NOTICE:  AS OF MAY 15, 2017
  __No books have yet been sold and Maxwell owns 100% of his intellectual property stock. If any investors want to buy stock, then a drafted contract with both party signatures will be required. Maxwell's dad gave Maxwell some money, however Maxwell's dad and Maxwell's dad's associates do not own any of's intellectual property. The price per book has risen to $100,000 each. Otherwise, individual inventions may be sold by Maxwell Kremer as "patent application co-sign promises".
__Many of my intellectual properties are utility-patent types. You can't get a design patent on my utility. UTILITY IS INVENTED MECHANISM.     DESIGN IS INVENTED VISUAL STYLE.
__A reminder disclaimer is that: if any of's intellectual property subjects are already patented by pre-existing inventors, then it is's mistake as a re-invention and thus, those specific subjects are not's intellectual property by default of pre-existing originality of other inventors.  Most or all inventions on are speculated to be original works which can be  proven by patent search. 
163. Steelectric Bike
164. Autonator
165. Auto-Socket
The auto-socket is an ac socket that has one internal button, inside the rectangular socket hole, where a plug prong, pressed in, plugged in, causes the socket to activate power. common uses may be used with inverters where no "power on" button is needed to be pressed because the auto-socket acts as a power-on-switch. The auto-socket is only activated when an electronic device is plugged into it. 

166. VOC Filter Helmet
The VOC filter helmet is an air purifier device, similar to existing air purifier appliances, however the VOC Filter Helmet can double as a motorcycle helmet. The utility patent elements of the VOC Filter Helmet is simply a voc filter fan system comprised in a motorcycle helmet. Extra features of the product model may include solar panel charger as helmet shell, ac charger, battery, particulate/voc filter, negative ion element, aroma oil cartridge, control panel, usb adapter for screen accessories including smartphone vision screens and cameras and bug port. The bug port is a mesh-screened hole in the helmet that allows motorcycle riders to use the particulate/voc filters purifier system without batteries by utilizing the riding wind blowing through into the helmet.

166.1   Air Filter PC Driver Card
It is a device that inserts into a pc, similar to a video card or graphics card, and it filters air with a paper filter for particles, and a photo voc bulb filter for voc gases. The Air Filter PC Driver Card could provide cooling air to replace the standard  internal pc fan.

166,12 Permanent Filter model Air Filter PC Driver Card
It is a similar air purifier docked into a pc, that has a permanent filter, which can be taken out and rinsed with water and re-installed.

166.2 PC Card Safe
It is a lock box that is as thin as a graphics card expansion slot. It is unlocked/locked manually to reveal hidden money, paper notes, flash drives, etc. It fits into the back of a pc desktop similar to a graphics card. It slides in/out for easy access. It can have either a padlock loop, a combination lock, a key lock or any type of manual lock mechanism.

166.3 PC Card Safe - Program lock
Similar to 166.2, however software activates  the lock box's lock to unlock it using the keyboard/mouse with password.

167. Stator Light Vent
I bought floor vents online and also a faucet light that uses water pressure to illuminate an led. If anyone was monitoring my online shopping and was inspired, then it is a coincidence.
The stator vent light uses the wind from the floor heater/ floor air conditioner to power an led light that is located inside the vent floor register. The wind spins a stator/magneto/electricity generator, transferred through wires to led lights. 

168. Wind Dancer Balloons
A Wind Dancer Balloon is a cluster of balloons tied together by  ropes that allows wind blowing to cause it to produce realistic movement. The top balloon must have helium, the bottom balloons can be filled with normal air or helium and a weight holds the balloons in place on ground.  

169. Touchless Motor  (has been PATENT PENDING)
It is a motor system in a waterproof case that uses magnets mounted on the spinning rotor so that a magnet component outside the case can spin from the motor force. The touchless motor is good for underwater and water proof applications. Other existing submersible motors rely on thick wax waterproof grease in between axle to keep out the water, which slows down the motor and is bad. Touchless motor does not rely on axle grease waterproof barrier.

Outdated dive scooters go 3mph retailing $200 to $3,000 and 12mph retailing $15,000. I speculate Touchless Dive Scooters will go 20mph, expecting 1,000,000 plus sales at $5,000 retail and $25 wholesale unit cost. I, Maxwell Kremer, want to transfer the exclusive rights for $900,000 plus 15% roy.
Investor Profits Projected: $4.225bil

Yarbochumple's Silicone Law.  :If the Stator and Rotor of the motor are coated with Silicone, perhaps it could be waterproof submersible without a Touchless magnet component. Liquid Silicone dries and does not crack, stretches, does not freeze and melts at 350 degrees F. The rotor spins inside the stator, an enveloping cylinder, without touching the sides of the stator, floating inside it railed in position. If components are lathered in waterproofing material, perhaps they will function typically with added submersible capability, with water inside the motor's chamber. Dry motors use magnetism through the air, so I think a submersible motor could use magnetism through both waterproof coating and through water, unless the magnetism is badly effected by the conductivity of water. 
  (Flooded Submersible Motor)

169.2  Magnetic Boat Steering 
It is a steering system that uses magnets to relay force of shaft direction change from top of deck to under boat. A swivel mounted  prop is under the boat. 
169.3  Touchless Motor non-electric Window Fan
With tape or suction cups, a propeller exterior head sticks to the outside of a window glass pane. Inside, on the opposite side, an interior head lines up to relay wind energy from outside to spin the magnets to cause an indoor fan.

On the window instead of through the wall is good because it is easy to install and prevents negative effects of what might happen where a rotor is spinning through a hole through a wall, including preventing the creation of a bug entrance and insulation loss.

