyrightable, or subject to trademark protection, or infringes an existing valid patent, copyright, or trademark or a patent, copyright, or trademark for which application has been made, your failure to inquire into these matters may affect your rights to your idea or invention." 

(47-25-1204. Initial disclosures to customer by developer)

Each contract must be written to say: 

 "The seven-day period during which you may cancel this contract for any reason by mailing or delivering written notice to the invention developer will expire on _________________ (Last date to mail or deliver notice)

      If you choose to mail your notice, it must be placed in the United States mail properly addressed first class postage prepaid and postmarked before twelve o'clock midnight (12:00) of this date. If you choose to deliver your notice to the invention developer directly, it must be delivered to that party by the end of that party's normal business day on this date. The invention developer also has the right to cancel this contract by notice similarly mailed or delivered."

And each contract must say: describe whether or not a prototype is to be built and/or sold,, person names and business entity names, mailing addresses, statement of intent to spend or not spend received payment amount on extra invention investing if so then estimated amount, "speculated profit is based on market analysis", number of other investors contracted and number of investors who have profited,  "I am required to record paperwork for atleast 3 years after contract expires. Such record will be viewable to copy by investor's expense at inventor's premises during normal business hours within 7 days of notice placed in 1st class mail.",  expected date of completion, name and address of notary public if used, "This contract between you and the invention developer is regulated by law. The invention developer is not qualified or permitted to advise you whether protection of your idea or invention is available under the patent, copyright, or trademark laws of the United States or any other law. This contract does not provide any patent, copyright, or trademark protection for your idea or invention. If your idea or invention is patentable, copyrightable, or subject to trademark protection, or infringes an existing valid patent, copyright, or trademark or a patent, copyright, or trademark for which application has been made, your failure to inquire into these matters may affect your rights to your idea or invention." "The invention developer shall deliver to the customer at the address specified in the contract, at quarterly intervals throughout the term of the contract, a written statement of the services performed to date; provided, that the first such statement need not be delivered until one hundred eighty (180) days after the contract is executed."

Each contract must have a cover sheet that says:

"The following disclosures are required by law:

      You have the right to cancel this contract for any reason at any time within seven (7) days from the date you and the invention developer sign the contract and you receive a fully executed copy of it. To exercise this option, you need only mail or deliver to this invention developer written notice of your cancellation. The method and time for notification is set forth in this contract immediately above the place for your signature. Upon cancellation, the invention developer must return by mail, within five (5) business days, all money paid and all materials provided by you.

      This contract between you and the invention developer is regulated by law. The invention developer is not qualified or permitted to advise you whether protection of your idea or invention is available under the patent, copyright, or trademark laws of the United States or any other law. This contract does not provide any patent, copyright, or trademark protection for your idea or invention. If your idea or invention is patentable, copyrightable, or subject to trademark protection, or infringes an existing valid patent, copyright, or trademark or a patent, copyright, or trademark for which application has been made, your failure to inquire into these matters may affect your rights to your idea or invention."

215. American Folding Bicycle
  It is a bicycle, electric or with engine or with only pedal power, that folds up into the shape of a shopping cart or baby stroller. It acts as a bicycle until it is transformed into a cart.

If it is a bike that folds into a 2 wheel cart, then it is an AFB. If it is a bike that folds into a 4 wheel cart, then it is an AFB. No matter how many wheels it has, if it is a bike that folds up into a cart, then it is an AFB.

It is a valuable product because riders can transform from transit road to shopper sidewalk easily, which will be a more beneficial machine. Bikes that don't fold up are not as good because they become useless and heavy. Bikes that fold up into silly shapes are dumb compared to AFB because dumb folding bikes become smaller yet retain uselessness.
AFBs are good for shopping, indoor outdoor, sidewalk, parking lot and storage.

215.1 Cart-On-Cane

With 1 cu inch cart, it is for shopping with cane.

Just kidding. This one not serious invention. It is sarcasm because I see one folding bike cart that resemble alien wheels bike basket. The image seemed cgi. Cgi imply somebody make fake picture to compete with AFB. AFB is not small cart. AFB cart is very large, about size of bike or about size of large baby stroller.

216. T-shirt In A Can Brand

It is a t-shirt that is sealed inside a container. The t-shirt is pre-washed, has no harmful fumes, has no harmful residue and is sterile clean ready to be worn. No customers have ever browsed it on a clothing rack and have never touched it with their dirty hands. The container can be any material, however plastic and aluminum are suggested final model materials. The air inside the container can either be vacuumed-sealed or can have a positive pressure of co2  so that that the item resembles a soda upon opening or contains pure oxygen. T-shirt In A Cans can be scented with cologne or perfume, or be unscented.

216.1 T-shirt In A Can Brand - Other clothing articles
T-shirt in a can brand brings you pants-in-a-can, socks-in-a-can, underwear-in-a-can, shorts-in-a-can, jacket-in-a-can, sweater-in-a-can, summer-outfit-in-a-can, winter-outfit-in-a-can and hat-in-a-can. Summer outfit is pair of socks, underwear, shorts and t-shirt. Winter outfit is socks, underwear, pants, t-shirt and sweater. All types of clothes that are sterile in a sealed container for sale are T-shirt in a Can Brand. Outfit in a Cans will be small drums that are large cans, and small items like socks in a can will be in tuna can size cans.

Good for trips, storing in the automobile, emergency needs or instant fashion.
                                                                           " Instant Fashion! "

217. Solar Battery Bank Multi Tool Pole
It is a pole that contains solar panels, rechargeable battery, charge controller electronics, led lamps, usb port and 12v port. It comes with one tool head that is either a shovel head, a rake head or a pick head. The tool head attaches on the pole to become a tool and can detach to change out heads. The SBBMTP acts as a giant solar lawn spike when the shovel tool is embedded in soil standing straight up or acts as a flashlight.  The ports can recharge cell phones and power electronics.
218. Swing Stand
It is a device for a motorcycle or bicycle, that one, acts as a kick stand, and two, allows the vehicles to be parked in automobile parking spaces with added visual warning to prevent  parking lot crashes of parked bikes and motorbikes being hit by automobiles parking.
I have a similar invention in 2017 that involves balloon-like devices. Swing stand is different than the other ones.
Swing stand is a multi-hinge panel system that folds out when parked and folds in when driving/operating.
Swing stand has reflectors.
218.1    Swing Stand Led
It has an electric led system that warns other motorists that it is parked.

219. Changer Key Lock System
It is an entry door knob kit that acts as a doorknob and uses any key to become the only key that opens it. Automobile keys can be used to open home doors. Old useless keys can become newly usable. The CKLS opens up, itself, to expose a metal, or hard material,  tooth combination that can be preset by the user. Placing the key in the CKLS and adjusting the teeth allow users to customize their doorknob to any key. Turn or push to lock. Turn or push to unlock. It means less keys needed on the key ring. One key could be set to multiple CKLS's or each key can be set per CKLS.

219.1  Changer Key Lock System - Deadbolt
219.2 Changer Key Lock System - Portable lock
220. Print-A-Pipe Brand

It is 3d printer filament that is smoke-able marijuana.
Users can print up nugs or pipes.

220.01 Print-A-Soap
It is a soap filament that prints bars of soaps and other soap shapes for use bathing, showering and cleaning.
Note* The difference about marijuana-filament, tobacco-filament and soap-filament compared to other existing filaments  that are colored variety plastic filaments, for patent-ability, is that marijuana-filament, soap-filament and tobacco-filament all have specific intended uses of the printed object after it is 3d printed. Marijuana-filament and tobacco-filament burn when ignited, turning into smoke and become ash or completely burned. Soap-filament suds into soap bubbles when lathered with moisture.

220.1  Tobacco 3d printer filament

220.2 Print-A-Pipe Brand Joint Paper
It is a special ink cartridge for computer printers that is concentrated marijuana instead of ink. Users load smoking papers or rice papers into the printer and print up papers that are ready to be rolled and smoked. Depending on the graphic, the higher the concentration. Some graphics are origami that fold into special smoking paper apparatus.

220.3 Tobacco Print Paper

*No marijuana products are for sale as manufactured products. Investors may not ask for a prototype.

221. Touchless Motor - air cool model
It is similar to touchless motor, however instead of being encapsulated completely, it has an airway that allows cooler air to cool down the motor before it gets too hot. It prevents water from reaching the motor yet has a breezeway. There are plenty of other ways to cool down the motor with heatsinks and water cooling mechanisms differently, however the air cool model is easy for electric bikes or electric vehicles.
221. Ultimate Survival Hood
It is a hood, clothing item, that can attach to any other clothing item, to be worn as a hood, whether the clothing item has a hood or not. Hooded jackets could have the USH attach to it over the other hood. Jackets without hoods, t-shirts, and other clothing items can be adorned with the USH, to be worn limp or as hood. The USH fold and buttons into a small tube worn around the neck collar  and shoulders when not worn as hood or limp hood.
The USH exterior is made of waterproof material in case it rains.
A brim protects wearer from squinting sun as it is a hat hood where the brim is flexible to transform from hidden disuse to use.
Led flashlight allows user to see at night or signal.
Flat waterproof solar cell powers rechargeable batteries. 
The interior of the limp hood pulls out, extends, to form a goggled mask that has stretchy cloth lining to stick to the neck air tight, because a photo-catalyst inside neutralizes fumes as an electronic gas mask, with a replaceable option particulate carbon filter.
A pocket allows users to store cash or small items.
222.  Hide A Bit
It is a way for me to become very rich. It is a hex drill bit that is better than all the others. It inserts as a bulky bit to function as a hex hole where other bits can fit into the tip like drill bits, phillips head bit, cross bit, star bit, etc. The bulky component swing hinges, moves away to expose an additional hex hole for bits. The interior hex hole is intended for shorter bits.
The result is users can switch from bit to bit nearly instantly, without removing and adding bits.
Hide A Bit's interior drill bit (blue) matches into the exterior drill bit's (orange) inner rotor, so that the spinning force of the drill tool is transferred to the blue bit and then to the orange bit. Orange bit opened up allows the blue bit to be utilized. Orange bit closed allows the blue bit to spin the orange bit to utilize the orange bit.

