Maxwell Kremer      
Patents are ideas on paper.

My intellectual properties on my website are computer data that prove my originality time date.

Whether or not an invention is patentable, this website can prove originality. Originality is necessary to get patents in most countries.
If anyone slanders me by saying  falsely that I am not the inventor, then I may sue them. In that effort, I may gain money from my inventions regardless of owning patents.

My i.p. are intended to be awarded venture capital from large companies, not ma and pop enthusiasts.

I have one year from time of invention published public to go patent pending or to sell my co-sign to file a patent application with an investor company.
215. American Folding Bicycle
  It is a bicycle, electric or with engine or with only pedal power, that folds up into the shape of a shopping cart or baby stroller. It acts as a bicycle until it is transformed into a cart.

If it is a bike that folds into a 2 wheel cart, then it is an AFB. If it is a bike that folds into a 4 wheel cart, then it is an AFB. No matter how many wheels it has, if it is a bike that folds up into a cart, then it is an AFB.

It is a valuable product because riders can transform from transit road to shopper sidewalk easily, which will be a more beneficial machine. Bikes that don't fold up are not as good because they become useless and heavy. Bikes that fold up into silly shapes are dumb compared to AFB because dumb folding bikes become smaller yet retain uselessness.
AFBs are good for shopping, indoor outdoor, sidewalk, parking lot and storage.

216. T-shirt In A Can Brand

It is a t-shirt that is sealed inside a container. The t-shirt is pre-washed, has no harmful fumes, has no harmful residue and is sterile clean ready to be worn. No customers have ever browsed it on a clothing rack and have never touched it with their dirty hands. The container can be any material, however plastic and aluminum are suggested final model materials. The air inside the container can either be vacuumed-sealed or can have a positive pressure of co2  so that that the item resembles a soda upon opening or contains pure oxygen. T-shirt In A Cans can be scented with cologne or perfume, or be unscented.

216.1 T-shirt In A Can Brand - Other clothing articles
T-shirt in a can brand brings you pants-in-a-can, socks-in-a-can, underwear-in-a-can, shorts-in-a-can, jacket-in-a-can, sweater-in-a-can, summer-outfit-in-a-can, winter-outfit-in-a-can and hat-in-a-can. Summer outfit is pair of socks, underwear, shorts and t-shirt. Winter outfit is socks, underwear, pants, t-shirt and sweater. All types of clothes that are sterile in a sealed container for sale are T-shirt in a Can Brand. Outfit in a Cans will be small drums that are large cans, and small items like socks in a can will be in tuna can size cans.

Good for trips, storing in the automobile, emergency needs or instant fashion.
                                                                           " Instant Fashion! "

217. Solar Battery Bank Multi Tool Pole
It is a pole that contains solar panels, rechargeable battery, charge controller electronics, led lamps, usb port and 12v port. It comes with one tool head that is either a shovel head, a rake head or a pick head. The tool head attaches on the pole to become a tool and can detach to change out heads. The SBBMTP acts as a giant solar lawn spike when the shovel tool is embedded in soil standing straight up or acts as a flashlight.  The ports can recharge cell phones and power electronics.
218. Swing Stand
It is a device for a motorcycle or bicycle, that one, acts as a kick stand, and two, allows the vehicles to be parked in automobile parking spaces with added visual warning to prevent  parking lot crashes of parked bikes and motorbikes being hit by automobiles parking.
I have a similar invention in 2017 that involves balloon-like devices. Swing stand is different than the other ones.
Swing stand is a multi-hinge panel system that folds out when parked and folds in when driving/operating.
Swing stand has reflectors.
218.1    Swing Stand Led
It has an electric led system that warns other motorists that it is parked.

219. Changer Key Lock System
It is an entry door knob kit that acts as a doorknob and uses any key to become the only key that opens it. Automobile keys can be used to open home doors. Old useless keys can become newly usable. The CKLS opens up, itself, to expose a metal, or hard material,  tooth combination that can be preset by the user. Placing the key in the CKLS and adjusting the teeth allow users to customize their doorknob to any key. Turn or push to lock. Turn or push to unlock. It means less keys needed on the key ring. One key could be set to multiple CKLS's or each key can be set per CKLS.

219.1  Changer Key Lock System - Deadbolt
219.2 Changer Key Lock System - Portable lock
220. Print-A-Pipe Brand

It is 3d printer filament that is smoke-able marijuana.
Users can print up nugs or pipes.