169.31 Touchless Motor non-electric Air Purifier
The exterior head sticks to the outside of a window glass pane. Inside, on the window sill, rests a box that contains an interior magnet head, a gear system, activated carbon filters with clear walls of the box, a particulate filter, a propeller. Air is sucked into the box from the outside spinning wind energy that is translated through the window by magnets to the propeller, past a particulate filter to where UV light from the window's sun rays shine through the window into the box to the carbon filter to disrupt voc gases and out into the room.     Good for apartments and offices that are next to smelly parking lots where the air outside is not as fresh as inside.
169.32 Touchless Motor Solar WIndow Charger USB Lamp (NIGHT CHARGER)
Whether the product models have an additional solar panel or not, the exterior head is a wind turbine that relays spinning force through the window pane via magnet attraction, which spins a generator that charges up electricity to be stored in a rechargeable battery or used. Included in the unit is a usb adapter to charge up device and an led lamp. It sits on the window sill and can charge up electricty at night by using the outdoor wind's energy.

169.4  Touchless Motor Variation
Note* After I invented Touchless Motor, I had saved variation designs to my email that I waited to go public, they were invented about May 20, 2017. 
169.5 Touchless Jet Turbine
It is as though it is an inside-out touchless motor where the motor, power system and gears are in a waterproof container that has a hole through, a tube through it, where in the middle of the tube is a ring-rail-stationed propeller-fan-blade-jet-blade that needs no drive axle and spins in place. The tips of the fan-blade are magnetic or iron or steel, so that magnets inside the waterproof container can transfer spinning force outside to the tips of the blade in the tube to produce a water jet system. The internal magnets (green) are embedded in  a gear (orange) that spins around the tube stationed and is connected to the motor. 
169.6 Scubike
It is a submersible dive scooter that can fold into different positions, 2 riding positions and one storage position. The seat folds down flat or can be extended to be sat on.

169.7  Wood Barrel Model Touchless Dive Scooter
169.8 Slorptork model Touchless Dive Scooter
This boat motor system is comprised of one under-boat part that is a swivel mounted prop system that includes enclosed gears to spin direction of prop and to spin prop blades. The other part is a portable unit that can attach and detach that is comprised of a power/battery, a motor and a directional shaft. Two separate independent spinning shaft systems  use magnets to relay spinning motor (blue) and turning prop direction (orange).
169.91 Motorized Wake-board
The future of wake-boards means no more need for a tow boat. This invention is design patent worthy. It needs my utility patent pending part Touchless Motor. It is a surfboard, stand up board, with lean turn rudder fins, floats, and underneath is a battery, 4 touchless motors, a water jet intake/outtake tube, 2 momentary deck button steps, a kill switch for stopping while belly boarding and such parts. Stepping on the "high" deck button panel activates all 4 motors. Stepping on the "low" deck button panel activates the 2 outer motors. Momentary magnet switches, which allows the board to be completely waterproof, instead of using a rubber thimble switch which could work too, is a magnet in the deck button that when stepped on, is brought closer to a another magnet inside board. Interior magnet is pushed away into position by the outer magnet causing wire to connect circuit as "on" or "acceleration". Releasing foot from deck button causes spring to push up deck panel back into place causing internal magnet to break circuit pushed away by spring. Rider leans left or right to cause left or right rudder fin to push into water, which causes board to change direction. There might be other similar products on the market however mine is better because it is faster/more-range per battery because of Touchless Motor. So whether my Touchless Board has 1 motor or 150 motors, it is a design patent onto my utility patent. 4 small motors is better than 1 large motor because 4 motors can be more compact in shape, which allows better hydrodynamics.
Ask yourself; "Why have all the stores in the world not sold motorized surfboards before?" The answer is because the outdated waterproof motors relied on squeezing the rotor water tight which made it too slow and the bulk of the attached motor would have made the board even slower riding it with counter- hydrodynamics.  
170. Cord Biter
Unlike other winding cord devices which retract from only one end, the Cord Biter retracts  two ends of wire, cord or water hose, by clamping in the middle of the cord, stationing to wind up or release.
171. CO2 Spray Paint
A co2 cartridge and any type of liquid paint, perfume or food condiment can be loaded in the device to use it hand held. 

172. Slide Out Vehicle Tool Rack
Easier to access interior equipment contents by sliding out rack that is rail mounted on interior ceiling. 
173. CamGhillie T-shirt
It is similar to a camouflage t-shirt, however it has synthetic leaf flaps sewn to it, similar to a gillie suit.
174. Giant Pocket T-shirt

175. Dry Bath Rug Air purifier 
It is a an air purifier that connects to a special hollow rug where air flow causes moisture to dry. The rug can be machine washable. Aroma scents and filter comprise with the device.
176.  STD Test Condom
The condom has test strips of disease testing materials that change color or create mark if std is present in users body fluids. 1 is a Herpes test, 2 is a chlamydia test, 3 is a syphilis test, etc. All std types are tested by the condom. The wearer, male, tests the female if wearing the test strip on exterior. The wearer tests himself if he turns the STD Test Condom inside out.
176.1 STD Test Condom -Dual
Similar invention however, 2 sets of each type of test strip are on both sides of the condom to test both sexual activity partners.

177. Tripless Door Threshold
The retrieving threshold allows users to close doors with blocking thresholds and open doors that causes the threshold to seem as though it disappeared. Door hardware mechanisms push the threshold panel to the ground when the door is shut. When the door is opened, springs inside the threshold panel lift the threshold panel off the ground to the door.
177.1 Tripless Door Threshold- Manual
It is a similar bottom mechanism however the door knob hardware allows turning the door knob to pull up the threshold.