222.1  Similar however orange bit is adjustable chuck instead of hex.

222.2 Both orange bit and blue bit spin when orange is bent up open to provide 90 angle drill capabilities. 
223.  Hole Peg Dishwasher
It is a special dishwasher that requires special dishes. The dishwasher is sold with the specific dishes as a set. The dishes fit in specific dish-insert-receptacles to be sprayed and scrubbed automatically inside the appliance.  Instead of working like other dishwashers, it cycles water and soap with electric motorized cleaning bristles. Small model is for one person, one meal, that features a fork, a spoon, a knife, a cup, a bowl, a plate and the appliance. The appliance opens up to allow all the dirty dish components to be conveniently placed. The appliance closes and then when activated, it goes through an electronic cleaning program of spraying water, dripping soap and rotating bristles so that after a moment, the dishes inside the HPD are clean, drip drying. A water intake, water outake, drip rack, electric cord, soap dispenser are in the appliance. The appliance works at any sink counter-top. The final model can feature a water bin that the intake uses where users pour water into it to load it with water, or the final model can have a spout tap hose that connects to the faucet or faucet water line.

223.1 Large size is double dishes
223.2 Extra Large size is quadruple dishes.
223.3 Party size is 8 times the amount of dishes and dish-insert-receptacles as the original Hole Peg Dishwasher.
223.4 Garbage Disposal model allows food bits to be blended mulched before out taken.
223.5 Drying model allows dishes to be air dried more quickly than drip dried.

224. Reverse Polarity Motor
Similarly to one of my earlier inventions, the one where the motor uses a "spinning key" as an extra commutator to turn magnets on and off during the spinning motion of the motor which results in a lack of heated friction caused by attracted magnets that are pulling away from each other. Instead of turning the magnets off momentarily during spin, as off and on and off and on, instead the electromagnets' polarity are reversed, as + and - and + and -, so that it will be more powerful than the other model, both without overheating.   

225. Manscroll Animation software program

It could be better on videogamestorysafe, however, I will put it on this page here. It is a computer screen program, for webpages, that is an animation file, like gif, instead of typical animation files that play a sequence of images upon viewing, instead the user causes the animation-images to sequence reactive to scrolling up and down, or left and right. For example 10 frames of a watermelon exploding, the user scrolls down the webpage while watching the animation explosion, stops scrolling and animation stops playing, scrolls back up and watermellon animation plays in reverse, scroll slow and the animation is slow, scroll fast and the animation is fast. It is a new program that makes computers more interactive in a new way.

226. Motoclam

Motoclam can be described as a portable garage for motorcycles, scooters, atv and bikes. It is comprised of a platform and 2 waterproof tarp-like flaps with hinges that enclose the vehicles air-locked. A user drives onto the platform, parks, and the flaps close around the vehicle with hasp. Benefits include less fume atmosphere, dust protection, water protection, sun protection, thief protection. 

"Making the world a better motorcycle place."

Note* There are other brands who can not contest Motoclam's originality because other brands advertise ventilation. Motoclam's purpose is anti-ventilation, and additionally opens long ways at left and right, unlike opening front to rear.

226.1 Auto-Motoclam

Without need for additional electricity or power, the tarp-walls open and close at the kick of a button. Rider drives onto AutoMotoclam's deck, which causes the weight of the vehicle to pressure lever spring internal arms to a cocked/spring-loaded locked position where a foot lever waits to be pressed to release the spring load causing the tarp walls to rise and lock together shut. Another foot press lever release causes the tarp walls to open and fall with gravity.

227. Collapsible pedal

It is a bicycle pedal unit, especially for electric bikes, where one of the pedals loosens, like a motorcycle clutch, by lifting foot under it up, so that it falls parallel, alike, the other pedal, so that rider's hips and legs will be positioned balanced, instead of one up and one down, instead both down. Rider simply revolves pedal back up into position where it spring locks in place again.

228. Collapsible String Trimmer / weed wacker

It folds up when not in use.

228.1 Collapsible Pole Saw

Folds up.

228.2. 1,000psi  Block powertools brand

On the shelf in disuse, they resemble cubes, with rounded corners, with diamond plate, with a sunken handle. The user picks up the block by the handle, releases a button on the handle that causes the collapseable power tool to fall with gravity in piece by piece unison to transform into a string trimmer, locking into place. The user  lanndscapes until done when each component is folded together back into the shape of a cube.  The cube is strong enough to withstand 1,000psi. Different tool models in the series can stack together like cubes. So, it is a string trimmer that looks like a cube, about 10 inch cu, that uses a single release button to use gravity to unfold and lock the tool into operational position, nearly instantly. It is very impressive and easy to manufacture because I have explained characteristics that are matters of simple engineering physics.

229. Hide-A-Lid Jar Utensil

Hide-a-lid jar utensil is a spoon, spork, fork or knife that attaches to the underneath of jars by means of a magnet or a suction cup or a thin arm with spring pushing against underside lid walls, where the utensil becomes erect or telescopic, to serve out the contents of the jar. Users don't need to touch the hide-a-lid jar utensil after it is installed, so that hands do not become dirty or do not put dirt into the jar. Users will prefer the device more than simple utensils because simple utensils require being washed after every scoop use. HALJU is the next big thing in the kitchen like the can opener and the cheese grater. The device can be extended and positioned by ridge-ing it on the edge of the jar and compacted similarly when the jar is mostly full.230.

230. Crete-Pire Gun

CPG is a new type of power tool that is for concrete work. It is comprised of a vacuum motor, tube, water hose port. Users stab the sharp toothed vacuum hose into paper concrete bags to suck the dry concrete powder and rocks up to the gun where it falls down while a water spout is sprayed to mix with it. It can be sprayed into wheelbarrow, cement mixer or on the ground. The brand is intended to be for women construction workers because they typically are too weak to lift 60 lb. or 80 lb. bags. The model theme will be pink color, with slogan "Suck those bags dry!" and trademark logo will be monster or vampire type pink logo.

231. Nonsport Grip Rail

It is an accessory that attaches onto a paintball gun where the front grip handle is. The accessory is a hardware case that allows a bb gun pistol or paintball handgun to be easily inserted, so that users can use 2 guns in 1.

232. GuardoTemp Tropical Winter Botanical device

Users can grow tropical plants in winter climate with GTTWBD. It is a lawn spike, a housing box, a semi-tube housing, a durable flexible housing, wires, leds, a daylight sensor, a 12v thermostat, a 12v battery, a charge controller, a solar panel, a 12v ac adapter, an on/off switch and an on/off/on switch.

Users dig under the plant's root to place special leds in a special housing around roots. Underground leds housing is waterproof and pest proof. It is approx 5watt heater.  Another 5 watt led heater is housed inside a semi-tube that is placed around trunk. The approx 10w heater (or higher temp too) is wired to a thermostat set to 1 degree above freezing (or similar degree area), wired to charge controller, wired to battery. A solar panel rests on top housing that contains battery, charge controller, 3rd 5 watt led heater and ac adapter. The housing rests on a lawn spike that is placed near plant. Leds rest on the product unit wired to on/off switch to daylight sensor to on/off/on switch to charge controller/to ac adapter, which allows users to turn on decorative lights at night. Users can set unit to solar battery power with on/off/on switch, or can set it to ac extension cord when it is too cloudy for several days. Mangos, pinapple, banana trees could survive snow winters, slightly damaged, with spring blooming potential. The semi-tube has opaque window to reveal led activity. 

232.1 GTTWBD minus panel, battery

The unit is wired same, however it does not include solar panel and battery. Users can use it as purely ac extension cord use or add custom panel/battery to it.

232.2 The spike contains heating element, heater

232.3 includes ac charger component so that users have option to charge battery with extension cord

Note to investors/audience* Max: "Yes I know how to make these things. I could supply 1,000,000+ units, however wholesale costs have not been established."

233. Indoor Manual Plant Pump  Vase

It is a 2 part bin vase where top part is bin with floor screen that fits into above bin. Soil and plant seed are placed in top bin where water is poured into that strains down into bottom bin. A tube squeeze pump arm directs water from lower bin back up to top bin, by pinching with fingers or hand, so that overflow can be stored to replenish. Bins may not be clear opaque because sun will harm roots if so.

234. Counter Dual Propeller

It is a propeller that has 2 seperate propellers, one central and other around, where both propellers spin in opposite direction, pushing air in same direction by opposite angled fin blades. The benefit, compared to typical single propeller, is the absence of the effect that is the vehicle spinning instead of propeller. For example, an rc helicopter placed upside down, the body spins, and right side up the propeller spins, as though the body and propeller are related to both spinning. If both spin at 20 mph, if the body stops spinning then the propeller will be spinning at 40mph. Such physics is why helicopters can not be spheres with a propeller on top because both will spin at same time. That is why helicopters have long tails.

234.1 Maze Propeller

Maze propeller is a counter dual propeller where central propeller is rotor rod and outer propeller is tube. The central propeller rotor spins inside tube with gears that act as stabilizers spacers. The result is outer and central propeller both spin in opposite directions while only one, either, is driven by motor gear drive. The tube and interior rotor may tend to spin all together in likewise direction until not spinning in likewise direction dictated by speed or wind, as though it is an automatic propeller transmission.

Note* On page 2017 inventions, I explain disclaimer that says "all i.p. are speculated to be original, where a patent search is required for final proof". That way, if it is a coincidence that I invented the same product as someone else, then the disclaimer. If anyone patents my inventions after I invented them, then I am the inventor not them. 

I claim I can sue anyone for slandering me of originality discredit. That is true because I am not rich yet, and slander has hurt my business. Another company can not use that same method against me because a company can not prove that my originality claims have hurt their business when they have evidence of success.

Enemy gov employee or enemy company says : "Oh, I didn't realize that."

234.2 Stationary Ring Rail Gear

It is a maze propeller that has it's in-between-gear(s) that are railed to the body of the vehicle. In between gear is gear that spins between outer and central rotor. As that ring railed gear(s) is mounted to the vehicle mass body, the non-driven rotor is forced to be driven in unison, as all gears spin together.

234.3  Clutch Ring Rail Gear

Similar to 234.2, however a clutch mechanism allows control of ring rail gear to be stationary or non-stationary.

234.4 Door Paddle on non-driven Propeller

DPONDP is a special propeller mechanism that can be described as a "hinged" propeller blade, where, if outer tube is driven (gear drive engaged by motor) then the central rotor may tend to spin with the direction of the driven rotor, where it is shape flat aerodynamic, until momentum or clutch cause the non-driven central rotor to spin opposite, instead spinning alike direction, where the hinge forces the blade to change from flat to scoop according to spin direction change, causing turbo thrust without additional motor acceleration.