220.01 Print-A-Soap
It is a soap filament that prints bars of soaps and other soap shapes for use bathing, showering and cleaning.
Note* The difference about marijuana-filament, tobacco-filament and soap-filament compared to other existing filaments  that are colored variety plastic filaments, for patent-ability, is that marijuana-filament, soap-filament and tobacco-filament all have specific intended uses of the printed object after it is 3d printed. Marijuana-filament and tobacco-filament burn when ignited, turning into smoke and become ash or completely burned. Soap-filament suds into soap bubbles when lathered with moisture.

220.1  Tobacco 3d printer filament

220.2 Print-A-Pipe Brand Joint Paper
It is a special ink cartridge for computer printers that is concentrated marijuana instead of ink. Users load smoking papers or rice papers into the printer and print up papers that are ready to be rolled and smoked. Depending on the graphic, the higher the concentration. Some graphics are origami that fold into special smoking paper apparatus.

220.3 Tobacco Print Paper

221. Touchless Motor - air cool model
It is similar to touchless motor, however instead of being encapsulated completely, it has an airway that allows cooler air to cool down the motor before it gets too hot. It prevents water from reaching the motor yet has a breezeway. There are plenty of other ways to cool down the motor with heatsinks and water cooling mechanisms differently, however the air cool model is easy for electric bikes or electric vehicles.
221. Ultimate Survival Hood
It is a hood, clothing item, that can attach to any other clothing item, to be worn as a hood, whether the clothing item has a hood or not. Hooded jackets could have the USH attach to it over the other hood. Jackets without hoods, t-shirts, and other clothing items can be adorned with the USH, to be worn limp or as hood. The USH fold and buttons into a small tube worn around the neck collar  and shoulders when not worn as hood or limp hood.
The USH exterior is made of waterproof material in case it rains.
A brim protects wearer from squinting sun as it is a hat hood where the brim is flexible to transform from hidden disuse to use.
Led flashlight allows user to see at night or signal.
Flat waterproof solar cell powers rechargeable batteries. 
The interior of the limp hood pulls out, extends, to form a goggled mask that has stretchy cloth lining to stick to the neck air tight, because a photo-catalyst inside neutralizes fumes as an electronic gas mask, with a replaceable option particulate carbon filter.
A pocket allows users to store cash or small items.
222.  Hide A Bit
It is a way for me to become very rich. It is a hex drill bit that is better than all the others. It inserts as a bulky bit to function as a hex hole where other bits can fit into the tip like drill bits, phillips head bit, cross bit, star bit, etc. The bulky component swing hinges, moves away to expose an additional hex hole for bits. The interior hex hole is intended for shorter bits.
The result is users can switch from bit to bit nearly instantly, without removing and adding bits.
Hide A Bit's interior drill bit (blue) matches into the exterior drill bit's (orange) inner rotor, so that the spinning force of the drill tool is transferred to the blue bit and then to the orange bit. Orange bit opened up allows the blue bit to be utilized. Orange bit closed allows the blue bit to spin the orange bit to utilize the orange bit.

222.1  Similar however orange bit is adjustable chuck instead of hex.

222.2 Both orange bit and blue bit spin when orange is bent up open to provide 90 angle drill capabilities. 
223.  Hole Peg Dishwasher
It is a special dishwasher that requires special dishes. The dishwasher is sold with the specific dishes as a set. The dishes fit in specific dish-insert-receptacles to be sprayed and scrubbed automatically inside the appliance.  Instead of working like other dishwashers, it cycles water and soap with electric motorized cleaning bristles. Small model is for one person, one meal, that features a fork, a spoon, a knife, a cup, a bowl, a plate and the appliance. The appliance opens up to allow all the dirty dish components to be conveniently placed. The appliance closes and then when activated, it goes through an electronic cleaning program of spraying water, dripping soap and rotating bristles so that after a moment, the dishes inside the HPD are clean, drip drying. A water intake, water outake, drip rack, electric cord, soap dispenser are in the appliance. The appliance works at any sink counter-top. The final model can feature a water bin that the intake uses where users pour water into it to load it with water, or the final model can have a spout tap hose that connects to the faucet or faucet water line.

223.1 Large size is double dishes
223.2 Extra Large size is quadruple dishes.
223.3 Party size is 8 times the amount of dishes and dish-insert-receptacles as the original Hole Peg Dishwasher.
223.4 Garbage Disposal model allows food bits to be blended mulched before out taken.
223.5 Drying model allows dishes to be air dried more quickly than drip dried.

224. Reverse Polarity Motor
Similarly to one of my earlier inventions, the one where the motor uses a "spinning key" as an extra commutator to turn magnets on and off during the spinning motion of the motor which results in a lack of heated friction caused by attracted magnets that are pulling away from each other. Instead of turning the magnets off momentarily during spin, as off and on and off and on, instead the electromagnets' polarity are reversed, as + and - and + and -, so that it will be more powerful than the other model, both without overheating.