178. Wheelie Crete
The Wheelie Crete is an accessory that is placed on top of a wheelbarrow, resting around the edges, that is a concrete mixer or materials mixer. It allows users to avoid contaminated particulate breezes and it mixes the correct amount of water with the concrete powder, inside it. A bag of concrete mix is placed on top in the port. A water container, that has a level marker for 40lb. bag, 60.bag and 80lb. bag, is filled to the correct amount with a hose or pitcher. A lever is pulled that sears the bag synchronized with electric motor activation of a spinning mixer mechanism and a water sprayer. The bag depletes and the interior of the bag is slightly moist from the sprayer spraying up into it, which prevents particulates in the air upon reloading.  Then the concrete mix is completely mixed and a port at the front edge of the wheelbarrow opens to allow the mixture to be dumped. The Wheelie Crete does not demand extremely high power because the powder aggregate is mixed with spraying water as part of the action of mixing. It's power is 12v rechargeable battery or ac outlet.
179. Air Freezer
Air Freezer is a freezer, shown here as a chest freezer, where a motor freezer system makes ice to store food that has an exhaust line that goes out the window to repel heated air and a fan system blows cold air out of the freezer into the room to cool the room, acting as both an air conditioner and a freezer. An air intake port sucks in air to the bottom of the freezer where ice and cold water is. The air bubbles up and out from the motion of the fan port. The window exhaust is a hose that has a foam rectangular block that can be cut to fit size of window where the hose goes through one hole in the foam block, resulting in hot air out of the window and no hot air in.
180.  Woozid brand Electromagnetic Washer
Woozid is a laundry machine device that is dependable with easy parts. It uses an electromagnetic system, called a "woozid" to sway the water and clothing inside the container. Instead of a rinse spin cycle (NO RINSE SPIN CYCLE), an electric jack compresses the wet clothes against a grate inside the container to cause water to leave the clothes.
Yellow is compression object.
Purple is jack.
Dark grey is frame.
Light grey is electronic components box.
Light blue is hot/cold water intake pipe.
Orange is water pump.
Dark blue is water outtake pipe.
Brown is Woozid.
Green is container.
Pink is compression grate container for water outtake pipe.
(a) is jack compression mechanism.
(b) is load position.
(c) is swaying motion position.

Note* Typical drive-motor-washers use a clutch and transmission to function. Those old washers are expensive and when they break down, the new parts are expensive and hard to install.  Those devices use an oily gear box to use the high watt motor to go one direction and then it goes in an opposite direction that uses a locking mechanism (clutch) to hold part of it still while the other part moves, which means that the manufacturers charged that high price using one drive motor and gears when they could have used two motors and no gears. Woozid Washer is better for consumers because the parts are easy to install. Woozid Washer has no oily gear box. Woozid is speculated to be lighter weight and less watts. 

180.1 Woozid Electromagnet

Woozid, is a motion mechanism, as a type of ticker, that works by using three iron electromagnets. 2 electromagnets are stationary. 1 electromagnet is on a pivot. The central electromagnet and the left electromagnet activate at the same time, causing the central magnet to swing towards the left electromagnet. Before the central electromagnet can touch the left electromagnet, a button, light blue, is pushed by the swinging central magnet. The button causes the left electromagnet to turn off and the right electro magnet to turn on, which causes a ticking motion of back and forth. The ticking motion is relayed to machine parts that uses the Woozid to cause movement.
Note* Instead of left and right electromagnets, they could be iron or steel objects. However, I think a three-electromagnet-woozid will be more powerful than a one-electromagnet-woozid.  Also, instead, the left and right electromagnets could function with a central iron object, (no central electromagnet) as a two-electromagnet-woozid.

181. Solar Rope
Similar to Solar Panel, however instead solar-cells comprise a rope, not a panel.

182. Touchless Electromagnet Water Pump
TEWP is an electromagnet wired to a power source, battery or ac, wired to an on/off switch, wired to a blinker circuit, that is housed and outside of it is a spring and steel or iron rod. When the TEWP is on, it pulls the rod near to squeeze the spring and releases to push the rod back. The electromagnet and power supply is housed watertight waterproof and draws the steel/iron rod near by magnetic force that is transferred past a plastic or aluminum barrier that is the housing of the electromagnet.  The coated iron or stainless steel is submersed in water, as in a water pump pipe. Components including plungers or gears, are connected to the iron/steel rod to effect physical motion of water and or other elements.

182.1     TEWP Pitcher
Battery powered pitcher filters water up out of pitcher.,

182.2 Solar Powered TEWP Pitcher

182.3   Transformable TEWP Pitcher
It acts as a electric water pump filter pitcher or a typical water filter pitcher until the bottom unhitches, the lid unhitches, the lid attaches to where the bottom was and the pitcher device can hang on a wall to store much more filterable water that is delegated to be pumped out by a switch on the filter. Using it as wall mounted resembles using a soda machine or a type of tap jug.

183. Liquid Power Axe
Axe, hammer or bat, it is a hollow tube that is filled with liquid and air. The result of swinging causes the liquid inside to rush to the head, causing extra force of blow.

184. Parachute Boot brand
The invention-product is a vehicle cover partially sewn into/attached to a boot-shaped case that mounts to the rear of a vehicle. Users open the case, unroll the cover and drape it over their vehicle to protect it from the sun.
184.1  Mounted Vehicle Cover Box
Similar to Parachute Boot brand, however boot shaped or misc container box shape, the mounted vehicle cover box can mount with hardware through rear door similar to spare tire mounted, or an adhesive flap is clamped under rear door that holds the MVCB in place during driving, during use and when the rear door is opened.

185.  Slope Generator
Similar to regenerative braking, although is not a brake, applied to electric bikes and electric vehicles, the Slope Generator causes the spinning tire to turn electricity back into the electric bike's battery rolling down hill. France invented rechargeable battery, bike pedals and bike steering so chances are France has patent. or maybe does not. Please research online marketplaces to find out if the French people buy electric bikes with slope generators or even electric bikes with regenerative braking. The online marketplace seems to have little or no regenerative electric bikes for sale, which is a mystery.