For example, if A is tube rotor, B is interior rotor, if A has gear teeth welded around it and a chain and motor are hugging it, then A will spin with chain and B will either spin with A or B will spin opposite A.

235. GuardoTemp Vase Pot

It is similar to 232, however it is an electronic pot for non-hardy plants to stay automatically heated in winter time. The pot itself is heated electronically with thermostat.

235.1   with automatic watering system

Using a timer or moisture sensor with drip irrigation or faucet hose pump, plants can be automatically watered and heated to grow tropical plants in snowy climates.

236. Top of the Toilet brand

TOTTB is a product line of various appliances and mechanisms that fit inside the top of a toilet. Some models require the toilet's cover to be removed and others hide under the cover. TOTTB's are molded shaped to fit into toilet's intake water area, so that the bin does not disturb the toilet's flushing working mechanism.

Safe Storage- it is a gun safe or valuables safe that rests in the water, waterproof with a locking storage bin.

236.1 Faucet Sink

Instead of the toilet top being a simple flat cover, it is a faucet sink where the toilet's intake water is used to pipe up to the sink, where the water falls back down waiting to be flushed. 

236.2 Heater Storage

It is a storage bin combined with an ac heating element. Users can store magazines or stuff while having a toilet warm to the touch.

236.3 Storage bin

It makes use of the approx 1 cu ft. without getting items wet.

236.4 Thermoelectric unit

It uses the water as a heat-sink-radiator so the toilet is warm to the touch, while the frozen element fans the air as air conditioning.

236.5 Fume Air Purifier

It purifies the air, filtering air intake and breezing air outtake.

236.6 Motion Sensor Animatronic

A great way to scare party guests, an animatronic rises up when sensing motion, and falls back into place.

236.7 Hydroponic System

Users can grow plants that need no extra watering because the toilet's intake water is used for the plants automatically.

236.8 Drinking Fountain

Similar to 236.1 however a drinking fountain on top provides sipping use. A water-filter can be interchangeable in-line or without.

236.9 Pond Fountain

Water is lifted to create soothing water sounds, where the water falls back down into the toilet's intake chamber. Various artistic models can include stones, bamboo, seashells or tiers.

236.90 Music System Speakers

The toilet will become a musical chair for listening to music in the bathroom without taking up too much space.

236.91 Projector Television

It projects tv, shows, movies and media onto the wall.

236.92 Lamp

With a clear opaque cover, underneath is light bulb/led. 

237. Hide A Beverage

It is a cup comprised of 2 parts, 1 part is the cup with a hole port at the bottom edge, the other part is a mechanical variety of chambers that hold various instant drink syrup, just add water. A line on the cup marks the drink mix to be dispensed, by twisting the chamber part until a desired flavor is lined up, and then the user pushes a button to squirt the mix into the cup with added water. The 2 components click together, and a spring button releases them apart. Users buy entire bottom components to interchange. Bottom component can be disposable or re-fillable, with flavors that include alcohol, caffeine, caffeine free, fruit juice, tea, coffee, vitamin dose, pure sugar, pure honey, creamer, and more. Users can mix and match flavors and additives by twisting to correct position and pushing button and twisting to next position to inject more. A lid allows users to shake the contents together or a spoon.

237.1 electric Hide A Beverage

The cup resembles a small blender, where the blender blades are soft silicone battery powered to mix the drink.

237.2 Automatic Hide A Beverage

It is an electric hide a beverage that includes a motorized bilge so that each flavor requires no twist, only a soft button push.

238. Thermoelectric vehicle window system "THE PORTABLE EMERGENCY AUTOMOTIVE AIR CONDITIONER"

It is a peltier air conditioning unit and foam pad that allows users to place it in an open window, gently roll up window until unit is stationary, where cold air is cycled in the vehicle and hot air is blown away from the outside  window.

Instant air conditioning in any vehicle without screws, drills or installation mess. Simply put on, roll up, roll down, put away.

Suction cups can reinforce leashing of unit. A slit allows window to slide firmly into flexible material to provide air-locking of outside/inside and stability support for device.

238.1 TVWS with parachute flap switch

Parachute flap switch is a mechanism that automatically turns air conditioning on or off by sensing driving-wind, where the wind causes the circuit to close as on, and absence of wind with spring retention causes unit to be off.

It is important for unit to be off when no wind because heat sink does not radiate without wind blowing on it, so peltier will become too hot and damaged without parachute flap switch or without extra electric exterior fan blowing on it.

When driver slows down at stoplight, air conditioning turns off. When driver accelerates, air conditioner turns back on.

Or when vehicle stops, the exterior fan turns on. When vehicle drives, wind causes exterior fan to turn off so that the heat sink can rely on the driving wind without wasting power to exterior fan.




239. Hingebar Wheelbarrow Accessory

It is a kit, or can be already installed on new wheelbarrows, to customize old wheelbarrows. The kit demands users cut the handle poles, drill on the hingebar. The result is a wheelbarrow that stores more compact and can hold carabiner objects.

240. Wearable Keychain

WK is a key chain that is a mechanical unit that extends, unrolls to become waterproof suspenders. The suspenders has 4 spool wires, padded  or less narrow at shoulder place, that unroll against spring retention and lock in to place,  with 4 clamps to grab to shorts or pants. At the click of a button, the spring mechanism unlocks to reel in the suspenders back into the unit. 

Optional final models can have waterproof flashlight, wallet and/or solar panel. The unit worn should rest high on the back at the neck area to prevent discomfort when sitting, or can be worn backwards, as unit on chest. 

A hole allows carabiner to be placed to grab onto keys. It can be a special product for swimmers and also for camping, recreation or fashion.

Good for the beach. Model could resemble a red crab, although might be sach-religious. "Is that a crab on your back?" "No, it's a wearable keychain. Buy it online at SimcrimeCom's investor's  place."


241. Grocery Hydroponics System

GHS is a hydroponics tray with grow lights that is special designed for vegetables bought at the grocery store to be transplanted until consumed. GHS has slots for carrots, lettuce cabbage heads, sprouts, and other fruits and vegetables. Users fill filtered water and plug into ac outlet or place at window. VEGETABLES WILL GAIN WEIGHT INSTEAD OF WILT WHILE WAITING IN THE KITCHEN!

241.1 Individual GHS -Carrots

241.2 IGHS -Lettuce

241.3 IGHS -Corn

241.4 IGHS -Misc

241.5 GHS Fruit stem hydroponics

Apples, pears and more can gain weight in the kitchen by snipping the tip of the stem off and clamping a hydroponics tube to it, mimicing natural plant moisture, among sunlight or grow lights.

242. AC-brela

AC-brela is a beach umbrella that has a hollow pole, where a thermoelectric peltier blows cold air under the umbrella and sends hot air up out the umbrella tube, heat rising into the sky. It is 1 umbrella cloth, 1 hollow tube, 1 sand anchor or pool deck weight, 1 thermoelectric air conditioning system, a rechargeable battery with both vehicle-outlet and wall outlet plugs.

Note* Final model could have rechargeable D size batteries hidden in the bottom pole with the electronics instead of square battery. Less bulky.

AC-Brela is wired to be Solar charge capable, so users can add their own panel resting on the ground beside plugged into the AC-Brela.

242.1 SOLAR AC-brela

The umbrella cloth has solar panels.

242.2 Chest Accessory

An ice chest connects to a/c air fan to provide cooler/freezer ammenity for food and beverage, with extra out-take fan that acts as both cooler and air conditioner.

242.3 AC-Brela Chest

It is a wheeled AC-Brela that has cooler ice box instead of anchor, where umbrella tube fits into on top the cooler box.

242.4 AC-Brela Hidden D-cell components tube

8 d-cell 10,000mah (or any mah) rechargeable batteries are series to 12v, 2 sets of series 8 d-cells where each set is parallel to eachother 16 d-cell batteries wired at 12v and 20ah are hidden in a tube, connected to 12v solar charge controller and connected to ac/dc 12v wall charger and connected to Ac/adapter. Wall charger, Ac/adapter, solar charge controller and 16 d-cell batteries are inside tube together with port access for plug, solar array wires, charge controller load wires. Thermoelectric peltier air conditioning unit is inlaid on tube, where cold side radiator/fan is outside on tube perpendicular and heat side radiator fan is air-locked inside tube. Insulation provides protection between heat side peltier and interior battery components, as they both share the tube as housing. An elevated air intake port is a smaller interior tube that draws air from outside to  under heat-fan in tube which sends air above and out. The control panel includes on/off/on switch that controls wall outlet use or solar/battery use, only one at a time, one or the other. Control panel includes on/off switch for air conditioner.

Wall outlet on will charge battery and power peltier at same time, so it will charge  during use. Solar/battery on will use battery power with or without sun. Solar will not charge battery unless wall outlet is off.

Tube has interior diameter approx 1.5 inches.  Optional component is 12v thermostat for presetting shut down temp (perhaps 65F in sun) where 66F or more temp turns on air conditioner and 65F or below turns off air conditioner. Optional component 5v phone charger outlet. Optional component is lights.

Air intake tube is optional design element if air intake hole is at heat side peltier area instead. The air intake hole might radiate heat into cold desired area, so air intake tube might be better. The top of the tube is protected from rain by being bent, or optional chimney covers could be adorned on straight pipe models.

Heat chimney pipe way will be hot to the touch in use, unless I include the air-intake-tube as the large tube itself wher air is drawn from near the top under canopy, goes down to the bottom where a secondary interior tube is the internal-outake-tube, that sends fanned hot air up and out the top of canopy. With an internal-outrake-tube, the AC-Brela tube might only be warm to the touch, not hot to the touch.

NOTE* I can sell working prototypes of AC-Brela without paying patent royalties to peltier owner if I simply buy thermoelectric peltier units. Peltiers are for sale that I can buy and re-sell.  AS IF, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE PELTIERS LIKE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE AC-BRELAS.


Sell a million not a thousand? 1,000×90,000= 90 mil


IF YOU BUY 1,000 FOR $100,000 , MSRP IS $175 TO $400, YOU WILL PROFIT $75,000 TO $300,000.