Normal electric bike wiring is battery wired to motor with accelerator (on/off switch) wired in between. The Slope Generator is the battery wired to on/off circuit switch wired to charge controller wired to motor. When rider is out of battery power or when rider wants to charge, the rider switches to Slope Generator by pulling a lever or pressing a button, which cuts off direct power to motor and instead filters power opposite direction past charge controller back to battery. So motor can have two sets of wires connected to it and the battery. So SG contains 2 on/off switches, one is generator shifter and other is accelerator. The generator shifter is wired with everything however accelerator is not wired with charge controller.
Wind turbines rely on a weak science of using "brake voltage" that is braking the dummy propellers (outdated by my invention K-VAWT) in order to prevent the wind-turbine-motor from over charging itself, as if, if the battery is fully charged and the turbine is cranking out more and more electricity, then the electricity has no where to go from the motor and it turns into explosive energy radiation....without a braking mechanism that forces the dummy propellers to stop spinning, signaled by the wind charge controller.  So that means, my invention SLOPE GENERATOR needs a way to pull off of the bike gear to stop spinning. Boda bing, boda boom...The dc motor can roll up and down a gear-tooth rod to engage and disengage by signal of wind charge controller.

Note* I say solar/wind charge controller to explain that it is not a speed controller. Speed controller is different thing like a dimmer switch. A solar/wind charge  controller will work on a Slope Generator with a bonus opportunity to plug in a solar panel or solar rope. Solar/wind charge controllers are combos , referred to as hybrids. A "wind charge controller", vaguely the same thing as a solar/wind charge controller, would work just like the hybrid, as they are sort of one in the same, however a solar/wind charge controller might be better because they typically have screens that can be viewed to monitor charge rate or other data. So for Slope Generator's sake, solar/wind charge controller is the same as wind charge controller. 

p.s. If you are going to be making one of my unpatented inventions, tell me about it.  This bike invention requires dc motor that matches voltage of battery. 24v battery needs 24v dc motor. If I patent it less than a year later, I might want you to go take some money out of your bank account to give to me unless you ask for special permission and if I grant permission.
Dc/Ac motors: I am aware that there are both dc and ac wind turbine products for sale. I think, unsure, the only way ac motor charges electricity is by adding electricity to it first to turn the iron into electromagnets. Ac motors require an inverter to connect to 12v battery. 

The motor reverses to go up the tooth-gear rod (blue) automatically by signal of the wind charge controller. Accelerating brings the motor back down automatically into place to push the bike.

Such a system will include that the motor be railed to the tooth-gear rod so that the motor does not fall off or fall out of place. Any electronic automatic way to disengage motor from bike via wind charge controller will work including spring/gravity system.  A spring/gravity system would include the  blue mechanism being a rod that pushes the motor away sideways or outward, disengaging and re-engaging on the bike's gear at signal of the wind charge controller.

Or INSTEAD, the Slope Generator could have a dump-load that is a high watt negative ion generator similar to an arc of a taser or arc welder that sparks out electricity into the air inside a screened box that purifies the air. The arc-load would be activated by the wind charge controller.

185.1's Electric Bike Slope Generator Accelerator
Cable(s), and the wires that go to the battery/motor etc. go past the accelerator and generator-switch, are located in/at the handlebar. The rider uses it's hand to twist the handlebar grip forward to lock the grip in the forward position that activates a cable to pull the motor away from the bike gear as "neutral". The rider may pedal with no motor friction. The rider twists backwards to lock the grip in the middle position which does two actions simultaneously, (1) brings motor back to bike gear (2) connects circuit to Slope Generator. Rider may pedal to generate electricity or ride down hill to generate electricity. From the middle position, the rider may  twist the grip back to momentary-switch-activate power to the motor as acceleration. A spring system or recoil system causes the accelerator circuit to disengage as release to return grip back to middle position after rider lets go of grip twist. Release causes the grip to return to the middle position, deactivating battery to motor and activating circuit of motor to charge controller to battery as electricity generation . 

185.2  AC Slope Generator
Researching automobile alternators, I realized that automobiles don't need to disengage their alternator, it seems, because the rectifier/regulator system, as part of the alternator, turns the voltage down to near zero, which doesn't cause the alternator to overheat and explode when battery is full, unlike high wind wind-turbines without charge controllers. So automobile alternators are 'a motor and charge controller' together as one. Similar to Slope Generator, AC Slope Generator charges electricity at accelerator's release, however in between battery and motor is an inverter.
(Circuit 1. Acceleration): Battery to inverter to accelerator switch to circuit switch to motor/alternator.
(Circuit 2. Generator): Motor/alternator to circuit switch to battery.

185.3 Zero Cell Slope Bike
The Zero Cell Slope Bike is an electric bike that has no battery and two motors. One motors acts as generator/alternator, wired to other motor that acts as drive propulsion. The ZCSB can not accelerate from stop. It has zero acceleration from stop however, the more momentum it gains, the more it can generate electricity to the propulsion motor

186. Interchangeable Motor and Battery Electronics brand
IMBEB is a series of accessory products that interchange together to transform into various products by plugging battery and motor together into various devices. The 12 volt series accessory product line includes:
a. 12 volt battery.
b. 12 volt motor low watt (approx 10).
c. 12 volt motor low-medium watt (100).
d. 12 volt motor medium watt ( 500).
e. 12 volt motor medium-high watt (1,000).
d. 12 volt motor high watt (2,400).
e. case for battery and motor. wires are set so that when components are placed the motor and battery can turn on/off as a unit.
f. bicycle gear mount box. (e) fits into it and (a and d) fit into (e). It allows a bike to become an electric bike. Can be used as electric golf carts.
g. circular saw attachment for (e).
h. reciprocating, miter, chainsaw and other saw blade attachments fit on the end of (e) to be used as saw tools.
i. drill attachment on (e)
j. all other types of power tool attachments including garden tools weed wacker rod head, hedge trimmer head, lawn mower etc.
k. similar to (e) however case is ac wall charger with cord that uses motor placed into it plugged into wall. no battery needed, all the tool heads can be used as corded.
L. wind turbine that charges up battery is a head, similar to tool heads.
m. solar panel with charge controller to charge up battery connects to battery.
n. led lights to use as flashlight plugs into (e) or (k).
o. fan head is used to blow wind. It connects to (e) or (k).
p. air filter fan head.
q. heater fan head.
r. small antenna wifi radio tv connects to (e) or (k).
s. inverter plugs into (e) to allow other ac devices to be plugged into the battery power.
t.  metal detector head plugs into (e).
u. water pump head, water sprayer head and pressure washer head.
v. vacuum head plugs into (e) or (k).
w. Touchless Motor Waterproof Case encases (e).
x. troll motor head attaches to (e).
y. kitchen appliance heads that include toaster, fryer, oven, blender, coffee machine,  attach to (e) or (k).
z. stand that holds (e) upright.