243. Hot/cold Pool Machine

I emailed about 3 pool product companies and I said something like : "I noticed you don't have any pool cooling products, water-conditioning is easy, hire my business as an independent contractor designer, thermoelectric pool water-conditioner, like air conditioner, is not utility-patent worthy because cycling cooled water is what general thermoelectric does (as if nobody can patent a lawnmower that mows astroturf not grass when it is a lawnmower on astroturf not grass, as if a peltier is a peltier in water, whether the water is a swimming pool or not). To cool pool, cold side peltier is submersed with water pumping, and hot side is chimney fanned up into the sky. Oh two pumps could draw water from both sides of peltier to opposite sides of pool, where result is one side of pool is warm and other side is cold."

So hot/cold pool machine could be a new product, however as an invention it is simply a thermoelectric unit. If a design-patent is awarded for a hot/cold pool machine that has 10ft. long tubes, then another design-patent could be filed for one that has 10.1ft tubes, and 10.2ft tubes, and 10.3ft tubes, etc. So if scammers say "It's patented.", they mean it has a specific design-patent for size, shape or color. One has a circular tube, oh another has a square shape shaped tube! Corrugated tube with molded shapes and polka-dots!

Note* That is why many of my inventions are unspecific because I have invented utility-patent-worthy inventions. I do not need to specify nut and bolt placement, size, color, length etc. because very descriptive specifications are not for utility-patents. For example, a design patent for suspenders might say complete descriptions of clothing article as two 3-ft. long braided leather ropes with one 1inch diameter bronze button sewn onto cross stitch with 4 spring clips, however as I invented a brand new machine that is Wearable Keychain, the first retractable suspenders, it is utility-patent-worthy, so I do not need to explain how springs work or what type of material the springs are because springs it self is already a known invention as component. Elastic is a cloth spring mechanism. Nobody can get a design-patent on my utility-patent-worthy inventions unless they pay my business agreed payment. Wearable Keychain can be 4 ft. long extended or 3 ft. long extended, the clips can be red or blue or pink, there could be button loops instead of clips, the housing could have anything on it including fake crab, seashell, flashlight, emergency led beacon, gps, smoking pipe, waterproof storage case, wallet, air purifier, bottle opener, cell phone holder, anything. If it is wearable suspenders that retracts into a smaller unit mechanically then it is my utility-patent-worthy intellectual property.

244. Wet Dry Boots

They are boots that have a stud on the toe, where the stud either manual twists, squeeze pulls up out or over, or twists with a tool, to open up an airway. Studs closed means feet will stay dry when walking in ponds or streams. Studs open means feet will be less sweaty, cooler and if wet inside will dry more quickly for less likely mold smell.

If it is a watertight boot that can become opened near the toe during wear, then it is a #244.

Wet Dry Boots is utility-patent-worthy. To specify stud type would be design-patent-worthy. I don't need multiple design patents if I have single utility patent.

Tool used to open stud: phillips screwdriver design pat, flathead design pat, torx design pat, allen wrench design pat, socket wrench design pat.

The stud is flush interior to boot, that is a hole with cylinder thread type mechanism, perhaps with rubber-like washer, that closes watertight or opens to remain open, adjustable.

244.1 Wet Dry Boot Fan

It is an electric motor fan that fits onto stud air tight. It sucks air out to cycle drying moisture out or to cool the feet while wearing. Power can be battery, rechargeable battery or solar panel.

244.2 Wet Dry Boot Fan Dual

It is an electric fan system that connects to studs, dries both boots at once. It can be ac power, battery, or solar. It can't be worn while using, so it will probably be ac wall outlet.

 244.3 Wet Dry Boot Variation

The front seal of the boot, where sole meets toe exterior, can become open screened, as toe area is mechanically elevated for breezeway. The top toe area of boot transforms to be lifted up.

245. Trashicun brand Gun

It is an electric glue gun, wall outlet or battery power, that requires plastic trash to be inserted into it's chamber, to be melted, to be trigger squeezed squirted out, so that the melted trash can dry as an adhesive.  The electricity heats the glue gun to melt the special contents, dispersed by trigger mechanism.

So, because this is utility worthy, I do not need to specify sizes and shapes or exact mechanisms. The trash could be loaded in the top, trash could be loaded in the side, etc.

245.1 Trashicun brand Electro-Caulk

It is an electric heating element unit, battery or wall outlet powered, that fits into any caulk gun. When on, the Electro-Caulk melts loaded plastic inside it's chamber. The hot liquified plastic is dispersed by the caulk gun trigger mechanism to use the melted plastic as an adhesive onto wood, metal, stone, glass and other surfaces. Plastic trash is loaded into the chamber to recycle plastic trash as useable adhesive.

245.2 Electro-Caulk Loads

They are giant glue sticks that are special designed to fit inside Electro-Caulk.

Trashicun brand products will include a small chart of plastic types information so that users will understand which plastics are toxic, non-toxic and how to tell which type is which. Toxic plastics will require a gas mask to be worn.

246. Copter Ball

It is a ball that transforms into a quadcopter or multicopter.

Copter Golf Ball- The driving range can be anywhere when a golfball turns into a quadcopter to fly back to the golfer. It can contain gps, follow me, led, speaker, weather info thermometer barometer, timer, camera, etc. Golfers hit the copterball into the air, and control it wi-fi radio to report information including speed, distance and altitude.

246.1 Copter Throw Ball

Similar to golfball however device is not intended to be struck, and is thrown instead.

Understanding the difference of design patents and utility patents, it can be said that there are hundreds of variations of mechanisms and components that could all be part of how the device works, so by simply saying golfball quadcopter that flies back to golfer might be utility worthy. Independent designers who make my invention products independently are not inventing. They would be designing specific design worthies. If one designer makes the copterball open in mid-air by spring, another designs a tether that levers open and another designs the motor to open the device mid-air, then those three designers have design worthies, Yet they may not be awarded a design patent unless I co-sign on their patent application. And, they can not claim that they are inventors of the specific design copterballs.

247. Stick Chain Hose

It is a device that combines onto a garden hose so that it will not kink. It is stick rods chained together fastened onto portions of hose.

*note Despite existing hose products being anti-kink hoses, SCH is original because it is added onto old hoses. It is an ability to upgrade a hose.

248. Kremer Fan

Named after me (crame or cream), it is a fan mechanism that pushes air in 360 degrees.

Using my other invention, a dual wire with plus and minus, that can spin in a 360 degree with commutator-like connection, that dual wire is the rod that suspends the fan on a perpendicular rod that has a balance weight on one tip and fan on other tip. Balance weight equals fan weight. As the electric fan is excited it pushes (or pulls) air, causing the perpendicular rod to spin. Fan spins from electricity, rod spins from fan. To explain better, the swivel commutator mechanism allows connection while 360 spinning, described as ceiling fan "mount", on a 2 blade ceiling fan, one blade tip has a small electric fan glued to it, the other blade has a weight glued to it, when the small fan on the tip begins to spin, the ceiling fan begins to spin, and air is forced at a 360 degree cycle. Blue represents wind direction, red spin direction.

248.1 Dual fans

It is similar to 248 however instead of weight on opposite arm, it has another fan. The 2nd fan weighs the same as other and it is aimed opposite direction to cause spinning of arm unit. 

Although, one fan might be better because two fans might have same force as one larger fan, yet one fan is easier to manufacture.

Multi-sets of 1fans or 2fans are not different utility worthies. For example, if a designer puts 16 fans, 16 weights on 16 sets of arms, then that is a design not a utility.

Furthermore, 248s arm (perpendicular rod) can be shaped as a blade or any shape.

249. Kremer Swivel Peltier

It is a peltier that has 360 spindle capability that is ring tracked with commutator like connections, so that the peltier may spin with both heat/cold sinks so that less extra motors are needed and thermal radiating is enhanced. It means the peltier can be a 2 sided fan where the fan blades are the heat sink.

One motor revolves the entire peltier heat sink unit. The ring that the peltier is framed with could have gear teeth for motor spinning. The heat sink is the fan blade. Heat sink is in the shape of aerodynamic propulsion shape.

249.1 variation

It is a peltier unit that is mounted on a fan blade or fan, so that the peltier spins with the fan blade. It is as though the peltier is the fan itself. For every revolution the blade makes, the peltier makes the same revolution. The heat sink is in the shape of a fan.

249.2 Hollow Peltier Heatsink Fan

It is a special electric fan that has hollow metal propeller that acts as heatsink. 

With HPHF, thermoelectric unit is simply 2 HPHFs and 1 peltier.

HPHF rests on peltierwith stationary base and hollow propellers spin.

A good design of HPHF is air is sucked in from side and pushed away from center.

250. Waterproof Battery Terminal Fuze Cap

It is a cylinder/box that is attached to one of the 12v battery terminals, that glues on waterproof, that contains an interchangeable high amp fuze. Once the product is glued onto any 12v battery terminal, the battery will work the same, yet if the battery is dropped in water, it will shut off instantly, destroying the fuze, and will not electrocute the water. 

Although 12v is not much to shock anyone, the WBTFC will prevent electricity from being lost so that a battery pulled up out of a lake could have a full charge, for example.

250.1 Waterproof Battery Terminal Shutoff Cap

Similar to 250, however it does not have a fuze. The advantage of no fuze is that there is no maximum of amps draw, and it might work better. It is a housing that glues over both terminals, without insulating terminal completely, where inside the housing cap is a water access hole, a 12v motor (or electromagnet) wired open that has wire gap, where motor gear is waiting to cause separation of terminal's main battery circuit by means of water connecting 12v terminal motor circuit.

WBTSC is glued onto battery to function normal as battery, until it is dropped in water, where water rushes into the water port terminal, exciting the motor which severs the battery's main circuit. Afterwards, WBTSC can be reset to function the same again after it is dried.

The terminal without motor shutoff mechanism could simply be wired without housing, to be smaller. Coincidentally, the 12v motor that severs battery's main circuit also severs it's own circuit.

Main circuit is battery to trolling motor, battery to boat lights, battery to appliances, etc. Interior circuit or terminal circuit is the circuit inside terminal product that is battery to a specific small 12v motor in the housing. Included in the housing with 12v motor could be a 12v alarm with it. The alarm will make a momentary loud sound. With or without audible alarm, the WBTSC is WBTSC.