Other accessory series can be a different wattage, other than 12v, however 12v batteries are best for size and availability.

Great for camping, living light. A benefit of having the set compared to thousands of pounds of tools and appliances is that less need for extra quantity motors in each home means conserving motor resources. If a typical home has 20 motorized appliances, instead it could have one motor with 20 appliances.
187. Double Sided Remote Control

A gravity sensor, similar to a rolling metal ball switch, causes only the right side up set of buttons to be active.

188.  Emertricity brand Emergency Battery Jump for Automobiles
It is not a utility patent type and is possibly a design patent type I think. It is simply a low ah 12v battery that has +- terminal attachments on it as partial rubber handled clips ready to adhere to the automobiles battery. No jumper cables needed.  No calls to a tow truck. Small battery that sets onto vehicle battery for a short enough time for the user to walk to the driver's seat and turn the engine on. The battery inside the Emertricity product is not rechargeable so it is inexpensive. It is a guaranteed one time use and non-guaranteed extra uses after the first use.

188.1 Emerticity brand Rechargeable

188.2 Emertricity brand 8-pack
The 8-pack allows users to buy their own set of 8 double a (aa 1.5v) batteries to set into the plastic unit that is wired so that all the 8 small batteries act as one 12 volt battery. Terminal clips wired to a battery box.
188.3 Interior Emertricity
The interior Emertricity is a 12v vehicle battery jump product that plugs into the dash socket to charge up with out any cables or wires. No wires at all besides some wires that are inside the unit. There is no wire that plugs from the battery unit into the dash because the Interior Emertricity is the shape of a rod that fits into 12v dash slot. Not only no wires extruding from the devices, there are no buttons to press because plugging it into the dash requires no extra buttons.

188.4 Negative Ion Interior Emertricity
Similar to 188.3 however a negative ion bulb is part of the rod-like 12v battery unit. A button on/off is used to charge up the vehicle battery or to only turn on negative ion.

189. Wind Turbine "New Load"
A New Load, or "Noad",  will make "brake voltage/wind-turbine-brakes" obsolete because instead of the wind charge controller turning on the brakes when battery is full, instead the wind charge controller TURNS ON THE MOTOR blasting wind to waste electricity until 5% battery is gone or so and then the wind charge controller switches back to charging again. A small secondary motor, with an independent battery or not, could be activated by the wind charge controller to change circuits from 'turbine powering to battery', changing instead to 'battery powering  to turbine'. 
190. Parking Lot Float

Parking Lot Float is a product that is an accessory for electric bikes, mopeds and motorcycles. Wired into the vehicle's battery or with it's own model battery, at push of a button, an automobile-size balloon is inflated, either with a stopping cork to contain the air tight or with  a  continuous motor fan in/out loose air, to keep it inflated, parked, while user is away from parking lot. The Parking Lot Float, with or without led lights or decorations, is good for being sure that other automobiles in the parking lot will see the Parking Lot Float vehicle and not bump it or run over it, so that even vehicles as small as electric bikes can safely park in a parking lot space. 

191. Intermittent Thermoelectric Cooler

Similar to other non-freon thermoelectric freezers/fridgerators, the ITC uses a peltier system, however the difference is that the ITC contains an electronic or mechanism that turns off the ITC as soon as there are freezing conditions inside the appliance. The mechanism could be a tube filled with liquid with a switch inside it that connects circuit only when tube is not frozen. Frozen water expands, so therefore such a switch could be called a frozen-pressure-switch. The electronic component is any sort of temperature sensor. The ITC is instructed to always contain liquid elements that will remain as frozen elements for hours after the ITC is turned off, operating as an ice box until turned on again. Also, users can add other food product elements that will increase the time in between turning off, melting and turning back on again. The contents of the ITC do not need to completely melt because only the frozen-sensor needs to melt and the frozen-sensor can be placed inside accordingly to be first to melt, before other contents. Therefore, the considered high watts of the peltier will be used more energy efficient. 
To cause my rendition invention to seem more original, the ITC models will all be forms of furniture. Couch ITC, Chair ITC, Table ITC, and Bed ITC will all have controls that allow users to ventilate hot or cold air out of the electronic furniture, resting on it and storing frozen foods. 

192. Local Public Business Research Website
Such a website business is responsible for visiting all stores in the sector, documenting prices, displaying comparisons on the website so that web visitors can decipher which businesses have the cheapest identical product or cheapest similar product. For example, if 10 stores sell milk gallons in town, as town in the sector (or city or county) the website employees go to each store, document the price and the post each price on the website periodically, perhaps once a week. The website could generate income by ads or by membership dues.

193. Flashlight Battery
A group of button cells and led inside a small flashlight is the size of AA battery that works as both a mini flashlight and a battery. One circuit with on/off goes from battery terminals through led. One other circuit is wired to provide +- connections at both ends. The Flashlight battery can be wired in series or parallel, depending on specific model.
 For example, group of 4 button cells in D are wired  parallel as 3v-D, and group of button cells wired in series are 12v-D.  4 AAA in C wired parallel are 1.5v-C and 4 AAA in C wired series are 6v-C.