250.11 Extra wire model

It is the same as #250.1 however, besides water open circuit port, it also has another open circuit machanism that is incorporated in a length of dual wire so that the wire length can be ran further away from battery, at opposite end of boat, or at boat's motor, where likewise a drop of water will close wire circuit which will activate terminal motor to sever main  circuit, so that if the motor is submersed and the battery is not submersed, the battery will sever main circuit.

250.2 Floater switch model

It simply uses a float mechanism, example styrafoam cylinder with lever mechanism, to sever housed terminal from main circuit, when water rushes in. This model might be bad because main motor vibration might activate it on accident. It would need to be spring loaded cocked where floating mechanism activates it to fire spring locked. Without a spring lock mechanism, splashes would not sever battery power so the battery might waste power or heat and explode from splashes. That is why 250.2 is theorized to be sub-par.

250.3 Non 12v models

If battery banks have different voltage than 12v, then specific models will incorporate a housed terminal motor that matches the voltage. For example 1.5v, 3v, 3.7v, 6v, 18v, 24v, 36v, 48v battery banks will have similar voltage motors.

251. Fume Air Purifier Vacuum

It is a vacuum that can clean carpets until it is docked stationary where it acts as a fume air purifier. Using a vacuum filter it sucks carpet debri without emitting particles into the air, as it also powers a photocatalyst at the same time. When it is parked, the strong motor uses low power to cycle air through the room, or a smaller secondary motor is on while big motor is off, that filters particles and vapors with the particulate filter and photocatalyst combo.

It is the first vacuum that is also a stationary air purifier appliance.

252. Inline light bulb

It is a light emitting bulb that is wired as ++ or --, but not +-, when another closed circuit is made. It works by having a small gauge acting as filament that is on when anything else is on. 

The smaller the wire, the hotter it will be when electricity goes through it is a scientific principle. The tiny portion of wire acts as a filament.

252.1 Inline heater

It is a heater that is wired as ++ or --, but not +-. It's small size wire gauge causes inline heat.

253. Microwave Protector Stickers

It is a set of disposable paper guards that protect the inside microwave from food splash for easy cleaning. Each protector has 3 layers, paper, waterproof under and adhesive. Multiple protector stickers are stacked on each other. User sticks protector into microwave and strips away one protector at a time for new clean. 2 stacks of protectors are product. One stack is 5 sided cube and other is square. Square is for door interior and cube is for box interior. A hole in cube stack is pre-cut for microwave rotor. User takes out microwave plate, takes off microwave wheels to set protector stack or remove sticker. Material is non-toxic and microwave safe. 

254. Solar Hat Bill Accessory

It is a device that allows a baseball hat to attach, by sliding bill into clamping mechanism, so that hat wearers can upgrade their hat to have a flashlight and a fume air purifier that are powered by rechargeable batteries. The device is semi-flush, rounded and can include a flipable or removeable visor glasses and wallet pocket. Solar panels adorn the top as top brim.

A hollow portion of the device contains the photocatalyst. The photocatalyst could either be fanned by small motor or final model will not require a fan. Without fan, purified air will linger near the wearers face for effect. Solar panel is wired to small charge controller type device, wired to rechargeable battery. Rechargeable battery is wired to on/off switches and to photocatalyst and flashlight. Device is rain proof, although it is not recommended to get photocatalyst soaked under water. A rubber plug stopper component could be optional for total waterproof. SHBA is different than other bill flashlights because it is solar powered and it is air purifier.

255. Snake Chucker Trap

It is an electronic trap that lures and kills snakes. A solar panel powers battery motor to separate apart sections of a tube that is edged with blades, so that the snake is cut into approx 3 or 5 parts, thrown into the air away from the trap. A scent lure is placed at end of special tube, or live mouse cage drains into lure area of tube. When the snake slithers into tube, a trigger button closes circuit to activate motor which separates a portion of tube quickly, and automatically resets.

The trigger mechanism inside the tube is activated by snake's weight, and not by other mice, because trigger is comprised of multiple buttons, where snake length presses two or more buttons, that each partially close the circuit, as all buttons pressed closes circuit, and only some buttons pressed does not close circuit.

The trap can be regarded as a feeder to predators of snakes, including birds, muskrats, badgers, dogs or other animals.

256. Speedometerstat

It is a speedometer electronic for electric motor vehicles that shutoffs motor power at certain tire speed readings so that the vehicle does not go too fast. Similar to a thermostat, as comparison is of speed instead of temperature, when program speed is matched by tire reader, an electromagnet switch is activated to open motor/battery circuit, to turn off motor. When speed is changed below, another electromagnet switch activates to close circuit on, turning motor on. Because electromagnets act as wire heaters when on, the electromagnet switch is design to open it's own circuit as it motions a hinge-like mechanism to turn itself off as it also open/close main circuit. The Speedometerstat can be very low ma, approx 120ma, despite high amps of motor because Speedometerstat is not in-line with motor. If Speedometerstat is set to 40mph, the motor will be on or have ability to be on coasting when at speeds of 0 to 39mph, however once the speed reaches 40mph or faster then the motor shuts off and can not accelerate again until speeds reach 39mph or less again.

257. Anti-mold Towel Lamp Air purifier

It is 2 parts, one wall socketed appliance and one special towel. The appliance has an air fan motor, a germicidal bulb, an ordinary lightbulb led and a photocatalyst with on/off switch for germicidal-fume purifier-inflated-towel-lamp/air-purifier. The towel is similar to a bag with an attachment component ring tube clamp that allows the hollow towel to attach to the appliance.

Out of the shower or pool, the users attaches moist towel and selects on. The towel begins to inflate as towel dries, air is purified and safe light provides unique decorative visability. The dangerous germicidal lights are unseen, hidden in appliance housing.

258. Tea Water Filter

It is a filter canister that purifies water that contains tea leaves.

For pitchers or inline hoses, users fill cups with beverage. Tea inside  is water activated as water goes through the top, down through purifying, pouring out. 

"It's not instant tea, it's instant purified tea!"

Note* flavor chamber of interior canister could be above filter aggregate, below filter aggregate or mixed with filter aggregate.

258.1 Coffee water filter

It is a water purifier canister that filters water and makes coffee. Coffee is inside with other matter.

258.2 vitamin water filter

Vitamins are mixed with filter materials.

258.3 flavor water filter

Flavor matter is water activated inside canister with filter material.

259. Musical Fishing Reel

It is a music box that doubles as a fishing reel. Instead of winding a spring loaded key to turn on a music box, user spin the reel which retrieves fishing line back and spins a metal cog tube that has note teeth specifically placed to play a song, at the same time. Users can press a release button that turns the music box effect on or off while spinning, by retracting an interior rod that ceases striking teeth notes, or back on.

260.  Musical Instrument Fishing Reel

As the user spins the crank to collect fishing line, a note striker rid spins that hits keyed note bells/chimes/xylophone-plates only when user pushes momentary spring loaded buttons down. One button might be 'e', pressed is  beeping 'e'. Two buttons pressed at same time make a chord together, etc. 

261. Tackle Bait

It is a fishing lure that can store hooks, line, etc. Small storage space in fake fish or fake lure.

" It's not a tackle box. It's a tackle bait!"

262. Electric Fishing Bobber Hat

It is a hat. It transforms so that users can be away from their fishing pole, while still fishing, without using stink bait, using action bait like crankbait. Action bait works by acting like live fish when reeled in. Action bait can't work the same staying still. EFBH is a method to cause action bait lures to constantly mimic swimming by being on the end of a stick that spins in a circle, to mimic a fish swimming in a circle. The hat connects to the fishing line/rod. On the hat is a power supply, motor, stabilizer fins, rod with hook. The hat floats. The stabilizer fins cause the hat to not spin so the rod can spin. The fishing line will not tangle because it is attached elevated above motor. When a fish bites the lure, the hat-rod stops spinning until it is reset again.

261.1 Non-electric wind powered model EFBH

Instead of a battery and motor, the rod spins by force of the wind via wind turbine.

262. "That's My Stuff Gameshow"

It's a new street game show, where audience contestants try to win money for guessing which pictures are their stuff, among pictures of other people's stuff. For example, pictures of car keys, car brake pedals, house door knobs, clothing tag, inside of shoes, under shoes, bathroom cabinet, inside oven, furniture in room, mattress, room lamp fixtures, books, car trunk, car seat, carpet, garage, yard plant, faucet, sink, wallet, purse, necklace, etc.

Contestant introduces itself, answers a funny personal question, reviews sets of aporox 5 pictures and chooses which one it thinks is it's own.

"This next question, can you choose which image is a picture of your wallet? C'mon you use that thing every day. Which one is it?"

If contestant guesses right "That's mine." then they get $100 or so, to try to win $1,000.

263. Photocatalyst Sunglasses/glasses

The hollow body of the rods that place over the ears, the tubes and circular lens frame tubes are interior coated with photocatalyst chemical and a solar panel powers led, as holes near cheek/nose in lens rim tube allow purified air to linger, as other holes in over-ear-tube tips allow a small breeze passing. Users can suck on the glasses tube tip as a small electronic gas mask. No battery is needed. No motor is needed.

263.1. Non-electric Photocatalyst Sunglasses/Glasses

Sunglasses/glasses frame body is bulky opaque with interior coated photocatalyst chemical. The sun acts as a reactant without led. 

264. Fume Air Purifier Vehicle Seat Cover

The seat cover fits over automobile seats, plugs into 12v socket to act as a fume air purifier. The appliance is sewn/comprised within the cloth material of the seat cover, as the fume purifier and seat cover are assembled as one.

The first air purifier that is in the shape of a flexible seat cover!

267.  Power Fishing Light Multi-System

PFLMS is a brand new type of fishing pole that will be a new fad for a wave of the future. No longer will classic style typical fishing poles be considered as modern. PFLMS is a telescopic fising pole that has a flashlight on one end, a flame lighter, a salt/pepper grinder (or shaker) and a dynamo. The unique short design length  provides a new amount of "toughness" final model advertising hundreds of pounds test, compact and portable. With various model sizes including condensed as 1 ft. , 1.5 ft. , and 2 ft. , the PFLMS can be the best fishing pole in the world spanning about 2 ft. to 4 ft. extended. Also a mini model could be about 6 inches thst extends to 1ft. The case body includes a vice that allows affixing to dock rails or boat rails. The tip of the PFLMS can remain opened when in disuse or capped with a cap piece or a special bobber can be on line, that when reeled encapsulates the hook so that the PFLMS is together tight. PFLMS does not need rings of traditional poles because instead the fishing line is ran through the middle of the pole as tube. Inside the tube smoother buffer components ensure fishing line is not cut by abbrasion. The crank and reel are small or normal size, yet providing over 100 ft. of line, where the reel is inside the case and the crank is flat hinged laid flush into the case where it extends to be in use. The flame lighter can be a removable replaceable lighter similar or as butane fueled with manual  spark or electric spark. The flashlight system has a main rechargeable battery and a small solar panel so that it automatically recharges. An additional storage compartment doubles as a non-rechargeable 9v battery terminal, with a selector switch that users can choose circuits either being solar/hand-crank or extra-battery, and if users don't want to use storage for battery then they can hide hooks, bait, money, etc. instead.




Pepper Grinder fishing poles have a manual transmission that selects 3 different gears (1)collecting line, (2)dynamo charging, (3)grinding pepper. 1 can be engaged alone, 2 can be engaged alone, 1 and 2 can be engage at the same time together and 3 must be engaged alone.

The entire PFLMS is  waterproof. The 9v storage is rubber gasket screw cap thread and components are stainless, aluminum, plastic or rubber. (Good plastic and metal expensive unit cost, bad are inexpensive, depends budget, prefer rustproof strong. Nylon and ABS are best plastic, silicone best rubber and stainless best metal unless light weight is more needed than strength then aluminum. Pvc is worst plastic. Iron is worst metal.) The pepper grinder and magneto/dynamo crank mechanisms may require touchless motor-type magnet systems for super waterproof.

The PFLMS has no bending tip. Instead it is comprised of only 2 segments, case body and extended pole. The compact PFLMS resembles an elongated dumbell, skinny box, or club.

The case body resembles a rifle-scope block that allows a scope to be mounted onto it, and the PFLMS itself can mount onto a rifle by use of firearm-type rail tension hardware.

The small model is most intended for rifle mounting. Bigger models less encouraged to be there.

A tether carabiner allows keychain-like use. Portions of the PFLMS are comprised of foam for floating ability, although final model might not float without floating keychain accessory. A hole in case allows water to drip out from reel chamber and from internal tube and other chamber.  

PFLMS brand name or utility name are "Pepper Grinders" or "Pepper-grinder fishing poles".

Users have option to remove telescopic interior pipe to fish similarly if they want less weight .  The case opens/closes to access  string line on reel and interior pipe.

A feature includes as when it is stationary viced, with crank collapsed into body, when a fish bites and pulls the line, the crank pops out, signaling activity. To do that mechanically it is simple with varieties of ways that include an internal mechanism that uses the pulling of line to release a spring loaded lock as a spring forces the crank back out into reeling position.

Note* Another model variation can include traditional ring hoop where fishing line is strung through outside rod, not inside, where inside instead is a foam rod that fits inside tube to add floatation ability. 

Top 3 exterior case designs are synthetic wood, aluminum diamond plate and rifle grip texture. Rifle grip could be black, brown, neon colors, common colors, pattern image prints  or various uncommon colors. 

267.1 PFLMS with walkie talkie

It has walkie talkie radio electronics so that 2 PFLMS can communicate to eachither within a short distance.

267.2 PFLMS with fork and knife

A fork and knife are comprised as into the case for removal, use and storage.

267.3 PFLMS with code lock

It can clamp around chains or be locked onto other gear with combination code to unlock it.

267.4  PFLMS with magneto charger/ dynamo charger

The rechargeable flashlight battery can be recharged by cranking the reel handle. A gear set can release internal spooling neutral so the crank can power the battery during fishing and/or when not gathering spool line.

(As if, some Pepper Grinder models can be simply non-electric, easier to manufacture, and  other electric models will be available that are dynamo battery chargers, as there will be a difference between the two types of models, unless all models will have dynamos. )

267.5 PFLMS with led/alarm alert

Whenver the pole is viced stable alone and when the fishing line tightens an led alarm sounds. One way, of hundreds of ways, is the fishing line is strung through an internal hoop pin. The hoop pin is a spring switch mechanism that when pulled connects circuit.

267.6 PFLMS with laser sight dot

A laser allows shooters to see aimed direction when PFLMS is used on gun rail rifle rail.

267.7 PFLMS with pepper grinder

A storage area contains lemon pepper and salt (or other types of seasoning), reloadable aggregate, that can be grounded poured by hand crank. A gear selection places other gears in neutral so that the crank only spins the selected grinder gear. (All Pepper grinders include component model 267.7)

267.8 PFLMS cell phone

It contains cell phone electronics to be used as satallite phone.

267.9 PFLMS with pepper spray

It has a self defense liquid spray component. Marketing might want to refer spray as "mace", not "pepper spray".

267.91 PFLMS with hollow sword

The extendable tube is shaped as a hollow utility machette that is a multi-tool. 

"SOMBUDAY  ORDER  A  FISH?"    Slogan.



Although placing a pepper grinder reel on a pole causes it to be a pepper grinder fishing pole (#267), there are other variations here to consider. 

Pepper Grinder Reel, is a reel that attaches to any modern fishing pole/rod, where the reel unit contains a dynamo, a rechargeable battery, a flashlight, a flame lighter and a pepper grinder that grinds seasoning pepper, with a manual gear transmission.

268.1 Pepper Grinder Reel with detachable unit. The detachable unit is the flashlight, so that the flashlight can be charged up by cranking dynamo reel and then detach charged flashlight for handheld.

268.2 Detachable flashlight has flame lighter with it, combo.

268.3 Detachable flashlight/flame-lighter has ground-pepper chamber to shake out

268.4 Has walkie talkie component

268.5 Entire unit is detachable from fishing pole besides line spool.

So that user does not need to cut hook and take line off pole, instead spool reel stays in place, and what comes off for handheld use is case cover holding dynamo, flashlight, flame lighter, pepper grinder, walkie talkie, etc. and then after detached unit is used handheld off the rod it simply inserts back onto rod where spool reel already is, to function as complete fishing reel again. So it attaches onto rod, and then optional to detach combo unit without detaching fishing line spool that is already strung through hoops of pole.

269. Pen Cap Fishing Lure

It is a lure that contains a paint brush type marker that is loaded with bait attraction formula. It can be used as a typical lure or can be used to paint oily stink onto other lures.

270. Coffee Bowls

It is a grain cereal that contains a cup of coffee worth of caffeine per bowl... and it tastes like coffee!

"The morning hurry just got tasty-er"

270.1 Cola Bowls

It is cola flavored grain cereal that has caffeine.

271. Simcrimecom's vacuum roller

Unlike traditional vacuum component rollers that have bristles that spin and swirl on the carpet underneath the vacuum.. instead of bristles, it is hollow needle-like tubes that act like bristle to scratch into the carpet, however the intake air goes into the vacuum and out the hollow needle roller where air is sucked up to go past the filter and out. The hollow-needle-bristle-rollerwill blow air into the low layer of the carpet as the main sucker motor pulls air up and out. The result is a more advanced vacuum carpet cleaner.

272. Etholite Lighter

It is a flame lighter that is filled with ethanol. When ethanol burns, it's emissions are co2. Compared to butane, butane is poison and causes illness. If ethanol in a lighter was used long ago, perhaps I can patent the "process of using ethanol lighters to inhale tobacco".

272.1 Bio-fuel non-toxic oil lighter

It could be filled with olive oil, coconut oil or vegetable oil. Non-toxic edible types of oil.

272.2 Edible oil/ ethanol mixture

Maretholite brand. Model "Magic-Hallu", "Invisipipelizer". Marijuana oil is an edible oil. SimcrimeCom invented the first lighter that can allow legal users to ingest marijuana that is stored in the lighter's fuel chamber. Adding buzz to cigarette lighting or smoking empty pipes without loaded marijuana, the future of smoking will provide technoligy that took the marijuana out of the pipe and put marijuana into the lighter. SimcrimeCom's technology: Administering medicine via flame lighter.

*Maretholite is not for sale as a manufactured project. Investors may not ask for a prototype.

273. Fishing Pole Sun Shade

It is an accessory that attaches onto a fishing pole so that shade can be provided. The umbrella is collapsable onto the pole. A tube slides onto fishing rod and attaches with ties. The result allows the fishing line to be unobstructed to cast and reel while providing shade. Sticks on the outer tube support the umbrella cloth material, similarly as a rain umbrella.

273.1 Fishing Pole Sun Shade specific for Pepper Grinders

The accessory  ties to interior extended pole with rubber grip ties with optional leash for extreme wind. 

274. Pocket Protector Fume Air Purifier

It is a typical pocket protector, yet it has 2 fake pens affixed to the internal walls. One fake pen contains battery chamber (aa or aaa) and other fake pen contains photocatalyst. When powered on, the photocatalyst chamber will spill lingering fresh air, yet prevent harsh light from being visible. With extra storage space, the PPFAP can hold pens, pencils and other items.

274.1 PPFAP with fan motor

A small motpr, perhaps a 3v cell phone vibrator motor pushes air past photocatalyst chamber.

275.  Solar Bicycle Dash Fume Air Purifier

It is an accessory that velcros to, or attaches in a manner, to the bicycle's front handlebar rail, that adjoins both handlebars. Once attached, the top facing solar panel generates electricity to power photocatalyst leds. Riders will experience fresher air in the sun.

275.1 SBDFAP with fan

Instead of lingering relying on wind breeze, a fan forces air.

275.2 SBDFAP with rechargeable battery and light

275.3 SBDFAP with 5v cell phone charger

276. Trolling Thermoelectric AIr Conditioner

Unlike other thermoelectric peltier air conditioners, the TTAC has a vice so that it clamps to a jon-boat's hull, or other boat's, similarly to a troll/trolling motor, where attached is a tube containing a peltier and components. The components include a float bladder attached to the peltier so that the peltier always floats ontop of the water, heat side down, in a grated tube container, as cold side peltier is attached to a outake tube, where fan causes air to reach down into cold side tube to cause cold air to travel along tube until it is released, causing cooling sensation. TTAC's hot side peltier needs no heat sink because it is in water. The water cools the hot side. The water level or tube placement can be randomized because the floater peltier inside is independent in the tube, loose,  and will rise or fall within the tube to automatically adjust to floating perfectly on the water. The peltier bladder is not needed, can be or can not be, because cold side intake tube is air sealed which allows it to float. The peltier is inlaid in the bottom of the interior tube so that cold side is in interior tube, and hot side is exterior of tube in water.