193.1 FB button cells as AAA

193.2 FB AAA inside D
The mini flashlight is the size and shape of a d battery cell.

193.3 FB AA inside D

193.4 FB button cells as D

193.5 Flashlight Battery with button cells, AA, AAA as C cell battery shape (series and parallel, 6 different models)

194. Novelty Door Peep
Instead of a typical glass lens unit through door to see who is knocking, the novelty door peep has a photo-slide inside it so that when viewers place their eye to the device, they can see pictures that represent outside the door. Some photo-slides will include fancy hotel hallway, scary menace creature, aquarium, hallway on fire, naked ladies, maid in uniform, police in uniform, and other picture images. The photo-slides can be non-interchangeable or interchangeable to the novelty door peep. Some photo-slides can be opaque. Some novelty door peeps may utilize leds to illuminate.

195. Heavy Survival Flashlight
HSF is design-pat worthy, not util-pat. It is a Flashlight that contains a motor. The motor can be utilized as a saw, a fan or as a wind turbine to charge up the batteries. Eight D cell rechargeable batteries fit into the long flashlight, heavy like a club. 12v power and 120 watt capability from full charge to drain. The handle part detaches and can attach under bulb head. The handle part stores the wind turbine blades, axe blade, saw blade and an emergency screwdriver kit. Motor use electronics shut off low battery so that at least one hour of flashlight is available. Flashlight led bulb is 12v 10w. During wind turbine use, the HSF can be tied on a tree branch.  The expensive model can be stainless steel.  Other models can be reinforced plastic, aluminum and painted steel.

196.'s 12-Versal
The 12-Versal is a cord adapter system that allows 12v devices, and 5v devices, to plug into 12v battery or plug into ac wall socket. What makes 12-Versal so unique is the device's ability to transform from male/female 12v socket into alligator clips. Inside the snapped together unit is space for an extra 12v cigarette lighter male. Under the snapped together unit is space for a cigarette lighter female. Unsnapped, the unit becomes two alligator clamp cables of + and -, which are each hinged with springs so that the user may pinch the clamps to open in order to place on 12v battery terminals. Tethered to the unit with cable is both an ac adapter female that the unit can rest in to be plugged into the wall socket and a 5v USB male adapter that can sit inside unit.  Any 12v devices such as heater-blankets, fans, lamps, etc. could utilize the  12-Versal wired at the end of the device's cord (if licensed).
196.1's 12-Versal Extension cord
Similar to the 12-Versal, the extension cord version is two 12-Versals that are connected together by +- cable wire.
197. Theory Motor
Instead of one rotor and one stator, multiple rotors and stators comprise the compacted motor to produce extra voltage or power. One such "Compact Motor" might be better than two motors because the rotor is excited/effected by both of it's sides.

197.1 Theory Motor
Similar to other electric motors however, the "Orbit Stator Motor" is a spinning unit that contains extra spinning units. The extra spinning units are coil magnets that effect the rotor in a manner that  is theorized to cause extra power. The extra spinning units are geared with the stator so that as the stator spins, the extra spinning units spin in an orbit revolution manner. Thus instead of one magnet coil unit completing one revolution per one stator revolution, the magnet coil units will complete 100 or so revolutions per 1 stator revolution.  The extra spinning units can be electric conductive via the gear, as the gear acts as wire.
Note* In the diagram above, I misnamed rotor for stator because I know rotor is the component that does the moving and stator stays still, however since I invented the new mechanism, I may name it whatever I like, and I can name the orbiting-rotor mechanism "Maxroy".   So the Maxroy has the revolving magnet coil units that effect the Stator. So, again, in the orange diagram, Diagram Rotor= Stator and Diagram Stator = Maxroy.

198.  Solar Bumper Sticker
It is an adhesive thin box, nearly flat, that sticks to objects including vehicle bumpers, that is comprised of a solar panel, a daylight sensor, a rechargeable battery and led's. The led's are wired in a pattern with reflective material so that at night, words and pictures are illuminated by the leds. During the day, the solar bumper sticker recharges and painted words/pictures on the sticker can be seen, so that during the day the solar bumper sticker appears to be a bumper sticker, and the solar bumper sticker appears to be an illuminated led sign at night.

199.  Remote Control Battery
Although remote control electronics are semi common to be wired with batteries, leds, motors and components, RCB is original because there are no other products on the market and it is a remote-control-battery as one unit. A battery has an rf electronic part wired to both of it's terminals and the battery has an led wired to the rf terminals and an extra enclosure terminals are wired to the rf terminals. Such a wiring will provide the battery to be live at the click of a remote button, signaled by an led illuminated, or the opposite, the battery will turn off everything at the click of a remote button signaled by the led turned off.

Note* If the remote control receiver electronic can not accept opposite direction electricity for recharging the battery, then two variations will allow it to do so.
a). A 12v motor is encased with the other components. It is attached  in a manner that causes the extra terminals to be mechanical switched around led and rf so that extra terminal recharge electricity goes to battery terminals.

b). Extra recharge terminals are located in the extra-terminal-case. The extra-recharge-terminals are utilized for recharging and are wired straight to the battery terminals and not wired through led and rf controller. The extra-recharge-terminal-ports can be  transformable to be exposed or hidden/locked for waterproof ability.

199.1 Wifi Remote Control Battery
Similar to 199, however 199.1 has a wifi controller instead of an rf.

199.2 Wireless Remote Control Battery
Similar to 199.1, however 199.2 uses short range wireless, not internet, that is an app on a smartphone type device. 

200. Collapsible Cargo Suit
It can be worn like a backpack or it can be opened in half to wear as either a backpack with pants, a jacket with backpack or a jumpsuit with backpack. There are 4 different wear modes. (1)backpack, (2)backpack/pants, (3)backpack/jacket and (4)backpack jumpsuit. No matter which mode, the user has access to the molle cargo storage.
The Collapsible Cargo Suit is good for cold conditions that change to warm conditions. The user can adjust the wear modes to fit the weather atmosphere climate. For example backpack/suit might be worn in early morning and by afternoon the user has folded the pants and jacket components back into the unit to wear it as a backpack.