276.1 TTAC accessory belt hose

Users attach special hose to TTAC hose so that cooled air will be directed to under their clothing by acting as a connected tube harness.

276.2 TTAC without automatic adjust floating

Instead, the interior tube is simply lowered deeper into the water, without an exterior component, where the intake travels underwater level where the peltier is. Such model means less material compared, however the tube will have buoyancy force, and the extra depth may impact hydrodynamics for worse, compared.

Note* Any and all designs that include an inlaid peltier, cold side in tube, hot side outside tube in water are Simcrimecom's utility-patent-worthy invention. Nobody can get a design patent on my utility patent worthy inventions. Fan placement can be intake or outake.

276.3 portable TTAC

It is a TTAC that does not need to vice onto a boat, and is simply slipped into water, turned on for ac, battery powered. It is like the pool/dock/shore model when the other one is the boat model.

276.4 Personal Counter Pollution Device tube-insert TTAC accessory

It is a fume air purifier that adjoins the TTAC so that the cooled air expelled is purified to neutralize toxic fumes. A fume purifier is a photocatalyst.

Note* Interior tube temperature is effected by insulation, for final model.

276.5 Simcrimecom's TTAC Life Preserver Vest Floatation Device

It is a floatation vest that incorporates breeze holes to allow air conditioning to travel past tube through vest onto wearer's body to cause air conditioning cool sensation while also providing floatation safety. The vest is filled with waterproof floation foam among airway holes.

276.6 TTAC Vest Battery Fan Accessory

Instead of plugging in frosty peltier tube, users can option to simply attach a small battery powered fan to vest-port that blows air into vent holes of vest. The accessory might only be 1/10th as cold, however it is more portable and consumes about 1/50th power.

276.7 TTAC Vest Water Bilge Accessory

Instead of attaching frosty peltier tube, users can option to plug in a battery powered bilge pump tube. The bilge is placed in water and sucks up water to spray out inside floatation vest for cool watery fun. It is good for docks, pools and shore, not boats.

277. Credit Card Protector

A CCP is a non-toxic adhesive plastic  sticker that users place onto their credit card to hide the information from illegal camera scans at stores. The CCP prevents criminals from using front and back images of credit cards so that they don't input numbers online shopping. The sticker set is 2 stickers. One sticker is long, covering the length of front 16 numbers and expiration date. The other sticker is small covering back 3 numbers. Each sticker is composed of a rigid border, a clear opaque window cover and a flap to cover the window. The flap sleeves into the rigid border so that users can open and close the sticker window to see or hide numbers.

278. Bogus Box

A bogus box is an artistic sculpture-like artwork piece that might become common at parks, homes or places that enjoy novelty attractions because it is a glass box, sphere, or any shape (any size) that is placed in water, above water, pools, lakes or river or ponds or puddles, with an open bottom, and feet support, where the glass shape is hollow, the air is sucked out, so that water fills the box above the water line. Fish might swim up into the box to be visible above water level.

278.1 Bogus Box that floats

Instead of stationary legs, the box floats above the water line with floatation material balanced along the bottom ridge of the box.

278.2 Bogus Box Bowl

The small bogus box is attached to a bowl at the feet or walls, as a aquarium.

Note*After inventing Bogus Box Bowl designs (bowl on bowl design, and cash register design) search engine results had images of Bogus Box in pond, and bogus box as an upside down aquarium in another aquarium, which suggests I did not invent Bogus Box, HOWEVER, search engine companies are wealthy with cgi photo editing equipment and cgi photo editing employees, so they are not a reliable source. THE PRODUCT THAT IS SO GOOD THAT NOBODY EVER SOLD IT BEFORE!...UNTIL SEARCH ENGINE COMPANIES GOT INVOLVED...

So as of now, my originality of Bogus Box is uncertain, however my two aquarium designs seem to be design_patent-worthy.

279. Frostering 

Frostering is a new way to produce ethanol, different than distillation.

Since ethanol and water have different freezing points, the two can be separated by freezing both, and then slightly warming above freezing point of ingredient that has less cold solidity. 

Step 1. Strain mash away so only liquid remains.

Step 2. Freeze liquid.

Step 3. Grind up ice with blender.

Step 4. Raise temperature of ice in container so that only one melts and other stays as ice.

Step 5. Bottle ethanol and either disgard water or store water in other bottle to be reused.

(Ethanol is strained from blended  ice at a temperature above -173F and below 32F. )

279.2 Easy Frostering

Freeze water and ethanol mixture, without mash, at lower than 32F and higher than -173F so that only water freezes and ethanol does not. Then blend ice and maintaning temperature. Ethanol will fall with gravity out of screen to seperate ice water. Capture ethanol below screen. Repeat process to get any ethanol trapped in ice.

280. AcDocLL

"Standing for Accordion Dock Hull". (Slogan) It is an accessory that attaches to small boats so that they will quadruple in size and be more stable standing up in. User mounts Acdocll onto both sides of boat rails with clamp vice. Acdocll is near flush flat against boat sides in motion, until boat stops and user extends both arms of acdocll to span abput 8 ft. per side, resembling a catamaran mesh dock, that is floated by floatation components to balance ontop of water.

281. Full Face Gas Mask Lock Box

It is a full face gas mask that, instead of being open in disuse vulnerable to dust or spiders, the gas mask has a panel that shuts the unit closed when not in use. At least 2 cartridges can fit into the interior of the mask area.

The panel is hinged or seals closed in any way. A push button releases a spring lock to open it or any other mechanism holds it closed and releases to open. When worn, the panel can rest on top the head or neck or shoulders or hanging down as a bib or double as an opaque visor for uv rays or other light sensitive applications. Some models can be semi-rigid panel that resembles limp like a hood. A hood can be included or not. The locking mechanism can be keyless, keyed or dial code.

Two 'cartridge caps' come with the product. The cartridge caps are either leashed to the mask body, or adhere in some way to the mask body or are loose removable. The user can use cartridge caps to protect cartridge-ports when not in use. When user wants to put cartridges onto mask, the user unclamps or unscrews the cartridge-caps, puts cartridge-caps away or lets cartridge-caps tether from mask, as gas mask cartridges are put onto cartridge-ports to use gas mask.  Instead, the cartridge-ports could be spring-loaded so as soon as cartridge comes off, the port closes sealed by a spring mechanism.

Note* Talking about patents, the gas mask was, or is, a utility patent, and since then there have been many design patents about gas masks. FFGMLB is odd as though it is a utility-patent-worthy of the original gas mask utility patent. I am unsure if it must be design or utility.

281.1 Welding Mask Lock Box

Similar to FFGMLB, the WMLB has no respirator and is simply a welding mask helmet that closes sealed as a box unit. Any shape is a box, not only square or rectangle.

281.2 Motorcyle Helmet Lock Box

It is a helmet that seals shut as a box when not in use. Any type of helmet that closes up sealed into a box is a motorcycle helmet lock box, or called 'helmet lock box'. Football, hockey, bike, lacross, paintball, etc.

282. Accordion Electronic Gas Mask Cartridge

Similar to Electronic Cartridge, a battery powered photocatalyst with particulate filter, the Accordion model allows extra air space to be extra fume-neutralized. The 2 cartridges connect to gas mask as large particulate surface tube is drape behind the neck. The tube collapses between cartridges for compact storage.

282.1 Accordion Electronic Gas Mask Cartridge Cover

Instead of both sides of the unit being cartridges, they are simply cover-connectors that fit over like vapor cartridges. They clamp on by flexible plastic or rubber being perfect size.

283. Accidental Thief Forgiveness Campaign

It is an advertising, marketing campaign for shopping stores that use automatic tellers/self-checkouts where, if a customer accidentally steals merchandise by scanning the product without a beep read or forgets to scan on accident, then the store says it will forgive its customers. The store will be advertising trust and forgiveness to lure more customers. Some stores seem gas attacked, dizzy atmospheres, with busy talking people, and multiple beeps from other self checkout machines, that make the situation confusing at times or requiring extra focus to not make any mistakes. I did not steal on accidents and I am a genius.

284. Buckle Flashlight

 It is a flashlight that uses its body to be a specific type of fastener buckle. See image.

285. Collapsy Plapsy

Introducing the first vacuum hose that is a balloon. It allows for vacuum tube sucking in use, and smaller portability storage. It works by using the vacuum's exhaust outake motor air breeze to inflate a tube system within the hose. Outtake air goes through hose's internal structural tubes and outtake goes outside of unit to cycle air.  The inflated tube causes rigid temporary structure strength so that the power of vacuum sucking does not cause hose walls to collapse, until the user is done vacuuming and switches the hose from inflate to deflate. The hose is made of flexible material that is air proof or waterproof.

285.1 non-constant Collapsy Plapsy

Instead of continuous need for outake air to inflate, it uses temporary air and then a clamp mechanism holds in the air to cause structural strength in the hose.

286. Bag Pack Vac

  The BPV is a vacuum like no other, besides typical attributes, where it is unique because it has no bag and has no debris containment chamber. It can be worn as a backpack, satchel, placed set down, handheld or pushed. Users simply bring their own bag, a trashbag, that is affixed to the vacuum unit. A collar on the vacuum filters outtake air so that debris stays in bag and is easy to throw in trash.

287. Back Hat Pack

It is a hat that turns into a bacpack. The top has clasps that release to extend a folded bag. The interior hat unzips or opens to allow access to bag area. Straps clasped to the brim release for shoulder strap use.

288. Sleeping Hat Bag

It is a hat that turns into a sleeping bag. The hat is worn on head until time for sleep. The hat transforms, enlarging its diameter by clasp release and the top extends unfolds for sleeping bag.  

289. Quonko Copter

It is a new type of quadcopter... And a new type of parachute. It is a parachute quadcopter hybrid. The quadcopter component is on top in the middle where typical gap hole is in parachute. An electric wire from quadcopter down to user controls acceleration and user controls flight direction by leaning parachute cables.

290. Brassless Firearm

Although the first firearms may have been bamboo rocks, or similar to muskets, Brassless Firearm is a new way to load bullets without the extra shell. A roll/strip of explosive detonators join a stack/roll/group of bullet slug heads, within a clip, where it fires similarly to other firearms, however the need for the brass shell is gone. That means bullets can be less weight and less cost. The special clip is reloadable. It might require a special firearm. The clip is loaded with (1)chronological explosives, (2)chronological bullet slugs and then the clip is loaded into the firearm. Some model brassless firearms could have no clip as though the entire firearm is the clip, that opens to load.

Brassless Firearm rounds could also be simply bullet slug glued to detanator, as the total size fits specifications of various typical firearms. Instructions might be to wear gloves when handling or fragile care.

290.1 Brassless firearm separate clips

Instead of explosives and bullet slugs in one clip, the firearm uses 2 clips, one clip detonators and other clip bullet slugs. For example, similar to a paintball hopper, metal balls could be fed into position by gravity release mechanism and then simply a roll of detanator loads into position, explodes, and then a new one loads into position again.

Brassless Firearm means using the firearm's barrel as though a shell is inside too, yet there is no shell.

291. Zoom Lens Cell Phone Case

It is a cell phone case, specific for each cell phone model, where a hinged collapseable zoom lens is part of the case exterior. User unhitches to extend zoom lens, which locks into place over cell phone video camera. Zoom lens could be 1.5x, 2x, etc. or, fisheye 360 lens or any type of lens.

292. Extra Momentary Lightswitch

It is a lightswitch that flips up as on to close circuit or down to off to open circuit, similar to other such switches, however, additionally the switch has two other momentary switch mechanism that can excite up to two extra appliances. When the switch is down off, if the user pushes the switch down when it is already down, further, it connects a circuit momentatily, until released, when spring pushes switch back to off/down. When switch is up/on, if user pushes switch up further it excites another appliance until they let go and switch springs back to on position. The extra two switches are good for sirens, intercoms, brighter lights or any appliance that requires being on temporary.

293. Scented Air Filter

It is an air filter, for any air conditioner or air purifier, that is scented with fragrance .  The result of the particulate/vapor filter being scented with fragrance is scented air expelled from the device by means of the coated filter. The process to make such a new and different item, is simply spray fragrance onto the filter so that fragrance is soaked into the filter.

294. Step Dresser

Standard model: 

It is a new type of furniture. It's a new product that could fit in millions of households, perhaps all over the world, in the kitchen, in the hall or in any room. A step dresser's functions include protecting carpet especially in high traffic areas, providing storage space, and adding stage dimension to any room. Step dressers can be described as flat boxes, that can connect to other step dressers, that form a hightened staging floor wherever placed, that open and close like "droors in the floor".

Step Dressers are design patent worthy, and I will suggest 4 introductory height sizes:

*4inch slim style

*6inch medium style

*8inch thick style

*12inch jumbo style

The style size is how deep the container is and how tall it is from the ground.

There are 4 different lid options:

*lid removable

*hinge flat

*hinge 90 degree

*sectioned lids

Inside, there are several frame options:

*diamond frame

*square frame

*rectangle frame

*square frame removable

*long frame

*open frame

Step Dressers come in a variety of square foot shapes that are 2x2ft. , 2x5ft. ,3x3ft. , 3x5ft. , door swoop shape and triangle shape. The walls have breathable mesh ports, there is an extension cord grommet, carpet anchors and optional carpet skirts that are removable rugs on the top. The top material, where stepping happens, can be rubber, carpet, synthetic wood, wood, plastic or metal.

294.1 Bottomless Model

It is same as standard model however it is not a complete box and is missing bottom panel to be cheaper and weigh less.

294.2 Lamp Model

 A lamp is wired into the step dresser. The light switch is either on/off, timer switch, motion sensor or wifi app. The step dresser plugs into the wall outlet. Step dressers combine connect to eachother so Lamp models can connect to eachother as only one is plugged into wall.

294.3 Outdoor Model

It is waterproof and weatherproof step dresser. User can use as walkways in grass or like decks.

294.4 Solar Outdoor Model

It is an outdoor model that has solar powered lamp lights.

295. Step Dresser Bed

*Note About a week after I invented Step Dresser, I invented Step-Dresser-Bed, after I alerted authorities and multiple billionaire companies on the world wide web, so it is plausable that someone else invented the bed model days after Step Dresser. If so then perhaps they are not the sneakiest of weasels because I could imagine sneakier things, and if not then I am the winner.

It is a futon that folds into a box on the floor. The box is designed to be walked on. The futon locks into at least 3 positions, as flat bed, approx. 120 degree couch, and collapsed in box. The folded up box is interchangeable with other step dressers, so that they can all combine to form stage walkway.

"It's the futon that disappears!"

295.1 Step Dresser Chair

It is the same as step-dresser-bed however half the size. It unfolds from box into chair position or to cot position.

295.2 Inflatable Step Dresser Bed

Instead of a foam-like cushion, it has a deflated air matress attached to it that can store more compact, compared to foam, and inflates with pump airway.

295.3 Inflatable Step Dresser Chair

Similar to 295.2, however it is smaller, about half size, smaller width, meant for about one person.

295.4 Heated Step Dresser Bed

It is a step-dresser-bed that has an ac electric wire heater inside it's frame that can be turned on or off, similar to an electric blanket.

295.5 Heated Step Dresser Chair

Similar to 295.4, however it is a heater inside a step-dresser-chair.

296. Scoper

A scoper is a new type of paintball hopper. It is a hopper that has a scope mounted inside that allows user to both hold paintballs in hopper, and view scope. The scope barrel extends through the hopper's interior without stopping paintballs to load in chamber.

297. Guil-A-Camp

It is a new ultimate camping survival gear item. It is a semi-rigid flexible cage-like, mesh screen apparatus that is in the shape of a large t-shirt, where several clamps adorn it. The clamps can be used for several things including: drying laundry, washing laundry in rain or soak at water source, animal cage, fishing net, trap, pinata, decoy, cargo holder... and can be worn as a camoflauge unit. For camoflauge wearing, the user simply clamps green socks, brown socks and black socks to it, or any type of clothes, or user can clamp leaves, grass and plants to it.

298. Peephole Pal

It is a device for smartphones, that is an adjustable phone holder, that is special because it is backed with adhesive to stick onto a door or glass window, so that a smartphone can be interchanged as a surveillance camera. Any phone can fit because it adjusts. It comes with a mobile application that allows it to operate special recording functions including motion sensor, voice activated, sound activated and more.

298.1 Peephole Pal charger

It is similar to 298, however it is a charge docking station.

299. Smartphone Book Case

It is a phone case that protects the phone, and it resembles a reading book so that users will seem to be reading a book when they are playing mobile games or using phone. It is adjustable so that phone can be used both angle  positions, landscape like and portrait like.

300. Boopack

It is the first backpack that is also two satchels and two boots. It is comprised of two wearable shoe boots that have straps on them. The two straps can be worn on the shoulders as the two boots are adjoined by a clasping component at the middle side boot, or one boot can be worn at a time as a satchel purse. Users can store items in each boot as cargo holders or walk wearing the boots as loose straps become clamped down onto each individual boot.

301. Air Bubble Gum

It is chewing gum that contains air bubbles of pure oxygen. Users chew the gum and inhale to experience a boost in oxygen. The pure oxygen is stored inside the gum until chewed. Great for roadtrips, gas attack prevention, bus trips, airports, gas landscaping, motorcycling or everyday use.

302. Double Sided Vape Pen

It is a vape pen that has 2 flavors that can be sucked on either tip. It is as though it is 2 vape pens in one. Users will be able to suck on correct tip in the dark because both tips function as vape inhale mouth pieces. 

Slogan: "They're smoking paper if they're not smoking ". Buyer could put brand name at end of slogan.

303. Bugernator

It is a special mouth piece accessory for vape pens that allows users to sniff vapor smoke through nose. It has two cylinder-like components that are intended to be inserted into nostrils, that is one unit screwed onto vape.

Slogan: "If you got a buger, then you need a bugernator!"

304. AC/Car Vape

It is a vape pen or mod box vape that has 3 optional power sources that include wall socket, 12v outlet and portable battery. It is a product that comes with a vape unit, an attachable battery, a 12v cord and an ac adapter.

Foreign model ac adapters will be 220v step down regulator to 12v dc. Domestic is 120v to 12v dc. 

Users will not mind running out of battery because they can simply plug into a vehicle or wall to blow vape smoke. The vape smoking device plugs into either the battery or directly to the 12v cord.

The 12v cord doubles as battery charger. Users plug the battery into the 12v cord, the 12v cord into the ac adapter or into the vehicle outlet to charge battery. 

If the final model vape pen itself is 5v or 3.7v, then an additional step down regulator component will change 12v voltage to appropriate device voltage. Such a stepdown (approx 12v to 5v) will be housed in the 12v cord. The final model vape could be a 12v device, however manufacturers might have surplus of say 5v devices that they will want to use. 

I did not invent the ac adapter, the 12v cord, the battery or the vape, however I invented the compliance of such multiple items to act as new product use, so this one is not utility patent worthy and is design patent worthy.


305. AC Adapter Storage Shelf

It is an AC adapter that plugs into the wall outlet, however instead of only doing the functions of an ac adapter, it doubles as a storage shelf for light weight items. The terminal prongs act as a wall anchor to support the device in place on the wall. The ac adapter itself can be ac to ac, or ac to dc, depending on ac adapter voltage model. The storage shelf is any model that has a flat, or rounded,  platform to act as a shelf, with cabinet doors or not. 

306. Vape Flute

It is a mouthpeice that screws onto a vape that doubles as a musical instrument. Instead of blowing into it, the reed mechanism of the instrument acts by reverse air sucking, with holes to change pitch as an ocharina or a recorder flute. The result is users will be playing music and puffing vape smoke at the same time.

307. SimcrimeCom's Hot Dog Cooker

It is an exciting new way to cook hot dogs! It is simply an electronic heating element that heats up a metal scewer, resembling a pitchfork or not, where each hotdog is stabbed onto each scewer and then a cap is placed onto the screwer end. When the cap, with a connecting opposite wire, is placed, and turned on, the electricity causes the screwer to become very hot to cook the hotdog, or sausage, or steak, from the inside out.

307.1 Bun Toaster Addition

Paired with it, it also has a bun toaster mechanism that uses flat metal plates instead of scewers, that allows buns to hug the hot metal.