201. Non-Intake Thermoelectric Cooler
Pink is peltier, grey is heatsink fan, orange is chimney, red is power supply battery or ac, dark blue is coldsink, light blue is enclosed tubing and brown is electric fans.
The peltier unit becomes colder and colder inside the tubes, as a circle or as any type of shape, because no hot air is drawn into the tubes. Fans move the air in a cycle inside the tubes.

201.1 Air Condition Jacket's Air Condition Jacket/Suit uses a non-intake peltier system. The tubing is wrapped around the body, sewn into clothing article. Orange is chimney that is raised above head, with power source battery, peltier and coldsink non-intake tubing and fan heatsink. The jacket/suit peltier unit contains three fans. One fan is in the heatsink that lifts air up out of the chimney.  Holes around at the base of the chimney is where the intake is. The other two fans are inside the tubing, spread apart at an equal distance. On/off switch allows user to be sure to not be too cold.

202. Cord Hybrid Electric Power Tools

Electric drills, sanders, saws and all types of power tools can be utilized as both (1) corded and (2) cordless. A battery inside the CHEPT can be any voltage that is 12v, 18v, 24v or 30v etc. The CHEPT can plug into AC at 120v or 220v to be utilized as a corded power tool or to charge up the battery. The battery can clip out or can be soldered closed inside, depending on the model. CHEPT works by un-plugging the cord, dettaching the cord from the power tool, to cause a circuit switch to 12v, as a 12v motor is inside the CHEPT. Clipping in the cord, plugging the cord into the power tool, causes a different circuit to activate that draws AC from wall and steps down voltage to 12v. No buttons are needed to push to change cordless use to corded use because the button is like inside the base of the CHEPT where the ac cord attaches and detaches, that uses a spring to push one wire out of the way and another wire into the way simultaneously to change usage mode. Attaching the AC cord causes the battery/motor circuit to open as disuse and causes the ac/stepdown-dc/motor circuit to activate AND causes the ac/battery-charger/battery circuit to activate. Unplugging the AC cord causes the battery to motor circuit to activate. When I say activate, it means the circuit is no longer open besides the on/off switch trigger so that the circuit can be utilized as it is open or closed but not deactivated.
That means users can charge up their cordless power tools while they use them at full power!

203. Wearable Electronic Gas Mask Flashlight
Although the name suggests a mask, there is no mask needed.
A PCPD, Personal Counter Pollution Device, it can be any voltage, and this model is a 12v that can plug into a (1)vehicle outlet, or (2)a wall socket with adapter and (3)can plug into a battery supply. It has a flashlight on it and is comprised of a flexible tube, a photo catalyst filter, a particulate filter, 2 fans that blow same direction on both ends, model optional negative ion generator and 12v plug. It can be worn around the neck, under the clothes, hang from rear view mirror, stored in backpacks, lockers, carried in hand or placed in a room. It filters dust and fumes that include gasoline, carbon monoxide, paint, cleaning chemicals, farts, and harmful fume pollution. 

It is good for hiking, at the beach, in classroom, at work office, in the automobile, on motorcycle, in traffic, at the mall, on long trips, on vacation and anywhere!

If it is a    fume filter air purifier that is wearable, flexible and resembles a tube....then it was invented by me, Maxwell Kremer.

I borrow Japanese patent for photo catalyst. If I buy photo catalyst components, then I do not owe royalties because I buy component. Similarly, if I buy fans, then I don't owe fan component royalty. If I make fan from scratch, then I owe royalty. None of my prototypes are for sale, and I will secure patents before any go for sale. I could supply 1,000,000+.

203.1  Neck Tie Electric Gas Mask Flashlight
Similar to 203, however instead of a tube, it is the shape of a neck tie that can clip on or tie on. Fans suck air up through the tie expelling out of the neck area. A flashlight allows users to use at night.

203.2  Belt Electric Gas Mask Flashlight
It can clip to the waist of pants or it can clip around the bottom of a shirt or jacket to suck air into under the clothing so that users will breath filtered air emanating from the neck area. 

NOTE* Some charcoal/carbon filters are particulate filters, so therefore by saying charcoal/carbon filter, it is assumed to be a particulate filter as well.
Thus dust has been intended prevented from entering the devices.  Charcoal/carbon particulate filter has been originally displayed here.

204.  Sneaky Coin
Sneaky coin is an electronic in the shape of a cylinder that fits inside a female eyelet 12v. The + and - of the eyelet female can be accessed by other 12v male while the Sneaky Coin is inside. Different types of electronics the Sneaky Coin are : RF Switch. Rf switch allows user to turn whatever is plugged into eyelet on or off or dimmed by use of rf remote control.

204.1 Sneaky Coin Gps Tracker
It uses 12v power.

204.2 Sneaky Coin surveillance device
It allows user to hear or see or hear and see wireless from within the eyelet station.
205. Reverse Headphone Power System
It is a device that plugs into where headphones plug into to pull power out of the headphone jack hole. At approx 1.5v, the power pulled out is sent through a circuit combination that turns the voltage into 5v usb, 3v, or any other higher voltage that can be utilized by other appropriate devices.

*Note I do not need to explain the exact circuit because two resistors with an amp and capacitor might make the same result as 3 resistors and a larger amp, etc. 
RHPS means the headphone jack can be utilized for things other than headphones. It might have an advantage over usb type patents.

205.1 RHPS Fume Air Purifier Case
It is a cell phone case that plugs into the cell phone's headphone jack to use the cell phone's battery to turn on a fan, a chemical light, and perhaps an anion arc generator. Users use an on/off switch to filter air through a carbon charcoal filter.

205.2 RHPS Cell to Cell charger
With the device, users can charge cell phones with any device that has a headphone jack port.

205.3 Micro USB Fume Air Purifier Case
The phone plugs into the case. An on/off switch controls an anion,  fan, chemical light with charcoal carbon filter. The case's thickness is about twice the thickness of a phone. A smartphone ap could also control the on/off switch...perhaps. The case has a secondary female port on the exterior to allow charging.

205.4 Solar Micro USB Fume Air Purifier Case
Similar to 205.3, however it has a solar panel on the case. The panel charges the phone and/or powers the air purifier.

206. Fume Air Purifier Ceiling Fan Blades
In each unit, there is a motor that generates electricity to power the chemical light. The spinning of the fan blades causes air to rush though ports of carbon charcoal filter, past the chemical light and out ports. The blade-devices resembling flat boxes clip on, affix, to ceiling fan blades. The filter can be permanent, cleaned by an auxiliary vacuum appliance, or the filters can be disposable. The result of purchasing the FAPCFB and installing it onto a ceiling fan is; a space saving method to rid harmful fumes and dust out of the atmosphere.
NOTE* Some charcoal/carbon filters are particulate filters, so therefore by saying charcoal/carbon filter, it is assumed to be a particulate filter as well.
Thus dust has been intended prevented from entering the devices.

206.2 FAPCFB Misc
Varieties of shapes and sizes designed for fan blades besides ceiling fans.

206.3 FAPCFB Anion
It is plus a negative ion generator.

207. KRE Charge - Vintage Other Voltage Cords
There are 2 different models, is an extension cord that plugs into 120v and outputs 115v. The other is a 110v output. The cords will be decorated with a wood and brass decoration. KRE Charge style might be cutting edge futuristic, however the VOV cords are like a memory of the past. Old model chainsaws, blowers, tools and appliances might have a 110v or 115v voltage rating, so to use those older models, VOV cords will be the best choice.
The VOV cord is simply an extension cord that has a resistor component soldered into it, heat shrunk to it, so that the desired voltages are produced. The resistor components deduct 5 volts or 10 volts from the inverter to supply power to the older model  device.

208. SLA Steep Cycle Battery
208.1  FLA Steep Cycle Battery
It is a 12v battery that has 3 sets of terminals. One set of terminals is a typical battery terminal. One set of terminals is the output of a charge controller with amp rating. The other terminal set is the input for a solar panel.
SLA's and FLA's need a charge controller to turn off when battery is low, because without one the battery will be damaged if too much of the electricity is drained from it.
Each Steep Cycle Battery will come out of the box as "solar ready" and with a low voltage shutdown to protect the battery.
Steep Cycle Batteries will compete with deep cycle batteries, where both offer non-damaging battery draining in different ways.
209. Electric Gas Mask Cartridge
Using a photo catalyst (chemical light a.k.a. special light) and a particulate charcoal filter, the gas mask cartridge fits into a gas mask. There is an on/off switch and battery on each cartridge. The user breathes in better air than atmosphere.
My invention is better than outdated granular charcoal because the force required to breathe through a granular charcoal filter is much more vs. a photo catalyst electronic filter, which means that my invention is EASIER TO BREATHE and NEUTRALIZES fume vapor instead of only locking them in. IT DESTROYS FUMES!
Essentially, an electronic cartridge contians an on/off switch, a battery, a photo catalyst, a housing and a particulate filter cover. 

209.1   12v Electric Cartridge Gas Mask
Similar to 209, however the two electric cartridge units are connected together with wire and plug into 12v cigarette lighter outlets. Included clips allow user to mount the cartridges in use onto the automobile air vents to provide extra fume purification.
210.  bathroom flusher stepper
After user use the toilet, they step on the mechanical lever, which acts as an extended arm that pulls the toilet handle down. The result is users can step on floor to flush, instead of use hands.
211.  Fume Air Purifier Table
The table leg contains a hollow fume air purifier tube that sucks up air low from under the table and expels filtered air up out of the top of the table. 
212.    Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wrist Watch
It is the watch that tells time and squirts out hand sanitizer solution to kill germs. A cartrdige chamber reservoir is in the watch's body that allows users to squirt out solution onto their hand at the push of a button.

213. Digital Guitar Wrist Instrument
Long ago, perhaps when I was about 20 I invented the digital guitar wrist instrument! All I did was tell my friend about it. I didn't patent it. I didn't even put it on a website until years later where I mentioned it again on one of my other websites! When I was a kid, I had a digitech digital guitar lying around the house. I thought "what if I invent a product that is a digital guitar wrist instrument!". My friend that I told about was in a band with me shortly and his family members owned a professional sports team. I have never seen the instrument in a store or online, so I guess nothing became of it from word of mouth. True story.
Digital guitars are different than electric guitars because digital guitars use an internal computer and the frets are buttons, as though the strings don't vibrate and instead the frets are pressed at the location. So the device is a digital guitar that is in the shape of a tube, where a user musician puts it's arm through to wear it. The wearing arm's hand is in charge of gyrating the "strummer lever" which simulates a full plucking of all the strings, however only the strings that have fret buttons being pressed are the ones that sound, unless other settings are entered. With different guitar pedals and sound effects, a drum machine, perhaps a recorder, the user can play musical songs. The user can rest it's strummer hand by entering a button select that simulates automatic strumming without moving the strummer hand. It is like a mix between a wrist guard, a keyboard and a guitar. It has speakers and uses batteries unless plugged into ac.   It has output for extra amps. It has different models that are bass guitar, guitar and mandolin.

213.1  Bigger Finger Digital Guitar Wrist Instrument
It has an extra arm sleeve tube that rests on the bicep that allows the frets to be larger and all fit to be playable.

214. Portable Tobacco Water Pipe
When I was about 18, I told the same friend about this invention...long ago. I have never seen it at a smoke shop or online before.  It is a tube with a straw inside that acts as a small compact water pipe that uses beverage bottles as the water containment component. Beer bottle, water bottles, soda bottles could all become water pipes nearly instantly with the PTWP attached on top.